A day in the Life

It occurred to me that most readers probably have no real idea what goes on in a writer’s day. Days can vary, of course, but I had a good one yesterday, so it sort of illustrates the sort of day I like best.
Here’s how it went:
I’m up at about 5:20. This is no longer annoying, it just is. When I had babies and then little boys I had to get off to school I actively dreamed of the day I could start sleeping in. By the time I got there, my body clock was set, and I’ve learned to accept it. I am, sorrowfully, an early riser.
I get myself a giant glass of water–hydrate after a night’s sleep. I let one of the dogs out. The other isn’t interested. Fine with me. I go up to my office. I read some emails, poke around see what’s what in the world. I play some games.
It’s nice, it’s quiet. The phone doesn’t ring, and my brain is starting to wake up. At some point I hear my husband get up. He lets the other dog out. I hear his coffee machine.
I go down get my version of caffeine. Diet Pepsi. Ah, NOW that’s better! Morning fog lifts. We can work now.
Speak with husband first–it’s only right. Kiss him goodbye as it’s unlikely I’ll be back down before he leaves. And I get to work. It happens I’m working on the last part of the second draft of an In Death. I’m not sure I have the pathology of the villain quite right, so fiddle as I go. I enjoy these people, and the second draft gives me the chance to fix any mistakes I find, expand where it needs to, contract if it needs that, add some color and texture where I might have skimped just trying to get the story down.
I eat Cheeze-Its, drink DP, play with Eve and Roarke and the gang.
At some point–I don’t pay much attention to time in my office–I go down, refill glass with water. Realize I haven’t brushed my teeth. Good God. Do so immediately.
Go back up to my office. Allow myself to play for a few minutes. Check email, answer maybe. Maybe not. Back to work.
Annoyed that the phone rings, don’t answer TeleFund one time, Out Of Area another, Private Caller yet another. Stop ringing! Go away.
I’d really like to get a good chunk of this draft done, be sure the story’s moving as I want–or more accurately, as it wants and it should. Pretty happy with it. Work. Let dogs in. Work. Let dogs out. More water.
Brain getting tired. It’s time to stop. About four–good time to stop. Time to work out. Down into my little gym, pick a DVD. decide to mix it up. Some cardio, some resistance with weights, some mat work. An hour of that, and it’s good for the day. Let dogs in. They have me trained. Whatever time I finish a workout–a morning one, an afternoon one, doesn’t matter, they wait, watch for me. I let them in, and they rush like maniacs to the kitchen closet where we keep the dog biscuits. Their eyes are mad with joy and anticipation. But their butts hit the floor, as that’s the rule. Good dogs! And as is habit for unknown reasons to the human involved, they go to separate corners, devour said biscuit then must immediately be let out so they can run like mad things. What’s in Milk Bones that causes this? No one really knows.
My husband has requested pasta for dinner–this pretty quick pasta dish I make, and that works as it’s already after five–and he’s home early because he’s working on a project in our great room.
Pour some wine–yay! Talk to husband, start dinner. Let dogs in who now collapse, exhausted from Milk Bone mania.
Cook dinner, approve the on-going project. Eat dinner. Good pasta. Have another glass of wine. Yay.
He’s brought home books from the bookstore for me to sign–it’s Monday, and three days a week, I sign books after dinner. Sign books while I watch TV. Have another Diet Pepsi. Let dogs out. Watch TV, play with IPad. Let dogs in. Why aren’t I in my pjs? Remedy that. See that I forgot to call in the galley corrections on Festive In Death as they’re still sitting beside the bed where I worked on them the last several evenings. Damn it.
Must do that tomorrow, because I don’t want to go back up to my office now. Happy The Blacklist is back. Love me some James Spader.
Watch a little Jon Stewart, go to bed.
So this is a pretty good day for me. Few interruptions. Probably about ten hours ass in the chair, and about seven of that actively working. A couple hours of play in there, and some time going up and down for fluids and dogs. A good workout, an easy dinner prep, and good TV.
Some days don’t go so well, but when they do, this is a pretty typical one for me.

