SOUP-er Bowl Sunday

Note from Laura: even the strongest of friendships benefit from opposing points of view.  This is NOT how I will spend Super Bowl Sunday — but I know plenty of people whose plans concur with Nora’s.

I don’t watch football–not even the Big Game. A couple days ago my granddaughter quizzed me on basic rules and scoring, certain because I don’t watch it I wouldn’t know. It surprised her I did.

I know how the game works (mostly), but it’s not my game. I like baseball. I like baseball a whole bunch. And oddly enough, I like sports movies, and the sport doesn’t matter.

In any case, my husband watches football, and he’s been gearing up for today. Part of that was getting some heavy lifting done yesterday–for both of us. Moving a zillion books from one space to another is a major undertaking. I’ve had my copies in this area for decades–and I’ve written a bunch ‘o books. But the newly selected area will serve better–once we get it done.

shoes glorious shoesMy shoes now live on the shelves that used to hold my hardcovers–those that weren’t still in boxes (the books, that is). And this I deem good.

We worked until we both decided, jeez, that’s enough for the day. Then, most excellent timing wise, enjoyed a visit with our oldest grandson who didn’t want to go with the rest of his family on an outing. Fun for us.

But today is another day.

No hauling, so I got a workout in, then rolled up my sleeves. I promised my football guy ham and potato soup–which I’ll enjoy as well. We won’t enjoy it together. soup er bowlHe’ll be down in the family room shouting at the TV, and I expect to be reading–and maybe giving myself a facial. He will come up and excitedly tell me plays or the score–he’s got his annual bet going with his pal. I’ll make mouth noises, then go back to my book–or by that time it might be a movie.

Maybe I’ll pull out my DVD of The Natural–hey, spring training’s right around the corner.

But I’m starting my holiday Sunday early, with my book in the library. I expect to finish it, then hit my TBR pile. And that equals Super Day for me.

NFR tbr cozy read

For those of you–like Laura–who love football, enjoy the big game–and the commercials! For those–like me–who don’t, have fun with whatever you’re doing instead.

I’ve got a book calling my name.




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  1. I’m with you. Nora, just give me a good book and tell me who won the game later. Why do they yell at the TV? It can’t talk back or listen. LOL Enjoy your day!

    1. Ok so I CAN’T stand football or most other sports on T.V. that’s just me. But I SOOO get yelling at the T.V. Haven’t you every watched a scary/ action movie and yelled at the hero/ heroin or an unnamed red shirt not to do something stupid. I often yell at the T.V. while watching my favorite shows, NCIS, Bones or Criminal minds, there are just to many bad guys around every corner.

  2. That’s pretty much my day, except the morning and evening hours spent in church. I made my infamous Chicken Cheese Enchilada soup yesterday, making sure plenty will be left over for my sister to gulp down while screaming advice to both teams (since neither is her favorite). I’ll probably have the Puppy Bowl running on the tv in the living room while Julie relaxes in her room and gives me play by plays while I make mouth noises as if I were listening. I may be reading or playing on the computer or writing on my next book.

    1. Chicken Cheese Enchilada soup sounds like a very guilty pleasure. Where can I find the recipe?

  3. I like your style.You inspire me to take on my closet (that will pass quickly).I also have a stack of books to keep me company through the game.Thank you for the adventures awaiting.

  4. I absolutely love these blogs! I agree Nora, a good book is better today then the game is! I just have to say, that is a TON of shoes!

  5. Your soup looked wonderful. I hope BW wins his bet unless he’s pulling for New England Lol! I’m gonna be enjoying the commercials that I would normally mute when watching The Blacklist! Have fun Nora!

  6. LOL Nora, dh and I were trying to decide if Feb 4 or 5 will be the day when the Sports networks will start talking about spring training. We figure the networks will talk about the Super Bowl for a few days, and spring training will only be interupted for the results of Deflate-gate. *sigh*

  7. Nora, enjoy your evening of reading and movie watching! Laura, enjoy the game! As a rule, I never watch football, but I do watch the Super Bowl, only because it’s the last game and decides the prize. Oh, and for the commercials, too. Usually I don’t care who wins, but because most of the family are Patriot fans (closest NFL team to our Province, I suppose), I guess I’ll root for them. Deflategate notwithstanding! I love hockey (natch), Go Montreal! And in the spring, enjoy baseball. Go Blue Jays! Now, why is it every time you show a picture of some food you’ve made, I get an urge to cook. That ham and potato soup looks so good. Guess I’ll have to give that a try. I thought my friend loved shoes…but you win the Super Bowl of shoes prize!! Thanks for the posts. I enjoy them a lot. Have a great evening.

