Mondays Happen

I’ve decided not to feel guilty that my own purging hasn’t been as thorough and systematic as Nora’s.  In fact, I assuaged my guilt by deciding to read The Liar (out in April) and telling my husband I was working all weekend.  ~Laura

Sometimes I wonder how. But here we are, back at the start of the week. And it’s snowing again. It’s pretty from my office window–and I’ll dive back into the book shortly and won’t notice it anyway.monday snow monday snow 2

I’m hoping the week will be as productive as the weekend before it.

Purging moving right along. We tackled the Laundry Room–or as it has become: The Dumping Ground.

I made him watch a “how to” video about tidying up, I recalled this video after wseeing an ad for those domestic cleaners Bournemouth & Poole on TV. Just to get him on the right track.
I really hate that, but at least there’s satisfaction after spending a couple hours getting rid of stuff that has no business in there. Had to enlist BW on this one as most of the stuff that had no business in there ended up there by his hands. Why, I had to ask him, is this ancient computer monitor in here, under the shelves were I keep kitchen tools and such that are needed but used rarely?

He couldn’t say, but out it went, along with two old DVD players and other assorted electronics that had passed their prime. All will now be given away or recycled. And best, they’re out of my space.

Fortunately, once we started, he was as happy as I was to move things out, put the room back in order. And best of all, it’s done.

I tackled my office alone, and had to ask myself a variation of what I asked BW. What is this doing in here? More satisfaction as my office hasn’t been this clean in a year. So I’ll start this work week in a good space.

soup on sundayI made us both happy on Sunday and put together a big pot of tortilla soup. Nice, as we’ll have leftovers on this snowy Monday, and I can stay at my desk a bit longer without worrying about what’s for dinner.

Wherever you are, and whatever’s outside your window, I hope you had a satisfying weekend. And are ready for the start of a new week. I’m thinking of this Monday as a fresh page. Now let’s see what gets written on it.


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I love having this little window into your world, Nora. My little cousin was over at my home yesterday and as we were chatting it was discovered that we are both big fans or yours. We were talking about our Irish family and how she wants to travel to Ireland. She started saying “Well, I like these books, by this author that always has Irish characters, with a little magic and romance – and they are usually set in Ireland, and I just love them”. I pretty much SQUEELED “NORA ROBERTS!!!” And we had a dance celebration over our new found link. To which I ran off and collected The Bride Quartette, The Boonsboro Trilogy and a few other books I had read and was happy to hand to another happy reader 🙂 Have a great day!!!

  2. No snow down here in Florida but a rainy saturday but a nice sunday. So it was a half and half weekend as my hubby likes to say! We tackled the kitchen removing wallpaper and still have more to do before painting. We did clean out all the draws and cabinets before we started. Purging is fun and makes everything look so organized….love it! Your soup looks soooo good! Will look for a recipe for it and try it!

  3. We’ve recently moved to a new home in a new town, after many years in one place. We’ve been married 32 years now, and it’s almost painful how much sh… hmmm. I mean, how much stuff we have managed to accumulate in that time. I thought we’d sifted and sorted and whittled down the piles before moving, but as we slowly unbox and try to settle into this new house, bringing up boxes one by one from the huge basement to unpack and put away upstairs, I keep finding more and more sheer crap that should never have been moved. And wondering what on earth we’d been thinking when we shoved it into boxes. I can empathize with your befuddlement as you unearthed the mysteries in your laundry room and office.

    And I enjoyed reading about your pleasure in having tortilla soup on hand so you can have leftover soup for supper. I love soup, but even more than that, I love leftovers! As much as I enjoy cooking, I think I enjoy knowing that I don’t *have* to cook tonight because I already cooked a night or two ago even more.

  4. Thanks for sharing…..every one of your productive writing days leads to one of our own as we get to enjoy the results.

  5. We are going to get hit sometime tomorrow with the storm blasting New England today. Not a big fan of snow, let alone winter, but what can you do LOL! Today is sunny but verrrrry cold -13C.
    Thanks for the uplifting purging post. Getting me inspired for Spring when I hope to do the same.
    Your last post inspired me to make turkey soup. But I had to cook a turkey first as I didn’t do one at Christmas, since we weren’t going to be home. My son’s wife was having surgery last week, so I made enough for them, and some other family favourites, too, for when she gets home. Nothing like the aroma of soup simmering or diving into a NR book to forget about these cold winter days. Thanks for your wonderful stories!

  6. Greetings from snowy Ohio! I am no longer a fan of winter and refer to it as “the season of my confinement”. However, it s a wonderful time to clean, sort, and organize…very therapeutic. My reward and my mission this winter is to catch up with the “Death Series”. Just finished “Strangers in Death”…one of my favorites so far! I absolutely adore Roark and his soul mate, Eve. Guess there are positives to the season!

  7. I’m a major fan of winter, especially with snow. Perhaps that’s because of where I live there is snow once every ten years or so. Sigh.

    I can happily live through your descriptions however, and love to read your posts. It’s as if you are next to me talking.

    Looking forward to learning what appears on that page!

  8. Pretty tame here in the Hoosier state weather wise. Sounds like you may be in for a few inches;) Be safe and warm.

  9. We are waiting for a couple of inches of the white stuff here in Richmond! A good reason to curl up with Naked in Death. I am starting back at the beginning and re-reading the entire series. I just love them all! Thank you for these hours of enjoyment, Nora!!

  10. Read on Saturday, did shopping and got ready to hunker down for the storm on Sunday. Did laundry and ironing today. Have a couple of spare computers that we wonder why they are still around. Also plan to go through my desk and clean it out. We still have boxes that need to be unpacked from moving last summer. Plan to tackle those. Always something.

  11. Love the updates & pics too.
    Thank you for taking time to post these…
    Happy writing!

  12. I purge, too, but stuff still keeps coming – most but not all of it medical (i.e., hospital bed). Monday was good – half a chapter done. Tuesday, DH’s dr app’t, which killed four hours in my most productive timeframe. C’est la vie. I have The Liar to look forward to when I’m done with this book. Happy writing, Nora!

  13. My husband made tortilla soup too this past weekend. Being a vegetarian, he made mine without chicken. I could eat it the rest of winter. I also finished reading Black Hills. Loved it. Good luck with the rest of your purging!

  14. Doesn’t it feel as though you’re able to take a deep breath after a cleaning spree such as this one? I absolutely LOVE the feeling. Just last week, I encouraged (threatened, whatever, to-ma-to/to-mah-to) our 8-year-old to clean up the room he shares with his very tidy 12-year-old brother. Took a couple hours & some trash bags, but now it’s finished… Until next time. Unfortunately, I can’t threaten my husband because… Well, I’m not HIS mom. He’s the WORST hoarder! He’s a hot mess! Good thing he’s handsome. And amazing. Otherwise, I’d have to cause some serious bodily harm!

    Btw, since I live in Southern California, where its freakin’ hot ALL. THE. TIME, I LOOOOOVE seeing those snow pictures! Seems like a dream!

  15. Hi Nora and Laura!
    I just had a baby (well, seven months ago), and I thought I had “nested” well and gotten rid of so much. Now I wonder what I was doing those nine months!! Hearing about your thoroughness makes me want to start again! Keeping track of baby clothes is one chore I do not enjoy (think keep, consign, or donate).
    I love a good snowstorm to slow everything down and snuggle in at home!
    Enjoy your soup,
    Kandace from Kansas
    PS. I just read the new book blurb- AMAZING! Can’t wait to read it!!

  16. Love reading about the purging that you are doing. It started me doing the same, thank you Nora.

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