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  1. That was so great – and I just knew you would be the type of writer to put in the needed time to get it all done, but not be tied to the chair. Great fun reading about your day. Thanks

  2. Enjoyed reading about your day; love your sense of humor. And….Festive In Death!! Yay! Another Eve & Roarke story!!!

  3. Thank you for this amusing peek into your day. Loved the dogs. Any chance of getting that pasta recipe?

  4. The only thing you ate until supper was Cheese-Its? No wonder you stay slim!
    Keep the books coming.

  5. How fun that you let us share a window to your world! Just as Eve has a rhythm to her work, so do you, and it’s fun to hear about it. Those hours in the chair bring such joy to so many millions of us! Thank you for sharing your gift!

    1. Love your work day and the milk bone bit. There is something in those bones, just ask my Sam. Thank you for Eve and Roark.

  6. Just finished Concealed in Death, I’m never disappointed by JD Robb. Great!

  7. I really enjoyed this! Very cool insight into a typical day for you, something I’m sure a lot of us fans have been curious about. It’s great that you make time for yourself and hubby while still making beautiful stories. And don’t we all love us some James Spader??

  8. I’m very happy that you have all of those stories in your head. I often wonder if you get up and are focused on the current project or do you say, ‘Well, today I’m going to visit Eve and Roarke’ or ‘ I feel like working on whoever the current Nora idea is’. I mean do you stay on Eve and Roarke until their current story is complete? What happens if something else pops in? Do you make side notes on the other story or does that not happen? Whatever the answer I hope you never run out of stories.

    1. As I said in another part of the thread, one book at a time, beginning to end. If something else pops in, it has to get in line. I rarely makes side notes because I lose them or–as just happened recently–can’t quite understand what I wrote anyway.

  9. Nora,
    Loved reading about your day. I have loved everyone of your books. I am on number 28 of the In Death Series. I know you are asked this all the time. Are Eve and Roarke ever going to have Children? Please keep them coming. You are my favorite writer. Your stories flow, which I love. I followed your trip to Florence last summer. We were there in September for my nephews wedding and I kept recalling a lot of the things you talked about.
    Thank you for all you do in your books. We can be anywhere and do anything when we read!
    Jennifer Pluta

  10. Love your work. I often laugh out loud at the dialog while I’m on public transportation. Not as weird as some of the other passengers, so I can deal. I have 3 Labs. We play the ‘let me out so you can let me back in so you can let me back out wait why am I out here?’ game regularly. The black one is 3, and wants to check on her chickens (there are 8). The yellow one is 12, and she sometimes forgets why she wanted out, so she sits on the deck and sniffs the air. The white one is 8, and struggled to breathe on her own for over an hour when she was born, and most of the time she just follows the other two out (she’s scared of the chickens) without any clue as to why they’re even outside. I count that as exercise since I have to get up or go clear across the house to let them out…

  11. Thank you, Nora, for sharing your day. It’s always shown how much you like Eve and Roarke, glad you’re still having fun with them. Appreciate all you do!

  12. Love your and Eve’s Pepsi habit. We own several shares of Pepsi stock.

  13. Thank you for sharing a glimps into your day. I’ve often wondered what it’s like. I’ve spent many pleasant hours enjoying your hours of labor. I salute you with my own ” Diet Pepsi” !

  14. Nora, Thank you for sharing. Your blog was an insightful and comfortable read – this giving of your day. And thank you for sharing your talent with us, the readers. I so enjoy your style – your human interactions. Don’t know which is my favorite, be it your male/female soul mate love stories, or, the strongly-bonded female friendships. I am just starting the final book in the Chesapeake Bay series for the second time, (the first time was my first Nora Roberts experience), and I have fallen in love with them all again. You’re a treasure!

