I haven’t posted a blog in weeks as I’ve been hip deep in a book. The result? Brain drain at the end of the work day, and a zillion tasks to deal with on weekends.

Yesterday, finally, I sent the manuscript off to my agent and editor. And today I unlock and throw open the cage door for a couple of days.

After I finish this blog, I may sit in the corner and stare at the wall for several hours.

Things have happened besides the book in these first chilly weeks of the new year.

Our annual New Year’s Day Open House was–as they say in Regency novels–a crush. Lots of people, lots of food. Laura and Kayla and Kat helped me make and bake and stir and chop on New Year’s Eve.

For the crudite, Kat created a little Christmas tree out of broccoli, with bits of red peppers for ornaments and a star carved from a radish. Who else but Kat would think of that?


So I got to ring out the old, ring in the new with friends, family. And got plenty of Griffin time.

We had our annual January trip to the spa–which meant I had the glorious Griffin with me for a week. (Oh, and his parents, too.) One of the butlers brought in his personal rocking chair for our use–what a guy.

The Magickal Griffin

Griffin and I seriously appreciated it.

Then, despite the ugly and annoying head cold that struck me on my first day home, it was a return to work–with no afternoon massage.

And the start of my annual purge. Due to ugly cold this got a slow start, but progress was made. By the second weekend of purging, I hit my office.

For a zillion years I’ve kept a ton of research books–ones I really haven’t cracked open in about a half a zillion. This year, I determined to cull them down brutally, and give my office shelves some breathing room.

Clear space on office shelves

And poor BW had to haul the heavy boxes (box after box) downstairs. They’ll go into storage, then the next library sale. And my office is reborn!

I haven’t hit the lower level yet–always a big chore–but the third floor is purged, and I only have the library and guest room left on the main.

At BW’s request I cleaned out my candle cupboard. Apparently I actually have a candle cupboard. And okay, I didn’t purge there, because candles, but I organized it.

And as Parker suddenly developed–we’ll be delicate and call it heroic flatulence–my scented candles came in really handy. So does yogurt mixed with his dog food (thanks Google) as we seem to have solved the issue.

Thank all the gods as if was far too cold to banish the boy outside.

As January slid into February with those shockingly cold temperatures, I stayed snuggly and smugly at my workstation, and in the book. It was so cold, the house couldn’t keep up, so I worked with a blanket over my lap. We got some snow, which from inside, looked very pretty.

Atticus, brave snowdog

Writing can drain the brain, but you don’t have to shovel out your car and go out into the world.

The really good thing about February is it’s short–and spring training starts. This one’s been busy and eventful in my world. My running girl and her teammates took first in Regionals in indoor track (four years running!) In a couple weeks, she’ll compete in States. And she got her driver’s license.

The newest driver in the family

How strange and lovely it is to have my first girl old enough to drive and my latest boy laughing and cooing.

We snuck in a signing at Turn The Page last Saturday that turned into a door buster. The cold finally broke, lifting the temps into the 40s–with sun! Actual sun. Maybe it was the break from frigid and sunlight, but we had the happiest group of readers and authors for our mid-winter event.

And I got more Griffin time. It’s incredibly rewarding for me to see happy recognition in his eyes when he sees me. He knows his Nana!

Happy, happy boy.

Mid-month we’re celebrating Inn BoonsBoro’s tenth anniversary. It’s hard to believe it’s been a decade. Especially when our truly incredibly staff keeps it looking as fresh as it did the day it opened.

I’ll end the shortest month with pals coming up to whip through the bags and bags (I’ll hang and organize) of clothes I purged from my closet. Girl time! (With Griffin attending as the token male.)

That’s a fine way to move into March, and start pining for spring.

But for today, before and after work out time, I’m going to play sloth as I expect to slam the cage door again on Monday.


43 thoughts on “Freedom!”

  1. Oh, those Griffin pics! He’s perfect. No doubt about it. And, your office looks great. Perhaps you could toss some pointers my way as I’ve had to make my two offices into one, and it looks like a bomb went off in here.

    So glad you had some “book” time and some much needed “staring into space” time. As our reigning Queen, you deserve it.

    Happy February to you and yours.

    1. Totally jealous of your book shelves. I am in the process of building more book shelves, nothing fancy. I’m sort of a bohemian. Can hardly wait for July and Under Currents to come out.
      I so want to start writing again. The stories that my brain creates really need to be put on paper.

  2. Your words try to insinuate drudgery, but I sense as much fun as anything. Your snow is gorgeous. I’m jealous of Atticus!

    Now I’m going back and finish the last few pages of Connections. It’s such a blast!

    Thank you, again.

