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  1. I can’t wait for the new book I just re-read the whoke series for the 2nd time
    I think I may re-read them for the 3rd time

  2. Thank you Nora! I so needed my fix of Eve and Peobody. And no I don’t like DeWinter much either. And it’s totally about Li.

  3. Finally, Dallas and DeWinter together on a case! Can’t wait for September!!

  4. Again, WOW! Cannot wait, and coming out around my Birthday!

  5. It’s good! Eve and the anthropologist verbiage. Eve’s shock when she, discovers her boots cost $6000! Almost coming to an agreement to tolerate one, another, mainly because they both care for Morris, then the gossip columnist comes, staggering out traiiing, blood and they both jump into action aided by a civilian doctor. But, they’re too late to save the vic.
    I can see where this is going to build. Larinda is going to have something on Eve or Roarke, whether true or not. The killer is going to go after other high profile people, maybe try blackmail, then kill whether they pay or not

  6. Can’t wait for the book, but not ready to be back to school by the time it comes out. It’s a ?/? struggle for sure. Thanks for the excerpt ?

  7. Do we really HAVE to read until September? Really? I NEED this book. I need the escape right now.

  8. It’s great so far. Can’t wait until the book comes out. As usual I was immediately caught up in the story.

  9. Thanks so much for this. I’ve reread the series countless times, but not recently, so it’s nice to get into the groove again. Now i can’t wait till September.

  10. i’m looking forward to this book, it looks like De Winter may become part of Eve’s ‘family”.

  11. Ha!!! Talk about timing! I literally just finished “Glory in Death” as part of a re-read binge, where Larinda in introduced. Talk about the “I just saw her response” when hearing about the death of an acquaintance…… cmon September!

  12. I love the In Death series.
    Proofreading note, page 3, paragraph 8, delete the d in “race” to read “mixed race” rather than “mixed raced.”

  13. I like having the excerpts. There is one problem. After I read them, I want the book NOW more than ever.

  14. OH WOW only have to get through the summer. I was holding my breath at the end.

  15. I have a question: I’ve been racking my since I read the excerpt this morning, and I cannot, for the life of me, remember if much info about Roarke and Dr. DeWinter’s relationship was provided?!?! I remember they knew each other from 5-6 years ago when we first met her in Concealed but I don’t remember if it was ever expanded in the books after. Can anyone refresh me, please?

  16. Prior to each book release I tell myself not to read the preview chapter, but I can’t help myself. It makes the next few months seem like forever? But thanks ?I loved it!

  17. Looking forward to this as I do for every new story! Saw a line that needs editing on Pg 18 ‘“Peabody, I need to you get the statement and contact information of the guy next to the DB’ – the words ‘to you’ need to be reversed.

  18. I’m currently doing a re-read of the In Death series as I am so pumped about this release! Thank you so much for giving the world Roarke and Eve..I absolutely adore the characters of this futuristic NY and can’t wait for the next installments!

  19. Love all your books. Look forward to new ones. Would love to meet you. I live in Hagerstown and have been to your Book Store in Boonesboro. You could publish a J.D.Robb book every month. Just can’t wait for them to come out. Keep on writing.

  20. Haven’t read an “In Death” book in awhile; this sounds like a really good one to begin reading the series with again. Enjoyed all the previous books I have read. Regina Savage

  21. I’ve just reread the last 2 In Deaths which is what I do every time there’s a new one coming out. Looking forward to this one ❤️❤️. I like the way it’s started with Eve & De Winter marking demarcation lines in the sand. Makes it interesting for the future!!!!

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