Bright Spots

We’ve had a gray and gloomy couple of weeks. The sun took a winter holiday and left us in dim and dank for far too long. Cranky rain, a little ice storm, and late night a dusting of snow.
I’d rather have the snow. At least it’s white and bright.
I may not notice the gloom so much when I’m into the workday, but before and after–gloom, gloom, gloom.
Gotta find those bright spots elsewhere.
A friend gave me some narcissus she’d started forcing–so sweet. And now they’re tall and lovely and give me one of those little bright spots. Another gave me an amaryllis I’ve just started. Can’t wait to see it grow and bloom.
I’ve been purging every weekend–and leaving myself brighter spots as I go. I really have to stop buying scarves–I won’t, but I really should. And jackets. I try not to leave the house, so why do I need so many scarves and jackets?
And yet.
A big bright spot was dinner with the kids. Not much brighter than happy, chatty kids–and all with excellent report cards. As Nana pays for As, they’re currently rich, happy, chatty kids.
Kayla came to hang with me on Saturday–more bright–and I had bread dough rising, a pot roast with the trimmings on the simmer. Since I had the girl, why not purge the bathroom–and my makeup drawers? Much more fun with a girl pal, and one who loves samples (I had a ton) and makeup as much as I do. She left with a bag that made her happy, and I’m left with more organized drawers and baskets, making me happy.
Sourdough with sesame and poppy seeds.
Pot roast for BW.
And BW’s happy with a pot roast for dinner. Good deal all around.
More purging Sunday–one more weekend should do it–then . . . is that the sun? I believe it might be. For a minute or two anyway.
Logan asked me to come to his basketball game–and how could a Nana say no to that? BW had a photo commitment. He’d entered some photos in the annual contest the Washington County Museum holds. He’d meet us if he could.
Lots of games scheduled in the Boonsboro High School gym. I get there as one’s nearly over. Nice for Logan his mom’s parents came, too. And his sister and little brother. We can hang out on the bleachers until it’s his game time and form a solid rooting section. And just before, here come’s Grandda–feeling pretty bright himself as one of his photos took best in Washington County.
Logan’s not a big guy, but with his recent growth spurt–he’s just past the five foot mark now–I note Number Two is no longer the shortest on the court. He’s little, but he’s fast and feisty!


Nana’s action shot from the bleachers.
Ready for the rebound.
The kids are good, and I like that the bleachers clap or respond to good plays by both teams. Good sportsmanship starts with coaches and parents. These are good sports.
Logan’s team won, both teams played hard and well. More bright spots in him getting many rebounds–and scoring two baskets. Biggest bright spot of the day, his flushed and happy face when we hug goodbye.
Now the weekend’s behind me, and the workweek begins. In the gray, apparently. No sun out there today. So my bright spot will be the book that’s going pretty well, no need to put on a scarf or a jacket and–at least on this Monday morning–a reasonably well ordered house.
That’ll do. I hope if you’re caught under these gray skies you find the bright here and there.

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  1. As fellow grandma , I also pay for grades. Not necessarily As only ; but if they can look me in the eye and tell me they did their best. I would much rather pay for good efforts now than trouble later. Love your writings , thank you for sharing your books and a glimpse into your world. Especially as a new Marylander , I relate to your writings .

  2. Enjoying the special “moments” is so important..and I think that the older we get we more we understand how to embrace those moments. Making a great dinner and sharing it with those you love…spending time with grandkids…watching a spring bulb grown and bloom..just can’t find anything better. Well, maybe Spring and getting out to garden. Sometimes at the end of the day I jot down in a notepad some of those special moments…certainly changes my frame of mind. As always, thanks for sharing.

  3. Good morning Nora
    From Wales in the UK.
    Its grey with drizzle here, so guess what I’ve been doing??
    Sorting Wasgij Jigsaws, the once to pass on to the Granddaughter, and the once that I still have to do when I get the time.Granddaughter is 18 this year and doing first year in college, so a big present I think for her 18th. I used to pay for good scores, and it did give them an incentive to try and get A’s or B’s.
    Nana’s don’t seem to be any different throughout the world.
    Thanks for the glimpse into your daily life, I love the anecdotes..Ta.

