Connections in Death discussion thread

And now the year can really start — Connections in Death arrives in stores/on e-readers today. And here’s the place to discuss it all.

A quick reminder of the cover copy:

In this gritty and gripping new novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, Eve Dallas fights to save the innocent—and serve justice to the guilty—on the streets of New York.

Eve and Roarke are close to opening build a brand-new school and youth shelter. They know that the hard life can lead kids toward dangerous crossroads—and with this new project, they hope to nudge a few more of them onto the right path. For expert help, they hire child psychologist Dr. Rochelle Pickering—whose own brother pulled himself out of a spiral of addiction and crime with Rochelle’s support.

Lyle is living with Rochelle while he gets his life together, and he’s thrilled to hear about his sister’s new job offer. But within hours, triumph is followed by tragedy. Returning from a celebratory dinner with her boyfriend, she finds Lyle dead with a syringe in his lap, and Eve’s investigation confirms that this wasn’t just another OD. After all his work to get clean, Lyle’s been pumped full of poison—and a neighbor with a peephole reports seeing a scruffy, pink-haired girl fleeing the scene.

Now Eve and Roarke must venture into the gang territory where Lyle used to run, and the ugly underground world of tattoo parlors and strip joints where everyone has taken a wrong turn somewhere. They both believe in giving people a second chance. Maybe even a third or fourth. But as far as they’re concerned, whoever gave the order on Lyle Pickering’s murder has run out of chances…

So, how fast did you read it? Did you find all the teasers?

Hope you enjoyed!


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  1. I’m turning 50 and what better birthday present than an Eve Roarke thriller! I can’t wait ?

  2. I forgot to leave my Kindle on wi fi so I’m just downloading it. As soon as it’s done, I’ll start reading it.

  3. I ordered mine last week. It should be here tomorrow!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!

  4. Downloaded it at Midnight. Does Jake have a relative that maybe worked or perhaps lead a band called “E Street”? Nora always mentions a lot of music in her books does she listen to music when she writes or is it the “cone of Silence”

    1. I wonder if anyone else connects music with books? I think Dallas’ theme song should be “New York state of mind” by Billy Joel. I think of it every time I read her.

    2. Got got Amazon and download the audio. They offer the book and the audio. You don’t have to be in a subscription to so that.

  5. My e–copy was delivered at midnight and the OMC syndrome ( (One More Chapter) got me! I’m on chapter 6 and loving it!!!

  6. Love it ?, but I almost finished it?. The stories are always to short or I am reading to fast. But great writing again, thank you!!

  7. I THINK my book is sitting across from me in a package from Amazon lol. Waiting to find out if I can open it or if it’s for my birthday on the 26th and I have to wait! Oh the agony !

  8. Disappointed that the MP3 version of new book will not be out until 7/30/19. This has never happened before.

    1. As this is the first book recorded by Macmillan Audio, we’re on a bit of a learning curve. They release the unabridged cd (multi-disc) edition with the hardcover and consider the MP-3 to be equivalent to a paperback.

          1. I was able to purchase the unabridged CD’s from Turn the Page bookstore. My mom prefers them, although she is becoming accustomed to letting Alexa read it to her when I add the Audible copy to her Kindle purchase.

      1. Well one thing I need to let you guys know, you might have some people who might not like the new intro and outro music on the audiobook version. Especially since it sounds like something you’d hear out of a horror story.

        1. I agree with that. The original one is much better. As long as they DO NOT change the reader from Susan Erickson then I can handle the music.

      2. You need to change their minds. I’ve switched over to all Mp3’s whenever I can. My books on CD end up missing one of the CDs after a while. This is very disappointing.

        1. You know you can call the company and they will send you a new disk for a couple dollars and no shipping. Obviously I have lost a few, too.?

        2. I just finished the mp3 but I think the ending is missing. The story just abruptly stops. Can you tell me how many chapters is in this book so I can call Amazon about a return?

          1. I’m so sorry this happened. Macmillan Audio is awareof the issue and is sending out replacement CDs. If you could email me at I’ll forward to Macmillan so they can take care of it as quickly as possible.


