Cozumel, Day 7

I end up in Griffin Jail many times over the morning. This seems to be his new addition to the Chase game.

Kat makes omelettes for those who want them. She makes pretty ones.

Kind of a lazy day otherwise, and, on parole, I go up and work a couple hours. Jason and Kayla head out to pick up JR at the airport, then pick up a few things at the store. Griffin takes a long, deep nap.

Out for the count. Photo by j a-b.

When I come down, I hang out with Colt on the patio awhile, ask if he wants lunch. Grilled cheese sandwich? No problem. Shortly after consuming one, the growing boy asks for another. Good thing Jason’s picking up bread as this will finish off what we have.

Calm morning. Photo by Nora.

The Mexican grackles come along—always one or two at a time—to stand on the edge of the pool and drink. And take a quick shower while they’re at it.

JR arrives, safe and sound. He gets settled in, and Kayla shows him around before they take a dip in the pool. Somewhere in the neighborhood, people are playing a game as every couple minutes, we hear cheering.

Time to clean up for dinner. Meanwhile Griffin decides Kayla and JR are fair game for chasing.

We’re nine now, and pile into our two cars for the drive to town. We’re for Italian tonight. A pretty restaurant, open air, and as close to the water as you can get. Wonderful view, one of the skyscraper size cruise ships out there, and a couple of people swimming closer in.

BW, Logan, Kayla and JR. Photo by Nora.
Ship on the horizon. Photo by Nora.

Our server claims they have the BEST margaritas. Okay, I’ll be the judge! I order their salad special, a citrus deal, and a margarita pizza to go with the BEST margarita. And that drink is most excellent.

The salad’s amazing. Fresh grapefruit and apple with greens so fresh they snap and a dressing with tiny chunks of mango. Kat got the same, and we agreed: Yum.

Griffin’s all about the bread, sort of a round, airy pita. I can’t blame him, and as Jason and I both bake bread, we ask if they’ll give us the recipe. Our very friendly server comes back with a little note, handwritten in Spanish. Ingredients—no measurements or instructions. I think we’ll give it a shot.

Ingredients. Photo by j a-b.

Time for pizza or pasta.

Now Griffin’s all about the spaghetti, which does look delish. My pizza takes me back to Italy.

We eat while the sun sets, and it’s spectacular. All that color over the water, spreading and blending and bleeding. We decide we’ll have dessert tonight, and cappuccino. When mine’s cool enough, Colt samples it. He is undecided.

The start of the sunset. Photo by j a-b.
Preparing for the competition*. Photo by Kat.
Sunset 1. Entry by Nora.
Sunset 2. Entry by Kat.
Sunset 3. Entry by Kayla.
Sunset 4. Entry by BW.
Sunset 5. Entry by JR.

Back home after a very happy meal for another couple rounds of chase. A good idea after that very happy meal.

Then off to bed.

It rained overnight, and was steamy when I got up this morning. Today’s a make bacon day, and once that’s done, it’s workout time. While I clean up after, I hear happy, excited noises from downstairs.

The Chase is on, with Kayla and JR. When I come down, I’m immediately put in jail. I don’t know my crime. But when I escape and get out on the patio, I have time to write the blog.

Laundry’s on the schedule for some time today. But not right now. Right now feels like lazy time.


*Please note this is an imaginary competition as I really couldn’t choose a fave. ~Laura

19 thoughts on “Cozumel, Day 7”

  1. Friends always told me I made the best margaritas when we spent 21 years wintering in our tiny Mexican fishing village on the west coast. The best ingredient was Controy, the orange liquor not sold here in the states. I always followed the recipe on that bottle…it is strong! Yummy! I did find a good substitute called 🍊 Naranja, liquor de naranja, made in MX. Same green bottle as Controy. Only a few liquor stores here in MSP sell it.

  2. Beautiful sunset 🌅 while eating dinner is always a plus. Maybe you should find out what you did wrong to go to jail. Have a jailbreak planned just incase, lol 😂. How old is Griffin now? He’s getting to be a big boy. Have a great time.

  3. I think Kat one that computation 💜💙 All did a fantastic job though!

  4. Loving the trip blog and I love that it’s full of real life moments and not all perfect but you all just go with the flow. I know the photo contest is imaginary but I vote for Kayla’s sunset pic, although, they were all great. I have two of BW’s framed pics I got while staying at the Inn at Boonsboro. Both of Ireland, one of the landscape and one with sheep. Enjoy the rest of your trip and thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Beautiful sunset pics. Love your table was so close to the water. Family -only way to vacation. 💕

  6. All of the sunset pictures were beautiful!! No way to choose . Glad you are enjoying family time! Love that you are sharing with us.❤️

  7. I think BW’s photo is cool. Clouds in the upper left look like a jet flying by!

  8. What a beautiful vacation day! The sunset pictures are glorious. It sounds so relaxing and satisfying to have the family together. Enjoy!

  9. All the sunset photos are stunning! And I love Kat’s photo of everyone taking a picture with their phones! Sounded like another lovely day.

  10. I know not a real competition but I personally loved Kayla’s the most! They are all lovely. I was on a cruise once that stopped in Cozumel. Loved shopping there on the stop. I am enjoying your adventure.

  11. I have to agree, that Kayla’s was the one I liked the best, though they were all wonderful! I know, not a real competition…but just saying…#3 was my fave…Thanks for sharing again!

  12. Ahhh…the lazy days! So nice! That sunset along with the colors among the clouds, was amazing! So nice that JR was able to come down and join you all!

  13. Pictures are all awesome and so I would have a hard time picking a favorite ❤️

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