Eve And Roarke With No Body

Recently Laura posed a question on Facebook asking what people thought Eve and Roarke might do if they had a free weekend without a murder to deal with. The most popular answers from readers were: Make a baby and/or find some young child and adopt, and Eve finds blood kin–a kindly grandmother, a sweet long-long sister.

Here’s why I’m going to disappoint those hopeful readers.

As I’ve said before, babies change everything. They must, they should. I’m simply not ready to change the scope and dynamics of the series.

But oh, you say, people have babies all the time! They adjust their lives, they make it work. Why can’t Eve?

Because she’s not ready either.

But! It would be so funny to see her trying to cope with a baby!

Yes, it would. For a scene or two. I have to think of the big picture here. I would hope if and when Eve and Roarke become parents (and an older child, adoption, fostering mean EXACTLY the same thing as a parent is a parent) they’re really, really good ones. A really good parent doesn’t toss the baby/kid to Summerset while they rush off at all hours to fight crime or work in-house on a case.

Yes, cops have babies/kids in real life. This isn’t real life. Consider the soap opera a moment. A character gets pregnant (drama, humor, pathos ensues) then the baby’s born. We have baby time for a few episodes. Then we don’t see the kid again until he’s ready for school. And THEN we rarely see the kid until he’s grown up enough to have his own story. Because the day-to-day parenting doesn’t make for good drama in a story that’s structured around action, investigation, sex. Think about it, how could they show all the latest fashion if the star has a maya wrap ring sling around here with a drooling baby… Not going to happen.

Also consider the structure of the series, the timelines. Each book normally takes a handful of days in book time, and the next book closely follows. How many of you are really interested in reading about a pregnant Eve for the next few years? I’m not, and if I’m not interested I can’t write it. Yes, I could zip through those months of gestation. Not interested in doing that either.

So, no babies, not now. No charming orphans of any age. No pregnancy scares, no miscarriages, no foundlings, no street-wise kid who needs a good home. Did I leave anything out? If so, fill it in, then answer no.

Now onto the kindly grandmother.

One of the main elements, for me, of the series is how Eve made herself. She came from monsters, yet she made herself courageous, strong, decent. She made herself a cop who’ll stand for the dead, for the victim, for justice. She overcame horrors and had dedicated herself to protecting and serving, is willing to risk everything to do so.

She could’ve made another choice, she could’ve used those horrors as an excuse, but instead she used them as a springboard and became a damn good cop.

There is no kindly grandparent or sweet, long-lost sister in her life. She’s not only made herself, she’s made her family. Roarke is her everything, as she is his. It matters, I think, that these two people who came from abuse and viciousness found each other, helped make each other into better people. Love opened them to more.

Eve has a sister. In fact, she has two. Mavis and Peabody. She has a father in Feeney (and a little bit in Dennis Mira, too). She has a mother in Mira. A kid brother in McNab. She has, like it or not, a father-in-law in Summerset. Family is what you make of it, and Eve and Roarke have made a fine one, and linked it with a solid circle of friends.

The Eve we met in Naked In Death wouldn’t have been capable of opening herself up to that family, to that circle. The Roarke we met in Naked In Death would only have accepted that family and circle on a very surface level.

Love changed them, and that’s more than enough.


It’s now 2 pm — less than 6 hours after the initial post.  In view of some to the comments, Nora asked me to add the following: 

Adoptions, any age child, would change the dynamics and tone of the series just as surely as conception and a biological child. There is no difference in the needs of or the love given to an adopted child than there is of or to a biological child. Eve and Roarke are NOT having a child, adopted, biological, off the streets, out of an orphanage, out of fairy dust, for the foreseeable future. I’m truly sorry to disappoint some readers, but MUST follow my own vision and be true to my characters.


November 3, 2014

The issue about babies arose again and Nora posted the following on Facebook:

The Eve and Roarke must be/need to be/should be parents topic comes up too often for me to keep repeating why this isn’t happening. I’ve been clear, from the writer’s point of view, countless times. I feel it’s wasting everyone’s time for me to keep explaining my reasons–and it’s senseless for me to find myself upset when adoption is brought up as if there’s a difference between parenting an adopted child rather than a biological one.

So I’ve asked Laura to simply link my blog post on this subject whenever it’s brought up in comments. I have to stop repeating myself on this topic.http://fallintothestory.com/eve-and-roarke-with-no-body/

I’m sorry some readers are disappointed I’m not taking the series and the characters in this direction, but I’m not. Repeat: I. Am. Not. The readers who insist on telling me why this could/should work are wasting their time. I don’t agree, and I write the books. NR

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  1. Oh, geez, do kids ever change things… Eve is constantly putting her life on the line. Yes, this is fiction but I think it would really mess her head up, considering where she came from, what’s she been through and how she’s still coping, if she were to find out she was pregnant and then end up on a case where she was in a life or death situation. I think that would tear her up apart.

    1. I agree with you Nora on your explanation on Roarke and Eve not having babies. What I would like to see in a future book, if possible, is a in depth story that tells more about Mavis and Eve’s friendship and how it came to be. Love the series! Thank you.

      1. I started reading the In death books back in 1999 while working as a page in our Library, I was so tired of Romance stories where it was I hate you all though the book only to end with I Love You I always have. I knew there had to be more I have always been a avid reader, and my favorite writers could not keep up with me. I saw a In death audio that I was shelving, it sounded good. While I was doing my housework and taking care of my disabled husband I listened to the tapes. I fell in love with In Death. went back though the computer catalog and got all the In Death books, then I bought the paperbacks and hard copies, I had read them all again and now I have them on all on my Nook color. I remember you told Roarke how she felt about having children, and it was the same as you blogged.

      2. I also agree. As a ranking female police officer of 20+ years I chose to not have children. The stress and demands of the job, the hours, just do not work with parenthood. It is not fair to a child to leave them with someone else, or, God forbid, leave them an orphan. On the other hand, if my husband was as rich as Roarke I would retire! I enjoy the series. Keep them coming. You have been blessed with a wonderful talent.

      3. I would love to see a couple of backstories on these characters: Feeny, Dr. Mira, and how Mavis and Eve met, and there was a mention of cops that went down under Eve. I would also like to know how she became Lt. And I am dying to know who the Candy Thief is (like the rest of us).
        Yes, Eve has family. I just love the fact that she has grown as a person ready to accept love from the people in her life. That is what has made this series so great for me. I also love how she doesn’t have a clue about some things like old sayings like “catching more flies with honey than vinegar”, she is a delightfully naive about some stuff, but if I was to be murdered, I would want her to avenge me.

        1. I think we got a REALLY strong hint in the latest book that Baxter’s the Candy Thief…the fun will be in seeing how Eve goes about catching him red- (or should that be chocolate-?) handed….

          1. What is the name of the book about Baxter being a candy thief?? I think I might have missed one, Thanks

              1. I see nora’s point about a child and the way their love has evolved you want more but I bow to the author because you are doing a great job!😘

              1. We don’t know who the candy thief is. I don’t think that should be revealed. I think all of them are in on it.

          2. I missed the hint that Baxter is the thief. I’ve narrowed it down to either Dr. Mira or Feeney. I’m leaning toward Feeney, though.

          3. I too think it’s Baxter, but I think all the detectives know he’s the candy thief! I think he’s probably shared the bounty with the bull pen. HAHAHAHA!!!

          4. I have been thinking the candy thief is McNab. It seems to me her candy didn’t start disappearing until he came to her office to work on her computer in one of the early books.

            1. I first thought the candy thief was Roarke. Then with my second listening of the series I noticed the thievery started before Eve met him. Had McNab been to her office before Peabody entered the scene? I think he mentioned working on Eve’s computer before. I have started listening from the beginning again – 6th or 7th time. ?

        2. I absolutely agree with the candy thief suggestion. We need more details and more hints about who it could be ….. !?! One of my favourite scenes in the entire series is when Tom Jon trades her old crappy comp for the new improved version ( only three years after she requested it ! Lol )

      4. I am so glad to read they aren’t having children as I don’t think it is good for the Series. I think Mavis is going to have more and there may be babysitting involved for Roark/Eve which could be very humorous…..Love this Series

      5. Yes, I would like the backstory on how Mavis and Eve met. That is a true sister girlfriend couple.

        1. I guess those who want to know how Mavis and Eve met haven’t read all of the stories. Almost every book that Mavis is in brings it up. Or am I missing something?

          1. I agree. Jean — how many different ways can NR say they met when Eve arrested Mavis? Plus we even saw a “blast from the past” in Treachery in Death, when Mavis helped Eve pin the bad Lt by “dressing up” and posing as NYPSD support staff getting paperwork signed for a vehicle.

            By the way — i have no idea whether writing this as “Leave a Reply to Jean Ader” means it’s a private message to you, or if it’s posted for everyone to read. For that matter, I haven’t figured out how to find specific comments. I get email notifications when someone has posted a new comment, but there doesn’t seem to be a link that takes me from the email notification back to that particular comment Is there a secret method, or do you just start at the top (or bottom) and scroll endlessly until you find the item of interest? (I feel foolish asking about this, but better to ask and learn than to get carpal tunnel from scrolling up and down, right?)