      3. I need the mp3 CD to continue my collection. My husband bought the big collection for me when it came out and I’ve added each book to it since then. Will Connections eventually be available on mp3?

    2. I’ve written to MacMillan to complain. So many cars don’t have CD players anymore, they can only use downloaded MP3s. And who wants to carry a CD player while jogging? Maybe if all of us who want MP3s complain, they will change their minds.
      Here is their email address:

      1. You can download Connections from Audible or iTunes. We never said you couldn’t. The questions have been about MP3 cds.


        1. So I looked into downloading it. iTunes says it will only work on apple products and with audible you have to have a subscription. Is there another way I can get a copy that I can burn onto one CD as an MP3? The other authors I read all have the MP3’s out with the hardcover. I have all the other In Death books as MP3’s and I really hate having to wait until July. Will this happen with all of her books from now on?

          1. I also have the collection on mp3 CD. I was told it would be available when the paperbacks come out.

          2. You don’t need a subscription to audible. I bought the audible version via Amazon (along with the Kindle version) and listen to it on the Audible app on my iPhone.

          3. You definitely don’t need a subscription to download from audible – when registering they do try to get you to take a subscription, but you don’t have to.

            As for iTunes, you don’t need their products for either, you download it and then convert it to mp3 in iTunes, after which it can be played on any device that plays mp3’s.

            Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what is the difference between a cd and an mp3 cd? Don’t you need a cd player to play it in both cases?

  9. I just got my copy! Hurrah! I have to finish the book I am currently reading, then Eve and Roarke, here I come!

  10. Unfortunately, work and life just have to interfere! I can’t get to Target till tonite- and then it’s gonna be a marathon. I’ve stopped gobbling them down in 1 long gulp- I once stayed up till 5:30 a.m. to finish a book. I’m not doing that anymore- i like to read it slower now- the book lasts longer that way.

  11. Just came to my library account today. Can’t wait to read it

  12. Started it at midnight, but couldn’t stay awake long, which is not a commentary on the book. I have had things to do today and I am going out now for the evening. Not sure why other people can’t schedule their events around Nora’s release schedule, LOL! Really enjoyed the first few chapters catching up with the different characters. Character development is what sets Nora apart. Not sure of this book number but the stories are getting better.

  13. Okay, I cannot handle it anymore: in my hardback copy (do not know if it is corrected on e-book) Teasdale is said to be “Special Agent Teasdale might be a good FBI contact” in chapter 13 and “of the FBI” in chapter 16 and a couple other places. Did she move from HSO (Delusion in Death) to FBI?

    1. She was also HSO in Taken so her being in the FBI kind of threw me off.

  14. Okay, I cannot stop from asking: I thought Teasdale was HSO (chapter 9 Delusion in Death). She is referred to Special Agent Teasdale of the FBI in Connections in Death (chapters 13 and 16, at the least). Is this a boo boo or did she transfer and I did not realize it.

    1. I noticed that as well ! Teasdale was with the HSO in ‘Delusion in Death ‘ because Dallas & Roarke almost had a kerfuffle when Dallas agreed to take Teasdale on the team. After Roarke checked her out on the unregistered, he grudgingly accepted Dallas’ decision. Now that being said I have to assume that NR/JDR has more important thoughts and decisions to make then to pin-point a previous character from 13-14 stories ago !!
      I am always amazed by the personality and the depth of all her characters. I often wonder how she is able to think all them up and is able to describe these characters with such clarity !! So that being said I can understand how she may be able to mix up the FBI and the HSO. I also don’t imagine she has listened to the audio books as any times as I have lol

    2. She was transferred in the editing process for a short stint at the FBI. Chances are she’ll transfer back to HSO when she’s needed there.

      And that’s the official word.


      1. Thanks, seriously. I thought I had lost it. And as many times as I have read and re-read these books (and listened to them), I honestly was a little worried.?