  3. Your little Griffin is totally adorable. Love the “happy, happy boy” picture. Baby smiles are so infectious. Congratulations to Kayla and her team mates and good luck in her upcoming games.; and a big congrats on getting her driver’s license. Didn’t realize she was old enough yet. Time flies.

  4. Had to laugh at the mention of the “heroic flatulence” as I just dipped back into “Festive in Death” this morning & hit the spot where they had a flasher in a Santa suit that had the same problem; Eve & Peabody couldn’t get off the elevator fast enough; Eve told Peabody to distribute a memo that no one should take that car for about a month; would take that long for it to air out! Someone needed to feed the flasher yogurt with his dog food! It’s these little details (no, not just flashers & flatulence) that give me such great feelings as I read these books!

    And I think I’ll have to reread the Boonsboro books this month; hard to believe it’s been 10 years! Many Thanks, Nora!

    1. I have just reread the Boonsboro trilogy and the first two in the newest trilogy. I love the updates.

  5. Can’t believe Kayla has her license. Yesterday, I was oohing and ahhing over your first grandchild at TTP. *sigh* Where does time go?

    Just moved to Florida and understand about purging. Now have Bobblehead Nora reigning over her bookcase. Much fuller every year! And some Nora’s have started taking over the bookcases in hubby’s office. Dear, I need another bookcase……

  6. Glad you had time to write. Even happier you had lots of Griffith time! Nothing like a grandbaby! Happy you got over your cold. January and first week of February was no joke! Coldest in 25 years.
    My granddaughter, Raven, and I had to postpone our post Christmas shopping trip in Manhattan, as I had knee replacement surgery on January 8th. Therapist says I’m ahead of the curve in healing, movement, strength, so hopefully by March 1st, we’ll be able to schedule the trip. Raven’s a cutie. She said the trip wasn’t important, me being pain free was the most important thing to her!
    I read Connections thru the night, on February 5th. I started my usual re-reading, but some problems came up at home that had to be attended to, so I haven’t finished my re-read. I really enjoyed it. All my “in Death” friends love it as well!
    Keep the writing going. Keep on loving up Griffith, keep on keeping on and taking care of yourself.

  7. Thanks for sharing! Please keep writing since I LOVE your books! Always waiting on the next one!

  8. There can be much to appreciate about staring at the wall for a while, so long as you don’t start thinking about what would look good there – lol. Many thanks for the Griffin pictures – adorable! Glad you and yours survived that terrible cold snap.

  9. always so great to hear from you! re-reading some of your books and enjoying them all over again. so excited about new books coming out–always the best part of the year!

  10. Thank you Nora, for sharing your life with us, we all love your stories and of course new pics of Griffin.

  11. My God is that Griffin the cutest little guy!!! I can’t believe that Kayla is driving but my second grandson just got his license too. So where did the years go?

  12. I need to organize! Your office looks great! Griffin is such a cutie! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Griffin is such a cutie! I do so look forward to your blog and the lovely times you share. Thank you!

  14. Darling Griffin is getting so big and what a personality…it’s wonderdul that you get to spend lots of loving time with him….also nice to see someone else starting the new year paring down things….

    Love hearing about your adventures ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Like you my oldest granddaughter is old enough to drive and the youngest granddaughter is 4 months…I have 6 total and they are a blessing to my life.. I would love to live in your brain for one day to see the ideas you have that run through.. I’m so thankful for the escape your books give me along with the laughter and tears.. thank you for sharing your stories with us..

  16. I so enjoy reading about your cycles of life. Your newest grandson is adorable and it’s so special when they recognize their Nana. My are older, I miss the babies. I’m reading newest JD Robb and enjoying it. Stay warm and keep writing for us devoted fans.

  17. I too have a candle cupboard I hadn’t realized I had. My younger grand and a friends daughter come over to do odd jobs for me. The one job was fixing up the candle cupboard.  Its a chubby in my dining room buffet. Convenient and the DH doesn’t seem to mind even when storing any new candles we get. Big congrats on Kayla drivers license, a big jump in a child to adult life.  Fabulous shes a running champ, so proud of her. 
    Griffin is a gem, sweet baby.

  18. Can I just say Griffin is adorable! Love his name it’s fab! Those are some pretty serious shelves of awards going there,so excited when we get a glimpse into your life.
    I can’t wait for spring too.all of that growing seeds and new life,it’s magic!xx

  19. Thanks for the update. I look forward to the book you just turned in. Griffin is georgeous and such a happy baby! Hope the warming trend continues for you. We’re doing the rain and cold at the moment in Walnut Creek, CA.

