BookChat: Tribute/8

Movement as therapy is a personal favorite: working hard really clears my head. While Cilla swings a sledgehammer, I prefer to lift heavy weights. Unfortunately, with my gym closed I do less of that than I’d like right now.
What do you do to get the “ya-yas” out (for wont of a better phrase)? Especially now with so many restrictions to our regular outlets?

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  1. Great question for the time: I tend to cook, eat, read and repeat! I know what you mean about the working out happening less – I think of Nora working out even on vacation and I drag myself into the workout room. Shaming can be a good thing!

  2. Am very thankful for the dog because we are out wandering the neighborhood about three times a day. And, interestingly enough those of us with dogs have somehow found a way to do this without infringing on each other’s walk times or personal space.

    Otherwise I would be the human slug!!!

    Hope everyone is staying well!!!

  3. I do historical research to keep my mind occupied and keep the negativity at bay. Nothing like losing myself in an old newspaper or census record! What a nerd I am!

  4. I haven’t found it and my “old” bones are feeling it. I am stretching more but not moving enough. I sit too long and then have trouble moving. Would love to hear how others are moving.

  5. Since I don’t cook, my contribution is cleanup and dishwashing. I like the zen of it and always feel relieved and calm after the battle. My sweet DIL is a fabulous cook and usually leaves me plenty to battle. Stay safe and wash your hands. This “Doom” isn’t done with us yet.

  6. Read a great book. I also love watching HGTV and get a vicarious thrill when they’re demolishing a house. I image being the wielding the sledgehammer. I love the before and after pictures. We also have an exercise bike on which I try to do at least 5 miles, so I’m not a total couch potato.

  7. I work at the computer all day doing Zoom speech therapy. After 8-9 hours, I am ready to get outside. I walk or go for a drive and get takeout.

  8. I’m a gardener so that’s my outlet to clear my mind, meditation or thinking time, whatever is needed at the time. When I was younger it involved moving decorative rocks, bricks, shrubs. Now it’s the maintenance on the garden, but still as satisfying.

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