      2. So you edited out the transfer and thought no one would catch it? Sounds more like someone goofed and you’re back tracking after the fact. Oh well, it won stop me from continuing to buy the books. But it’s really frustrating to keep being thrown out of the story whenever she’s mentioned.

        1. It was more along the lines of a tongue in cheek answer to the fact it slipped past everyone in editing.


      3. LOL!!! That’s one way to make up for the fact that the professional editor profession in publishing is a dead horse. I don’t blame NR for these things. She is working very hard to give us a fantastic number of great stories every year. But the number of hands a book passes through should belong to some who have slightly more than a passing knowledge of these money-makers. It still hurts me that Master Lu has become Master Wu and back again then again. Oh, well. I will continue to LOVE this work anyway.

      4. Well, in the long run, it’s better than the Santiago/Sanchez debacle, right? With this being book #48, it’s amazing to me how few mistakes there are.

        1. Is that also why Kyung is now described as African American instead of a tall Asian in Connections?

          1. When we meet Kyung in Celebrity he’s described as “a stranger to her with a striking face highlighting his mixed-race heritage with mocha cream skin, long dark eyes tipped at the corners and heavily lashed.”


      5. What’s the official word on why Lilah Strong has a cohab (Tic Wendell) in “Treachery,” but is suddenly dating someone else in “Connections”?

  15. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel as though this is being told by a completely different story teller? I continue to stumble or reread phrases that simply don’t sound right. It’s frustrating. After reading 50 books by the same storyteller and the same characters, you notice if they are saying things differently. I don’t know… but so far, (and to be fair, I am only on chapter 5) I am disappointed. I LOVE EVE AND ROARKE!!!! I hope JD/Nora continues the writing about Eve and Roarke, I love the series! Anyone else notice???

    1. Hi Jean,

      I have to approve initial comments, once done people can comment freely.

      thought long and hard about approving your comment as it appears you’re accusing Nora of not writing Connections in Death, after reading five chapters. But I decided to go ahead and address that. It’s one thing to not like a book, another to come in, not even halfway through, asking the question you did. Nora would never allow any book to be published under her name if she wasn’t responsible for every single word. She has far too much pride in her work and integrity to allow that. EVER.

      In this book, Eve’s immersed in the gang and underground worlds. Places with their own slang, lingo, even dialect, all of which are not part of the regular In Death flow. That’s what I noticed. All of which adds up to three-dimensional characters every time out.


    2. If a book has my name on it–Roberts or Robb–I wrote it. All of it.

      While I’m sorry you’re disappointed, I can’t agree that the characters sound different or the style sounds like a different writer.

      1. I enjoyed the book immensely and did not feel like it was written in “another voice” at all! Now that I raced through it once, will wait a few days and reread it leisurely! Watching these characters grow and evolve is a fun gift! Thanks!

      2. Thank you for continuing to entertain us with the In Death series and the other series that YOU write. I have listened to all of the audiobooks and have a stack of them at my desk. I might have other authors books at my desk as well but if I want something I know is good I will pull one of the In Death ones out.
        Thank you for the great memories and wonderful laughs.

      3. If anyone were to go back and start at Naked in Death, they’d see an evolution of writing style/tone throughout the series, IMO. Go back to the real beginning – Irish Thoroughbred, I think? – and read through what I call the Renaissance (Gallagher/Quinns at the beginning, not sure it has ended 🙂 ) and see how Ms. Robert’s style has sharpened and deepened, reflecting more skill and imagination in one phrase than most authors of the genre get in a page. I would hope after writing dozens upon dozens of books an author would try different styles and tones and moods.

        1. Have all 59 titles now and have started at the beginning again ? but sadly almost my entire collection is currently in storage. Trying to read them in order online is difficult and frustrating as most free sites have gaps of missing books, but will persevere as this is a fun way to rediscover the characters….. until we’re moved and I can find the first 31 that are in a box. ?

      4. What an insidious accusation! It’s like the people who say that Serena Williams is not a woman. Seems like any time someone does great work, there will be someone to insinuate something. Brava, Nora! Your true fans know your voice, the dynamic complexity and serendipity of it. We are behind you all the way. ??

