If you had a dinner party…

And could invite Nora’s fictional characters to the table, who would you pick?  And why?

Let’s keep this one out of the In Death world for now, so nobody from Eve and Roarke’s circle, OK?  That will be be a future fascinating thread of conversation.


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  1. The ladies from the three sisters trilogy and the in the garden trilogy…fun mix. We would talk ghosts, witches, and magic.

  2. I would invite all the main characters from the Three Sisters Trilogy, as well as the main characters from Tribute. I don’t know how well they would get along, but I think they would all be very interesting to “get to know better.”

  3. There are some many great characters that she has written, but I love everybody from the Calhoun Woman series. So many personalities, and they just click as a unit. Plus they remind me of my Irish side of the family we’re not quiet, the woman definitely speak their mind. It’s definitely never boring.

  4. That is such a hard one. I don’t think I’ve ever met a Nora character I didn’t like. I would probably have to say though the characters from the Sign of Seven Trilogy. It was such a different, and really creepy story and I loved the thread of the men being best friends growing up and the women all being descendants of the people in the legend. Fascinating. I’ll never forget. I heard the series for the first time on audio book and it freaked me out! Easily the creepiest books I have ever read and I loved it!

    1. Good choice! I too found that story line rather creepy but I loved the relationships between the three men.

    2. The men were descendants, too, I thought, of Giles Dent and Anne Hawkins.

  5. I loved Roz from the In the Garden series as she was bold and dynamic and someone I’d like to talk with. I also enjoyed Murphy from Born in Shame (just a great character in general). I’d love to have Mac over from Vision in White so she and I could talk shop about photography 🙂 (she may as well bring along Carter too because I really enjoyed how he was crafted as well). 🙂 My list could go on and on but they’d be my top 3 selections 🙂

  6. Just started reading Whiskey Beach. Would love to have Abra over for dinner.

  7. I would ask Rowena and Pitt, from the Key trilogy, because how cool would it be to have a couple of Celtic gods at the table? I would ask all six members of the Circle trilogy. I’d want to know if Moira and Cian figured out how to bring indoor plumbing into the castle, what magicks Hoyt & Glenna were up to, where Blair and Larkin were doing their latest hunting. I’d ask the Gallaghers and their spouses because that was my first trilogy and I’d love to see how they were getting along. If it’s to be a really large dinner party, I’d probably ask all of the trilogy members and the quartets, because I’m always wondering how the characters did “after”. Any more than that and it would be a banquet in a big hall – lol.

  8. That’s a hard one. so many great characters to choose from! I’d invite Carter and Mac and Mal and Parker from the Bride quartet, and Rogan and Maggie and Grayson and Brianna from the Born in… series.

  9. I would invite the 3 girls from the Three Sisters Trilogy! I was so attached to those characters and didn’t want the trilogy to be over so I think it would be really fun to have dinner with them. I would also invite Cade Lavelle because I’ve been in love with him since I read Carolina Moon!

  10. I’d love to talk to the Key trilogy people. They are just so cool (especially Dana) and who wouldn’t love seeing those guys together? I’d like to see them with the Circle trilogy group. Wow. Talk about a table full of gorgeous people!!!

  11. Anna and Daniel MacGreggor, Rosalind Harper, Mitchell Carnegie, and David, Grayson Thane and Brianna Concannon – they are from enoughly different backgrounds to make things interesting and enjoyable. I think I’d also invite Johnno and six-year-old Emma.

    Better stop or that list will never end… so many possible combinations. As much as the lotery 😉

  12. This is a difficult question because I love so many of Nora’s characters. However, I would probably invite the characters from the Dream Trilogy. And if it was a big party (wink), I would invite the characters from Three Fates with a little Irish Born Trilogy thrown in.

  13. I’d invite the Gallagher’s and the born in characters. I would love to go to Ireland, having Ireland cme to me would be the next best thing 🙂

  14. All the Stanislavskis and all the O’Hurleys, and while were at it include the MacGregors. But if I were to get invited to a party by Nora’s characters, the Gallaghers. I want to go to Ireland, sit in the pub with a pint in my hand and watch them sing and dance. A dream come true.

  15. I’d probably invite the Gallaghers of Ardmore – secretly hoping that they’ll decide to share their talent in music and the dinner party would turn into a fine impromptu ceili! 🙂

  16. I would have Daniel MacGregor, The women from 3 Sisters and the group from High Noon. The conversation would be wonderful and full of laughter!