  8. It was great to read about your busy weekend..just love that new shoe closet!! I too will do some reading and then get myself a good movie to see. ..although my husband and his guy friends will give me a call to see the half time show which always entertaining. Hope everyone enjoys their day:)

  9. I’m not a football fan, either. I’d rather read a good book, anyday. Too bad Obsessed didn’t come out last Tuesday, for all us football widows. I’m busy on the website- putting up trivia and quote challenges. But I’m green- I LUV your shoe shelves. I’m a shoe nut- too many pairs, not enough space- they are in closets all over the house. I like the fact they are in clear boxes- this way, you can see what you have, and they don’t get dusty. Well done.

  10. I know I’m not supposed to covet things, but I covet your shoes. And I don’t even like wearing heels! My family is going over to my sister’s house to eat food and watch commercials and the half time show. And then talk to each other during the game parts. 😉

  11. I will also be enjoying quiet time with a book (BloodMagick). Finally getting some time to actually read. Hubby will be watching the game,-He’s recording it so I can watch the commercials later, without football interruption. Ahhh, Life is good!

  12. We have that in common. While my husband yells at the game, I’m spending my super Sunday with beef stew and Witness in Death!

  13. Absolutely to the books! Youtube later for the commercials.

  14. I watch the game for the commercials and half-time. I love your shoe closet!! I want one like that. Alas, I don’t have that much room for shoes.

  15. As of 3:30 in the middle of a huge snow pile on in CLE Ohio , I am sitting in my chair, kindle in hand and rereading “Celebrity in Death”. We are watching the game because we only have 1 tv and my husband will watch and cheer the Seahawks on because of family in Seattle. I watch it for the Anthem, commercials and half time show. My girls watch it for the same reason as me.
    Enjoy your Sunday

  16. Doing the same thing. Good book…crock pot going….hubby watching golf then game. Your soup looks so yummy!!!! Enjoy!

  17. Love your closet. The only sport allowed on our tv is hockey. Hockey is a 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year conversation in our house. No wonder I read a new book every 2 days.

    So today I will be reading with a movie playing in the background as they watch whatever hockey game is on..

  18. My teams are all out, so I was only planning to watch the game for the commercials. But the Super Bowl party I’d planned to attend at my aunt and uncle’s has been cancelled due to the snow (9″ and counting) we’ve gotten so far today.

    So my new plan is to work on some projects and then curl up with Justine Davis’ Rebel Prince since I’ve been waiting literally twenty years for the last book in her Coalition Rebellion series to be released.

    Looking forward to next week when Obsession in Death will be here.

  19. OMG the shoe closet! If I didn’t already love Nora this would seal the deal!

    I was going to make soup today but ended up making chili and I plan on curling up with a book before the game.

  20. i see a few empty shelves in the shoe nook…time to go shopping!

  21. That is a lot of shoes! I too love baseball…Go Cardinals! Best team out there. But I am also a NASCAR nerd, and Daytona 500 just 3 weeks away. Rubbin’s Racin’ Enjoy your book and quiet time.

  22. I have the Puppy Bowl on right now, with Immortal in Death on my lap (I’m re-reading the series). Nora, I am wondering what some of your favorite sports movies are, since you mentioned liking those. I love Miracle and Mystery, Alaska (ice hockey), Crooked Arrows (lacrosse), Draft Day and The Replacements (football), Seabiscuit and Secretariat (horse racing), The Cutting Edge (pairs skating), Stick It (gymnastics) and Bull Durham (baseball).

  23. Ha! Same exact thing here including the potato soup and the mouth noises. (not the closets though) LOL.

  24. OMG! I love your new shoe shelves. I was drooling over that picture. I hope you enjoy your day!

  25. Love the shoe closet Nora! I was perusing Pintrest earlier today and came a picture of fabulous closet that made me think of Parker Brown. I sighed in envy and scrolled on lol

    I don’t know a thing about football, nor have I any interest in being educated, but my family enjoys the commercials. So I made some game day foodies for them. This years menu includes beer and brown sugar kielbasa; bourbon whiskey meatballs; deviled eggs; chicken wings; various chips and fruit and veggie platters.

    Since I finished the food prep early enough I’ve been enjoying Sacred Sins. I see myself happily getting lost in my book while the rest of the family enjoys those commercials without me 🙂

  26. Awesome shoe closet. I’m with Nora – don’t watch the Big Game. Instead I am rereading the last couple of In Deaths to get ready for the new one. Now getting over the sinus crud going around so don’t have enough energy to do much so if I can’t be really productive, it is a good time to read and nor feel lazy!