    3. I think what was different in this book is Eve. She was written a little softer that previous ones. As the series continues Eve gets “more human” (my opinion). Each book has a small amount of her softer side while this book seems to have many instances of the caring part of her personality. I love how she is evolving,

      1. I agree, Jan. This is the only time we’ve ever seen Eve actually questioning the heart of the system. I thought it was really powerful and brought a much greater depth to her character. And in the end, she still kicked butt and took names!

    4. Sorry, Jean, at no point, all the way thru the book, did I ever get the feeling that it was a different author. Maybe you need to take a break, read something else, and come back to it?

  16. Started listening to it at 5:40 a.m. this morning and finished it at 5:52 p.m. Loved it. Completely had me guessing. Interesting how Crack is evolving. Will go back later to listen again later.

  17. Am i the only one who absolutely loooves the inside covers on the newer books. I just love them . Great idea .

  18. Anyone figure out the puzzle on the book flap for the location for where the next book, Vendetta in Death, will be located? Really enjoying the map so I can stop looking up online the locations for where Eve is working a scene. Now to actually start the book 🙂

    1. Yes, I gave it to my husband. He’s really good at puzzles and loves to do them. He had it done in less than 5 minutes.

    2. Yep.. Got it figured out. Can’t wait for VENDETTA to come out to verify it. 😉

  19. Not done yet but question: why and when did detective strong and tic end their relationship? Maybe their cohabitation ended off the page? I had to do a double take on this cause I’d just finished a reread of treachery. I liked tic and rapunzel. ???

    1. My thought, too, was “What about Tic and Rapunzel?” Obviously these are fictional characters in a fictional world, but she just got introduced in the summer of 2060 so not too much time has passed. They seemed like an established couple.

    2. I came here for the same question – wonder if it was deliberate or accidental? I assume deliberate, since JDR has brought this character back several times.

    3. Det. Strong broke up off page. She’s not part of Eve’s squad and the discussions during Connections didn’t lend themselves to personal chatting. Checked with Nora on this and she says yes.


      1. Thanks for clearing this up! I didn’t mind the new relationship. Best of luck to the new couple! Lol.

      2. Ah well, sorry to hear it; I liked what I saw of Tic & Rapunzel! But then I’m partial to gentle giants; we have several in the family!

      3. Still, it could have been worked in during casual conversation. Or even just as an aside. Like, right after Lilah mentions she has been seeing Lyle’s sponsor: “Eve knew from past conversations with the detective — and from the Central scuttlebutt — that Strong‘s injuries during the Oberman case had taken a toll on the relationship with her now-former co-hab, Tic Wendell. It was something of a relief to find out that Strong had been able to move on from what had reportedly been a difficult breakup.”

        Or something.

    4. Huh? Where’d I miss something? I just figured the story line wasn’t conducive to his being mentioned ( esp. since she doesn’t write abt EVERY character in EVERY book)…..not that he wasn’t there because of a break-up.

      1. A new relationship was specifically mentioned (Lilah’s dating Kyle’s sponsor), which pretty much indicates that Tic and Lilah went belly-up.

    5. Halfway through.. (I know I’m late to the game!) and I’m loving it. It is different but more in a Eve’s investigating something different than we are used to so obviously the approach is going to differ. I love it.

    1. We are in the middle of updating the JD Robb and NR sites and some content is on hold until we have things correctly aligned.


  20. Loved the audio! Always a great listen with Nora/JD.

    However, I’ve tried the mcmillanaudio/connections and can’t get connected. What am I doing wrong?

  21. I wondered about Teasdale too. Narrator used the same voice as in Delusions. I’m still listening to it and I love it!!!

    1. I think maybe she was referring to the FBI chick from Betrayal (Karen Stowe according to the wiki). She’s had Teasdale in at least 2 other books, right? Delusions and ? anyone remember?

  22. It truly is like visiting with good friends and family when a new In Death book comes out.

    I started the audible book last night and finished this morning. I loved it so much that I’m rereading it already.

