I’ve had the good, the best and the ugly recently.

The ugly I spent knocked out with a really nasty bout of vertigo. As anyone who’s dealt with it knows, vertigo sucks hard.

But that’s done now.

The next, the best, I had a weekend of baking, gardening, family dinner, and Griffin! Our boy is full of fun, which probably comes from being–honestly–the happiest baby I’ve ever seen. Life’s a perpetual picnic for Griffin. He plays peek-a-boo, but likes being the one doing the peek-a-booing by holding a napkin up to his face then dramatically yanking it away.


It’s great having time with all the grands. There’s Kayla who was prepping for races–and took First in the 3200 in Regionals–and Third in States! You go, Legs!

Way to go Kayla!

And Logan who’s now the second tallest man around here. He has to bend over to hug me! Next month I get him for five days when we take him to Montana. Really can’t wait to see how he likes his first trip west.

And Colt who can have a conversation about pretty much anything because, as he says, he read it in a book. He’s like Sam from Game of Thrones. The kid’s in third grade and can talk about the universe.

I had a girl day here between weekends, just a lovely day with girl pals. Salad, pizza and champagne. And a special guest appearance by Griffin. The boy’s happy to go to any lady who wants a baby fix. And now he’s got his first tooth, so we have to watch how much he gnaws on pizza.

Food! Glorious food!

Girl pals are the best pals. You need to take time to embrace and enjoy them.

This weekend–so far–the rain’s waited to pour until evening, giving me nice weather to weed and fluff and enjoy the garden. Things are popping, and blooming and spreading. I’ve got lots of pots, and a bunch of them waiting until the lower patio and wall project’s finished.

We had the–ugly to me–fence taken down at the end of the parking area, and are replacing it with a stone wall to match our other garden walls. It’s going to be great! But meanwhile, it’s a mess. But we’ve reached the point where I can actually see how good it’ll look when it’s finally done.

Today, after my workout I’ve got some indoor chores to deal with. Then I may do some side dressing with compost in the garden.
Tomorrow it’s back to work, and I’m hoping for a good, solid week of that before June pops out at me.

The summer, as it always seems to be, is packed. So a nice, quiet, solid work week, a good, gardening weekend is just the perfect prelude to the busy summer to come.

Enjoy your holiday weekend doing what makes you happy.

Laura and I send our gratitude to all who served, for all who fell so that we can live free.


Note from Laura: I didn’t share the Girl Time fun, as I opted to work at the beach for three weeks. I mean, I seriously love my girl pals, but I really adore my view at the beach.

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  1. Aren’t grandchildren the best! I had vertigo for just a short time and found out mine was new medicine related. I was more than grateful to solve it that easy because I know people who have had it. Enjoy your summer we’re anxiously awaiting your new book.

  2. Laura, your beach view is absolutely gorgeous! Is that sunrise? I rarely get pictures of the rise, I am more likely to see the setting of the sun, but living on the west coast of Florida, I have seen some glorious ones.

  3. I am so happy that you are enjoying your Grand kids. Mine are about grown now just waiting for the Greats. Not to soon tho. I have lived with chronic vertigo for years now. Take Serc everyday. Thank goodness I have it under control. Have a happy weekend in the garden. Nothing better.

  4. Lovely pictures of your garden. Thanks for sharing. Awesome dragon!

  5. I feel you about the vertigo. It is no fun. My allergies were bad enough this year to give me a mild case that I thankfully got under control quickly.
    Gardening is so therapeutic. I’ve been putting in a cactus garden in my front yard. Hard work but so worth it!
    Laura, I’m glad you got some gorgeous beach time. The ocean is restorative.

  6. Always a huge treat to get a note from y’all! Can’t wait for the new book. Thanks

  7. You need to go farther west into Idaho. The area around Sandpoint and Coeur d’Alene is beautiful.

  8. You have had a wonderful week/weekend and you are looking forward to your writing. Life is good. Can’t ask for more than that! Well, having your fence completed, maybe, but still… 🙂

  9. Thanks so much for the update and the photos. I so enjoy seeing Griffin! Grandchildren (and great-grandchildren) are the best! Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. I want the dragon, oh my. I’ve never seen one like that. I adore my gargoyle, but I now know I need a dragon.
    Griffin is adorable.
    Your gardens are so relaxing, why ever leave.
    Laura, 3 weeks of your sunrise and a person could take on the world.

  11. I feel for you with the vertigo. I had a spell when I tried yoga. Won’t go back. Have a wonderful weekend and workweek.

  12. You have beautiful grands, Nora!

    Your garden is beautiful too, I especially love the dragon! Enjoy the holiday weekend. And have a successful work week with no more vertigo.

  13. Griffin is so cute and always looks happy. Mine are all grown in their 20s and 30s. None married yet. The youngest has been in a relationship for 5 years! Might be hope for that one, ha. The sunrise is gorgeous. I get sunsets, each one different. Peaceful. The garden areas are also so pretty. I love this time of year. Thanks to both of you for sharing.

