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  1. Absolutely! It goes along with if you have a job you love it isn’t a job (did I get that right?). We shouldn’t judge others for the work they do. We need every type of job done by someone, from the garbage man to the brain surgeon. We all have our roles in life; it just makes it better when we love the role.

  2. I always told my kids to choose a job where they were happy to wake up in the morning.

  3. I was raised to believe that work was essential to one’s soul. The Air Force taught me that all work is essential to the mission and that a person without work will soon find themselves painting rocks 🙂 What a glorious day it is when you find joy in the work you do.

  4. Looking over at my dear DIL who is busily working at her dream job. It’s often hard work to get a creative impulse to come out of you, but the joy of following her dream has her in its grip. I think all jobs you love are worth the sweat and tears, but the creative/artistic ones have my awe and admiration. Ford and Cilla are following different creative paths, and they show each other respect for their choices.

  5. I think finding what you like to do is pretty essential. Too many people seem to be stuck doing something they hate, because it is a “good” job with earning potential.

  6. Always love Nora’s choices of career for her female characters. Not always traditional choices, that’s what I find so interesting. Love especially the careers that include physical labor like Cilla’s carpentry and Darby’s landscaping in Undercurrents. So looking forward to Hideaway to see who and what comes out of that story. To find your place in life and do it to the best of your ability is such a gift to yourself and everyone you touch. Thank you Nora and Laura for finding your places!

  7. I haven’t read this book yet, but this quote is a gem! I am currently taking stock of my life, at 40, would you believe (better late than never I suppose)? I recently realised that I am tired of settling just because one has to have a job, any job, to earn a living. Not that having a job, any job, is not important. Part of it, I guess, is about: “Having the courage to live”. A quote from the animated movie The Book Of Life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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