Weekend, weekend!

What’s everyone doing this weekend?  I know Nora can’t wait to get her hands in the dirt of her gardens.  I’ll limit my black thumb to pots of flowers and get outside for a walk or two.  ~Laura

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  1. I’ll probably either write a little or read more from New York to Dallas, two more in Death books before I catch up. Play with my two basset hounds and enjoy a calm weekend with my husband.

  2. Laura, I also have a black thumb, and am banned from even potted plants. I do envy those who can make a garden grow, though! This weekend we’re rearranging our livingroom to fit in a new desk for me. This is the first major house project I have been able to be involved in since last year as I injured my thumb (on my dominant hand) after Christmas. It feels so good to be able to be involved in something I couldn’t do a few weeks ago. Also since Illinois seems to be sticking to one (pleasant) season for a couple of days, we’re likely to use our grill for the first time this year and see if we can find an unflooded forest preserve to wander through (all of our rivers here are flooded due to the heavy rains we endured as April swung between winter, spring, fall, and summer daily).

      1. Thanks! It came out perfectly with a new bookcase for my JD Robb books! (I wish I knew how to post pictures here… guess I’ll just have to post to facebook!)

  3. Going to a play tonight (Grease), then probably a concert tomorrow night, with a very long walk in the morning/afternoon. And maybe some shopping.

  4. Going home from a lovely week in Cornwall so it’ll be washing and getting straight and walking the dog in between 🙂

  5. Well, tomorrow is a massage at noon. Then to a Beer Fest later ( will go get some wine at another location teehee) with hubby. That’s it for a start. Oh oh yes, read in between!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and some sun. Sunday through the week, they forecast rain!!

  6. finishing whiskey beach.. love Noras books had this pre ordered for a long time now time to relax and read it in the sun on the deck.

  7. I am spring cleaning my house AND re-reading New York to Dallas this weekend!

  8. I am actually reading Stephen King’s ‘The Wind Through The Keyhole’ which is part of the Dark Tower series (A fabulous series, if I’m allowed to talk about other authors here! Not scary or creepy at all, but completely compelling). I’m hoping to move some of my wood from the backyard up to under my car port so that it can dry out for the summer and be ready for next fall.

    1. Cindy,

      Nora’s a HUGE Stephen King fan. Just loves him. We always love to hear what other authors people read — how else will the rest of us find new readers? 🙂


  9. Working my way through rereading Born In Death. Decided around NYE to reread all of the In Death books. Want to read Captivated in Death while on summer trip. I think I have 10 left to read until then. Need to read faster. 🙂

  10. Where I live, this weekend is Arts Walk and the 19th annual Procession of the Species. That’s my day tomorrow. Sunday I will knit and do stuff around the house. If my mother forces me, I’ll spend some time gardening, but it’s not an activity I enjoy, so I only do it under maternal duress.

  11. Packing and reading. We are leaving next week for Colorado so I have to get everything ready. Once done,
    I have a date with Whiskey Beach.

  12. Just finished sorting and setting up for our library’s book sale this weekend and will be heading off to help set up for Sammamish’s Safety Fair for this weekend. Books and emergency preparedness may not seem to go hand in hand but books are 1 item on my must have list for an emergency. My back and muscles will be complaining a lot for a few days. Everyone have a good weekend!

    1. Our FoL group is finishing up our week long book sale tomorrow – we started Monday. I hope we sell everything tomorrow. I sure do not want to lug leftovers back upstairs! Good luck with your sale.

  13. Now that school is almost out I’ll be finishing up Delusions in death this weekend.

  14. Updating to be read list. Read. Keep my grand-dog. Read. Plant some plants I was suppose to plant last week but the rains came. Read. Play games on my iPad. Read. Oh and did I sat read, before the dog eats my book.

  15. Going to the National Arboretum to their yearly plant sale to add to my garden. Love the sale…always have a huge variety on not so common flowers, trees and bushes.

  16. Errands, Errands and a few more Errands. All the things I don’t have time to do during the week. Oh – and get my car washed! But today I picked up Whiskey Beach… soooooo, not sure just how many errands I’ll get accomplished LOL. But I can’t wait to get into the newest book. And Laura – thank you tons and tons for the tidbit on the upcoming JD Robb In Death – I’ll be waiting at the store the day it is released.

  17. I am going to a Nationals game tomorrow and Sunday I will be playing in the dirt!! It is (FINALLY) time to plant some vegetable seeds!!!

    1. Have fun at the game! My son and our Jolie Blonde were there last weekend and it looked like fun.

      For now, I’ll stick with dirt in pots so no one hates me. 🙂


  18. Finish up baby blanket from H***. Clean the RV listen to a book on tape while doing all that. Probably one of Nora”s or maybe J.D. LOVED Whiskey Beach which I devoured on audio while working on baby blanket from H***.

      1. It is the baby blanket from H*** because it needs to be done and it needs to be done by tuesday and it just seem to get there. lol….hmmm maybe after I finish cleaning the kitchen I will put on WItness on tape and finish it once and for all today…but mayhap I may need some more yarn…hope not

  19. Reading Diana Gabaldon. Catching up with her books in order to wait for her new 8th book, in Outlander series; Written in my own heart’s blood.

  20. I don’t have much of a green thumb either but we do have a garage that needs cleaning and since its going to be nice it would be a good idea to get at it. Friends are coming for dinner plus I am so close to finishing Whiskey Beach that I will definitely be finding time to read.