            1. good question Betty, I don’t know either. 🙂 And I definitely don’t have the patience to scroll endlessly.

              1. Thanks, Jean! (Apologies to everyone else for my mistakenly thinking I was responding only to Jean.)

          2. I was just about to say the same thing. Eve arrested Mavis as a grifter. People don’t pay attention.

            1. Kimberly, you are absolutely right…when in doubt…go back and re read the books…seems each time I do, I discover something I missed…just re read Innocent in Death…this time I “caught”. Eve’s comment to Sommerset as she was going out the door…you get a much better picture in that book about their relationship.

          3. Nope…you are correct.
            We have read quite a bit about the beginning of the relationship between Eve and Mavis!

            Personally…I am enjoying things just the way they are! ??

      6. I agree with you Nora; Eve and Roarke should never ever have children!!! Ever!!! They are happy and content and perfect just the way you intend them to be!!! Keep up the wonderful work you do and stories you bring us always!!! Love you

    2. Nora knows her characters the best and everything she said about Eve and Roarke not being ready for parenthood and having already built a family is ever so “spot on.” Eve is still mildly terrified by Belle, and Roarke is only slightly better. If they had a weekend off, they would probably go to their island and soak up some sun.

      1. I would also say the same..we see Eve pretty much terrified of Bella and it’s enough to gimme the fun element of Eve with a baby..Roarke and Eve are not ready for kids..period!!
        And also about the grandmother, I concur to the fact that Eve has made her own family which has fabulous people..Roarke getting his family was probably coz he had only Summerset he called his family..

      2. I agree totally Amy. I really don’t think Eve and Roarke becoming parents would be good for the series. Belle is enough for the comic relief needed child-wise.

    3. I think if Eve and Roarke decide to expand their family, they would adopt. Probably an older child whose parents were murdered, and Eve is working on the case.

        1. Nora, your characters are so real, I admire your talent of bringing them to life for us. I totally get that you do not see a child for Eve and Roarke. I would love to see Eve being asked to form a special investigative group, that forces her to have to work with some really annoying or quirky people from other agencies; and I like another person’s comment here about hearing the story of Eve and Mavis. Wherever you lead us with your stories, I will be gratefully following along. Thank you for these fabulous books, just love them.
          Happy Easter to you and yours.

        2. Nora is so right.
          The characters and stories are just right.
          Babies and children would change all dynamics and turn really great stories into warm fuzziness. We can get that elsewhere if we want.

          1. No. Just no. Roarke will never have a child pop up from a past relationship. Main reason is Roarke is waaay too smart to have been that careless. I don’t know what Nora would say to your suggestion, but I’ve been reading the ID series since Naked in death came out in the mid-nineties. I know his character after all th ed year’s of reading the series.

            So that scenario would make no sense whatsoever. IMHO

          2. Yes! NO kids! I don’t understand why people want to ruin things. A child is a child and Eve & Roarke are not ready and there is nothing wrong with not having children.

          3. I agree with you Nandi! NO way would Roarke have a child turn up. Why do people want to change the author’s stories??

          4. Roarke usually parts on a friendly basis with his lovers and seems to stay abreast of what’s going on in their lives. Consequently, there could be no surprise children from the past.

        3. Nixie was the perfect example. Her parents were killed and Eve and Roarke both cared deeply about what was going to happen to her – so they found a loving, stable home for her. Tho NOT theirs. It only makes sense.

          1. I still think Eve and Roarke would not adopt any children. But I do see them running into abused, neglected or abandoned children from time to time and finding good homes for them like Kevin and Nixie.

          2. I was thinking exactly the same Leslie. If ANYTHING showed us how unprepared for children the two of them are it was with Nixie. Eve had NO clue how to look after her & left it to Roarke ,poor chap, who relied on Summerste. LISTEN to Nora. NO KIDS. The series would finish. And we wouldn’t want that now would we? ?????

          3. I agree Leslie. Nixie was the perfect example and they did what was best for her and them. They cared for her and found her a home they knew would be best for her.

        4. I totally agree with you on them not having children. Children do and should change our lives, and for the better. For Eve though, she gets so focused on the cases she works that she sometimes makes herself sick. That would not work if she was pregnant, or had a child who depended on her. It would spread her too thin, I think and at a time when the victim needs her. I just retired from the U S Navy and my husband and I have three children. Being active duty and raising a family at the same time is very difficult. I would not change it for the world as I am proud of my service to this great nation and even prouder of my kids and the young adults they are becoming. However I also understand where you are coming from. And, it is like you said…you write the books! Thank you for writing such great stories, by the way. I do two hours a day on my eliptical machine and they keep me entertained while said machine is killing me! Please keep up the great work!

          1. Erika,
            I’m just now reading the comments and wanted to post a belated comment to thank you for your years of service to our country.

        5. So true! I love your books. They have helped me get through some truly horrible times and I am grateful for your talent and love of writing. All I ask is that you never stop!

        6. Totally agree. I like the dynamics with the occasional young people who come along, like Jamie, where Eve and Roarke act more as mentors than parents. I also love that you bring them back every now and then to show that they aren’t just characters of convenience, but part of the continuity of the story and members of Eve’s and Roarke’s extended family.

        7. Nora, I started reading the In Death series when I was deployed in Iraq. I picked up 2 of your books (I believe Born in Death and Naked In Death) from the donated books that people sent us. Since then, I bought every single IN Death book. I am reading them in order and am loving them. And I agree with you about Eve and Roarke are not ready to have children, though she has change for the better, accepting love from others and offering love to them back.

      1. They have already found homes for two children who had neglectful (Kevin) or family was killed (Nixie). I’d like to see them do more of that.

    4. I completely agree with you Nora (ooohh, I called you Nora!)! Don’t change anything! I fell in love with all the characters of “In Death”…yes, even Summerset. I look forward to each book in the series! I wouldn’t change anything – their histories have made them the characters we love. 😀

      1. I totally agree with you. Eve and Roark don’t need a child. If there was no body. They would go to their Island and spend uninterrupted time with each other. Loved the most recent book, Brotherhood in death.

    5. I agree Nora. I cannot see Eve as a parent. However I would love to see some of the characters introduced in your most recent Death book again. The artist who drew the faces of the victims especially could be a great recurring colleague/ friend. The smart orphan could recur in future books. Eve could take an interest in this girl without adopting . She was just such a strong character I hate to never see her again.
      I just love your books! Keep them coming whatever way you choose!!!
      Thank you for sharing your stories!

      1. If you are talking about Nixie Swisher she did appear again. In Thankless in Death you can read of her being at the awards ceremony where Eve and Roarke received medals for busting up Lewis Callaway and his psycho mother from Delusion in Death and later at the end of the book when Roarke’s family and Nixie’s new family have been invited to Thanksgiving dinner, Nixie gives Eve and drawing she did of herself looking “bad-ass”. Eve promised to hang it in her office at central. Which she did because it is talked about in, if I remember right, Concealed in Death.
        Nadine is in Eve’s office looking at the drawing saying how great it was Eve to have it in there.

        If it was the little boy, Tiko from Memory in Death, who sold Eve a scarf for Mr Mira on the streets, he was mentioned again in Celebrity in Death when KT Harris’s brother comes in to claim the body. He is a corn fed boy and out of his element in NYC. Eve sends him down to the boy to buy some souvenirs for his family back home and in a previous book called, Strangers in Death.
        Did I mention that I have read all of these books dozens of times?! I love them all!

      2. Well I must say I can see Eve and Roarke as parents, very good parents, but not now. I want this series to go on forever, but if it must end that is when I would like to see the possibility of a child.

    6. Nora, I love your books. I have almost all of them. I am very fond of the “In Death” series. Eve and Rourke have changed so much since the first book. I have really enjoyed the ride. Eve is just now coming into her own. I’m anxious to see what you have them doing next. I’m very glad they aren’t having children yet, and your explanation is right on. She has some more growing to do before that time. Get back to work! I’m waiting for the next one.

      1. I agree wholeheartedly…no children for Eve and Roarke…it would change everything…Love the series.

        1. no no noooooo baby from Roarke. that would mean he is having sex without meeeeee hahahah wow as the saying goes HES DA MAN.. I love the way he gets eves clothes together for her.. great stories..i remember in another series about the vampire and castle there was a eve roarke room in the castle.. morgans something bad at names…

          1. There’s another series of novels — a family owns an old inn that they’re rehabbing as a B&B, and each room is named after a fictional romantic couple. One of the rooms is named after Eve and Roarke. It’s so cute! I enjoy the way Nora Roberts creates this little ties across her fictional worlds. As a series, the In Death books are tied for me with the Chesapeake Bay saga. The advantage of In Death is that it’s open-ended so there’s always another story around the corner. I’d LOVE to see her return to the Chesapeake Bay family and keep their saga going, maybe with the next generation? I felt that of all her books (and I’ve read most of them, I think — the only ones I didn’t care for were the Cordina’s Royal Family novels, which simply didn’t grab me), the Chesapeake Bay stories were really special because they were all from male characters’ POV and very well done, IMO.