  17. Oh my, I’d need to have LOTS of parties! But given that the Kentucky Derby is this weekend, I’d have a girl’s night out bash with Kelsey (True Betrayals,) Adelia (Irish Thoroughbred,) and Willa (Montana Sky) for some horse talk.

  18. Well, you took my two favorite people out of the equation. 😉 It would have to be Mac and Carter because they’re so cute together and I enjoy talking with other photographers. The Key Trilogy nine and In the Garden seven because well hello, Ghost and Gods.:-) That includes the kids. Megan and David (Katch) because their story wasn’t long enough. Deanna and Finn would finish it up, because they’re just made for each other.

  19. Wow! Such a tough choice because there is not a book of hers I don’t love! But I would chose the 6 from the Seven trilogy….especially the guys! Fox sounds absolutely perfect but what’s better than a little magic and history in one conversation? To me, nothing!!!

  20. Love the McKade Brothers and would love to have a sit down with them (and their families). However, it would be hard to choose, though, as all of Nora’s characters are so much fun and come alive in her stories. They are like close friends and I always hate coming to the end of the book!

  21. This is a difficult question. I think I’ve typed my answer three or four times already! The easiest answer is the trilogy characters, as a reader peaking into their lives, I witnessed more than I have with the characters from standalone novels. Which then turns me to think there is so much more to explore with THOSE characters. I don’t have a favorite book, favorite family, favorite character because there is so much to love about all of them. The names that came to mind first were Roz from In the Garden, Anna and Daniel MacGregor, Jude Gallagher, Zoe McCourt, Nell Todd, Laura Templeton and Pilar Giambelli. Roz, Pilar, and Anna and Daniel all are parental figures that still remain center to the romantic core of the books they were in and the happy ending I depend on when reading their books. These are all characters that I felt have nook and crannies yet to explore and I’d love to hear their POV on a variety of topics. Jude, Zoe, Nell, and Laura all struck me as women I’d love to have coffee with individually. They’re fun and interesting, ended their stories stronger than they started in their own minds, but not in the minds of others. Altogether, the crowd would be intriguing and enjoyable.

  22. Definitely the whole group from the 3 Sisters Island trilogy. My first thought was all the men from all the books, but my apartment isn’t big enough for that many lol.

  23. I’d probably go with the ladies from The Bride Quarter with the In the Garden trilogy gals a very close second. I would love to talk shop with Mac, refine my baking skills with Laurel, let Parker organize my closet and get gardening tips from Emma. Plus, I’m sure the four of them could use a dedicated web and layout designer to round Vows’ services.

  24. I would have to invite the whole Inn Boonsboro gang. I loved every minute spent with them, and I want to spend my honeymoon in Eve and Roarke.

  25. The MacNamaras, though technically they would have to invite me over 🙂

  26. Difficult. I would probably invite everyone from the In Death books. Because I love them, that’s why.

  27. The MacGregors clan. I love that series. Justin Blade is my all time favorite male character from Nora’s books

  28. I would host Lil Chance and Cooper Sullivan from Black Hills so I could learn more about the need for more large animal rescues and sanctuaries. The famous Roxy Nouvella and Luke Callahan from Honest Illusions for the entertainment. The Montgomery Brothers and their ladies from the Inn Boonsboro so I could get some remodeling tips. Last but not least, former president and first lady Alan & Shelby MacGregor. I believe I would have a very exciting dinner party.

  29. Roz, Hayley, and Stella!!! Why? I have a complex family: a sister that was really my mom, a mom that’s really a best friend, and a neice that’s really my sister. These three trade roles around from sister, to mothering each other, to friend and back again. And they are all mothers in their own right. I have three wonderful daughters that I could brag about all day if you let me.

    To have those three over, and their ghost if she wanted too :), would be amazing and there would be TONS to talk about. Also if the lady’s from the The Inn Boonsboro Trilogy wanted to come too that would be alright with me! =)

  30. What a difficult question! I would want all of the couples from the Bride Quartet. I absolutely loved those characters and the stories. I cried when it was over.

  31. such a difficult decision i think though i would like to sit down with the Quinn’s as they’re all so varied and interesting. but there are so many characters she has created that id love to delve a bit more into.

