Weekend’s results

Did anyone see Nora’s post in the Weekend, weekend (http://fallintothestory.com/weekend-weekend/) thread?   Well I’ve got the proof of her weekend’s work here!  (Nora’s still working on her mag photo skills so I told her I’d post the photos).

photo (36)  Cleaned up beds.

photo (37) More beds.

photo (38) Nora goes for the unusual in her flower pots.

Driveway photo Cleared out and ready for blooming!

So, did you accomplish all you wanted to this weekend?  Or did you end up doing something completely unplanned?



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  1. Pretty garden. I have zero gardening skills unless we count growing weeds.

    I ended up doing mostly unplanned stuff this weekend. I didn’t get much reading time. And I have to at least get to Petsmart today to buy dog food. I also need to return some books to the library. But hopefully I will get some reading time in this afternoon/evening.

  2. Accommodated unplanned guests, weeded flower and vegetable beds and my strawberries, planted some cucumbers and zucchini, cleaned up the sub-zero fridge, attended church on Palm Sunday (Easter on 5 May here), did preparation tests for my driving exam part one – theory, and, somewhere in between, managed to catch an unplanned conjunctivitis.

  3. I had planned on a lazy weekend reading and relaxing, but my business partner was out on sick leave, so I had to milk the cattle myself. Therefore I’m counting down till next weekend, even if it’ll be somewhat busy with work around the farm.

    I did finish up “The Key” by Simon Toyne, second in his Sanctus-series, very entertaining!

  4. What a pretty garden! I am so envious of those who can envision and execute a garden, as my thumb is black instead of green. This weekend I tackled the project of reorganizing and rearranging my office area of my living room. This project was initiated because my husband thought our daughter was old enough to have her computer in her room (with strict parental controls on), and to give me some *me* space, which was sadly lacking. I love my new area. My desk is simple, I have a new bookcase filled with all my JD Robb books (making our overstuffed bookcases slightly less over-stuffed), and a shelf/drawer unit I still have yet to purpose. In addition, my daughter had her hair chopped off, which was a minor sad note for me as her hair was just past the small of her back and is now just past her shoulders. I loved her long hair, but she hated it, so it was time to go. At least we agreed to donate it! And she also got her first pair of glasses! So in the course of two days we saw a *ton* of change! New livingroom look, new daughter look! I hope everyone has a great week!

  5. I didn’t get any vegetable seeds planted (decided to wait one more week for the ground to warm up) but I did get flower gardens cleaned out, annuals planted, and everything mulched. It looks great!! S

    Next weekend the vegetable garden planting will commence!

    Yay for Spring!

  6. We grow rocks pretty well. I’m pretty sure that our yard was a rock farm in a previous life. Every time it rains, a new crop pops up…

    Worked on planned stuff all weekend, but it took longer than planned, so some stuff didn’t get done. :o)

  7. I’m waiting for Mother’s Day to get my flower gardens going. Hopefully my husband and children will give me flowers again or a gift card to Pike’s Nursery. I do not have a green thumb, but I still love to enjoy the beautiful flowers.

  8. I did lots in the garden too… house windows were screaming “wash me” but I paid them nevermind 😀
    I harvested the first loquats from my garden :P. Nature sure takes its time but is so rewarding. When I moved to this house and I’d mention a tree I wanted to plant the answer from men would be “oh, don’t that. it takes too long to grow. 20 years!!!” and I was “ok”.
    The other day I realised it’s been 14 years and I could already have my tree almost grown… so I went to the garden centre – feeling pretty much a Mrs. Haggerty 😉 – people at the garden centre are pushing daisies and pansies and I couldn’t find MY trees. But I got them. And in 20 years I’ll have chestnuts and walnuts :happy:
    Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.

  9. Look at that garden! I’m certain she will think it’s a work in progress, but it looks beautiful already.

    I “accomplished” everything on the schedule – – Can’t decide whether all those social commitments are a good thing or a bad thing… Not always so keen on dressing up & leaving my house on both Saturday & Sunday. But I won the Twin Names Game at one of the baby showers & got a chardonnay chocolate bar that tastes like heaven, so I guess that was worth wearing heels 🙂

  10. What a pretty garden! I oooh and aaah over all the plants and flowers when Spring arrives. Unfortunately, I don’t have a green thumb so I just admire from a distance. I’ve killed every houseplant we’ve ever had, even a cactus. I doubt a garden would fare well.

    I got caught up on some reading and writing this weekend which I had planned to do.

  11. Had to be satisfied with only cleaning up beds for now. Rule of thumb in the Rockies is nothing in the ground before Mother’s Day and you’re still asking for it. Few more nights of below freezing weather and then it starts! My dryer is packed full of seedlings and plants waiting for the sun!