  15. Thank you for this. As a budding writer, this gives me a good idea of what my success scenario will be like.

  16. How wonderful of you to share a good day with us! I especially loved one part of your comment about working on your draft … “add some color and texture where I might have skimped just trying to get the story down” … as this is where I am in the story I’ve been working on for the last year. I’ve been feeling guilty about not doing all that as I go along, but hey! It must be cool ‘cos Nora does it. LOL
    Can’t wait for the next book, and the next, and …

  17. I started reading the “In Death” books about a month (it’s amazing how much reading you can get done in the pick up line at school). My husband calls me a book drug addict. I’ll be so sad when I’m all caught up and I have to wait for new books to come out. Eve and Roarke have rescued me from my boring day to day routine. Thank you so much for them and keep the books coming!

  18. I love this peek into your life! It’s evident that you really love your characters and we do too as a result. I am so thankful for that day so long ago when I first picked one of your books at the store. It has been a wonderful ride! The book, BTW was Honest Illusions and it has a place of honor in my Nora library.

  19. Thanks for sharing your day. It is fun to know you like playing games, too. (Have you tried hidden object games? ) I have four authors I read everything they write and you are two of the four. LOL

    1. I am a slut for hidden object games. One of my favorite things is when my 9-year-old grandson’s here and wants to play one. He’s a fricking genius at the puzzle parts.

  20. The middle of the night when all I can hear is my husband making ppppsssss sounds, it is such a comfort for me to know I have my kindle and my Nora books. The frustrating problem is this….. after reading 75 – 80 NR Books, how is anyone possibly supposed to keep track of which ones we have read and which ones we can still look forward to like a baby’s security blanket?
    Have you designed a file system and a way to keep track of the books read? It would be a major help. It gets stressful anticipating how close to the end of the pile of available Nora Roberts book I am…… Love them all. Thank you for filling the empty hole in my nights. Carol

  21. Thanks for the peek! Amazing you still cook for your husband and do not have a housekeeper, to do dogs in/out routine and cook dinner.
    Keep busy working on next in Death, we need it, we crave it, will adore it!

    1. Testing to see if I do this right. A housekeeper would mean somebody in my house, keeping it. Breathing my air, maybe speaking at some point. Being here, somewhere. One of the perks of writing for me is alone. Writing’s solitary work, and I like solitary. I don’t mind cooking, especially as the alternative would be giving up solitary, or horrors, putting on real clothes, makeup and going out to eat.

      1. You did it right! I love this inside look at your day! It shows us all that you aren’t any different (well except for your exceptional talent) than the rest of us. 🙂 I wish I could find that peace and quiet more often, but as soon as I sit at the computer to start working my cat thinks it’s time for her to walk across the keyboard. I’ll be going to bed after a full night of editing just as you are waking up for the day 🙂 Lucky for me, hubby has decided he wants hot dogs and macaroni salad for dinner, so maybe I can get some work done tomorrow too 🙂

      2. Apologies for replying to old blogs, but am new on here. Thanks for sharing with us. I can certainly agree with the housekeeper/cleaner thing. I like my space and when busy working from home hate interruptions especially when reading books and playing games instead of working LOL. Not only that, friends and family tell me I would have to clean before the cleaner came as I am too houseproud! I would love to be able to doss around the house (as we brits call it)in PJ’s without makeup but anyone calling,( and trust me they would) they’d call an ambulance as I would look like a corpse. Live long and prosper Nora your fans need you!

  22. Thanks for sharing, Nora. I wondered how you were able to get all the details in and keep track of the story. I’m struggling with how to get the story down period – keep getting caught up in dialog – need to figure out how to let the characters form. I’m blogging now – always looking for new ways to express all my ideas. I too like James Spader – what an actor – wouldn’t be a show without him. Hope you never tire of writing. Your fan – Melissa Blanchard.

  23. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope Cheese-its are not the only thing you eat for breakfast. As for your phone ringing you need a answering service, they take the calls and if its someone important like an editor or husband or children then it can be sent on to you. That way when the phone rings you will know its important. I see no mention of lunch and that is important also. Glad you are able to work out. I see that the dogs have you well trained. I am glad you get to watch a little T.V.. I like The Black List also. Again thanks for sharing one of your days. I hate to think how some of your not so good ones go. I love your books and am sorry some people have to complain about how the books are released to the public. Bless you.