    My two favorite things in this book are:
    1. the slower, relaxing start
    2. Galahad scored

  23. Another question about the audio – some of the chapters (3 at least) had bells tolling before the chapter. Anyone know what that is about?

    1. That’s a contest run by Macmillan Audio. I think you’re supposed to note the bells and there’s a link to fill in the code — at the end of the book or in cover notes. I don’t have the audio edition in front of me.


      1. I had to laugh when I went over to the contest page – September was not a valid month to be born.

  24. I know real life couple break up all the time, but i cant help feeling a little heartache seeing detective strong have a new relationship. She and Tic seems so perfect together.

  25. Enjoyed the read.

    Loved seeing the “connections” start to line up and the dominoes start to fall into place and then all picked up/knocked down by the end.

    Did the combined efforts of multiple departments/agencies net the most suspects ever in an In Death book?

    Also enjoyed seeing Santiago and Det Carmichael (and Morris) jam with Jake et all.

  26. You know what I like best about all of Nora’s books, her mind. I love to open each new book and start the journey of where her mind takes me. Which characters are new, which are regulars and which return periodically. What an adventure it is. I wait anxiously for the action, the laughter, the sadness. I especially look forward to catching up with all the characters I have loved and cheered for through all 50 books all the while trying to figure out what will happen next and I am never disappointed. I just finished “Connections” and enjoyed every single page. I wil leave it now for a week or so and then read it again and once again enjoy every single page. Thank you Nora you are amazing

  27. Just finished, but read so fast I am starting over. The first read is “gobble it down”, now I will read and savor. I truly adore this series. Thanks to Nora for continuing to write them. Agree with previous comment on the continued evolution of Eve, really many of the characters. Mark of a great writer to be able to do this.

  28. Someone fill me in on this one….

    “Roarke nips nuclear war, Eve Style, in the bud”

    I must need to do a reread; I usually try to catch the teasers. This one really intrigued me from the first and I still can’t figure it out. Help? And thanks in advance!

    1. Summerset mentions to Roarke as they have a whiskey in the parlour, that Eve’s T-shirt from the academy is looking like a rag. Roarke tells him “don’t even think about it.” War nipped in the bud.

      1. OoooooOOOoooOoooo…. yes, Ok! I can see that. I liked that scene! Lol. Thanks!

  29. Thoroughly enjoyed (as usual). More of a straight cop story than usual. Listened to the audio book (as usual.) Susan Erickson still rules as in Death narrator! Could not figure out how to use the code from the recoding to enter the sweepstakes, but finally tried Safari instead of Chrome and all is well. Except that the month of September is missing from the birthday month dropdown menu, So I used October.

  30. The editing errors have been driving me nuts ever since Treachery. Anyone else notice that dead Barry is called Gary once, a character’s name from earlier in the book?

  31. Just finished in one day in a late- night marathon session. I love the fact that Eve always takes care of the dead and does her very best for them. As one who has had a family member murdered, I know how important that can be for the family. Little things are big things during a real murder investigation. Thank you, Nora, for inserting this voice of compassion in a fictional character.

  32. As always, I loved the character development. And Eve being protective of “her” people, in this case Crack. Roarke being protective of a woman being taken advantage of. Eve doing a Roarke and buying food. I just enjoyed the hell out of this story! Thanks for the ride, JD.

    1. I agree, there was an all-round caring vibe about this book. Really lived it!

  33. My semi-annual visit from my friend Eve Dallas, alas, concluded this morning at 1:45 AM, when I finished the book. Often, I’m able to convince her to stick around a couple of days, and tell the tales over more time, but last night, I was so caught up in the story, that I ignored bedtime. By a lot. Now I will need to wait until the fall for her next visit.

  34. I loved Eve’s self talk before the party! I really enjoyed the book and can’t wait until September for the next one!

    1. And the most entertaining part is Roarke KNOWS AND Jake was the same!! Too funny!!! Loved it! Definitely quite a few laugh-out-loud moments in this one! ???