          2. there IS a difference- there shouldn’t be, but in reality– there is! Eve amd Roarke don’t need childfren- no time for them and would definitely change the dynamics– if they meed more family- amd they don’t- add another pet. ot’s just after the relationship between eve and roarke– it’s so husterical to read ‘Das’ interaction with Bella!

    7. It’s amazing in this modern day so many women still seem to think that love and marriage automatically leads to babies and that is the only way a circle is complete. I agree that Nora knows her characters, and I honestly wouldn’t want the dynamic to change. Their story has been enriched with the secondary characters which complete their family nicely.

    8. I don’t think Eve and Rosrke are ready yet and it would change the story line too much I’m not ready yet either

    9. I totally agree! While I would love to see Eve and Roarke start a family, she’s obviously not ready. She’s just barely becoming comfortable with Bella even though she loves her. And remember folks, despite the number of books, the time covered from the first to now is less than 3 years. They’re still adjusting to being a couple and joining their lives. Eve’s grown a lot since “Naked”, but she has more to do before adding a baby I think. As a side note, I do hope Nadine gets her own HEA soon. I think she’s the only original character still “uncoupled”, not counting Baxter.

      1. I don’t know why but I picture a relationship between Nadine and the new press liaison Kyung would get together.

    10. I think this issue was very clearly addressed in the book “Survivor in Death” when Roarke and Eve discussed taking in Nixi Swisher. They both agreed that it wouldn’t be a good idea as with both their current careers they wouldn’t have been able to give her the stability and security she needed in order to come to terms with what happened to her and heal. Which is why she was taken in by Roarke friends.

      Roarke has also said that he does want kids one day, but that it’s far in the future.

      Children do change everything. I speak as the mummy of a 7 month old daughter. I think if Eve got pregnant (and we did fast forward through all the awkwardness of pregnancy/birth) it would affect her as a cop and she might lose the edge that makes her such a good homicide detective. Simply because the hormones and the newfound responsibility would weigh on her (and let’s face it, Eve takes her responsibilities very seriously).

      Plus in response to the long-lost family of Eve, they now have Roarke’s Irish relatives and I believe that’s plenty of ‘blood family’ for both of them. The real family is the one that they have made together, as Nora so rightfully points out.

      So while a baby Eve and Roarke would be heartbreakingly adorable (how could they not be with Roarke’s good looks and Eve’s brains), I like the dynamic of the series as it is and wouldn’t change a thing.

      Thanks for the excellent entertainment Nora, it certainly gives me a much-needed escape when the little one is napping!!

    11. Stick to your guns, Nora/JD. You are so right about the dynamics of Eve & Roarke and they do have a “family” of their own making.
      Keep up the good writings.

    12. No, no, no. Has everyone been reading the same IN DEATH series I have?
      How can they stay Eve and Roarke and still have a child?
      Thank you, Nora Roberts for introducing me to so many (too many positive adjectives to even attempt) characters.
      I have a special relationship with every single one of them.

    13. I really hope she never has a baby ,or in the very last In Death book.Half of my fun was waiting for the next book to see if Eve ‘did’ get pregnant.Now gone is that wait. I fully agree that it would take from the series ,we have watched Eve and Roark grow over the years and know she is not even close to child time.

      1. Plus, Ferne, if she ever did get pregnant and did something about it, half of the audience would be alienated. We don’t want that. Leave well enough alone, and I’m happy to hear that is what the plans are!

        1. While I’m guessing mot of the fans clamoring for Eve and Roark to become parents are thinking of all the humorous possibilities and maybe the sweetness of the moment. That cannot be sustained over time. For Eve to still be the Eve we love and enjoy spending time with, she’d almost have to become a distracted, too busy kind of Mom. That’s NOT FAIR to the child, to Roark, and especially to Eve!! Eve is a really good person. Let’s not do that to her!

    14. Why do some people think everyone has to have a child to be complete and happy? Some people can’t have kids and some don’t want them. They manage to have happy, fulfilled lives and marriages. Eve and Roarke are not parent material at this time in their lives as Nora has been writing them. Anyway, Nora has repeatedly stated that she doesn’t want them to be parents yet. Why is it that everyone thinks they need a kid? As a woman who has been married for almost twenty years and is unable to have a child, I’m not sure if this attitude that Even and Roarke HAVE to have a child is insulting or funny!

      1. Robin, as someone who has spent her entire life devoted to not getting pregnant, I find it insulting and sad. Insulting, in that people somehow think I am not complete or there is something wrong with me that I don’t want children. Sad, in that most people are brainwashed into thinking life should go like this: get married, have children. They don’t know they have the choice not to have kids. It doesn’t enter their minds. You are in a different place and get to decide how you feel about it. Just know you do not need to have children to “be complete.”

      2. I totally agree, Robin. Look, I’m not anti-kid (we had three children and have four grandchildren) but I honestly can’t understand the readers who’ve been clamoring for a pregnancy/child. Given the nature of Eve’s job and the frequency that Eve &/or Roarke are in danger, a baby/child would limit rather than enhance the series.

        I love Eve and Roarke just as they are. They have very little downtime and when they do, they focus on each other. And it’s all those moments they steal or carve out together that I love the best. A baby/child would make those moments even less frequent, which would NOT make me happy.

        The In Death series rocks as a near future suspense/police procedural, but let’s be real. That’s not why this series has lasted this long or why fans clamor for more. It’s the characters she’s created – Eve & Roarke primarily, along with their slowly expanding *family of choice* – that make the series so compelling.

        Given their pasts and who they were before they met, I love watching who they are becoming together over time. A baby not only isn’t needed, but would, in my opinion, be the death of the In Death series.

        No matter how many times we’ve read the books, or how obsessed we might be over them ::: wink:: no one understands these characters better than their creator. And given the sheer number of fantastic books Nora’s written (not just this series) over the years, I’m content to trust her judgment and enjoy the journey.

      3. I feel like although they do not seem to need a baby – Roarke has always mentioned the possibility in the further future and Eve never completely shot the idea down. This however would require her to leave the field and accept being Captain and Roarke would have to slow down, this can happen later but it is not relevant to the series. However so, what they have gone through with their kin has left a hole in both of them that each others love couldn’t completely fill but giving a child all they ever wanted would – like they do Christmastime (going completely overboard). Detective Coltraine once said:”How can you have a child until you fully understand, accept, forgive the child you were?.”

        It will not happen in the book but it wouldn’t be a train smash if it happens on the last book

    15. I feel your frustration in your write up Nora.
      I agree that parenting is parenting.
      In my line of work as an early years educator,you teach the child/children holistically,because it’s not just nursery,school,daycare,that teaches a child.
      It’s the environment they are exploring,people they meet,how they socialise,learn new skills,and eventually grow up to be an upstanding citizen.
      Many children don’t get this opportunity,due to ,often terrible circumstances,but it takes a person with a big heart to create a nurturing environment for the child,and it’s not always the parent that wants the role.
      So god bless those people with big hearts.xx

    16. I think we should all just but out an stop telling Nora what to write. She has done a great job all by herself for years. You keep writing them Nora, we’ll all keep reading them

    17. Yeah, I agree. I love seeing her relationship with Bella develop but I would rather see where the story takes her and Roark. I just enjoy seeing all the relationships with all the characters grow. It is the best series out there.

    18. I understand about Eve and Roarke not having children. Understand and agree. What I would like to see is for Peabody and McNab to get married.

    19. Eve is still learning the “marriage rules”. It isn’t fair to add more family rules any time soon. I love the scenes with Bella and that should be enough for all of us. She is getting less terrified, but still less than comfortable with Bella.

  2. I think that there needs to be family found for Eve that isn’t nasty but in a little trouble…..like maybe an old nemesis finding a sister or grandmother and trying to frame said family for murder/kidnapping or something…can’t have it to tame then it wouldn’t be attention holding. Even finding family for Summerset would be interesting.

    1. Brandy,

      I think Nora quite eloquently explained why she won’t be going down those paths. It can be hard to realize that not everything will be tied up neatly with a bow and happy endings for all. Eve has made her life, her family and that’s where the author is going to keep that life.


      1. I agree with Nora, we love the series because of the characters once you change that the series becomes mundane

      2. As I was reading the comments before Nora’s answer, I was thinking “she has found a sister. It is Mavis.” A sister doesn’t have to be only by birth. I liked Nora’s answer because it confirms that I am understanding the dynamic of these books pretty well and the family listing made it go DING because I had not thought of several of them. I have read all of them and sometimes go back and reread from the start between new ones. I see these characters in my head and they are “real” to me as I am reading. Thank you, Nora, for a fun and interesting series.

        1. I too think it’s Baxter, but I think all the detectives know he’s the candy thief! I think he’s probably shared the bounty with the bull pen. HAHAHAHA!!!
          I moved away from my family 40 years ago. During that time, I have had to create a family for myself where I am now because I don’t get home all that often. I have found a sister, a father and a mother in other people. It’s worked for me because I have chosen these people to be in my life simply by our close associations. The relationships developed over time and crept up on me, much like they did for Eve. Sometimes family happens to you and is such a wonderful surprise.