  14. Laura, I wouldn’t go anywhere with that beach view either. And wow, how Griffin has grown. what a cutie. I’m sorry for your vertigo, Nora. My husband was sidelined for months w/it. What helped him was 4-5,000 mg of b12, taken sublingually. good luck.

  15. Aarrggh! I can’t get the pictures to enlarge so I can only barely glimpse the dragon, and I Love dragons! (Couple wks ago, a guy here to spray for ants, as he’s walking thru the house to see where I’ve seen ants, asks; “so, you’re into dragons?”) I’ve only been collecting them for 40 yrs… But what I can see of the pictures, the garden looks great!

    Love the pictures of Griffin & Kayla, you’re right, lots of leg there! Wasn’t it just last year that you were celebrating her 16th birthday! Wow, you’ll soon have a High School grad for a Grand!

    I know what you mean about Logan shooting up so fast; suddenly my nephew could stand behind me & rest his chin on the top of my head…since I’m 5’6″, he doesn’t have to been over very far (yet) to hug me, but the day is coming!

    Enjoy the gardens and everything else!

  16. Love how big Griffin is getting. He looks so happy. Glad you had time with the grandkids and to enjoy your gardens. Sorry to hear of your vertigo. I have suffered for over 14 yrs off and on with vertigo. Last year I was finally diagnosed with a rare disorder (SSCD). Unfortunately, there isn’t much I can do about it. The symptoms are more manageable now, but still a nuisance. Beautiful sunrise Laura. See you guys in July!

  17. I so enjoy reading Nora’s updates. Your garden is so lovely. Nora. Summer is so fleeting and we have to squeeze all the enjoyment we can. Your grandkids are wonderful.

  18. How fun. Sometimes we have to run off the brain so when it flows again we have new thoughts to inspire us. Wishing you and your family a safe and happy fun filled summer. Keep writing because I count down the days for new releases. Blessings and Light.

  19. Look how big that baby has gotten he’s adorable and the others are just growing like weeds or maybe it’s the Miracle Grow effect.

  20. I am such a fan…..suffered my first (and hopefully, last) bout of vertigo a few days ago and this is one area I don’t aspire to be like Nora! Grandkids, gal pals, gardening – more my speed!

  21. Griffin is growing so fast! He has such an adorable smile. My husband and I retired last summer and moved to 20 acres in the country. We are trying our hand at growing a garden and making an oasis in which to play and relax (to read a Nora Roberts/JD Robb book of course). I only hope my plants look as good as the pics of your garden. Thank you for the glimpse into your life as we wait for the next book!

  22. Hi Nora,
    So glad to hear you are feeling better. The vertigo is awful. I have some chronic problems with it but thankfully good medical care helps. Your gardens look terrific, I’ve had to do a major reboot here on my gardens too. Of course, that meant I had to add some new plants too so a Lot of Happy work. Griffin looks terrific! He’s such a cutie, you can see he’s a happy baby. Stay well and enjoy the gardens!

  23. Griffin is absolutely adorable. Kudos on your fabulous grandchildren. Glad you’re past the vertigo – I get it. Gap pals are the best. Loved the pictures, love your garden. My husband, with a bit of help from me, has been working on my Dad’s yard. Trying to find lovely deer-proof plants has been a challenge, but it is looking great. With Memorial Day upon us and June around the corner, the year is almost half over. Amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  24. The best part of your post – truly – is where you state you’re “hoping for a good, solid week” of work . . . it really does my heart good to know you’re still pumping out the best of the best, in spite of all that’s happened thus far this year. And I say: You GO! So proud of you for sticking to your craft, for that it what it really is . . . a craft, an art, something unique and only you.

    And we love you for it.

    By the way: can that Griffin BE any cuter? No. I think not. He is the living end.

  25. Way to go Kayla! What an accomplishment! And Griffin…too cute! I’ve had brain surgery and dealt with may fair share of vertigo. It’s the pits. But so glad you’re doing better and enjoying the beautiful beach view.

  26. Grandkids are the bestest! Griffin is just adorable. ? Enjoy your time in Montana…one of these days I’m going to get moved back there. I miss my home state. Love your garden! I’m not a gardener, but I do love looking.

  27. Nora…beautiful pictures. Your grandchildren are beautiful!
    Love your writing!!
    Have a wonderful summer.

  28. Nora,
    I’m sorry to read about vertigo. And yes it is one of those things that make life impossible… glad to know it came and went. I wonder if it is related with your tooth’s last interventions…. well, all is well now I hope and it’s back to normal – the good normal – life with gorgeous and full of life family and events.
    Griffin couldn’t look cuter and healthier ? looking less Katish and less Jordansish. His own person, looks and out-of-this-world Charm ?
    Though I can’t see your garden pics I’m sure it looks wonderful, full of life and whimsy ?
    Enjoy every bit of everything and everyone.

  29. My family gets vertigo bad at times too. Can’t believe how much Griffin has grown! I still remember you posting about your grandchildren when they were dots! It’s the first day of June today in the uk and my birthday! Enjoy your garden Nora!?

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