  24. Thank you for sharing your day! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your books. I have read them all, and most I have re read for the 3 rd and 4 th time. Love the stories in Ireland. I always dream I am there. A bucket list for me. Went once with my young daughters, and really hope to get back. Would you ever consider a Ireland tour? Thanks again for you joy you give in your books. Betsy

  25. Nora, thank you for sharing your day with us. So envious that you get to spend all that time with Eve & Roark. Like someone else mentioned earlier, want to share your pasta recipe? Love quick and easy.

    1. Hmm, let me see if I can do this by memory.

      It’s about a half a pound of spaghetti. While it’s boiling, saute three cloves of garlic in some olive oil in a large skillet. When it’s sizzling, add a good pinch of red pepper flakes. Just as the garlic’s browning at the edges, add in a cup of the spaghetti water. Let that simmer for about five minutes. Add the cooked, drained spaghetti to the garlic mixture. Add herbs to taste. I like some basil and rosemary, a little onion salt, fresh ground pepper, maybe some oregano. It’s up to you. Stir it up until the pasta absorbs all the water–maybe another five minutes. Serve.

      You could add some saute’d shrimp, or some steamed veggie, whatever to the pasta.

      I don’t measure a lot, so except for the water (and sometimes I’ll add a little more) I go by eye and my scent.

  26. LOVE the thought of you working on another Eve & Rourke. I can’t imagine my “reading” life without the prospect of another installment. I’ve often wondered about your typical day, and appreciated the fact that you would share with us. Thanks so much! And here’s to you and many many more wonderful writing days!!

  27. Here is to a fellow Diet Pepsi drinker even if it is o’dark thirty! Glad to see you also play some games during your day to keep your brain active and probably helps with the story line. Hopefully those negative people will see you are human after all. Really looking forward to the next In Death book!

  28. It is funny to consider that I’m sitting at my computer working, entirely different work, while you are and then watching Blacklist!

  29. You put a lot of you in your Characters and it shows in your day. One question… Do you eat anything throughout the day but pasta? Man cannot live on DP alone! Fruit and nuts are great to stimulate mind and body! Do not want you getting sick cause I can’t live without the world you bring to life for me! Purely selfish motive! Love your books you are truly gifted! Sandi

  30. Love all your stories!!! My sister and I are great fans of the I
    in Death books!!:}

  31. Thanks for sharing with us. In the odd celebrity way I’m sure most fans feel like they “know” you, whether from book jackets or following you online. But this was a personal glimpse into the great mind we all love. We appreciate you and the work you do!

  32. Thanks for letting us have a chance to know a little
    about how you write your books. Do you stay with one book until it’s finished
    or do you go back & forth? I’ve been reading Nora/JD for over 25 years, I would
    like to thank you for comforting me when I’m down, making laugh and just
    for all the good times I have when I pick up one of your books!

  33. Loved hearing abut you day and you working on the next book with Eve and Roarke!! I have read these books over and over again! First thing I do in the morning is get a huge glass of ice water I drink it all day,lol Two dogs here and many other animals! Just finished Concealed In Death it was great like always. Looking forward to the next one.

  34. love this blog, thanks so much for sharing! I am a true Eve & Roarke fanatic. 🙂 Love your books, thanks for all of the hours of fun.

  35. I loved the peek into your day. I’d love to write as well, but I realized I’d never do as good a job as you- so why do it unless you’re great at it. I so admire your talent. I can’t thank you enough for Eve & Roarke- they are my favorite couple, bar none. I just found an area where we differ greatly. We are both libras, with two kids- we are the same age, and even look alike (you’re thinner than me ), we both love The Blacklist – but I am so not an early bird- I’m a real nite owl- I’d rather go to bed at 4, than get up at 5. Whatever your hours, please never stop writing, especially the ID books. The world just can;t go on without them.