  32. It would have to be the groups from Inn Boonsoro and the Irish trilogies. We would have the best location (the Inn or tavern), food (Avery), drinks (gallaghers), music (gallaghers), and dancing (Gallaghers). With it all being perfectly planned and executed by Hope and Owen….

  33. I would invite Serena and Justin, Robert and Darcy, and the Concannon sisters and their mates. The conversation about all things Irish and the exciting world of casinos world make for a interesting evening.

  34. I would be interested in inviting Mia Devlin and Sophia Giambelli – together! Oh, and Parker Brown.

  35. I just finished reading Whiskey Beach and thoroughly loved Abra and her significant other. I finished it in 5 days and feel like reading it again before I return it to the library. Abra was so amazing and their chemistry was so right on and hot. Would love to invite them over for dinner or better yet have dinner and their home!

    1. I just finished that book last night and I liked them together as well. Abra would be fun to have at a dinner party. And I’d invite Hester too

  36. Oh, boy! Hmmm… First, I’d invite my long lost fictional sister, Laurel. We are very much alike, & I think we’d see the instant connection. She can bring Del along if she wants. I’d also like to catch up with Michael Kesselring & Emma McAvoy as well. Just see how they’re doing 🙂 I’m curious as to how many babies they had! And let’s keep it small & finish up the invite list with Grayson & Brianna Thane. I’d love to tell her it would be my dream to visit her home/Inn.
    So many more come to mind! This is a true exercise of self-control! But let’s leave it at that. Small gatherings are really conducive to warm conversation, & that’s my favorite!

  37. Could I have several dinner parties? Or one huge dinner party? I’d like to invite the Sign of 7-group, the Quinn-brothers and counterparts, the Vows-group, the Calhoun-women and partners and the Key of-group. Oh, and let’s not forget the Boonsboro-brothers and partners.
    See? I need several dinner parties. Or a walking dinner party. And an evening that lasts at least a weekend or so. Other wise, no way I’d be able to talk to all of them.
    And why? I love the series (as oyu might have guessed from my guests) because you get to know them so well and learn to appreciate them as well. I’ve got this ‘click’-feeling with these (and others as well, but mostly these) characters and I’d love to meet them in real life.

  38. I just finished reading Whiskey Beach. I could not put it down and loved it so much I finished it in 5 days!
    Abra was awesome and so was her significant other. I would love to come to dinner at Bluff House on Whiskey Beach and pet their dog and explore the entire home.
    One of her best books.
    I also enjoyed the Innsborro Series.

  39. Beckett Montgomery and Clare Brewster would make interesting dinner guests especially if they brought their kids. I love romances that include children since they indicate to me that the hero is a “good, reliable man.” A man who loves the children of his lover is a keeper especially if he includes them in his “alone” time. Clare is a very intelligent and loving woman who includes so many people in her circle of love which includes a ghost, that she makes you want to meet her and engage in a discussion.

  40. Prince Bennett and Princess Hannah. The Cordina Royals wee my introduction to Nora and I don’t see them mentioned.

  41. WEll, first I would need to buy a bigger table so I could invite everyone I want to. Daniel MacGregor, Dana Steele, Laurel McBane, Avery McTavish, Declan Fitzgerald & Remy Payne, Fiona Bristow (and her dogs), Abigail Lowery (and her dog), Theo & Maddy Cutter, Kelsey Byden & Gabe Slater…. I would try to pick one person or couple from each book so I would need a HUGE table and a bigger house to put it in. Maybe Daniel could have everybody over to his house?

  42. I would invite Cameron, Philip, Ethan and Seth from the Chesapeake Bay series. These four even though not biologically related have the best sibling relationship! I have never met a Nora character I did not love, but this family was awesome in the way they came together, no matter what the situation. Any time someone says they have never read Nora, I suggest this as a great place to start.

  43. I’d invite Willa from Montana Sky because – she’s strong and beautiful and got an awesome personality – I’d love to meet her lol

  44. Clare Kimball and Cameron Rafferty from Divine Evil might be a good start since that is where I started, but I love the characters from the Key trilogy and all the Irish tales. The Ardmores, Aiden and his lovely American.

  45. I think I’d start with the Donovans. All those witches & warlocks together, things can’t help getting loud & fun!

  46. I think I would have to go with the couples from The Circle Trilogy. The three are so different and intriguing. Think of the tales and his brother would have! The conversation would be so interesting with different view points from different worlds and different times.

