Some Days Just Suck

When a day planned for the keyboard and the book ends up being spent in the car and in two dentist’s chairs–with the bonus of a root canal–it definitely sucks.
But I now know I can get from my pajamas into street clothes, slap on enough makeup as to not frighten small children in approximately five minutes. When the goal is to make an emergency dentist appointment at an office forty minutes away (if no slow pokes hog the road in front of me), with fifty minutes to make it with a banging tooth, it can be done.
I’m grateful my guy squeezed me in so fast, and when the issue required the specialist, they booked me an appointment the same day. Enough time to get to the pharmacy in Boonsboro to fill the Rx for antibiotics–and pop the first of those suckers in the parking lot. Enough time to consider running back home to get the phone I left, in my rush, on the kitchen counter, then scrap that and live dangerously.
So a couple hours poking around at Turn The Page before driving back to Hagerstown, and into another dentist chair. But got the four tubs of books signed while I was there.
I don’t like needles–who does?–but I’m thinking: Jab that thing in there and numb this bitch. And ahhh, numbness=relief of pain. And the endless drilling will mean fix. This is not my first root canal, and I try to find my Zen. Not an easy task, but you gotta try.
Six and a half hours after my mad dash out of the house, I’m home again. Yay.
I find it almost inevitable that a crazy tooth thing will explode on me over a weekend. Is this a test of character? I’d like to skip it next time.
However, on Saturday it was just sore and annoying, with my plan to call for help on Monday morning. It wasn’t bad enough I skipped my workout. In fact the workout was a nice distraction. Domestic stuff also distracted. Time to shovel out the rest of the holiday stuff, start putting the house back together.
I’m having my living room furniture reupholstered–Kayla is pleased with me here–so my empty living room echoes.
With my house back in shape, and my man preparing to have an evening with football, I get myself ready for A Night With Nora at the inn.

We’re going to do a little meet and greet over wine and cheese, then a Q&A, then some photos. An easy, fun evening–despite the crap weather. It’s warm and cozy at the inn, so who cares about the ugly, chilly rain spitting outside?

A rapt audience.
Nancy and Nora.
Group shot — though Nancy had gone upstairs.
I think we all had fun. Enough I’ll definitely consider doing this again. We had husbands and wives, mothers and daughters, girl pals–such a nice, happy mix of people. And the ice held off, so driving home wasn’t bad at all.
However, waking up before dawn with a tooth banging like a hammer? Not fun. Working out distracted, a little, and I started my annual purge. Gotta keep the mind off the banging! I hit my One More Room, which is always satisfying. Then my shoe closet. I think my friends who wear size seven will be pleased.
I decide to make soup because I know I’m going to need it.
Kayla has her State champion cross-country team here for a little celebration–and the surprise of State Champ jackets Nana and Grandda bought. In rural area schools, especially, football gets all the bucks. These girls ran hard, and deserve their rewards.
I can hear them chattering and laughing down in the family room–this is after a scavenger hunt outside, and a trip from here down to the mailbox at the start of our lane. A quarter mile. The coaches come up to thank me while I’m cooking–and happily say they expect Kayla to use that quarter mile for training over the summer.
The team gets to swim, eat pizza and snacks, enjoy each other. These are, seriously, delightful girls.
I pop Motrin–and actually consider taking one of BW’s pain meds. Sanity comes back when I calculate he’s got fourteen inches and about ninety pounds on me. I’ll stick with Motrin and add some wine to that.
Can’t pop the Motrin for another four hours, but you can always pour another glass of wine. I do.
Colt comes up to hang with me. He’s had enough of girls. Nana doesn’t count! So he eats his pizza at the counter while I cook, and distracts me from the banging.
The girls come up to give me a framed picture of the champs. I’d just told BW I wanted to get a picture, and boom–wish granted. And they’ve all signed the mat inside the frame. I love this, a lot.
I’ll say again, absolutely delightful girls with caring, devoted coaches. Kayla chose well–and we’re told qualified to run in the County meet (she’s doing indoor track over the winter) this Friday.
Run, Kayla, run!
When the soup’s simmering and the house is quiet again, I decide to get into my pjs and watch bedroom tv. Actually fall asleep for about twenty minutes. Pain is lessened. I know–from experience–this means the abscess is leaking, relieving the pressure. I don’t really care as the pain’s gone from ringing the bell at ten to about a five. I’ll take it. And the soup BW brings me on a tray.
So a crappy, annoying weekend can still have it’s high points and bright spots. And now it’s in my rearview mirror. Bye-bye!
My jaw is sore and tender this morning, but that’ll pass. And there’s always wine at the end of the day! It’s gloomy out–the world outside my office window is gray and brown. I don’t have to go out into it. Instead, I’m going inside a story–the best distraction ever. And may just write in my pjs all day.
Best job in the world!

32 thoughts on “Some Days Just Suck”

  1. Oh, Nora — take good care and don’t overdo. Hope you get to 100% very soon. Thanks for all you do for us — it’s so appreciated, and sometimes we take it for granted. Glad you were able to sign the tubs o’books . . . and thanks too for sharing Kayla’s grand news. Have a great rest-of-the-week. (PS – I’d have nicked one of BW’s tabs . . .)

