The view from the desk

Nora’s back at work but she sent me this photo and note to share with you all.  How does the season look outside your window? ~Laura

I hate to see summer end. I miss my garden when the frosts come. But there’s a lot to be said for fall, the smoky scent of it on air gone just a bit crisp, the way the sun hits the changing colors of the leaves. Even as I write this photoI’m watching the wind kick, and those leaves whirl in the air. There’s a difference in the sound of the wind in fall than in summer. Do you hear it?

The fact is, I love the view out my office window in every season. I think I missed the peak of color here while I was in New York, but it’s still pretty special. So I thought I’d share this afternoon’s view with you.



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  1. happy autumn to you as well, Nora. Laura too. I was just saying the same thing to a few friends yesterday. Wish I were a poet because the cool breezes, fall colors of orange, red and yellow, and even the smoky fireplaces are all comforting and inspiring. I also find your writing inspires my own creativity as well. Not for poetry, but for stories. I just finished rereading the entire In Death series once again. 4th time round. I had been in a writing funk at the beginning and by the end, back to writing everyday. Thank you-for wonderful stories, interesting characters and intriguing mysteries.

  2. Thanks for sharing that wonderful view from your office. I agree with your thoughts of Fall. The changing seasons are why I love living in Atlantic Canada. Although I’m not much of a fan of winter, I so enjoy the leaves changing in the fall, their beauty & colour, the cooler days & nights. Then after a long winter, knowing those same trees will have new life, along with warmer days and shorter nights. Always something to look forward to. Thanks, also, for your wonderful stories which have helped me through many years of the above mentioned long winters. Stay well!

  3. My view is of a lot of fallen leaves in my driveway. All of the rain we’ve had, for the last few days, has knocked them all off the trees. It makes me sad. That’s why I love spring and the way everything comes back to life.

  4. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons.the colours are just magic,and walking through leaves,fab.xx

  5. The trees around my home are very beautiful! I’m enjoying watching them turn this year, but I’m NOT looking forward to winter. Due to my chemo, I’m cold all the time anyway and I’m not ready for the colder weather. Though I’m sure the snow will be just as beautiful! I wish I could share a picture of the red maple tree down the hill from our house. It’s been so gorgeous!

  6. Outside my window I see a few naked trees already, others are brilliantly orange, red, yellow and brown. Longs Peak is capped with snow along the Front Range, and the mountains further west are snow covered. We’ve temps in the mid seventies and a nice breeze blowing. I love the seasons in Colorado.

  7. I am currently in Florida on vacation, While I appreciate the sun, the palm trees, and the Gulf of Mexico, I don’t want to see this view year round. Like you, I have the benefit of seeing four distinct seasons. Fall and spring are my favorite, because they are seasons of change. Happy Fall, Nora.

  8. Thank you for sharing the pic with us, it makes me think how special pictures are, that something you see can be sent out into the world and so many people can enojy the picture of whatever it may be.

  9. I love fall the best of the seasons. Leaves are blowing all over the place here in Waldorf, MD. I think the colors will peak in the next few days. I can’t believe October will be over in a week!

  10. We got a bit of rain this year, so our autumn in glorious. I lived a spell in an area where there wasn’t such distinct seasons and sorely missed it. Glad you’re enjoying the view!

  11. Beautiful view of the “Seasons” as you write Nora! Was just out in Middletown, MD with the youngest of my five grandchildren, 23 mo. old Annie, enjoying Fall Time. The wind was making her giggle as it was bringing the leaves down, and we were collecting yellow maple, bronze oak and red dogwood leaves. I’m sure you can relate sharing the joys of life and nature with your little grands!
    Happy Fall! Thanks for sharing your view!

  12. Nora and Laura,
    Thank you for sharing. I love the light this time of year. Out here in Colorado, we’re kind of skipping fall this year. It’s supposed to be 80 tomorrow! But the warmth of the autumn sunshine is lovely. Happy Halloween!

  13. Fall and Winter tie for my favorite season of the year, and I love Fall for all of the things Nora mentions. To me it’s also a magical and mystical time when I feel drawn to celtic and gaelic traditions and lore. So, having one of her books set in Ireland is always a nice treat this time of year 😉

  14. I’m not like Nora. I love to say goodbye to Summer and welcome a chilly Autumn and Winter.
    I love this view – seems something out of Abigail’s or Fiona’s”backyard” (or the way I imagine their woods surrounding their homes).
    I know that when I return to these books I will have this picture in mind. Thank you for sharing,

  15. here in Texas it’s still really green out my front window, have to go to New England for the GOOD color, saw some great color there the last of Sept , Maine and New Hampshire…

  16. I too love the amazing transition of the seasons. For whatever reason, I’m the most creative in October. Just finished “The Collector” and waiting for the 3rd in the trilogy series to come out next week. Don’t know how you do it, but keep it coming. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Autumn is my favorite season.

    Looking forward to Blood Magick on Tuesday. I reread The Dark Witch and Shadow Spell earlier this month.

  18. I really love that trilogy and I’m soooo hoping that the third book will be released in Bulgaria very very soon… Love your writing, Nora, you make my days and even more… Your books make me get away from reality and to get in some reality even more beautiful than I have ever expected !

  19. Happy Halloween Nora.
    I just arrived in Hagerstown on Thursday, 10/30/14. I’m enjoying the Fall here. South mountain has some beautiful colors still. I visited The Crystal Grotto Cavern. Formations dating far back in time in a space out of sight 1900’s.
    Today I went to Harper’s Ferry beautiful landmark with a rich history.
    I’m glad you share your home state with your fans. Every time I visit I feel like I’ve come home.
    See you & Laura tomorrow At the 11/1/14 signing event. Janeen Solberg Welcomed me into Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe by name. Lovely to meet the lady that processes my virtual signing orders in person. Boonsboro is a welcoming place.
    Your fan,
    Melissa Blanchard

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