Cozumel, Day 5

As our Kat isn’t feeling well, Jason designates himself our chauffeur for shopping while the guys head off to fish. Kayla has enough Spanish to explain to housekeeping not to open the door to Kat’s bedroom as she’s resting.

Before we head out we have a quick game of Daddy Gate.

While Jason, Kayla, Griffin and I are getting ready to go, Griffin spies Colt’s blue icing cupcake on the counter. And he wants it bad. Blue cupcake! He doesn’t cry or even whine, doesn’t melt down or throw a tantrum. He just repeats. Blue Cupcake!

We promise we will get him one while we’re out so he’s okay with going. He takes a little spill on the gravel outside, looks up at me as he gets up, and says: That was a close one.

The kid makes me laugh a lot.

On the drive, he and Kayla have a very fine time in the back seat.

We get to the shopping area, which is lined with little shops and stalls, and boy, are the merchants hungry for shoppers! We’re told the cruise ship passengers flood in about one—we’ve got just over two hours before that flood, so we’re good.

I’m after my traditional I’m Away Christmas Shopping. In the first shop I try, I do find a couple things, but the merchants are just too helpful, to put it mildly. I like to poke and browse and consider, but they insist on showing me this, and that, and things I’m not really looking for.

So I take what I did find, and we move on. Lots and lots of shop choices, and as we breeze through one, Griffin spots a Peppa Pig toy that’s just at his level. He’s dealt with the shopping so far without complaint (Blue Cupcake ahead!) so Nana indulges.

Another shop where the merchant is friendly, but not pushy, at all. And there I feel we made his morning. Left to ourselves, I find several gifts, and he offers a good price. Jason finds a lovely birthday present for Kat.

And while we’re waiting for them to bag all the pieces, there’s a show about to begin out in the plaza.

Out we go to watch acrobats, young men in native costumes. They climb up a very high pole, and descend part way and circle—hanging upside down—from ropes. Around and around, pretty high up, while one plays a flute. It’s impressive, dizzying and a little bit scary.

Climbin up. Photo by Kayla.
Mid spin. Photo by j a-b

We park in the garage, which Griffin decides is haunted. He spots ghosts, a vampire!, more ghosts.

In and up we go. They check your purses and bags at security. Not sure why, but fine. The bakery has the blue cupcakes. Final Mission Accomplished!

And back through the haunted garage. More hilarity from the backseat on the drive.

I reward myself for a good shopping job with a Bellini, and Griffin settles down with his Blue Cupcake. Jason goes to check on Kat.

I run up to put gifts away, and while I’m gone, Kayla attempted to wipe the blue mustache from Griffin’s face. He responded, as she showed me, by doing the boy thing. Swiping his sleeve over his face. So he now sports a blue icing sleeve, and a blue beard, and is fully enjoying the cupcake.

A boy and his cupcake. Photo by Nora.

I decide it’s too late to start any work—and I’ll earmark time for that tomorrow. I read instead until the fishing crew returns.

With three red snappers.

Okay, good job! But do not present me with fish that still have their heads. I ain’t touching that. Kayla, the vegetarian, and I have similar reactions.

We learn nothing was biting for quite some time, and there was a four-five foot roll. Colt and Logan got pretty seasick, but Colt rebounded and caught a snapper.

Colt and his catch. Photo by BW.
Logan, chillaxing. Photo by BW.
O Captain, my captain. Photo by BW.

I don’t have the supplies to deal with the fish—which someone else will have to dehead and filet (the tour guys cleaned them). But I make a list, so it’ll be back to the mega store for the spices, and potatoes, more carrots for sides I’ll make. I figure I’ll sauté the filets, roast potatoes and carrots. They can pick up some nice bread. That should do it. We’ll see how that goes tonight.

But for dinner, we head into town—with Kat who’s feeling rough, but better. Drinks, Nachos, soup for Kat. I order a rib eye—haven’t had any red meat in quite some time.

It’s really good, and really big. BW polishes off what I couldn’t manage.

We miss sunset, but there’s still time for Nana and Griffin chases apparently, and more Daddy Gate.

I sit out for just a bit and watch the crescent moon and the star that dogs it.

Up early, so since I conquered the strange-to-me-oven, I make bacon for the bacon lovers before my workout.

Today, for me, is put in some writing time, then make a meal. Yeah, we’ll see how both of those go.


14 thoughts on “Cozumel, Day 5”

  1. Here’s to hoping Kat feels better. Sounds like all are having a great time.

  2. I feel so now need a trip to Cozumel for my bucket list. Maybe on one of those cruise ships

  3. Thanks for let us spend your days with you and family. Fun for all.

  4. I’m glad Kat is feeling better. Have a wonderful time! I so enjoy these blogs. Thanks for posting.

  5. Hope Kat feels better completely and soon. Thanks for the update on all. I’d probably be seasick also. Keep enjoying and posting. I love vacationing with you

  6. I remember shopping there years ago. One shop owner wanted me to buy purse 👜, a real nice one, he wanted too much money for it. Told him I could find one as good at KMart for less and walked away. Was looking at other shops and he comes up to tell me he will sale it to me for lot less. My mom said I di my sister proud and laughed. Enjoy yourselves.

  7. If you have to turn on the oven for the sides, just bake the fish with some seasoning, a bit of butter, and lemon juice. Makes for an easy dinner.

    Aren’t grandkids entertaining? Random comments become part of family history. We still remember funny anecdotes about our kids, and the grands love to hear those. And then they turn around and make their own memorable comments. You are making so many memories with those grands that they will remember forever.

    Looks like you are all having a grand time, despite the power issues. We tend to take electricity for granted until we don’t have it. Love all the beautiful photos of Mexico.

  8. I feel like Griffin (who cracks me up) and my son would be great friends and go on big adventures! I love hearing about his travels.

  9. I look forward to these posts every morning. Home alone and on bed rest with my leg elevated, these wonderful peaks into your vacation have save my sanity. That and rereading Vendetta in Death and The Island of Glass Trilogy =D

  10. Sounds like a wonderful day! Glad Kat is feeling slightly better. I do that on trips too…shop for Christmas gifts. I can’t resist! Glad Griffin got his blue cupcake! Sounds like he might be a comedian hen he grows up, with his response to his spill! Too funny!

  11. I’m in agreement about the fish, I wouldn’t make to dealing with them whole. Fresh snapper sounds really good though. The acrobats were pretty cool but scary. Looks like another gorgeous day in Mexico. Get well soon, Kay!

  12. I hope feels better. It’s no fun getting sick, especially while on vacation. Loved Griffin’s haunted garage and the blue cupcake! Shopping before the cruise ship invasion was perfect. I’m with you on someone else beheading the fish. Sounds as if everyone is having a wonderful time.

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