  47. What a difficult question, indeed! I’d plan a pot luck with all the main couples from each book. Oh, what a party…

    1. that’s an excellent idea and your right what a party that would be!!

  48. That is a tough one….there are so many great characters but I think I would have to choose the creators of the Inn Boonsboro. I would love to have Becket and Clare, Owen and Avery and Ryder and Hope. They were all so different and think the stories they could tell would be very interesting plus I think Avery is a hoot. I would also make sure to invite their mom Justine because she’s hysterical!

  49. Definitly daniel mcgregor and his clan the concannon sisters and their spousesand the whole o’Hurley family

  50. Hmmmm…. that’s a tough one. I would have to say Daniel MacGregor, Parker Brown, Roz Harper, Nate Burke, Brianna Concannon, Laura Templeton and Ben Paris.

    And then I would just sit back and listen to everyone talk. 😀

  51. Well, since I have the most in common with Rowan Tripp & Gulliver Curry from “Chasing Fire”, I’d invite them. With Missoula only a 2 1/2 hour drive, we could start the party by 1 AM.
    I would also invite some of the Fire Chiefs I know from spending 6 years working for Disaster & Emergency Services.

  52. I would invite:

    Mackensie, Emma, Laurel and Parker from the Bride Quartet books.

    Margaret Mary, Brianna and Shannon from the Born In Trilogy.

    Malory, Dana and Zoe from the Key Trilogy.

    Stella, Roz and Hayley from In The Garden Trilogy.

    Nell, Ripley and Mia from Three Sisters Island Trilogy

    Margo, Kate, and Laura from the Dream Trilogy.

    I have read these books so many times i feel as if I know these women, they are my pals!

    With these (my favorites of the Nora Trilogies) it would be a very interesting and fun dinner party!

  53. If I was having a dinner party I would invite the ladies from the Garden Trilogy and the Bride Quartet. We would have it in the garden surrounded by roses, a table with white linen, and the table set with tea sandwiches, scones, and refreshing peach tea. The day would be sunny with a cool breeze, and the girls and I would kick up our heels and talk girl stuff, and laugh all day.

  54. I would have to say the crew from the Chesapeake series. I just finished rereading all four books, and I couldn’t help but be envious of their familial relationship. They’re so rowdy, and so affectionate with each other. And most importantly, are fiercely loyal and protective of each other. I’ve never had that, and to just be a part of it for even a short time would be a blessing.

  55. The Boonsboro characters; I would love to meet this wonderful family and surround myself with their passion for family and life

  56. I would like to have the folks from the Bride Quartet and Inn Boonsboro series to a dinner party!

  57. My dinner party would have to have the Born In characters and the characters from The Villa. Lots of drinking should be a fun time.

  58. I’d invite all of the gals from the Three Sisters Island trilogy and the Bride Quartet. Also, the Concannon sisters and their men from the Born In trilogy. What a fun time that would be!

  59. Tucker Longsreet. My favorite book. That boy is just hot! RAFE McCabe is running a close second, though.

  60. Ohmygoodness! So many choices … if I must choose, definitely the Gallaghers of Ardmore as I would love to hear Darcy, Shawn and Aiden sing; Jude, Brenna and Trevor would be quite the lively bunch! Plus, Abr and Eli from Whiskey Beach. Anyone who moves furniture as they, deserves a seat at the table!

  61. I would love to have a dinner party with Maggie and Rogan, Brianne and Grayson from the Born In series, love the stories set in Ireland and those accents.

  62. Clare and Becket. Live the series but his acceptance of her three boys and her willingness to start out again.

  63. I would invite….

    Mac and Carter- So I can get some tips for being a better photographer.

    The Boonsboro gang- I just loved them so much.

    The gang from Chasing Fire- I loved these guys as well.

  64. I think I would invite Moira and Cian from the Circle trilogy, the women from the bride quartet series and Fiona and Simon from The Search, because I love dogs and I truly enjoyed Nora’s care with all the details when describing the training sessions with Fiona. I guess I’d ask her for some tips on how to keep my two dogs well behaved. I know it would be quite a weird combination of guests but from all the books I’ve read, these have been my favorite characters.