  12. Love you garden. Pictures are lovely, too.

    I have a brown thumb, but, lucky for me, I married a green thumb. He plants my herbs in pot and lets me pick them. I am known as the parsley serial killer, but please don’t tell Eve Dallas. I don’t want the police after me. lol

  13. EXCELLENT weekend. 90% of the errands were done – and those missed were not that important. Did get that car washed and cleaned – inside and out! But the best was picking up Whiskey Beach on Friday and I can start the re-read today. Yep – loved it – location, characters, and mystery of it. But read it so fast to know the ending that I have to read it again so I can savor. Thanks Nora for another winner. Loved it.

  14. You guys haven’t seen the half of it! Many more beds either in progress or waiting for my next trip to the nursery. I’d have taken pics of more, but it was raining. For me gardens are a perpetual work in progress–that’s part of the beauty of them.

  15. I had no specific plans however Nora influenced me to put in a bunch of seeds for the front and back porches. Did pink and blue morning glories in the front near the railing to climb and asters and zinnias on the planters on the back porch wall in pink, purple and white. Colors were chosen for the grands — their colors. Have sunflower seeds to put in (due to Nora’s influence) along the house. I have a black thumb.

    ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·´ * Annie*

  16. I thought about planting some flowers this year. Talked myself out of it since I know how it will turn out LOL

  17. I love flowers, but the Texas heat and water restrictions aren’t conducive to having too many of them., so I really envy gardens I see – like Nora’s. Did some errands over the weekend and did a spur of the moment visit to our community’s spring fest. It wasn’t very big and wasn’t well advertised (we learned about it as we drove by it on the way home from the grocery store). Made hubby buy my annual corn dog!

  18. I had a lot of fun. O.O I worked. Got haircuts for my kids. And worked. Did laundry. Worked. Went to church. Worked. And had mexican for lunch…along with margaritas. Guess that’s my reward for working all weekend.

  19. We need to clear out all the beds, raking up the nasty sweet gum balls, and moving a few shrubs before trying to tackle anything fun like flowers. Perhaps later this week. I generally have to phone a friend to help me decide what flowers to buy for my pots.

    This weekend was time to de-stress from last week spent helping my eldest daughter get ready for her senior art exit in painting at her college. It was a huge success, she had many of her friends and family visit and excellent comments from her professors.

  20. Ended up painting patio railings, which wasn’t planned, but it looks really good.

  21. No gardening here, I did do some spring cleaning in the garage. There are still some things in there that need to be recycled but for the most part it’s done!

  22. I am not into gardening. I watched 3 of my great nephews and nieces Saturday Night and Sunday morning. My great-niece wanted to learn how to crochet which is not one of my better skills. I taught her how to do a basic knitting stitch and she got about 3 inches of a scarf done. She couldn’t wait to go home and show her mother. I am also teaching her embroidery, but she didn’t want to put down her knitting. The boys played their computer games. My favorite pastime is spending time with family.

    1. It is always great to teach our young ones crafts so that in the future others can learn from them as well.

  23. I did … unfortunately! A friend asked me on Sunday night how my weekend was… Weekend? I had a weekend? Are you sure?? Good news is that we got my friend all moved in to her new place so she’s happy … and I got a free dinner on Saturday and Starbucks on Sunday so I’m happy! 😀

  24. I got to plant two weeks ago, some strawberries, daylilies, and chick and hens in planter boxes that are placed on my deck. They are already growing since we got some sun and rain. I went out this past weekend and got a shepherd hook and attached to my deck and hung two wind chimes from the hook. I just love my deck this year. In the front yard my bleeding hearts, and dogwoods are looking great as well. Love when spring comes so I can see all the colors come to life, God sure has created beautiful things for us to enjoy.

  25. Took my 3.5 year old to Costco solo on Saturday and he helped me push the cart and buy some paper product essentials. It may not seem much to some, but parents of small children will understand. We then went to the Bronx Zoo on Sunday. It’s his absolute favorite place on Earth and his happiness was evident to everyone around him. I feel like the weekend was a success.

  26. For the most part we did….our biggest plan was to tackle the garage and we did make some good headway in there. Unfortunately there is still so much to do but we will get at it.

  27. Weekend success! Nine dives total, including an excellent night dive Saturday night. Turtles, lobsters, crabs galore, couple of sharks, stingrays and a green moray eel, or two = wonderful weekend!
    Today, we are home. Tomorrow, back to work. Reality bites!

  28. Looks good.

    Well since I was scheduled to work, I answered the phone a few times, but mostly twiddled my thumbs. Business is slow, so all of the work was done by Friday. Saturday & Sunday were spent waiting for someone to call for service.

  29. I am loving those unique flower pots! I currently rent an apartment while I work on a Master’s degree but once I’m done with that I plan on buy a house with a YARD. Can’t wait to have my own beds to work in!

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