  36. Love the ‘day in the life of…’ insights. Your diet concerned me a little though – haha. I mean do you eat real food during the day? If not, how do you stay healthy and energised???? Now I’ve had this sneak peek I’d love to know more. Such as, do you just start writing or is there a plan in place first? Do you keep some sort of database of the details of every In Death character so you can refer back if needed? Do you write from beginning to end, or jump around in the structure? Do you ever find the words just don’t come? And if so, what do you do? It’s all so fascinating… I don’t know how you do it… (but I do know I couldn’t do it on Diet Pepsi alone….!)

    1. I’ll answer here, as it hits several questions some of you have asked in one place.

      I have a plan–to get my butt in the chair, head in the book, fingers on the keyboard. No database, I wouldn’t know how! I work on one book at a time–that’s my process–beginning to end–generally three drafts. When the words don’t come I sit until they do–write SOMETHING. I can fix it next draft if it’s crap. I’m generally a one meal a day person. I’m just not interested in food in the morning. I write in the quiet–no TV, no music. Again, just my particular process.

      I don’t travel the way I used to–thank the Lord–and except for the literacy signing at RWA every year, generally only sign at Turn The Page. While the Boonsboro businesess do take some of my time now and then, now that they’re established with fantastic managers, they don’t often take much from me.

      I’m also fortunate to have three teasures. My husband, our own Laura and my oldest friend JoAnne (business manager) to handle many, many outside details.

  37. I am reading Concealed now. I always like Dallas and Roarke. Are we ever going to see a TV series or movie from the Death series.

  38. I’ve often wondered how a writer spends the day. Thanks for sharing one of yours with your fans. The first book I read was “The Villa” and I was hooked. After that I scanned the shelves for anything written by you. It took me two years to catch up with the “In Death” Series and knowing you are working on another Eve and Roarke book is exciting. Thank you for wonderful characters, beautiful locations and that bit of suspense that makes me anticipate a new novel.

  39. No wonder I love your books, I love how you do your day. I can’t just sit at the computer to work without doing or game or two. I love the In Death books, I’m getting ready to read them all for the 4th or 5th time. But then I’ve read the others several times also. They never get old. Love your sense of humor in writing. Take care of yourself so you can write for us for many years to come!

  40. I fully believe that God gave us dogs so that we would have to get up from our computer screens, and get a minimal amount of exercise during the day. I also do the water & dog show when I write. 🙂

    MJ Hayslip

  41. I don’t know if you answer these or not, but one thing I’ve always wondered… The writers and the artists in your books sometimes get caught up n their current projects and go on “binges” where they work until exhaustion, or the work s complete. Is that how writing works for you, or do you normally have “set” hours that you work?

  42. Have loved your books forever,will continue to read as long as you continue to write.

  43. I am always so excited when a new In Death book comes out. I work at a library so when a new one comes in I have a list if patrons to put down for it. When I picture Eve from your books I think the detective in Castle would be a great choice to play Eve. Ah well…. I hope you have many good days writing because that means reading for me! I hope you see this…. 🙂

  44. Cheeze-Its & DP: the breakfast of champions! Hahaha! I like it! My oldest son, Silas, would fit right in 😉
    That day seems to be the perfect balance between comfort & efficiency with a sprinkle of genius creativity.
    Maybe one day, my future will involve not having to leave my house… Be still my heart! Well, a girl can dream. For now, I’m delighted to know that days like these for my favorite author mean quiet evenings in the company of a terrific book for me!

  45. Thank you so much for sharing, it so neat to hear how you do your work. I wish I had the self disipline to stay at home and be as creative as you are. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do, and all the amazing stories you create for us.

  46. Loved reading about your day! Thank you for sharing. I have often wondered how structured your day had to be but it sounds like a pretty healthy mix. However I was sure you and Eve would share a coffee habit!