  27. So glad to see I am not the only one who isn’t into football. I don’t understand the game and am not interested in learning about it either. I am a big baseball fan, Go Yankees. I’m sorry but I don’t get the shoe thing. For me if a shoe is comfortable that is what counts and I only have a few pairs and wear them until they wear out. I don’t wear heals and don’t ever remember doing so.

  28. I’ll tune in for the half time show then catch the commercials when they are running on facebook continuously you all enjoy your day, however you intend to spend it 🙂

  29. I am on the same page with Nora. My husband will be watching the game, with the Chicken Wings he asked for, that I am making him, along with his favorite cherry pie. I will be reading. The one thing I enjoy about the Super Bowl is the Budweiser Clydesdale commercial.
    We are dealing with approximately 11 inches of snow, with more to follow, so inside is a good place to be. It is especially nice as my husband built a fire in the fireplace. It’s nice and cozy!

  30. My team is out of the running , although my quarterback did win MVP, so I am not so into the big game. My hubby had to work today and I decided since it’s about 70 degrees out I would BBQ tonight for him. Already 1/2 way through my current book and can’t wait for the next In Death book out soon. Enjoy your day!
    PS….love the shoes…wish, wish, wish.

  31. I have no interest in the game, but will watch the start since we lived in Phx for15 years.
    Love your shoe storage! I spent the day grooming my 5 shelties…a perfect day for me!!

  32. I will do both watch the game/commercials and read a book. Although I do love the movie The Natural. I first fell in love with Robert Redford because of that movie.

  33. I’ll be souping, snuggling and reading too. Football is not my sport either. I’ll be reading while my hubby is watching. Already watched the Kitten and Puppy Bowls. Had my sports for the day. Your show collection is impressive!!

  34. I’ve just switched over to Downton Abbey so am a happy camper.
    Have taken on a long overdue clothing purge and now know the meaning of shopping your closet, since I found some sweaters that I had no recollection of buying. 6 bags on the way to Goodwill and I’ve just touched the surface. This project seems taxing and emotional, but I’m sure it will feel terrific when it’s done. I will NOT be doing any purging in my TBR pile in the basement, despite pressure from spouse, as he is not at all a collector of things. My current read is Patricia Cromwell’s newest. Have not read her in a while, so it’s good to catch up. Thanks for giving us the peak into your world, Nora.

    1. I particularly like finding clothing (like Ralph Lauren, Talbots,etc.) at GOODWILL with the tags still attached. It makes room in my budget for the purchase of accessories to set off clothing combinations and allows the creation of a nearly a new wardrobe every few years with no guilt, Please, everyone, if it doesn’t fit or appeal to you–share the wealth–donate to a worthy cause

  35. I have combined socializing with neighbors over lots of great food, the game going on in the background–and– quiet time with my service dog and books. I started reading Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb books a couple of months ago. More and more I wanted to read earlier versions of the Eve-Roarke relationship, Yesterday in the middle of reading “Celebrity in Death” a book order arrived. Today I started “Rapture in Death”. What a pleasure! There are so many scenes introducing life in 2058. Many mystery thrillers have good characterizations and plot. I have a reserved place on my book shelves for Jeffery Deaver’s Lincoln Rhyme series with its enveloping level of detail. I have been recently enjoying the J.D. Robb series. What I particularly appreciate about “Rapture in Death” is the setting. There are many references to life in 2058 which tease my imagination into picturing the details and even digressing into enhancements. I would like to read more scenes in future books that describe life in the 2060s. I appreciate an author not only keeping me avidly turning pages to follow the plot but also keeping me in the moment so I am not tempted to skim descriptions eager to follow only the characters and the plot. The ability of an author to both keep readers “iimmersed” in the plot and still able to participate in the detail with a sense of watching as much as reading is, for me, the height of reading enjoyment.

  36. Nora whatever you write I’ll read. You always make your subjects seem so real they could be setting right in the room with me. Just keep on doing your thing for I love it.

  37. 17 days till pitchers and catchers report. 26 days until we arrive in Arizona for 6 days of Spring Training games!

  38. I’m with you, Nora! I’m not a football fan either and I stopped going to the parties for the food. I read some of Convincing Alex, then, because I lost a lot of sleep over the weekend, fell asleep around 7:15. I’m not even sure I know who was playing. My husband and son went to our neighbor’s house. I just have never understood the draw of football. I like baseball and cycling myself.

    That’s a pretty amazing closet. Dare I ask where the hardcovers went?

  39. As an equal opportunity sports watcher, I’m down with all of it. Baseball? Yes! Football? Yes! Soccer? Yup! I’m game (<— See what I did there

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