Connections in Death teasers

By this time next week, the louder clamor will be “What’s next?” * Right now, it’s all about anticipation. Which means it’s time for a few teasers from Connections in Death.

As always, these are not spoilers about the book or important things about characters, just little nuggets to notice on the way to solving the case.

Thursday, January 31
– Eve’s off duty Sundays sound exhausting (to me)
– Every band starts with a name
– Roarke nips nuclear war, Eve Style, in the bud

Friday, February 1
– March’s sheep has nothing over the lion in Eve’s opinion
– Eve practices social niceties, stunning all who know her
– Roarke is briefed on the consequences of fucking Eve over.

Saturday, February 2
– Some evening walks feature pearls and a hole.
– What’s worse: a being a dick or being a crook?
– Peabody obviously practices bad cop so she’s ready when called.

Monday, February 4
I took the post-signing/Super Bowl Sunday off but here are two more:
– Roarke gets an adorbs nickname
– Hey! Eve can think of stuff!

And now, we wait a matter of hours for the release. So that means a new gif, or two:

Is it time???

I’ll add new ones for the next few days, so you’re over-the-top ready for Connections. Oh no, wait! You already are.


*[Vendetta in Death, September 2019]

47 thoughts on “Connections in Death teasers”

  1. Thank you, Laura, for taking pity on us and throwing us a bone! Stay warm! (Says this Chicago gal as we near the end of this polar vortex!) Thank heaven for great authors like Nora on these bitter winter nights!

    1. That’s going to be a no. Two in Deaths a year is an incredible pace, Nora’s got to breathe some time. And write other books.


      1. Is Nora going to write in between novelas anymore? I especially enjoyed Haunted in Death. Just curious.Please thank Nora and yourself for all y’all do for us fans!!

      2. Absolutely. Its a gift that we get two reat books every year Thank You !!!

    2. You realize Nora Roberts also writes other books as well as the In Death series. Plus she’s got a family. Be happy for the two you get

      1. Amen! I only wish any of my other favorite authors were half as prolific as Nora!

    3. It takes time to write a book – would you like to be asked to do something in 2/3 the amount of time? I certainly wouldn’t. I’m grateful that she’s still writing this series, on top of a stand alone novel, and her new trilogy. That’s 4-5 books a year, at least, which is so much more than most authors do in two years!

      1. Amen! I only wish any of my other favorite authors were half as prolific as Nora!

    4. Do you know how many books she writes per year. You try cranking out one and I think you’ll see why. ?

    5. That’s like saying can you have a baby in 3 months instead of 9. Don’t you know you can’t rush perfection. The reason her books are so incredible is that she takes the time to get it right. As much as I’m ready for the next book as soon as I finish a new book I know it’s worth the wait no matter how hard it is to patient.

      1. I’ll take every 6 months for an i. Death. My other favorite author takes 3-5 years between books.

  2. So looking forward to reading this new In Death book!
    Oh and I LOVE this meme!

  3. It is always a happy week when I get my newest Nora delivered ~ whether it is JD or Nora ~ I love those special Tuesdays!

  4. Oh fun! 😀 I’m on pins and needle for the new book, just like always!

  5. While waiting for my copy – with bated breath, I must add – I’ve really had a fun time reverting to my childhood and working on the dot-to-dot booklet I received. So, there is that.

    Next – hurry up, next Tuesday, I beg of you!

  6. So excited! Can’t wait for the new book(s) 🙂
    Hello from Lisbon, Portugal ??

  7. I love the anticipation of the last week of waiting. I even went back to my deleted emails, and reread the excerpt of Connections that we got. I’ve taken to reading all the new books very slowly. This one is different, as there is no murder in the first chapter. So instead of bothering Nora to write more ID books yearly, I’m gonna be grateful that she writes as many as she does, thank God, and reread some of the old ones.

  8. Woo Hoo! I got my tracking number from Turn The Page Bookstore! Now I’ll sit on pins and needles until it arrives. Can’t wait.