      3. I agree the In Death plot lines would not be the same and would become mundane if you tried to change them with children or family. The only problem I have is with the language it seems to be getting worse, we have a lot of Police friends and the F word does not come out of their mouth every sentence or two. Have several friends that have stopped reading the books because of this and I am leaning towards stopping.

        1. Great stories and plots. I agree with Carol about less profanity. I think Eve would still be the fabulous tough cop we love!

        2. I disagree with your comments about the profanity. I think if I saw as much death as Eve, Roarke, etc, I would probably use those words too. I have family who are police officers and it is completely in line with their life. It would be a shame if you didn’t continue to read the books. I absolutely love them!

          1. I agree that they don’t use too much profanity. My father, and then much later after he died my step-father were both cops in a small town. They never spoke that way at home around us, but they did at work. I can see where it could offend some, but I don’t have a problem even though I don’t speak that way. We aren’t writing, so we don’t get to say. I was a bit shocked there wasn’t worse language and more violence. I like it just the way it is. (I do turn the audio down for the sex scenes when my husband is around, though. I don’t want to hear “What are you doing in your bathroom?!? LOL!)

          2. When cops and military are together that is the way they talk. I have overheard plenty of them and they can cuss up a blue streak.
            They don’t do that around civilians as a rule.

        3. Carol, it’s entirely possibly that your friends who are cops make a point of “cleaning up” their language around you, because they know the profanity would bother you. (I do this around some of my own friends for that reason.) Only you can decide whether the issue’s big enough to keep you from reading future novels in the series. However, if you doubt that NR is reflecting how “real police” talk, then I’d encourage you to track down a copy of David Simon’s non-fiction book, Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets. He was working as a reporter for the Baltimore Sun when he took a leave of absence to spend a year “embedded” with a homicide unit in the Baltimore Police Department. The book is his account of what he saw and heard. It’s a remarkable piece of work that informed Mr. Simon’s later work as the creator of HBO’s “The Wire.” NR’s language is practically genteel in comparison.

          1. Betty, Carol might also want to read Joseph Wambaugh’s 1975 book, “The Choirboys.” It was made into a movie 2 years later. He had been an LAPD cop for over a decade, and this book was written from what he assumed were inflated stories by his brother cops about their lives. Having lived in Burbank, California for a bit when I wasturned 10 with a father who was a cop, my guess is he didn’t do much stretching of the stories. I know one close cop who ate his gun after we moved back.

      4. Thank you Nora, for knowing Eve and Roarke and the rest of their “family” and how to incorporate them into your stories. “If it ain’t broken it doesn’t need to be fixed” : )

        1. I agree, with you Nora. I love Eve and Roarke the way they are. Keep up the good work.. Sorry if it’s going to come to an end. I will miss them.

      5. Laura: Inn Boonsboro – I want to visit all by myself SO MUCH! Being disabled and not knowing from day to day when walking will be a problem, when money will be a problem, when TheGroom will be a problem is, well, a problem. I can imagine the looks and smells of fall in that area and dream happy dreams of being there. The smell of being in a book store – love the smell of books, as in a library. Grabbing a slice of pizza, sipping coffee near a window and watching the world go by. *sigh*
        Sorry to tag onto this post, but there wasn’t a place to reply to the post about there really being an Inn Boonsboro.

      6. Please tell NR to keep the books coming….She #1 on my favorite author’s list. I wish she could crank out one a month, but then the quality wouldn’t be there. I love love her character development, the interaction between them and the humor. I am an avid fan of Ms. Robb/Roberts. I have all the In Death Books and just about all of her others from the beginning.

      1. Goodness. Are people still asking the baby/lost family question?

        As far as I’m concerned, Eve is NOT ready; I don’t think she’ll EVER be ready to have a baby. How she deals and reacts to Belle is proof enough for me. And it’s not as if Roarke and Eve don’t have weekends free where they don’t have sex/make love like rabbits. AND without encountering a dead body! It’s just done off-screen!
        Me? I’m perverse. I want to see them fight more, and then make up and hear and read all those wonderful Irish Curses that come out of Roarke’s mouth.

      2. I agree. The family they have works for them. I have read All your books, both JD Robb and Nora Roberts. The “In Death” series are perfect. Any of the above mentioned would ruin the main story line.

      3. Nora –

        As a long-time fan of all of your books and speaking as a mother of 6 and grandmother of 3, you are 100% right in your reply to the readers wanting “family” or babies for Eve and Roarke. Thank you for the great explanation for those readers, but for some of us, it is how Eve and Roarke have made their own family that really works. I am blessed enough to have all 5 of my married children live within 10 miles of us but even if not true, I have very good friends who are more “sisters” to me than my two younger sisters have ever been.

        Love your writing and hope to see Boonsboro one day!

        Valerie Matteson
        (Valerie, I edited out your mailing address — you don’t want to share that here. ~Laura)

          1. Marilyn,

            Sometimes a book doesn’t resonate with a reader, but to me it was all JD Robb, with a quieter story. Plus, JD filled me in on the progress as the book was going along so I know the hard, sweaty work that went into writing it.


          2. Sorry you were disappointed, but it was J.D. Robb. Not all books are going to work for every reader. It was a cold case–very cold–and a different kind of story.

          3. I thought it fit Eve from a different perspective. You hear more about Mavis and her beginnings. Thanks for sharing her story!

      4. I first fell in love with this series because of Eve’s protective shield for herself. I saw myself (exactly ) in these books. I was blessed with my “Roark” 12 years ago. We’ve been married 10 years no children. But we have alot of extended family. The only thing that is wrong is that I read the books too fast and it takes too long for another to come out. Thank you Ms. ROBERTS!

      5. I’ve at long last gotten Concealed In Death and have to say, Ms. Roberts, that the exchanges between Dennis Mira and Eve make me choke up. These characters are incredibly vivid, their lives are rich even when they seem dull, and I must say I’m glad to hear that Eve and Roarke won’t be doing the kid thing. The trauma Eve suffered early on, and that Roarke went through, and the suffering they both see in Eve’s cases, bring her in close contact with enough children. Besides, she is the lovably clueless aunt to little Bella, and an aunt of sorts to Nixie. There are enough kids in Eve’s life, I think.

        From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this series. I know that no matter what’s going on in my world, I can load my phone or mp3 player with audio books of the In Death series and I’m transported…the day goes faster, I feel more efficient, and I feel focused in my tasks. After all, if Eve can do all that she does, surely the day to day tasks I must accomplish can’t be that difficult. Also, Susan Ericksen does a brilliant job of giving your characters audible voices. She’s a great way for me to listen to/read your books over and over again even when life is busy with errands and work.

        Thank you again for your delightful writing!

        Brandi Vincent

      6. I adore the fact that you aren’t willing to sacrifice all that we’ve come to love about Eve, Roarke and their family to add a child. They are blessed beyond measure by the loved ones in their lives. Let there be more excitement, adventure and day-to-day living as they confront the highs and lows of life.

      7. All you folks with lame ideas………..that’s why YOU are NOT the writer of this wonderful series. Keep your ideas to yourselves and enjoy the books as they are.

        1. Thank you! Why do people think they can put their two cents in someone else’s work? Write your own story! I love Eve & Roarke and I love that Nora has the gift of telling their story HER way… so leave her alone!

          Nora, just keep on writing ~ my life is stressful (like most, probably) and it is a pure sweet escape to morph into Eve’s world for a while. As soon as I finish the series I’m sure I will be starting it over again.

        2. I actually agree with because I like surprises and I don’t see the point in telling a writer what to write. Its her idea from the first she already know where she wants her story to go. And when I buy a book am expecting to see nora or jd if u have an idea and u think its good try constructing a story about. But wat is the use of reading a story if u knw wat is about to happen in the next page or chapter.

        1. I think Summerset killed Patrick Roark, and i think Eve does too. I got a feeling about that from one of the books, but it was a side note (thought) by Eve.

          1. Lydia, I can’t recall in which book this came up (sorry! I keep wishing for an index of key events with relevant book titles, editions and page numbers), but I know one of the ID novels makes it clear that Eve has deduced Summerset killed Roarke’s father, and that this was the only way Summerset could ensure the safety of the child he’d taken into his home. As long as Roarke’s biological father was alive, the young Roarke would remain at risk.

          2. In Portrait in Death, Eve asks Summerset if Roarke knows he killed his father. Summerset does not answer the question, but states, to the effect that there is no statute of limitations on murder.

      8. No one should be harping on a baby. Eve and Roarke already have a baby in their lives. Remember that Mavis and Leonardo have a daughter? I love the way Eve and Roarke react every time someone mentions a baby.

      9. EXACTLY! I have two families in my life. The one I was born with and the one I have made for myself. I am much closer to the family I made for myself than the one I was born with. If you want the babies read the romances!