  35. I admit; I laughed till I cried on the food thing: she treats her crew & they all assume Roarke! Then the early ones are blocking the Roarke comments, and Whitney delivers one! She can’t annihilate Whitney! But he was right; Roarke never misses a trick!
    Thanks, Nora, I loved it! Inhaled it; found the joy of retirement means I can read till it’s done, all night & into the day, & not have to worry about work, etc! I’ll probably read it more slowly over the weekend! And yes, I’m stifling the urge to ask for more; it’s not like I’m starving for books, and I’m in awe of how many you produce each year; I’m lousy at writing & all I had to write was technical details, business letters, etc!

  36. So Nora, I think SMP has really done great things for you and your fans…I just got your book and will start it soon but, I had to mentioned the poster on the inside of the cover and tell you how terrific it is, especially for your long time fans who have all the stories…we can place all now. SMP has done some terrific things the past two years and we love them all. Thanks to you Nora for going with them, how they spotlight your wonderful work.

  37. Another great story that completely had me hooked from the first chapter. The beginning was a hoot! I felt like I was right there enjoying the housewarming and knowing everyone there. I love how Nora brings you right into the story. Relationships evolve….marriage evolves and changes happen. To me, Eve has found her peace and their relationship reflects that now. I will never get tired of the banter between Eve and Roarke or between Eve and Peabody! Has you laughing out loud. Classic Nora once again….loved it!

  38. As always, I loved the Audible book. Counting the bells to enter the contest was nice, as this was the first time an Audible book had a contest link. Susan Ericksen makes the characters come to life with her voices .

    This story really gave us more depth for all the characters. I love all your books and I never doubt you wrote every word. No one else makes me laugh out loud and cry real tears like you do.

    Stay warm & safe.


  39. I enjoyed the development of Eve’s character and relationships with her circle. Overall I felt the plot dragged a little. Not one of my favourites. Hopefully, September’s book will be more up my street.

    I don’t know if it is linked to the change to a new publisher but the price of the Kindle edition (£4 increase) meant for the first time I didn’t buy the book and read it first. I’ll probably get the Kindle edition when the price reduces as the mass market edition is launched. Instead I used my Audible credit (noticed the price had almost doubled there) to download and listen along.

    Disappointed to discover that U.K. Residents can’t participate in any of the puzzles. Feels as if it’s only the US market that matters.

    1. The US publisher can only offer competitions to US readers, there are far too many restrictions for going out of country. I’ve talked to Nora’s editor at LBUK and they started with some comps late last fall.

      As for the rest, I can’t speak to any publisher’s pricing. And I hope you like Vendetta in Death more.


  40. I too felt the plot dragged a little. It didn’t have the tension that stops me from putting the book down. So it doesn’t make it onto the top third of my favorite books. But all that aside, eve and dreamcake’s relationship just keeps getting better. I never thought I’d see eve allowing roarke to pick out her clorhes! I’m grateful for every ID book that nora sends our way, and can’t wait for the next one

  41. I’m only on chapter 7 but I have to ask. Does Nora ever crack herself up? I’m still laughing at the breakfast lamb/lion/march conversation. Poor Roarke. You could almost hear his eyes cross at his “it’s a bloody lamb” comment and after that. Loved it.

  42. finally crack as part of the main characters. i have always liked him and thought that nora crafted him for eve to have someone to bounce off of. she really doesn’t treat anyone else with that sarcasm. this was a “mosey through it ” book. my only problem was getting the gang names mixed up. had my fast read through, now i will go through it slowly and savor. the many layers of nora’s mind never fails to impress me.

  43. What an idiot i am. I just reread my previous post. Of course roarke prepares eve’s clothes. He does it for every party or social event they go to . I was referring to work clothes. As to the plot being boring, i must admit that all the plots are secondary to me. The relationships bet eve & dreamcake. & the secondary characters, are primary to me, & i suspect to most of your ID fans.

    1. Not really, Chevy. I’m one of Nora’s fans who love her plotting and variety of story arcs. Her themes and various story types are the reason I started the In Death series. The fact that I also can really appreciate her wonderful character development was a real bonus. And the lack of it in other author’s series caused me to leave them in the dust. Didn’t find this plot boring. We just knew where it was going from the start.