  47. Thoughtful of you to share, Nora.
    But after reading the 2000000 books you’ve written – slight exageration, obviously, but it’s 9 in here and I don’t function well with numbers before noon – I pretty much imagined it like this. There are many of you scattered through so many creative characters for us not to catch “that’s what she does…” Still good to read your words. And ressent you for getting up at 5 and functioning and put me to shame… at 5 I couldn’t even think what’s THAT waiting to go out 😀
    Thank you for not being a couch potato and writing stories that enrich my life with lovely people, dreamy sets and life.

    P.S. I adopted a Labrador. He came already with 1,5 years and he does that – butt on the floor, a biscuit, and here he goes away for some interesting dog’s day. I wonder if other species (can) learn the same… my other dogs are lovely, but somehow too nervous )2 poodles and a pincher – yes, only after 3 I understood dear daughter didn’t want to have a dog; she wanted puppies 😉 ), but they could never learn that…

  48. Fun read…almost like being there with you… but left wanting to know what games you play …
    Thank you for being an author.

  49. One of the features I love of your “Nora” books is how well-researched they are. Whether it’s about firefighters, rescue dogs or whatever, I always learn so much. Do you have staff that help with the research part?

    P.S. I love, love, love In Death series. My 80+-year-old Dad used to come visit me every winter and would read the entire series from the beginning. We used to joke that when he finished the current one, we knew it was time for Mom & Dad to return home. Dad passed in 2007, but it’s a happy shared memory so thank you.

    1. A staff = people. People = somebody who’d want to speak to me at some point. And by doing my own research I get spingboards for story ideas.

      1. I reread the book about the firefighters after all those poor firefighters died out west last year because i needed something with a happier ending than what they received. Of course I have also reread Honest Illusions for no really good reason and my go to Private Scandal when I have no backlog of books to read. I think I own everything you have written with 2 of my MOST favorites named above.

  50. Hey Nora, I love that you talk back to us. Thankyou. Love, love, love your books x x

  51. This may not be the place to write this, however, I love Eve and Roarke, and Mavis and Leonardo, and Peabody and McNab so much that I don’t want to see/watch someone elses version of them on TV or the movie screen. I know there are actresses that could possible capture the Mavis “bounce when she walks”, but no one could capture the way “my” Eve’s face looks when she talks to Lonna Moon, because she knows…

    Nora, Thank you for sharing a snapshot of your day. Your ass in the chair time makes my ass in the chair time worth it so that I can spend some time with Eve and her life.

    1. I SO AGREE! I don’t want to see Nora’s image of her fictional characters limited by any real human, regardless of how outstanding an actor (or handsome/beautiful, or popular). That is Nora’s magic – how everyone can imagine her characters in our own mind. I am glad, however, that so far ( I’m only up to Promises in Death) it has been the same audio book reader. Susan Erickson is a terrific performer. I support “my” libraries in five counties in two states, so I can usually reserve both the book and the audio to get them in story order. These are so popular that often there is a scratch and I MUST NOT MISS ANYTHING! So I start over with the book till I get through that part! I did enjoy the reader for the Chesapeake Bay Saga. And really loved the Inn at Boonsboro, the In the Garden. Actually all the triolgy books were so absorbing, I was really glad I could get them all at once. Still imagination reigns over “screens”!

  52. Hi Nora, i am worrying now about the amount of Diet Pepsi you are drinking! Have you tried a natural alternative? Please do, i wouldn’t want you to suffer the effects of what they put in those sodas!
    Now on to other things…… That was fun……. a teeny weeny peek into one of your days, Thank you 🙂
    with Love
    Nikki xo

    1. I only allow myself two glasses (pretty big ones!) a day. One in the morning, one in the evening. Lots and lots of water otherwise. Without the DP I’d never get the brain in gear to think much less work. It’s my coffee substitute.

  53. Great peek in on your day. I’ve been a fan for years and have re-read most of your books many times. Thanks for all your great stories!

  54. Loved the sneak peek into your day 🙂 I can totally relate to the letting in and out of dogs — I have three Australian Shepherds and an Irish Wolfhound — love them to bits!