      10. Nora,i picked up an eve dallas book by chance. And now have all the ID series. I even got my mother hooked. he would love to have a book showing the architecture. Of thier house. Its always a good debate between us. We would love to see this as a movie. We adore everyone you have published.thank you. Last year i was sick and even died at one point. So i slid in to bad depression. But your books keep me going. Thank you always. I adore them.

        1. There is a major problem with TV or movie episodes of these books. Can you honestly see any actor with the looks and presence of Roarke? I COULD have pictured Pierce Brosnan, (as Remington Steele)but he’s not young enough anymore! I realize you each have differing ideals on men, but this person is very distinct from his description, no Star Actor could fit in just for a “name”? Eve however,would gave to look like Nora..she’s who I see! Read all her books!

          1. Making any type of movie from a book series is tricky. Everyone has his/her own idea of what each character looks like and most will not like who was packed. I know I am usually disappointed when I see a movie made into a book unless it is a great movie in its own rights. The book with the gal who was on “As the World Turns” when she was younger? — Ruined reading the book later for me because she is all I could see. There was no stretching of the character because I had her stuck in my head. I don’t like that. It’s less controversial if it’s a stand-alone book or a trilogy, but with the “In Death” series being so prolific I can’t imagine many being happy with the outcome of casting. That’s just me, though.

            1. Re the idea of a movie or TV series based on the In Death novels, I’m in complete agreement with Jean Adler, who said: “Everyone has his/her own idea of what each character looks like and most will not like who was packed. I know I am usually disappointed when I see a movie made into a book unless it is a great movie in its own rights.” There are extremely rare exceptions — Gone with the Wind comes to mind right away — but usually our minds’ eyes see different pictures. I could picture Clare Danes playing Eve (even though she doesn’t look just like my own image of Eve) because I consider her to be an amazingly talented actor who can “be” whatever a role requires. But finding someone to play Roarke? There’s probably an incredibly talented actor who’s an unknown, at least in the U.S. (sort of the way Peter O’Toole was an unknown here when he starred in Lawrence of Arabia, but was already well-known in the U.K.)…but even if such a person could be found, would he be “the” Roarke, or just “my” Roarke and not “your” Roarke?

              As an aside to Jean Adler, how do you write a reply that “quotes” the post to which you’re responding? Also, can anyone tell me how to find different threads, as opposed to starting at the top or bottom of the page and scrolling endlessly until I find the comment I recall seeing that I want to look at again? Apologies for being clueless on this, but I am! Thanks so much!

              1. BettyG07: In order to find something without scrolling through everything, I use the FIND button. At the top left of your browser (IE) should be “Edit” and if you click on that there should be “Find.” If you remember a particular phrase or word, type that in and that word or phrase will be highlighted on the page and you can scroll through the posts with what you are looking for by hitting “Next.” I can find your posts, those from someone else, posts with a specific word, etc. Hope that helps. You can even find your own typos, like when I typed “packed” instead of “picked.”

          2. just looking through the posting. i have always thought that Jorja Fox from CSI would do eve proud. she has the same build and walk (inferred obviously) and always projected her character in an eve sort of way. noone could play roarke. my daughter and i talked about this and could not come up with anyone who has the right look.
            these books are read the moment i get my hands on them. the characters are fleshed out and wonderful. i want mavis’s energy, mr. mira’s hot chocolate and have perbody knit me a scarf. no children as they would change the whole dynamic. i do get a charge when belle is dumped in eve’s arms. those moments show that neither eve or roarke are ready even for the idea of children.

            keep up the wonderful work. i always know that i can escape into your world in any of the books you have written. i am just sorry i am in the northwest so going to the b&b isn’t in my future.

          3. This is really in response to Cindy’s comment

            I agree, they aren’t ready to be parents and hopefully never will be.

            Eve is completely clueless when it comes to children. She can stand up to the most horrific of the human race but is thoroughly intimidated by children of all ages. Let’s get real folks, there’s no way she’d ever stop her birth control – whatever method it is in 2060-2061 – to allow for a pregnancy to take place.
            As for adoption, if there were a child that they got so involved with in a particular storyline, they wanted to help find it a good home, they have many friends –some who could incorporate a child into their lives without ruining this series.
            This is an “IN DEATH” series. Children for Eve and Roarke don’t fit in with their characters or lifestyle.
            I, for one, am glad NR doesn’t foresee ever adding children–that would take it in an entirely different direction and change the series. Face it. We all like the series as-is or wouldn’t be reading all the books and writing in a blog about the characters. It’s
            success speaks for itself. There’s an old saying….
            “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”.

            Thank you NR for 44 wonderful books in this series.
            I have them all. I look forward to them so much, all
            but the first couple have been pre-ordered HC’s months before publication. I hope there’ll be at least another 44. Don’t worry. I’ll find or make room on my book shelves for them even if I have to buy a larger home!?

      11. Thank you, Ms. Roberts, for keeping it real with this series. The series is “must read” for me. I don’t understand why folks want to change things…perhaps they should write a series of their own. Congratulations on the success of your ability to keep so many entertained.

      12. Uh….you most likely won’t remember…but I felt so angry with a group of readers when you first started the I D series and told them you have the right to write whatever you want to.

        You sent a very nice thank you to me!

        I appreciated that!

        Now it is a bit sad that more people cannot seem to mind their own busines
        and leave you alone to continue to do what you do best.

        For me that is create some of the best plots and interesting characters I have ever read.



    2. I believe if there was Any family members on Eve’s side they would already be in the story. After having access to her FBI file, any family connections would’ve been listed out. Just as Roarke found his. I personally could never see Eve as a parent anytime in the near future. She is still learning those marraige rules for heavens sake! I love these two and always ennjoy their next jouney into death, darkness, and self discovery. Thank you Nora for the wonderful escape from my dreary life. I believe the question was what would they do with a free weekend? The cliff house in Mexico. I’m pretty sure Eve loves the runs on the beach and no Sommeret!

    3. Summerset had a family. He had a daughter named Marlena who was murdered because of Rourke…When her body was found itwas ruled “death by misadventure”. Rourke found out who had killed her and took care of them in his own “special” way. Rourke and Eve already have their family. She is “aunty” Eve to belle. That is more than enough for now.

    4. I respectfully disagree with you, and I think Nora Roberts has done an excellent job of explaining why Eve’s strength of character (and the core of her relationship with Roarke) is she DOESN’T have any other blood relatives except the monsters who were her biological parents.

      She’s brought Roarke’s big extended family into the picture, and it’s cute reading about how Eve in particular relates to the Irish kids.

      I think perhaps somewhere down the line Peabody and McNab might decide to get married and maybe have a baby? That would bring into focus the issues of how difficult it is for cops and their families to deal with the constant risk of serious injury or death. Peabody certainly seems to have “mom” instincts (they often come out in her dealings with Eve!) and just wrestling with the pros and cons of this would be an interesting way to expand the scope of her character, I think.

        1. Thanks for pointing me to that post, Laura. It’s extremely thoughtful and kind of Ms. Roberts to explain her thinking. Just to clarify my own thinking: I could envision Peabody & McNab having a child, but that doesn’t mean I believe P&M’s creator “should” go down that road. I’m hooked on these books because she writes great stories with two magnetic people in a fascinating relationship at the core, and a wonderful “supporting cast.” I can’t help but wish new stories came out more often — but whatever the frequency, I’m happy knowing the content will always be entirely the product of Ms. Roberts’ creativity, artistry and craft.

  3. Thank you for not going with the baby story line. I love the books the way they are and I just don’t picture Eve as a mother…yet.

  4. I agree with Nora… However, seeing Eve trying to protect a young child that was in danger of BEING hurt might be interesting… and not just as an investigator, but if that child needed Eve 24/7 like he/she would a parent? Would be a glimpse of parenthood for Eve and Roarke, and might open their minds to EVENTUALLY being actual parents! *Shrugs*

      1. That is exactly what I was thinking, she already did that. Twice. Nixie and the little boy whose name escapes me. Thank you for writing something so enjoyable.

          1. Eve babysitting Bella solo? Never going to happen – Summerset would NEVER permit it. LOL!
            Love this series just as it is — the murder cases are fun to figure out, and we get another layer of Eve, Roarke, and their family every time. Always a good read; it’s great that the fans are emotionally invested in the series, but I’m glad that Nora does her own plotting.

      2. But, when our Eve and Roarke DO go down the road to parenthood…. I see TWINS in the stars. Remember Roarke’s mother was a twin, and twins tend to skip a generation…… But, later. Now their dynamic is perfect!

      3. What part of “NO” do all these people not understand. Nora Roberts is the author of all these books. If you don’t like the way she is writing them, find something else to read, please, and leave Nora to write her own books. Thanks

        1. I think that Nora lights a spark in us when she makes our characters come alive in her stories….it is a whetting of the appetite . Having all these ideas for story lines and expressing a wish for such is just a fun way that some people have to anticipate the next course. It is their way of expressing our addiction and how it stimulates us all to imagine what comes next. It may seem annoying to some on this blog but I think all should be able to express their dreams.
          We can certainly count on JD Robb to feed our need for this series. Thank you!

