Cozumel, Day 6

A day at home for me. Apparently I slept through a storm last night, and this morning clouds rolls in, roll out. A quick shower, sunshine, a sudden hard rain with the sun beaming. Then sunshine alone.

Inside, Griffin challenges Nana to a chase. But he’s changed the rules! Now as I chase, he can turn and shoot fire at me. I counter with a hose, but it’s no match for his inferno. He leads me to the kitchen where it seems I’m trapped.

Griffin explains the rules to his Nana. Photo by Kat

I escape.

Watching me, he circles the dining room chairs, then takes my hand and leads me inside the blockade. I appear to be in jail.

Jail break! Wild chase. I am recaptured. Multiple times. You can’t escape the long arm of The Griffin.

Logan’s still feeling yesterday’s boat ride, so taking it easy in his room. Nana makes him a sandwich.

A group heads to the store for supplies for tonight’s dinner, and I head upstairs to work awhile.

Work’s done. Groceries hauled in. We’re adding chicken to the menu as the fish won’t be quite enough.

The three oldest kids and I settle into a game of Hearts.

When it’s time for me to marinate the chicken, Kat takes over for me. When it’s time for her to peel carrots, Jason takes over for her. Despite the tag team, Kayla wins.

Jason’s turn to fill in. Photo by Nora.

Rosemary was not to be found at the store, so I make do with thyme and oregano. Carrots are in. Kat scrubs and halves the pretty potatoes, and in they go.

Kayla and Colt play some Mario Cart which always entertains Griffin.

I give the carrots and potatoes a good start before I pull out the chicken. Oil in the skillet, then Kat’s finely minced garlic, some herbs and spices. No white wine handy, but we’ll make do again.

Roasting. Photo by Nora.

The gang clears and sets the table, and while the chicken’s sautéing, I tackle the fish BW filleted and Kayla makes some Mac and cheese. BW slices a pretty baguette.

Finished fish. Photo by BW.
dinner’s ready. Photo by BW.

And there we are, a hearty, home meal. Fish eaters declare the fish good—which is a relief to the cook! And yes, as I sample, it’s pretty tasty.  Plenty of food for all, and no complaints.

Cooks are excused from clean up, as is the house rule wherever I happen to be the cook!

But the cook isn’t excused from Chase! Whew!

When the boy settles down, the rest of us—after a tutorial by Logan—play Texas Hold ‘em. Fun. And Jason who rarely has luck at cards wins the first two hands. Handily.

Wins and losses, near misses and sneaky bluffs. In the end, I come out five fake dollars ahead. I think BW and Kat are the big winners, wiping out Colt and Logan while Jason and Kayla came close to breaking even.

So a game-filled, food-filled day at home.

Cloudy this morning, but it seems to be lifting as a breeze comes up.

Kayla’s boyfriend, JR, is flying in this afternoon to spend the next week with us. Not sure what other plans are, but there was talk of doing the Italian restaurant for dinner, and BW said something about driving down to the lighthouse.

I’m at a place in the work where I’d like another couple hours before the weekend. But I’m flexible there if any plans solidify.


11 thoughts on “Cozumel, Day 6”

  1. If you go to the lighthouse buy the coffee tequila, you won’t be sorry

  2. I play the same game with my granddaughter. Three years old and runs like a gazelle. Eeek!
    Wonderful memories for the grandkids!

  3. Sounds like such a lovely time Nora. I know you must be loving every moment with your family. Such a treasure to have this time together. My husband and I stopped in a couple ports in Mexico during our cruise last month. The water and people are beautiful. Thanks for taking time out of each day and sharing little glimpses into your day with us. Such a treat! 🥰

  4. Love the Annual Family Vacation Updates!

    If you are so inclined, make a visit to the San Gervasio Mayan Ruins. It is a sanctuary to the Mayan Goddess, Ixchel. She is/was the Goddess of Women, Fertility, Childbirth and the Moon in the Mayan religion. An amazing place!

  5. We are leaving for Michigan in 6 days …. taking along 3 extra teenagers for the grands … love love this time with the family…. and yes we have lots of poker games in the evenings with our “pepper packet”
    money ❤️

  6. There is no place like Cozumel. Enjoy your family time and check out Carlos and Charlie’s!

  7. Congratulations on the Texas Hold’em win! I consider coming out with the money (or buttons, or whatever) I came in with to be a Big Win. Another great day for the family!

  8. That fish (and your nails) look beautiful! Such a nice, relaxing time! We play cards with my mom too, when I go to Atlanta to visit with the family. She likes all sorts of card games, but her favorite is “Kings on the Corner.” My nephew has gotten quite good at that game! So happy for you all to have this wonderful family time together!

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