  9. I pre-ordered CONNECTION months ago as my birthday present to me (a few days early)…And will do so with VENDETA. THANK YOU NR/JDROBB…I have the entire collection including the novellas. You are amazing author!

  10. Nora is an amazing author! Thank you so much for writing these wonderful stories. We truly appreciate it!

  11. I celebrate every release by listening to to all the audio books up to the latest release in order.

    1. I am on my 5th time listening. The narrator is the main reason but I love my In Death gang as well

  12. I’ve been taught that we shouldn’t wish away our days; after all we don’t know how many we’ll have all told. But the last week at least before the next In Death release; I keep wishing for the days to pass more quickly! I’ll be checking my Kindle a few minutes after midnight; is it there yet??? And now that I’m retired, I can read all night & into the day, until either I finish the book, or the kindle needs recharging! (#2 is more likely!) Yep, it’s a form of chocolate…or McDonald’s Fries!

    I’m sorry to hear that there won’t be any more novellas, but shoot, I won’t have to worry about making sure I get it ordered! Speaking of which, I’ve tried several times to pre-order Vendetta in Death, but only the Hdbk & audio formats are available for purchase. Laura, do you know why the ebk format is not also available for pre-order? They should be able to list all 3 formats that are normally available at first release. Thanks!

    1. What’s up for Vendetta are pretty much placeholders. The full pre-order list will be live once we reveal the cover in a couple of weeks.


      1. Thanks, Laura, I’ll keep checking for the listing to adjust. I do understand placeholders! Keep warm!

  13. Eve has had so many times where she could use nuclear options, it will be interesting to see who Roarke saves this time – lol. Looking forward to Tuesday!

  14. Love the teasers’s always fun to run across them while I am reading. Keep Warm!!

  15. Love Nora’s books…i have all her In Death series… Can’t wait for Eve and Roarke’s adventure this 2019…warmest regards to Nora and her team.. Thanks for the teasers Laura…

  16. Wow, Super Bowl, then Connections. It’s a good week. A weekend with people, then time to myself. Yea!

  17. Nuclear War … sounds exciting! Anything involving Eve and Roarke is exciting! Thanks for sharing.

  18. All of Friday’s teasers sound like a fun time! So looking forward to this book. Thanks, Laura!

  19. Any idea as to why the delay in the release of the Connections audiobook? I was told end of July. Thanks so much.

    1. We’re on a learning curve with Macmillan Audio: They release the unabridged cd (multi-disc) edition with the hardcover and the MP-3 (one disc) with the paperback. So there will be audio on February 5, perhaps not your preferred edition.

  20. I always have the release dates marked on my calendar! Can’t wait! Have to wait an extra day in Australia though!!
    So grateful to get two a year! I have every book & novella & reread them in order continually!

  21. I’m so excited that I can hardly sleep at night waiting. My husband teases me bc he likes to make fun of me bc I mark every calendar in the house with due dates..

  22. Omg!!!! What a treat!!!! Can’t wait for Connections next week, and now I’m so super excited for Vendetta!!!! Thanks!

  23. I have all of the In Death series in print and on audible, and most of the other books in print (and quite a few in audible). I have advancing macular degeneration so I am so very happy that I’ll be able to listen to these wonderful stories when I can no longer read. I would like to thank Nora Roberts for making sure all her fans will have access to her talent in whatever format can be made available. In just a few hours I’ll be jumping into the future with Eve and Roarke, all I can say is – watch out New York — Eve Dallas will hit it out of the park again!!

  24. Perfect gifs – and now i am turning my kindle on – the story begins ❤️

  25. Thanks for another wonderful book it made my long drive so easy it’s best one I’ve listened to The game was a nice feature in the book

  26. I have loved Nora since she began writing…so happy when she began the In Death series…Love Eve and Roarke and group of friends. Looking forward to many more books.

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