  20. Griffin is gorgeous and growing pretty quickly. Congratulations on digging yourself out. Due to horrible temps and other weather conditions I was restricted indoors because of heart issues. I finally made a break for it last Sunday when the temp hit 40’s and I had to escape from 11 days of solitation. It is 67 today, but it is going to 19 in the morning. Cincinnati weather is always intetesting.

    Good luck with the next book writing binge. I can hardly wait t see what you come up with next.

  21. Your Freedom suits… us. It’s good to have updates on Magickal Griffin ?And your Energy just passes the monitor ? Marie Kondo owes you nothing once you start your declutering and organization marathons ?
    Congratulations to Kayla for so many life achievements ?

  22. Love your message and photo of Griffin our latest edition will be one in march she is also a smiler and trying hard to get on her feet she pushing her baby walker up and down this morning but couldn’t turn at the walls so Nana was up and down turning it no wonder I need to sit and read for a couple of hours when she goes any excuse love all you books but the in death are favouriteshave most and have reread at least 3 times please keep writing .ps I finished rereading the fate just before Christmas brilliant Rose

  23. So enjoy your blogs, whatever you write about. Griffin is definitely a cutie. I too have a granddaughter who is almost 20 and a grandson who just turned 3 with 8 others all in between. Love seeing all their accomplishments and milestones. Makes life so interesting ?.
    Your books are always such entertainment and I appreciate so much your hard work. Hope it continues long into the future.

  24. Oh how I have missed the Fallintothestory blog! Griffin is absolutely adorable! Thank you Nora for this way you connect with us! May spring arrive in all its glory!

  25. Welcome back from your writing cave. Love, love,love the photos of Griffin! And thanks to Kat for the broccoli Christmas tree idea! Time for me to jump back into Connections in Death! Thanks for writing.

  26. Griffin is so adorable. Grandchildren are the best gift ever. Love all your books and really looking forward to reading Connections soon.

  27. Oh the sweetness and joy of baby smiles and giggles! Griffin is just precious! I absolutely love your books! Just finished Connections snd I must says it was amazing as usual! I’m glad you take time to enjoy your family and friends in between writing! You are truly blessed!

  28. I just want to say thank you for writing. I started reading your books in 2004 while deployed to Afghanistan. The husband of one of the nurses I worked with sent her a box of books about every month. Your humor made me laugh when I really needed the outlet.
    Those boxes of books were shared throughput the hospital and made many new Nora Roberts fans. I had 2 subsequent deployments, but by then I wised up and bought a kindle. No more waiting for the next box! Thank you so much for your stories.

  29. Oh Griffin is such a cutie. I could use a purger. I’m a terrible pack rat.
    You accomplished a lot and deserve the rest. Love that your oldest girl got her driver’s license.

  30. That Griffin is adorable. My great grand is 9 months, but doesn’t see me enough to recognise me yet. Theres nothing on earth as gratifying as a smile from a grandchild.
    I continue to be amazed at your work ethic. Coming back with an ugly head cold, and sitting down to work, instead of crawling into bed, is just amazing. You are the furthest thing from a sloth there is. I also just realized i never bought or read the boonsboro series of books. The only books I never miss are the in death ones. I get them the first day of release. My prayers are for you to live till 120, & never stop writing them. Pretty please.

  31. Speaking of purging. I had to move from a 3 bedroom house to a one bedroom apartment. I had 7 book shelves, hard backs in the back and paperbacks in the front. I just had to keep my books, to loan to friends and thought I would reread when I got old. I am now old and will have to read my books on my Nook. Everywhere that I donated books, they all said, wow you must really like Nora Roberts. They didn’t know the half of it. Thanks for being so prolific. I have enjoyed every one and look forward to more.

  32. Thank you for taking the time to let us have a peak into your life. West Michigan is in the midst of sideways snow on top of 2 days of freezing rain so we are having some serious cabin fever here. So it’s just me and my reading cave until the weather breaks.

  33. So glad to see a post from you! The pictures are great. It sounds like you had a chilly winter! It is hot where I’m at as always, lol. Looking forward to your next book!

  34. I live in Frederick so I understand the weather. Enjoying Eve & Roarke while I hope you’re enjoying Griff. 🙂

  35. I’m so happy for you, enjoying time with Griffin (such a cute baby) & family. Congrats to Inn BoonsBoro on its 10th Year Anniversary. I’m a fan from the Philipines & my goal is to read all your books. My all time fave couple is Rourke & Eve. I love reading paranormal romance, romantic suspense, historical, contemporary, and you’re my go-to author because you have them all. You’re my no. 1 all time fave author. Thank you, thank you, thank you! for transporting me to a different world and for a couple of hours, making me forget all the drudgery of real life. Your amazing stories uplift, inspire, put a smile on my face. So thank you, I’m praying for your good health and for more happiness to come your way.

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