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Hello blog family!

I think it’s pretty safe to say this year hasn’t followed the traditional path so far. As you’ve seen over the years, routine – in her work days, workouts, spa trips and vacations – is sacred to Nora.

As the calendar turned to 2019 both of us assumed the posts during the winter would follow the years prior, from Nora’s whole house clear out, to the adventures of being Home Alone while BW was away, then a smooth glide into Spa Girls, Derby, then summer.

But February happened, #copypastecris sat front and center in Nora’s head, and the winter slipped away. Nora wasn’t in the place to share regular happy updates of hearth, home and grandkids. I didn’t think humorous or cranky bits quite suited the mood here. So we — meaning I — let things slide.

Now I’m working at the beach office where I find my balance. Nora’s hit a run of relatively peaceful work days which brings her balance. And so I thought it was time to bring this space back to life with far more regular check ins.

Let’s start with the current book news.

Golden In Death is the 50th book in the series and to celebrate, Entertainment Weekly had the exclusive cover reveal.

Then St. Martins Press created this book trailer which features pulsating music and the cover on a stack of the In Deaths that came before.

Honestly I can’t wait to read it.

Here’s the cover in all it’s glory:

But, Laura!” I can hear you all say, “What’s it about????

Everyone is mum on that right now, including that crafty JD. All she’ll say is it’s about murder (duh) with a mysterious motive―and a terrifying weapon. Now I really can’t wait to read it.

You’ll find all the US pre-order links here. Nora’s other publishers will have links up well ahead of time. Promise.

That’s all I have up my sleeve at the moment. There will be a few St. Martin’s Press Golden promotions I’ll share as we head into the fall. Plus, there’s something in the works with Little Brown UK. So stay tuned.

Add to that, we have Under Currents in July, Vendetta in Death in September and the run up to The Rise of The Magicks in December. Not to mention the girls + Griffin trip to Greenbrier in July and Nora’s family vacation in Ireland in August. The rest of the year will pick up the pace quite nicely.

Now to take care of the dust bunnies in the media library.

See you soon.


13 thoughts on “Golden in Death cover and stuff”

  1. A painful update. Sigh. I keep telling myself time flies…..but…..when you’re waiting for a book, that’s not the case. September, get here already!!!

    Thanks Nora and Laura

  2. Thanks for updating. Let’s hope you and Nora have a more peaceful year than last. Love the book cover and can’t wait for all the new books!

  3. Life is a great disruptor of plans. 😀

    Hoping for a quick and positive resolution on #copypastecris, with lots more good stuff to read in the pipe.

  4. I’m so excited about the 50th Edition of the In Death series! Can’t wait to hear of more good times to come!

  5. It’s inspiring to see Nora putting the #copypastecrisis and righting the wrongs- above her personal needs. Of course, now that it’s won, it’s time to play hard. I think the problem is Nora doesn’t get to play enough. I don’t think she has a lazy bone in her body. I’m excited over the 49th & the 50th new book. Who dreamed what Naked in Death would lead to? I can wait- my biggest disappointment is when I finish a book, & have to wait till the next one. So i don’t mind the wait, I’m just grateful that Nora is as prolific as she is.

  6. OMG! A super early teaser! Looking forward to all the books! Nora is the absolute best! And kudos to you for bringing the blog back to her fabulous output!

  7. I think we all can agree that we’d pay to not have lived (witnessed) the #copypastecris if for no other reason because it throws Nora off her usual path… but seeing her fighting back for it all she is and believes is in itself an inspiration. So we… deal.

    July is not so far away so I’m feeling a bit smug reading the In Death fans talking about September ?

    See you, Laura, in Insta. Those sunsets are out-of-this-world and right on this one. You are so talented ?


  8. So excited about the 50th book in the In Death series. Love the cover!! Actually, I’m just (im)patiently waiting for them ALL! I hope Nora gets some well deserved relaxation and peace of mind. She has definitely earned it!

  9. Good to see things are slowly moving back to normal. The copycrisis was a huge thing to add to an already busy writing life. Good to have a new baby in the family to even things out. Looking for the 50th. With great anticipation.

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