    I have ALL your books (JD Robbs and Nora Roberts) and read them over and over again — they never get old 🙂 Looking forward to your next releases — keep up the GREAT work!

  55. The beauty of Nora’s writing…your voice is your VOICE.
    Thanks for sharing your talent and your day!

  56. Sounds like Margaret Mary Concannon from your Born in series was patterned after you!! I am up to Kindred in Death, and I absolutely love Eve, Roarke and company. I will admit I didn’t think I’d like a futuristic story, but I was so wrong! I can’t get enough of these stories. Thank you for sharing your brilliant talent and the fun peek into your daily life.

  57. Hi Nora, After reading about your day and some of your comments I see traces of you in Eve. The Pepsi although you stick with diet and the focus on getting the job done, putting food and everything else on the back burner. Are there other ways that Eve or any of your other In Death characters are like you or possible your husband? My kids tease me that when I am old I am going to be saying I read about this or that in my In Death books. I am always telling them I need an AC and A drying tube. As a mom there never seems to be enough time, I also would love to put the car on auto so I could make calls or just think. Thanks for all the wonderful stories you have given us over the years.

  58. Thank you so much Nora for this insight into your day. It meant a lot because I am a huge fan and always wondered what the working day of a famous and successful author would be like(well really just you :-). It is so normal I guess apart from your amazing work ethic. I really appreciate you sharing this information with your fans.

  59. Nora, Thank you for a look into your day of writing. I think I have all of your books except some of the early short stories, I reread them over and over. I love the In Death Books with Eve and Roarke, and just recently got my daughter into reading your books and she is a big fan too. Just waiting for my granddaughter to reach 18 so I can introduce her to your books also. I lived in Martinsburg WV for a while and love the books about the area because I can feel an attachment to the book in that way. I admire your writing ability in so many ways, the descriptive way you explain Ireland and the people and the land, buildings in New York that have been left to rot. The way you can enter the killer mind and see how the murder happened. The victim’s in your dream talking to you for help must be disturbing to write but it is so important to the book. I hope there are many more stories you have to write because I am disabled and about all I can do is read. Thank you again for your stories.

  60. Love the let the dogs out, let the dogs in routine. And how they have you well trained. My dogs are the same way and have me well trained. LOL

  61. Thanks for the snapshot of your day. You are my favorite author. Love seeing you and Laura at the TTP booksigning. We are so fortunate to have access to so many wonderful authors, thanks to you and TTP. See you in March!

  62. Picked up a copy of The Witness this afternoon and began reading around 5 after feeding my 4-legged kids…..It is almost 9, I’m on page 113, can’t put it down!

  63. I’ll join the chorus with Thanks on sharing something of your day. When someone is a reader heavily invested in your characters and stories, any little thing from the author is simply awesome. I can relate to loving/needing the “alone.” Any unnecessary conversation puts me in a tailspin. Of course the dogs wouldn’t interfere, they know the routine! Again, this little bit of sharing from you was nirvana. Thank You.

  64. Thanks for sharing what your day is like! That was awesome to read. It sounds like you have a well oiled machine that helps you get your writing done the way you like it. I like quiet in the house so I can relate about having people around to do things. So I would imagine it’s an interruption that a writer could live without. When I started having chemo, I just wanted to close my eyes and listen to my music. I didn’t want to talk….to anybody. There were times when people sitting next to you just wouldn’t let that happen! Kudos to you for doing it all yourself Nora……one meal a day!! Now we know how you keep that great figure!!! Your books keep me going when some days you don’t want to!!! Reading is therapy for sure!!

  65. And then there are the days where the phone doesn’t quit ringing, the front door could serve as a revolving door because people keeping ringing and banging on it all day and come the NEXT writing day, the only thing you can think is… I gotta get out of here… and you hunker down in a coffee shop, like you’re running away from home for a few hours, just so you can get some peace.

    O.O Or maybe that’s just me.

    1. But going to a coffee shop, if they had one around here, which no, means putting on actual clothes! And there are people there probably. Using their eyes and their voices and breathing. Why do people have to do that?

