6 thoughts on “BookChat: Tribute/7”

  1. I like both. I think the humor is used to downplay the emotion. There a little awkwardness with emotion, and the humor is sometimes used to deflect it. I enjoy humor in every book I read – in the J. D. Robb books, I think it’s used to relieve some of the horror of the crime.

  2. Nora is a complete master at witty banter; I laugh out loud many times when reading her books.

  3. Witty banter in any form is welcome. As others have said Nora is a master of this.

  4. At my book group (when offering a review of the latest Robb or Roberts book), I remember making the observation that Nora was a master when it came to dialogue. Her other attribute that makes her books so easy to read is the way she writes men. They are completely convincing. There’s a reason why she is one of my top “comfort read” authors.

    I have only read Tribute once and (unlike many commenters) it wasn’t one of my favorites. I can’t exactly explain why. Some books simply speak to me more strongly. I’d love to discuss The Search, The Obsession, Whiskey Beach, Come Sundown, Chasing Fire (best hero ever!), High Noon, and others. Some of the trilogies would also be nice.

  5. I really love witty banter! Love the character interactions & the fun it brings to a story (and who can’t use fun right now?!).

    Banter and word play definitely draw me to certain authors. I’m always on the lookout for authors who can balance a story with the fun/silly & the serious/intense. These are the books I always go back to.

  6. I have always loved smart and witty exchanges between any and all characters. Ford and Cilla do not disappoint. My memory for names is not good, being a woman of a certain age, but I know I loved this story and everyone in it. It’s one of my favorites. Time to listen to the audio again for a refresher!

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