  2. I know how it feels, had the same problem, but dentist couldn’t do anything so had to take antibiotics for a week , problem was I was leaving for a holiday 2 days later and wouldn’t be back for 2 weeks. Ache lessened after a week, but on return had to have the tooth extracted, and gap stitched. So my heartfelt commiserations, hope you feel much better by now.
    And thanks for a little glimpse into what must be a very busy life that you lead.xx

  3. Please take care of you. You’re right, some days just totally SUCK!! But it sounds like you made the best out of a really bad situations. Enjoy your rewards❤❤

  4. Nora – I can’t thank you enough for the Saturday night with you. To find out that you had a bad tooth and came anyway makes it even more special. It was more than I dream come true. Michelle and I (mom) had a wonderful weekend and spending time with you at the Q & A was so much fun. After we went to Dan’s taproom with some others and we were the last ones in the bar.

  5. I have this philosophy – nothing ever breaks – either outside the body – like the AC unit, or the refrigerator – or inside the body – like a toothache – unless it’s Friday or Saturday night!!

    Here’s to your quick and quick healing – and while you may believe you have the best job ever – I tend to think that we – your readers – are the recipients of the best writer ever!

    1. I agree with everything you wrote, Susan. You left out holidays, though. I lost ~4 pints of blood over Thanksgiving holiday days. And… I just now broke the edge off of a molar while eating lunch. Argh.

  6. Nora, one of your many audiobooks is my companion for any dental work, with my thumb on the volume to drown out those stressful dental sounds! Glad your ordeal is behind you.

  7. Oh my, this was not a great weekend! I feel what you did for your granddaughters team was extra special. Yes our little town puts it funding into football also. I so hope you are on the mend. As you said, “Rear view Mirror.”

  8. Happened to me over a weekend. Was ready to take the pliers and pull the tooth myself. Treated myself to a milkshake and nap afterwards. Feel your pain, Nora.

  9. So glad that that’s behind you. Nothing else can take over your life more than a rotten tooth. I needed a post and crown w/mine, so think that it could always be worse. I have many friends our age, who’ve needed implants- another reason to be grateful, if you are not one of them. That’s a long painful process.

    You are really some badass, if you can host a teens party, and a meet and greet, all while feeling under the weather. I forgot about the purging and the workout- though looking at that photo, you are more in shape than everybody else. You just want us to know, what a superwoman you are. Message received- loud and clear.

  10. Oh poor thing. I hope you are 100% real soon. It’s amazing how you can go through something like that with such grace and good humor.

  11. Nora talking about getting behind a poky driver reminded me of an incident that happened to me. I was on the highway driving to my cousin’s wedding. This was back when the speed limit was 55. All of a sudden we end up in a long line of cars. We go past the first car in line one at a time. I was shaking my head when I found out the person holding up the line was my grandfather.

  12. If anyone had a good reason to cancel her granddaughter’s party, it was you and you didn’t. Major points for you! Inherited tooth problems have me feeling your pain. I’ve found brewed tea to be a real help with that never-ending ache. Good luck.

  13. Oh boy, do I sympathize with you! Have a life-long “thing” about dentists from the time the braces were slapped on at 14 (now 86)! So glad you’re now pain free and able to write — am on a 20-day countdown to Echoes!!! Take care and be well.

  14. I’m so sorry for your ordeal. Been there myself and it’s never fun! Best wishes for your recovery. I’m looking forward to the rewards of your talent to keep me going after my surgery tomorrow. Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb have carried me through a lot. Thank you, thank you!

  15. Oh so sorry for the tooth ache.. I think I would rather give birth than go through with a tooth ache. I’m deathly afraid of the dentist. The needles and drills just scare me. They have to pretty much knock me out to do any work. But your my hero, to be able to still do workouts, and cooking, and annual purging on top of pain. Hope for a speedy recovery..

  16. I’ve been very ill for the last two years, Drs and specialists are running multiple tests with no answers and I’ve become basically bed ridden for most of the day, only to be unable to sleep at night.
    I have re-read my In Death collection multiple times, it’s a comfort and when a new book comes out it’s like a little holiday from the pain and discomfort.
    I don’t think that would work for Nora though, reading herself? Nah, better stick to the wine . . .

  17. Hope you are feeling better. Kayla and her team are lucky to have such a giving Nana. Take care and hope to see you at the Feb signing. (I broke my ankle and may not be able to make it this time, but will see how it goes). Take care.

  18. Oh Nothing I don’t think is worse than a banging tooth. I feel for you. So glad that it is all over.

    Congratulations to Kayla and her team!!! That is awesome news and ooooh I loved the photo of the girls. What a wonderful gift. I bet that they loved the jackets and yes I would say that they deserved them.
    Have a wonderful week! Beth

  19. Nothing beats dental pain for getting one’s attention …no way can one turn way from it! I am so impressed by all you did…me…I would have wallowed and whined! Yours was a far better solution!

  20. I am glad you got the problem fixed and wish you a quick recovery! I liked the makeup comment. I always say I wear makeup as a public service! I was in the hospital for 19 days one time and they called me glamour girl because I put on makeup every day! Just because I was sick didn’t mean I wanted to look sick.

  21. Pls how I be getting your books here in Nigeria? Am so bored without the in death series

  22. My day is sucky, so here I am. I am sort of stealing/hogging this thread. It’s one of those days where I have some energy but I just keep dabbling with things and not finishing any of them.

    I don’t need to cook – plenty of food in the cabinets, fridge, and freezers. I’m not hungry anyway. At 5’9″ the scale says 118. Nobody knows why I am losing so much. “It’s a baffling mystery.” -Cindy Brady on Brady Bunch.

    I am dropping everything I pick up. I said this morning that I was just going to sit on the floor so I would be right there when I dropped something.

    The sun is shining after a morning rain, and it is 64 degrees outside. I keep layering clothes on because I am chilled to the bone. I have 3 different jammies on. And Oh My Hair!

    I plan to get into a hot bath and start listening to the new book when it gets here. That will perk me up.

    (I want a dog!!!!)

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