      So I just stay home and whine about interruptions.

      1. Nora, You crack me up. Thank is an Eve comment if I ever heard one. I have been up since 4:15 not my normal wake up time and really need a chuckle. Thanks!

        1. As my words show I am still not awake. I meant That not Thank. 🙂

      2. Yeah, clothing IS required…but after like 10 snow days this year and too many doctor appointments and this one awful day where I had, I kid you not, a Jehovah’s witness, the Fedex guy and the Schwann’s guy ALL show up within two hours of each other, not to mention the phone calls…I was rabid by the time my husband got home. Sometimes, the coffee shop and clothing has saved lives, I tell you. Many, many lives.

  66. no wonder you are rhe top selling author! You even make a normal day for you enjoyable to read and funkinda like with Roarke, Eve and ‘the gamg’– like we are right there and part of ‘the gang’ but not intruders but welcomed guests! We can see some of the characteristics of Eve in your day– Eve has criteria and goals she needs to accomplish- like your work out and taking care of your dogs and/pr Galahad and she gives attention to ‘the narriage rules like you fixing the requested pasta dish for your husband . I love Eve’s sense of humor and can tell she comes by it honestly in you— especially when she has to do things wat outta her comfort level– like holding a slobbering Bella who calls her ‘Das’ but she does it because she loves Mavis! these scenes have had me laughing so hard I cried mainly because you are such a talented author Your words actually make me feel I’m there observing this sxenario and I’m so anxious to see which of your futuristic convenient gadgets actually becomes a reality and I syggest you patten ALL the things you create or things Roarke has nade money from– like enhancements and auto chef? I do know there is a refrigerator that lists all the contents and can catalog the contents and suggest a meal plan or grocery list fot the week. I bet the VR goggles will br onr of the first thngs marketed. Don’t change ANUTHING cos however you are working– it’s obviously successful and like my dad use to say– ‘[if ir ain’t broke– don’t fix it’!! .

  67. Glad it was a successful day and very happy you shared yourself with us ~ your readers. Hear Eve’s voice inside yours….. but you are perkier. (She would HATE being called perky, wouldn’t she?)

  68. Thank you for a glimpse into your day. I have enjoyed all the responses as well. I want to say how much I enjoy Susan Ericksen who does the narration for the In Death audio books. She is wonderful! Were you involved in selecting her and do you have any input as to how she reads…what I mean is the intonations, dialects, feelings behind the conversations…either way, she is one of the best. I am re-reading the Chesapeake Bay series for I would guess the 15th time…it is my absolute favorite. Any thoughts on another “quartet” book? Who are your favorite authors assuming you have time to read 🙂 Thank you again for sharing your wonderful blessing of telling a story with all of us.

  69. Thanks so much for sharing. I have read every “Nora Roberts” title, and a few of the “JD Robb” titles. I’d like to read them in the order written, so I appreciate your book list. You are my inspiration. As a lovely woman once told me, “In order to write, you must read.” The problem is making time for both! Blessings to you.

  70. Wow, you are INCREDIBLY disciplined! And well, thank goodness for me that you are, that you manage to publish that many books a year per author on such a schedule. Usually between your new Nora books, JD Robb books, and Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club books, that usually taps out book budget for the year. I was able to purchase some older books of yours that I had never seen before, so I have some catching up to do, but since you mentioned her in your Derby blog entry, I think I’m going to have to check my library’s digital section for Sue Grafton as well. Sadly, they don’t have too many of your novels. I’ve heard that even on vacation, you tend to still write about 8 hours a day, is that true?
    As far as traveling, I know writers must hate it, but I wish I could get the opportunity to meet you at a signing.

    And I have to say, I LOVE the differences between the NR books and JDR books. A few authors, rather than having a pseudonym for each type they write (like you and Jayne Ann Krentz), write everything under the same umbrella, so – well, for me, it’s just easier to track what I’m going to be getting by what name you are using on the book. Does that make sense to anyone OTHER than me?

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