          1. Terry I agree.
            I get so involved with the storyline and characters,
            I feel like I know them intimately. Sometimes they’ll bring me to tears, other times to laughter. All too often,
            like the characters when chasing a murderer, I won’t
            stop reading for a meal—or sleep for that matter.

      4. I agree. I have never, ever wanted Eve and Roarke to have a baby. I have never wanted long lost relatives of Eve’ s coming out of the woodwork. I think the family they’ve created is great.

        In fact, I think Bella will do just fine being the only baby among the group for a long time. So…to reiterate…..NO BABY for our dynamic duo!!!

        1. I agree that Nora Roberts knows Eve and Roarke better than we do. If she listens to her readers on this than the books would change and the characters may not be what we all have come to love so much. I kind of see Peabody and McNab having a baby WAY before Eve and Roarke . I think that we should leave the story in Nora’s more than capable hands.

      5. i suppose it is only natural that those of us who are happy in their marriage with kids and grandkids of their own, like to “inflict” their joy on others!. even today, many young couples who choose not to have kids and are constantly being hounded as to why. and while i would so love to see a baby Eve or Roarke, i understand the why not… besides, Roarke has all that family in Ireland that can come for a visit whenever they feel the need for kids.

        1. Carolynn, that’s why there are so many Childfree and Childfree by Choice groups online. You wouldn’t believe some of the comments we (the childfree) get about not wanting children. We are selfish, stupid, and self-centered. Who will take care of us when we get old? (If that’s why you have kids, I feel sorry for them!) What if your mother felt that way? (Then we wouldn’t be having this stupid conversation!) It goes on and on and on. We, the childfree, are to be pitied. We are horrible human beings. Why should we have all the fun? *snort* I just don’t get why this brings out such strong emotions. It’s my uterus, or was. “Take that thing outta me!” I said. They did.

    1. They had a bit of that in Survivor In Death with Nixie Swisher….I believe that experience had them realize that kids for them would be way in the future. No way were they ready yet.

    2. I totally agree that Eve & Roarke are not ready to be parents. If they ever were to, I would see that as the end of the series, either truly the end, but at least the end of the story as we know it. I would like to see them maybe in a situation where they/she is forced to babysit Bella for a chapter or so. I think it could be very amusing and also cement in the fact that there is NO WAY they could do this full time.

      Thanks for all the wonderful books you have given us over the years. You are truly my favorite writer. I look forward to enjoying your writing for many years to come, whether it be new or re-read material.

  5. Thank you for saying no. I love the books the way they are. It is easy to see Eve is not ready, honestly no one ever is, but there are plenty of people out there writing unexpected baby stories. Eve is about death, justice, and love.

  6. I love the fact that kids are not in the cards for Eve and Roarke right now. Eve still has issues dealing with little Belle, Mavis’ daughter. I love the dynamics of Eve and Roarke’s family. Don’t change a thing at this point, Nora. You are an awesome writer and I will continue to be an avid fan.

  7. I’m so glad she’s not going to see babies in her life anytime soon. She is a mommy pro se to Mavis’ daughter. And please….no scares with Peabody either. She is as dedicated as Eve. That said, I would like to see another trip to Ireland with Roarke’s family and maybe a plot line concerning Sommerset. I’ve always remembers one line where Eve was in a bad way and kind of went easy on Summerset while she was walking up the stairs. Roarke soon followed and Summerset said “She’s bad Roarke”. His heart really showed in that one line and I’d love to see more of that.

    As for what they would do with a free weekend? Eat, sex, eat…play with the cat, eat, sex and sleep. 🙂

  8. I love your “In Death” series. I have read them all and can’t wait for the next one to surface. However, I also read Iris Johnsen and she has managed to have characters who have children in her books. I look forward to hearing about them and their continued life stories as well as the adults in her novels. I’m just saying that I think a child, (of any age, ethnic background, adopted or not), would enhance the lives of Roarke and Eve. Just saying…. Thanks for all the hours of enjoyment with all of your variety of tales. Be it J. D. Robb or Nora Roberts…. Your grateful reader fan, Jody Ruda

    1. I’ve also had character who’ve had children in my books. Just not in these. Right now Eve and Roarke don’t need to enhance their lives with a child. They need to be married and work.

      1. Nora, I agree with you and I’m a baby person. I think that Eve would probably be unable to conceive with all the sexual assaults on her by her “father”. A young reproductive system can only take so much abuse.
        Eve and Roark have a wonderful family that they/you created. As much as I love my kids and grandkids it’s not for everyone. I can’t see it for them.

      2. I agree…no long lost family, and NO babies. I love Eve & Roarke and their exciting work and sexy marriage. Some of the books steamed up the work and was so suspenseful when they were both in life & death situations. Maybe you could season more details of their exciting life behind closed doors. Just keep doing what you are doing and they will never grow “old”, and we all look forward to many more adventures with Eve & Roarke. Thanks so much for your fantastic talent. Love all you books, but your “In Death” series is #1! Love to you & your family. Happy Easter weekend.

      3. Yup, you had. The McGregors for one and I’d thoroughly enjoyed them. Thank you.
        Oh, and the In Death series currently rule my world!!! Thank you again.
        Nicolene 🙂

      4. Exactly! Nora has other books where the characters have babies but not for Eve & Roarke!! It would end the series. I have been married nearly 30 years and we have never regretted not having children. Other people’s children you can play with and give them back.

  9. I totally agree. I can’t not see Eve with pregnant and with child. Both her and Roake goal would be to be better parents then what they had. And yes that would difficult with their life style. If readers want to see her with a child, I think she should babysit Bella for a weekend. That would be funny.

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Eve and Roarke having children would kill the series for me. I’ve been terrified that she would get the “itch” because of Mavis. So, thank you again. Regarding Eve’s family…. I’ve been kind of hoping in the back of my mind that Mira would turn up as a distant relation, but you are right that everyone around her is enough.

    1. A long lost grandmother who is nice and loving could show Eve that she did come from good and help her psyche. She knows that bad can come from good thru her work. Why not a positive in her background after so much negative albeit that she has lifted herself out and above such a terrible beginning.

      I like the stories and story lines. Keep them coming. I read the new ones and then get them on audio to listen to in the car over and over again. Thank you!

  11. I agree with you. Eve has an all ready made family. You can tell by the bonds that are shown in the book, that these people are important to her.

  12. Why do people assume being married automatically means you are to bear children?
    Personally I can’t see Eve and Roarke with a child, not to say they wouldn’t be good parents but because their lifestyle is just…not kid friendly.
    I think seeing other characters in the book have children (Mavis mainly) gives enough of a parental “spice” to the book.
    Would I read if Nora decided to give them a child? Yes! (After I was done sobbing because it’d be a huge sign the series is coming to a close) but for now I’m happy with the characters, the family they have created, and the love (and dysfunction) they share!

  13. Thank-you for not going with the baby storyline!
    I can imagine Eve and Roarke eventually finding a kid that they care about, and that’s in a similar situation as they were, and maybe taking care of them. From a distance. But to be honest, didn’t we already have that once? Roarke made sure he got a good education etc. and to be honest, if they had a child in a more permanent sense, it wouldn’t be the same stories… and I wouldn’t enjoy them as much.
    Perhaps visiting an Orphanage and there being a child in particular that they speak to and watch growing up… become Eves new Aide? But… I figure there are always more things in this series to surprise us, and a Baby would stop that. Why ruin a good thing? 😉

      1. The series is perfect except that I need a new one every month!! It is so hard to wait. But seriously–you are very brave Nora. Since when does an accredited author have to deal with DIRECT comments, suggestions and critiques from their readers of this magnitude? You’re brave alright. Your whole In Death series is my all time favorite and is perfect!

      2. But they DO care about kids in need. Both Eve and Roarke have gold hearts. Roarke cared enough for little Kevin to find him a home with Elizabeth and Richard DeBlass; and Eve cared enough for Nixie to keep her out of the system and think of Elizabeth the Richard for a home. And remember Tico? the kid who sold the scarves? she cared enough that he got a reward for helping catch the bad guys. So they do care…….as long as it’s within the story. So, folks, leave it to this wonderful writer to come up with the plots, that are mag, ultra, and out of this world. I just wish she could come up with a real sold-in-stores Auto Chef. I really HATE to cook.

  14. Nora, your reasoning, of course, is perfect. You know the characters, their passions, their reasoning of course and an author, but your logic is spot-on. I totally agree with you. Not everyone needs a child. Eve, Roark, and friends are the perfect family. I would not want to see any drastic changes in their family dynamic!

  15. It seems a bit wrong that Roarke went out and found this big Irish family and Eve has been left to slap together her own makeshift family. *I’ve* slapped together my own makeshift family but there’s something different about blood family. People might like to disagree with that but even adopted children who grew up in happy homes with perfect families yearn to find their blood. And to know that Eve will never experience what Roarke has been able to experience with his Irish family is just kinda sad.