  4. I loved watching my boys play sports. Now I watch my grandsons play soccer when I can and that’s always a treat. Nothing better than seeing smiles from grandkids! Congrats to Bruce for his “win”. He is an amazing photographer.

  5. I’m a nana also, my 6th grader got High Honors , so had to send a little more then I normally wood. I sent the other 3 grandkids checks for honor roll. This doesn’t usually happen to all 4 at the same time.

  6. Something about January brings in the purge in all of us…so off to the curb with an overflowing tote…what made me think I still needed my old lecture notes??? And clothes and books went off to Savers! Still cannot part with my Nora’s though,!!

    Gray becomes overwhelming …the downside to living near a Great Lake!

    Nothing beats the winter blahs like rooting for the home team!!!

  7. In my part of the world, we get winter inversions – smog and very cold temps. No sun, as we’re in the valley between two glorious mountain ranges, the Wasatch and the Oquirrhs (part of the Rockies). The powers that be are always asking workers to carpool or work from home to help alleviate the particulates formed by exhaust. So, here I sit – in the muck – it’s 18 degrees – wishing for a trip to Park City to get out of the gloom. I think I’ll be one of those “work from home” peeps today. Just can’t see going outside.

    Glad you found something to blossom in your neck o’ the woods. Maybe I’ll find mine at home with the Labs. Happy week! (You too, Laura!)

  8. We FINALLY got a nice clear day here in southern Ontario. It has been dark and gray for weeks. It was beginning to drive me crazy. Of course with the clear skies it got COLD. My purge bug also got a hold of me today, the mess on my desk reached my critical point and i just had to do something.

  9. I too love the time spent with my grandchildren. The next three days I will be babysitting my grandson (15 mos) and this coming weekend I will spend time with my granddaughter (9 yrs).

  10. One of my amaryllis bulbs sprouted just this week! Every year I swear I’m not going to keep them and every year I re-pot and drag them (four) back indoors for the winter. Then the miracle happens just when the weather’s at it’s worst. Reminds you that soon your hands will be back in the dirt, and spring’s on the way. Congrats to the kids and BW! The picture of the bread has me drooling.

  11. Good for Logan. And good for you get flowers in this dismal winter, gray weather. The DH bought me a African violet last week, while out grocery shopping . I do hope I do not kill it as I am blessed with black thumb. I am babying a orchid I got last Easter and a planter of coleus I saved from last fall that was on the porch all summer, so far they are all alive.

  12. There’s nothing like grandkids to bring sunshine into our lives. One of mine, a strapping 25 yr old, just got engaged, & it’s so nice to see him happy, & add a new girl to the family. As for the rest of the time, when i’m not working, there’s nothing like the anticipation of a new ID book- it brings the sunshine into my life. So, thank you and thanks again for all the joy you bring us.

  13. Just finished reading Loyalty in Death. My second time in less than a year to read through your In Death series. Always find something new in them, ? I was struck by a lot of thoughts and situations in the story that reminded me of the situation our wonderful nation is going thru right now. Love all your books but the In Death Series is my favorite! That was my bright spot today snuggled in my chair reading. Always enjoy your blog and the pictures. Being a grandma, as well, I spend a lot of time at sporting events. Another bright spot in my world!? Hope you get some sun soon and congrats to your husband and grandson on their victories!

  14. Congratulations Logan and BW always nice when you can walk away with a win. Glad to see good sportsmanship if we all could do that wouldn’t it be a better world. Here to more bright and sunshine days ahead.

  15. Thank you for sharing and giving us an insight into your life. Many think of famous people as being different but when you read about their lives, they have the same things going on as we do. Very comforting! Congrats to Logan and BW! Congrats to you for being on a purge cycle. That is what I need to be doing.

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