  65. I haven’t read all of Nora’s books yet and I’m sorta giving myself a break between the lot of them for various reasons. Based on the ones I’ve read so far…

    All the MacKade brothers and their families. And the Quinns, let’s just add them too. I’ll have Parker, Emma, Laurel and Mac from the Bride Quartet and their hubbies so we can even it out. Kate and Laura from the Dream series… with Margo mostly as an afterthought. The other two would probably want her around even though I’m not sure I like her much.

    Taylor and BJ from the book “From This Day.” All the Montgomery brothers and their immediate families from the Inn Boonsboro series. I say immediate in the hopes that I could get away with not inviting their mom. Oh Oh and let’s not forget the Calhoun sisters and their families/spouses. That includes Meg. And those three girls from the Stars series. Yeah…

    I think that’s about it for now.

  66. The people I would pick are the InnBoonsboro characters. I would include Clare’s boys. I suffer from chronic depression and Murphy would pick my spirits up.

  67. I would invite the 3 sisters from Montana Sky. I didn’t really think I’d like the book but when i saw the movie I found the story to be a really good study on what it takes to be sisters – now I want to read the book. Good question – I have a lot of Nora favorites but this is the one that surprised me most. I think there’s lots more to learn about that family.

  68. Bueno, yo tengo muchos personajes de sus libros, pero me gustan las chicas Mackensi Elliott, Emma Grant, Laurel McBane, Parker Brown, estas chicas me divertieron mucho. Adrianne y Philip Chamberlain también me fascinó, todos los personajes de sus libros tienen algo especial

    Well I have many characters in his books, but I like the girls Mackensi Elliott, Emma Grant, Laurel McBane, Parker Brown, these girls divertieron me much. Adrianne and Philip Chamberlain also fascinated me, all the characters of his books have something special

  69. So many to choose from! My picks would be Whitney and Doug (Hot Ice), definitely Eve Benedict (Genuine Lies), Reena and Bo and all of Reena’s family (Blue Smoke), Phoebe and Duncan (High Noon) and naturally I’d ask Brody and Reece (Angel’s Fall) to join us, hopefully Reece would volunteer to do the cooking!

    But my absolute top choice would be Jake and Callie (Birthright). Their relationship, chemistry and interactions were simply amazing! Would love to listen to their banter

  70. I think I would like the gang from the Boonsboro trilogy and the gang from the Brides Quartet.

  71. Adelia Cunnane, Travis Grant, Ryan Swan and Pierce Atkins because the last shall be first and the first shall be last! Party on… I’ll bring the eShepherd Pie and plenty of eForks to share. Smiles!!

  72. I would have the first dinner with the gang from The Donovan Legacy. They are by far my most fav (this week?) There are so many favorites, how can you choose?

  73. OMG – The MacGregor himself!!!!!! All of the MacGregor men, actually… 😉

  74. That’s hard. I really love all of NR’s characters. But if I have to choose, I’d invite those from the books I’ve read more than once. Or twice. 😉

    Moira & Cian (Valley of Silence)
    Bess McNee & Alex Stanislaski (Convincing Alex)
    Camilla MacGee/de Cordina & Delaney Caine (Cordina’s Crown Jewel)
    Grant Campbell & Geneviève Grandeau (One Man’s Art)
    Cybil Campbell & Preston McQuinn (The Perfect Neighbor)
    Darcy Wallace & Robert MacGregor Blade (The Winning Hand)
    Callie Dunbrook & Jacob Greystone (Birthright)
    Sophia Giambelli & Tyler MacMillan (The Villa)
    Tory Bodeen & Cade Lavelle (Carolina Moon)
    Reena Hale & Bo Goodnight (Blue Smoke)

    …and last but not least, The MacGregor!

  75. I would have to say Daniel MacGregor lol
    I fell in love with his character because my grandfather is part Scottish. I have re read all of the MacGregor books a few times and am always laughing whenever he says, “Good stock” and “Your grandmother is pining for you” I can definitely visualize him lol

  76. Definitely a tough question. There are so many great characters. Each one strong and inspiring. The characters from most of the trilogies really resonate and would be great dinner party guests, but the top two would be Tate and Matthew from The Reef. I’m nuts for history and interested in marine archaeology. They’d have some stories to tell about the seductive lure of sunken treasure 🙂

  77. Eve & Roarke Nick & Freddie From Waiting For Nick & Brian , Johnno , PM & Stevie From Public Secrets and Luke From Honest Illousuions

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