    1. But if Eve found her own ready made big family the criticism would be it’s more of the same. Eve has no yearning to find her roots, she’s completely bewildered by all the people around her most of the time.

      Basically, since I read the series for Eve, what she’s brought into her life — how that life and her world have expanded so much since Naked in Death — makes me respect her as a character and root even harder for her.


    2. I simply don’t agree with this at all. I don’t consider the family some of us choose to make ‘makeshift’. It’s a family we choose, and that’s a powerful thing.

      I don’t feel any yearning in Eve (and I know her pretty well) for blood family.

      And not all adopted children yearn to find their blood. I happen to know a few.

      1. I agree with you, Nora. I am coming at the argument from a different angle. My fiance and I get the question about babies every single time we introduce ourselves as engaged. People get this shocked look on their faces when we say “No, we don’t want children”. And then proceed to explain why being a parent is the best in the world. Not everyone wants kids. Not everyone can conceive kids. It becomes a very awkward conversation, like they, the happy parents, are trying to convert us to their religion.
        As for adoption, right again. I was adopted. I’ve only heard bits and pieces about my sperm donor. I have no desire to seek out someone who was physically abusive to my mother, while she was pregnant with me. My dad is a terrific guy, and is a terrific daddy, and I would never seek out this deep insult by trying to connect with someone I’ve never met.
        Nora, your books are a wonder of achievement, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

      2. I like your thinking or I would not read your books since 1983. NUF said :-D!

        Instead of telling an accomplished writer what to write about, hows about these people putting all that effort into writing their own book?!

    3. But Roarke came out of one craptastically heinous person, and one good person. BOTH of Eve’s were bottom of the barrel scum. Wrong is in the eye of the beholder. I think it’s wrong to argue with, and demand, that the author change her storyline to suit what a handful of readers want, whether it’s less cussing, Eve pregnant and/or finding fluffy bunny gramma.

      1. I agree with you, Debra. Also, most people, in my experience, have at least “blood family member” whom they’d just as soon never have met! Yes, there are the lucky ones who’ve grown up in, and remain part of, a big happy “blood” family — but I think they’re the exception rather than the rule. Also, part of Eve’s growth as a person has been her ability to develop friendships with others. I don’t see those friendships as a substitute for her lack of relatives-by-blood, but as meaningful relationships.

        Incidentally, I consider my spouse to be my #1 relative (as well as my best friend) — and we certainly aren’t related by blood!

        1. Eve is lucky in my book. (Pun intended.) I had one mean, craptastically horrid parent like Eve’s; one good but silent and head-in-the-sand. I have only ever made one friend at a time, and right now it’s at zero. Lonely? Not until the last few years, and I’m getting olderish/old. I’ve usually been fine being alone. Childfree by choice. Married late. Family means nothing to me. Marrying a Roarke would scare me to death!

          1. Jean, why did you say that “marrying a Roarke would scare me to death”? I’m curious because NR presents him as pretty much the be-all, end-all of men: gorgeous, smart, witty, gregarious, knowledgeable, empathetic, loving, fantastic lover, exceedingly supportive/understanding/involved with Eve’s work — plus he’s fabulously wealthy and has great taste in well, everything! What’s not to like?

          2. Betty, I’ve never had love like that and I don’t think I would know how to handle it. I probably wouldn’t trust it, believe it, or know how to return it.

            1. Jean, thank you for explaining your perspective. Very good point! I know I’m beyond incredibly lucky to have found my “perfect someone” (though, admittedly, without the Irish accent, fallen-angel looks and incalculable wealth!).

  16. Nora,
    I love the Eve and Roark world the way it is!!
    Thanks for NOT changing it to fit reader’s needs!!
    I love your absolute honesty in tell your readers this is how it is and will be!!!
    When E and R are ready…..we will be there to hear all about it!!!

  17. I am so totally in agreement with Nora here that I had to say so! Yea! I think that there’s always too much of a rush in romances for people to rush to having kids. Having kids is not for everybody–and sometimes it needs to wait a few years. Eve and Roarke have only been married close to three years in book time, plus they’re living in a time when people are living longer and from what’s been happening in our own time, people are able to have kids in later years! I think Eve is evolving quite a bit, but she still thinks of having a baby in kind of “ewww… ” terms–like cooking it up in the womb, for God’s sakes, that strikes me kind of revoltingly! Maybe after a couple more years of being around Belle she might come around a bit more, and maybe Mavis could have another one first! Let’s see Peabody get married first, too! When …if…Eve ever takes her captaincy and starts working a desk–maybe after she turns forty or so….then if Nora hasn’t retired first….(God, I hope she never does!) …then Eve and Roarke could become parents. Let’s not rush this people! I can think of lots of things they can do on a free weekend. Money is no object—travel, beach, mountains, site-seeing, Mostly Eve just enjoys the beach and sex with Roarke, who wouldn’t! They have done that on weekends plenty of times. Oh, and she enjoys sitting back and watching ‘vids’ with Roarke, too!

    1. Children change any marriage’s dynamic at any age. As a grandmother who thought she was done raising children daily first my son’s son came to live with us and then after our daughter died in September her daughter came to live with us. We are now the “parentals.” Whenever I think about my husband being 70 and me being 55 raising a 7 yr old boy and a 15 yr old girl it boggles my mind. Thank all the Gods we learned from the mistakes we made with our kids . . . anyway, over and above that N.R. knows what she’s doing. Keep up the good work!!!

  18. Couldn’t agree with you more. To me, Eve and Roarke with a baby would signal the beginning of the end of the books. And God knows we don’t want that to happen.

  19. I agree that a kid, in any form, would change the entire dynamic of the series, and I’m glad that Ms. Roberts is standing on her “No kids” rule for now, maybe for good. While it might be briefly amusing to see Eve react to a pregnancy, I don’t feel that it would work in the long term. We’ve already seen how Eve reacts to having a kid in the house with Nixie from “Survivor.” I also agree that family is what you make of it, and Eve and Roarke have made a fine one.

  20. I agree that a baby or child right now would not be true to the characters – how would Eve & Rourke pull all nighters with a child or jet off on a moment’s notice.

  21. I agree with Nora, Eve already has a great family. A family that loves her and would do just about anything for her and she for them.
    They are so not ready for a baby.

  22. I agree Eve has her “family” around her and is not ready for a child yet and is still young enough to put it off a few years (hey Mavis said they can cure everything but the common cold) so age is probably not as much a factor as it is now but I sure hope we get to see more than just the possibility of a child should Nora/J D. ever decide to stop the series. Would love to see the pregnancy, birth and bonding with the child in the unique Roarke/Eve way.

  23. You are so right. I’m one of the “crazies” who’d love to see Eve as a momma but she has more family that most. I love these books! Thanks for your explanations!

  24. I have to agree with Nora, Eve and Roake are not ready for a baby. They are still discovering things about themselves. Not to mention Eve and Roake have only really been married for a little over two years. Nixi was one of first child to depend on Eve in Survivor in Death. Not to mention, we get to see her reactions to a baby with Mavis’ baby.

  25. I would love to see a story line where Eve and Summerset have to work together more. Imagine if Roarke disappeared? The two people most important to him would have to work together to find him. Now this wouldn’t be a murder of course but a kidnapping but imagine the two of them bonding on a certain level to bring the man most important to both of them back to the family.

    1. Sorry, not going to happen either. While the books center on Eve, Roarke’s an integral part of the story. I wouldn’t be interested in writing a book where he’s not there for the bulk of it.

      1. Thank you! Eve has suffered enough over the last few months (book time). She is still getting over the whole Dallas trip with Stella. The last thing we/she needs is to see her suffering more if something like that happened to Roarke! Now I think it would be fun if he got sick, like a mild cold or flu (just to prove he is really human, LOL) and see Eve nurse him back to health.

        1. Actually , Donna, I think if Roarke got sick, Sommerset would be the one nursing him back to health, as he’s the go-to guy when it comes to health care (as well as stocking the Auto Chef, keeping everything humming at home, handling ultra-sensitive/top-secret business matters for Roarke, etc.).

      2. Thank you for this! I adore Roarke and would miss him terribly, even if it were only for a few chapters.

      3. Amen. Everybody just needs to leave all the writing to you. YOU ARE THE BEST. I have read and re-read and re-read all your “death” books and nothing can make them better. You know the characters as they are your characters. I don’t want Eve & Summerset working together or for anything to happen to Roarke either. Keep it like you want it, Ms. Roberts. You know what you are doing and no one can do it as good as you.

    2. With Roarke’s security it would be nearly impossible to kidnap him anyway. You wouldn’t be able to get within 20 feet of him without Roarke catching a wiff.

      1. Well there are times Roarke could be vulnerable for kidnapping. All it would take is a sniper with a tranquilizer gun. Keep in mind Roarke does occasionally drive around alone especially when looking for Eve. Personally, I don’t think I’d want to see this scenario as the main focus of a story.