  21. Grocery shopping. Starting to get ready for a trip to Arizona (from Texas) to help my daughter find a place to live. Putting finishing touches on new retail store we’re opening (hopefully) on May 1st. Sounds like there’s a lot of you that are going to have more fun than I am!

    1. Lived in Scottsdale for a decade. There are many, many great places to live in the Valley of the Sun. Have a safe trip! And good luck with the new store!


  22. Since I am in college, my weekend plans are homework, homework and oh ya more homework. Life as a students stops all book reading but the summer is coming and I have a few books to catch up on!!!

  23. Doing what I do every other day – looking after my 2 year old son, possibly watching Toy Story for the billonth time and finishing off Divine Evil – again.

    Waiting for my mum to finish off the Nora books she promised me 🙂

  24. I’m working my second job tomorrow morning and then will spend the majority of the rest of my weekend helping a friend pack and move. It’s amazing how good of a friend I am! 😉

  25. Finishing up Born in Death (re-reading the whole series) tonight. Tomorrow is grocery shopping, spring cleaning and installing my air conditioner. Sunday is lazy day with a book out in the sun!

  26. Headed to three grandkid sports events today (two lacrosse, one soccer), then hosting my 11-year-old grandson overnight. We’re going to see “42” this evening. In between games two and three, I am headed to a “country fair” being put on as a fundraiser by another grandchild’s preschool. I always have a book in my purse; just now it is “Betrayal in Death,” as I am reading the JD Robb series chronologically. Will hope to get a chapter in here and there between events, with some real relaxation/reading time on the deck tomorrow after doing some much-needed weeding. Re: Nora’s green thumb, her “In the Garden” series really shows off her knowledge of planting and growing!

  27. Enjoying Freedom day, vegging around the house and busy with umpteenth re-read of in death series (portrait).

  28. My middle daughter turned 8 on Thursday!! We are having a bday party!! And packing for a trip to Maryland next weekend for my brothers wedding. Garden is waiting a couple more weeks, but as I live in Vermont it probably would have anyways =)

    Happy birthday to Willow!!! <3

  29. I went to my friend’s place yesterday and will be here until next Friday.

  30. No big plans. Maybe catch up on some TV and read. I just finished rewatching Tribute.


  31. Hola Laura, mi fin de semana lo voy a dedicar a terminar ” Promises in Death” me tiene atrapada, voy a ordenar mi biblioteca, tengo tantos libros de Nora que ya no tengo espacio. ¿Sabes cuando se traducira al español “the witness”?
    Saludos Marina
    Hi Laura, my weekend I will dedicate to end “Promises in Death” has trapped me, I will order my library, I have so many Nora books that I have no space. Do you know when will translate to Spanish “the witness”?
    Greetings Marina

  32. Finishing up my reread of the McKade Brothers series. Love those guys & their wives!! My daughter-in-law had four brothers. They are the nicest guys and were very protective of her growing up. Now she & my son have three boys and one girl and they look out for her!!
    Now, what to read next???

  33. Impatiently wait to put out some planters as it can always get a bit cool again. 🙁 But until then I hope to get outside for a walk or two and take a good book to read on my deck. Just started re-reading the Inn Boonsboro series again as finished Whiskey Beach (it was AWESOME!). Just time to enjoy some warm weather finally here in Iowa!! 🙂

  34. Just had a nice lunch with the husband at one of our favorite mexican food restaurants. Now time to catch up on some reading, and hopefully writing.

  35. I took my 10 year old niece to spend her birthday money. Tomorrow I plan to go to church, watch my youngest nephew practice T-ball, do paperwork and of course READ!

  36. I decided to have a bit of a movie-a-thon. Thursday – Warm Bodies, Friday – Olympus has Fallen and Sunday – Oblivion. Ah the way long weekends should be.

  37. I put my green thumb to work yesterday, and it felt great! Started on the truckload of plants BW and I picked up last week, figured out where to plug them in among the perennials already popping up, then started plugging. It’s looking pretty sweet around here. Another trip to the nursery today to pick out the rest I need, then we’ll finish up the beds, the pots and the veggie growing bags. Spring–at last!–is really here.


    1. I’m jealous 😉 What a wonderful way to spend a spring weekend. I always enjoy reading about your gardening endeavors and I’m a bit jealous. The weather where I am (the Netherlands) and my balcony aren’t all that conducive to successful gardening 🙁
      Therefore, I live vicariously through others. Thanks for making that possible!!

  38. Garden too. Spring took to long to arrive but it arrived so convingly that all trees and plants bloomed. So trees are already giving fruit. Love this time of the year… Yesterday, I picked the first loquats from my garden :love:
    Wishing you all a great weekend!

  39. I’ve been dealing with sick children and today the husband started with the dreaded cough.

  40. I spent my weekend doing what I love best – reading! Oh you ask what was I reading, well I was reading “Whiskey Beach”!!! FANTASTIC!!!!! A Best Seller for Sure!!!! Just another amazing, fantastic, can’t lay it down tale of insurmountable enjoyment!!! Kudo’s again to Nora!!!! Won’t give anything away here to ruin it for someone else!!! BUT YOU MUST READ IT SOON!

  41. I was lucky to spend an extended weekend in Paris with my husband. It was unexpectedly cold, but still the ultimate city! Just wish I’d had time to read while I was there 🙂

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