  44. I received it on Sunday & after a marathon of reading, finished it on Monday. Loved it, as usual. I really enjoyed it as it was just a good police procedural–no creepy serial killer, etc. As always, I get chuckles throughout with Peabody, McNab, etc. The Magic Coat rocked!

  45. As usual I have audio book version. Upset to high heavens that the computerized voice is missing and when present, has changed and when computer does talk they changed the sound effect. I LIVED for that voice, lol. Eve Dallas is my hero. Love all of the books and don’t criticize what I myself can’t do or do better, so I have no criticism for any of them. They all suck me in and make my life complete.

  46. I’m getting a late start reading, but love it so far, as always! I’m really enjoying the first chapters, with the look at Roarke at work especially. I think those details really help advance my perception of the characters. Fantastic so far!

  47. Finished! Enjoyed it. Loved the cameos at Nadine’s party and elsewhere. Liked the two alliterative names Donnie Duff and Rita Razowitz – they roll off the tongue. The characters were all well developed and I found the plot intriguing. Another case solved by Eve and her team. Kudos to Nora.

  48. I wonder whatever happened to Tic Wendall , Detective Strong’s BF from Treachery ID. She is with Matthew Fenstar in Connections ID.

    1. SA, if you read earlier comments Laura says Strong and Tic broke up between the books and that because the convos between Strong and Eve in this book didn’t allow for much personal details beyond that, this was not discussed.

  49. Have started reading this book. Also loving how Eve is evolving. She is becoming much more human and likeable. Love how she is with Roarke. Love her interaction with Crack and his involvement in this story. Can’t wait for the next one. I have read the whole series through many times.

  50. Really enjoyed it! I’ve listened to the series on audible, twice. Hooked on the problem solving and how the story puts me in the room. Love the rich detail and story layers! Crazy how the series has been consistently captivating and produced at such a high level for over 24 years. Thank you and well done! Again.

  51. I loves this book so much!
    Crack is one of my fave tertiary characters, so it was great to see a book where he features more than the typical “hey skinny white girl / hey big black boy” exchange we get with him. I love how fond he is of Eve and Roarke and how fond they are of him.
    I also loved the party at the beginning, it sounded like so much fun!!!
    The food mixup was hilarious and I felt like this book made a big leap in character development for so many of the characters. The police procedural part of it was excellent too. We knew where it was going almost from the beginning, but I loved being taken through the motions of solving a case so I enjoyed that part of the book as well. Overall an excellent book!

  52. I loved Eve’s diatribe about social engagements, Nadine’s growing relationship with Jake, learning about the hidden talents of members of her crew, seeing Crack in love, Galahad’s endless quest for human food, Eve’s endless butchering of idioms, Summerset’s quiet care of Eve, how everyone thought Roarke brought the food, Peabody playing the hardass, and Eve making sure the victim’s story gets told. This was another great story from NR/JDR.

  53. I collect the In Death Series on audio – MP3 and couldn’t wait for it to be delivered. When I finally got it, I discovered that the publisher had chopped off the last two chapters of an unabridged recording. I’m so disappointed and furious. Has anyone else experienced this?

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      We only just learned of this from another reader. When Macmillan Audio investigated they learned there was a manufacturing issue. Could you email me at so I can forward to Macmillan and they can get you a correct copy? Thank you.

      1. Thanks Laura. I contacted Macmillan Audio and I’m already on the list. I appreciate the response. It feels bad to think it’s “just you.”

    2. Thanks for the heads up. I just got my copy and hadn’t plan to listen to it immediately, but checked it when I read your post. Mine, too, is missing the last two chapters. I don’t consider this anything other than defective. I will make plans to return it until it can be corrected.

  54. I buy the in death books through Audible. Is there anyway to get the map from the inside book cover???

  55. Just got my corrected copy of Connections on MP3 in the mail. I’m so glad that McMillian made good on its promise. I’m adding it to my In Death MP3 collection.

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