          1. And could we blame her, Jean. I’d turn into a turbo or super cop/woman, too, to get Roarke back. 😉

            1. Oh, I definitely would! He’s as stubborn as she is and won’t ever accept extra protection from the NYPSD. Talk about all of the emotions in Eve about this! Love, frustration, fear, some admiration, on and on from one end of the spectrum to the other. Actually, I’d have everyone I know working on a cloak of protection to put around Roarke without him knowing – but it would never work. 🙂

              So far he has done well, and I hope he lives forever. Eve, too. And the rest of “the gang.” I don’t know how I could function if they all went away. I only found them a few years ago.

              Nora, PLEASE never stop writing about them. *begging on bended knee*

  26. I’m actually 100% on board with everything you stated. To me, a child would signal the end of the series, because that would start a new chapter in the lives of Eve and Roarke, and I am nowhere near ready to see this series end. I get excited every time a new book comes out, and I love reading the next chapter of the “lives” of these characters unfold. I live your work Nora, and I am always anxiously awaiting the next adventure in the series. Thanks for that! 🙂

  27. Thank you. I don’t think they have to have kids to be complete. Also I love that they have made friends into family.

  28. I have loved reading about Eve, as an adult, adjust to family rights of passage that most go through when we are too young to appreciate it. Eve’s ability to sit and drink Mr. Mira’s hot chocolate and then let him put on the mittens made me grin for hours. I figured if they had a free weekend, they’d hit the beach, alone, because that’s what I’d do to escape a crazy, loving family and an intense job.

  29. I am thrilled to read JD/Nora’s response for it exactly matches my own thoughts on the subject. Family has (for me) never been about blood ties but about soul ties… that “link” with people that is inexplicable but forged in steel, completely unbreakable, regardless. This is what Eve and Rourke have – an enviable dynamic that more than satisfies this reader on all levels. Even the family that Rourke has discovered remains peripheral, however important, because the family that matters surrounds them on a daily basis, providing them with whatever needs they have, on a daily basis.

  30. I agree with Nora on this. Besides, in real life there are enough couples who, for whatever reason, do not have children. And they’re not all miserable and unhappy because they don’t have children. It’s possible to be happy and have a fullfilling life without children.

    As for the suggestion of Melanie Kennedy, Nora did that already in the book Survivor in Death.

    I, too, love the books just the way they are. Each new In Death book is a small present to myself and my husband, who loves to read them as well.

  31. I agree that Eve shouldn’t have a baby anytime soon, if ever! Some women don’t want or need to be mothers and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Mavis is providing the children in Eve’s life and I think that she and Roarke acting as Aunt and Uncle to Mavis’ children is enough. I would also just add that along with Mavis and Peabody being her sisters, you could add Nadine in as well. I love their little family just the way it is and I think it’s good to keep it that way!!

  32. I have not read the other comments because I have found that a lot of readers don’t “listen” very well and/or didn’t read what Nora wrote in her POV. Nora makes an excellent case for why she won’t be doing what the most popular ideas were for Eve and Roarke’s bodiless weekend. Since they are her creations even if the case wasn’t excellent, who are we to say foul? I happen to agree with everything she said. Some of the funniest things to happen in the books are the times when Eve has had to “interact” with Bella!

    Nora, I love the books and the story line just as they are. Your books are the HARDEST ones for me to wait on and I hope I have something to wait on and look forward to for a very long time!

    Thanks for everything!

  33. Amen. The author knows what she’s doing or we wouldn’t keep coming back for more. Keep up the good work!

    1. Paula, and Melissa you both said everything I wanted to say. Nora I happy with anything you write, and I’m so glad you are staying strong for your characters.
      Thank you

  34. I would have to agree the dynamics of Eve and Roarke are amazing and work. I love the there are interactions with babies and we can actually feel the stress coming off Eve but also the love. She does have a family and this family fits. Yes in theory I would love to see a baby for them. However this combination works they can spoil the children around them and still have what makes them work. As a reader or every book written by Nora/JD I can say sometimes we have to let the characters go with what works. I honestly think with as much passion and love these two have for each other there seems to be a feeling if you ass a child fulltime in their lives it will change the whole dynamic.. I don’t know just my thoughts on it. I am just eternally great full that there is a series that beats all series. I read 7-8 books a week but there is nothing like the feeling of a new book from your favorite author coming out. Keep up the fabulous work.

  35. While I love all the books in the DEATH series, and love all the characters, I think that the last book had the feel of “this is enough words for this one, ending it here”. The ending was abrupt and left way too many unresolved links to just call them teasers for the next book. I have paid full price for the books because I am anxious to get them when released, but I may rethink that. Sometimes, the “keep it the same” is perhaps just for convenience and does not allow for character growth. My humble opinion of course. Thanks for the books and good luck in the future.

    1. I’m not exactly sure what you mean, but I’m sorry you were disappointed.

      But I can say writing a book, any book, never slides into just for convenience.

      1. Ms. Roberts,
        I’m glad you made this point clear and are sticking to your guns. So to speak. I ABSOLUTELY love every In Death book! Please don’t change a thing. Eve and Rorke are not the fulltime parenting types.

      2. Keep em coming, Nora, the InDeath series totally ROCKS!
        I do have a question, though, how long did it take for you to come up with the slang and all the neat gadjets? Oh, and how about a backstory on McNab, if I didn’t mention it earlier?

  36. I totally agree with Nora – in every aspect. As for babies, Eve’s interaction with Bella is enough for me. Those scenes either tug at my heart strings or crack me up.

  37. Good idea. We love these two but often times find dynamic change to a story is not really what we wanted in the first place. We can wait for Peabody to have kids, that’s who should have them and maybe her parents show up more often. I love them too. The story line when Eve and Roarke went to Ireland and met his family and she had a park built, that is the storyline for Eve and Roarke, taking care of others and making their lives better. Eve and Roarke have a perfect (mostly) life. They do need to have more ultra vacations though! Keep the stories coming.

  38. Exactly why I love these books so much..JD/Nora’s incredible insight in creating all these characters and who they are and what they do. Just keep doing what you are doing and develop them as you see fit! I will never get tired of reading about all these people!

    Jenny in Florida!

  39. That explanation with Eve’s family just made me teary. I really admire her and I really do agree. The family she made for herself is perfect for her. I think she won’t be the Eve now if she hadn’t met all of them.

    P.S. I really enjoy reading Dennis Mira and Eve’s moment. I think It’s precious.

  40. I wish that Eve and Roarke would have an HONEST conversation about having children. Not just Roarke bringing it up and Eve ignoring it because she’s uncomfortable. Not everybody wants children, and Eve is so obviously uncomfortable with the idea. I think she needs to honestly tell Roarke how she feels, and he needs to listen, not just roll over her objections like he did in Born in Death. I f she doesn’t want children she needs to stand up and say so.

    1. It’s not like he bring it up in every book, and the couple times they’ve talked about it were meant to be more humorous than in depth. She’s simply not ready, and if she felt absolutely no, not ever not no how, I think Eve’s strong enough to say just that. It’s really nothing I feel they have to have a big discussion on at this time. It just doesn’t flow into the storyline–and frankly, would only earn me LOTS of baby responses and pleas from readers.

      1. Hi Nora, love your all your books especially the “In Death” series.. Have read them all a couple of times and will probably read them again sometime in the future… I agree with you NO babies for Eve and Roarke and no lost blood family members for Eve… Eve has a family.. They may not be blood but she loves them.. (Even Summerset I think)… Eve and Roarke are still evolving and learning to share more of themselves with other people… I love the way they work on cases together, the way their minds work… I have shed a few tears and had a few good belly laughs and hoping the series will not end for a long time to come… Keep up the great work Nora…

  41. Maybe a baby, or thoughts of having a baby, will come along about the time Eve finally accepts a Captaincy (sp?) and spends more time behind a desk than out on the streets.

    1. A Captaincy will mean that Eve would no longer partner up with Peabody as she won’t necessarily be in the field all the time. Then there wouldn’t be all the action, suspense and drama if Eve is riding a desk.

  42. Love the books I have all of them I think. When will the next one coming out do you think? Oh yes I love your other books also

  43. I totally agree, no babies for Eve and Roarke for a VERY long time. Having a baby isn’t the be-all and end-all of any relationship. Who’s to say it wouldn’t spoil what they have instead of enhancing it? Neither of them are ready, and as NR says, they already have a family – I would add in Charles as a brother as well as MacNab. They don’t need anyone else. I also don’t agree with finding a sweet old grannie – Eve has come to terms with the fact that her blood family are the pits, readers need to deal with it too. Get over it and accept it folks.

  44. I agree. Kids do change things and it wouldn’t really make for good reading if Eve slows down cause she’s waddling with a big pregnant belly. I don’t think she’s ready. I don’t think Roarke is ready. Summerset would be ready to take care of a child, but it’s not really fair on anyone if he were the main caregiver. Though I do think having a weekend looking after Mavis and Death to thaygroup mom/dad/aunt/nursery carer.

  45. I completely agree with no kid and no blood family for Eve. However, I think kidnapping Summset might be interesting because it could create some conflict of emotion in Eve. Of course, she would do her job but it might stir some conflicting feelings because she knows if it were not for Summerset, she might now have a Roarke.