Postcards from the summer

Good morning all!

The blog laid dormant  for a few weeks as summer (and deadline) caught up with Nora and I took the time to start considering how else to use this space.  The quiet is about to change as  we’re less than a week from Nora’s 2017 travelogue, this time from Cote d’Azur and Provence.

Here’s a quick catch up:

After New York with Logan, Nora planned to finish writing the 2018 hardcover romantic suspense before leaving for the family trip to the spa.   She ended up working 12-14 hours a day for nearly two weeks in order to meet the goal, and she did.  Shelter in Place went off to her editor on a Sunday morning and she left for the spa less than 24 hours later.

(Did you catch the title?)

The entire group did a paint session and BW sent me the results:

Then it was home for a few days and a dip in the In Death waters for the second 2018 book before the TTP 22nd anniversary signing, the Fall into the Story brunch and our trip to The Greenbrier.

( NO TITLE on that In Death yet — it’s barely started.)

The signing was a lot of fun and the authors had a wonderful time.

Brunch, as always, was a delight.  It’s so much fun to have a little more time to chat and share stories than we do at the signings.

I took the annual panorama of the entire group at the end of the brunch.

The next day, we were off to The Greenbrier for a week of work and relaxation.  Oh, and games.*  Nora, Ruth and I arrived first and took a quick, silly selfie to send BW.

We settled in, welcomed Kat and our Sarah, unpacked, got to know our engaging ghosts (the suite was full of excited energy that wasn’t just ours), and then planted ourselves on the private patio. We only left for walks or workouts or food.

Laura, Ruth, Sarah, Nora and Kat
Our staircase
The mirror along the staircase

Ruth and me.

Thursday, Nora and I did a Facebook Live — 40 minutes of conversation, some laughter and a lot of great information.

The week was wonderful. We’ve already booked next year.


*Yes, you read that right, games.  BUT no scoreboard.  Ruth Langan taught us Euchre and then Nora taught Ruth and me Hearts.  I have no ability to strategize, but I did ok. So, cards are acceptable.  They won’t be part of the Girls Spa trip so there will still be a Stupid Scoreboard.

16 thoughts on “Postcards from the summer”

  1. Did you manage to get the mirror into your luggage? LOL – it’s amazing! I googled Shelter in Place and hit the CDC website. I’m prepared to be absolutely chilled! Thanks for the great pictures, were you all painting a volcano? Forest fire? Hope you have a wonderful holiday, looking forward to the travelogue!

  2. So good to see the blog post today. I was beginning to think that you all had disappeared for the entire summer.
    What a fun time that you had and cannot wait to add new Nora books to my list.
    I am off to the library today to find a few that I haven’t had a chance to curl up and read yet.
    See you guys again soon… xxx

  3. So glad to receive the blog/newsletter. First . . wouldn’t it have been cool if Laura’s picture of the mirror had the ghost appear in the reflection! Maybe next time. I’m excited about your travelogue to Cote d/Azur (I will look this up so I can tell where you are at – but not now, I am work, shhhhh). The staircase is beautiful – can you imagine a bride coming down those stairs.
    Well, as I mentioned I am work, so I better get back to work. If NR can work 12 – 14 days, surely I can do 9. Have a great weekend everyone.

  4. Thanks for the update. I enjoyed your Facebook live conversation. I would love to play Euchre and Hearts with you all. Those were played all the time at college lunch break and spares (and sometimes when we were supposed to be in class)

  5. Loved the mirror in the hallway picture! You always have such wonderful photos to illustrate the writing. I look forward to each installment. I have noted the book title, Shelter in Place (happens in my area a few times a year – refineries). Nora deserves her spa days and vacations since she works so hard to bring us so much reading enjoyment. I look forward to the travelogue.

  6. I am so happy to see the blog back. I’m just sorry i didn’t know about the Facebook live. I’d have joined in a heartbeat.
    Nora is so unbelievable. I cant imagine working 12 to 14 hours daily, for 2 weeks. We are the lucky beneficiaries .
    I was at the cote d’azor for a day, app 10 years ago. It was in January , & the weather was glorious. I hope it is for you as well. You need to play hard, after all that hard work.

  7. What a fun blog post and a beautiful setting for your live Facebook chat. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer the question I submitted about character’s names. That was a very fun surprise for me. I was fortunate enough to meet you at two signings in the past- for Midnight Bayou and Carolina Moon. Those two books remain favorites of mine. It was at those signings that I learned that you were a very dynamic and fun speaker- not surprising since you are both as a writer as well. Very happy to hear you have no plans of retiring or ending the In Death series. As long as you write them, I will continue reading them. My husband and best friend both read all of your books now too- I’ve converted them! And thanks for everything you do for us fans, Laura! You are both gems!

  8. So happy for another blog post! 🙂 Glad you all got a break from it, but we sure missed hearing what Nora and you are up to. I am really looking forward to the new hardcover next year and Year 1 later this year! Hope Nora has fun on her trip, a much deserved break! I loved Nice, Cannes and the surrounding areas, such a beautiful part of France! We are heading to Hawaii ourselves next week for relaxation and fun. 🙂 One of these days I am going to make it to TTP and Inn Boonsboro for a signing/event!!

  9. I forgot to add in my post–I love your hair color. It looks like you added a red rinse to your hair – it’s very attractive. Looks great!

  10. Hi Laura, Great, informative blog post. The picture of you, Ruth, Sarah, Nora and Kat…., well, who is that standing in what looks like another room, behind you and above your head? It looks like a person in front of a fireplace…….it is The Greenbrier of course! Very intriguing.?

  11. Who knew Nora did the whole Facebook live barefoot? LOL She’s no Eve, now we know for sure! Hahaha!

  12. Thanks for update, what a sweet surprise to see the title of the 2018 stand alone. I have to admit I laughed at the mention of the dreaded scoreboard!! I love to play Euchre too.

  13. I put a question in for the “Facebook live” you guys did, but was unable to get to see it, due to work. I was hoping that you got to my questions, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what they were. Lol!
    Loved the pics and blog!

  14. Loved seeing the pictures, makes everything more personal,,like makes you feel part of things. Needless to say Nora is by far my favorite author. Can’t wait for that new book in December.
    So glad you ladies had such a wonderful time. Looked like such great fun 🙂 Like so many others , that mirror was fantastic ! I can see Nora doing something with that.
    Have wonderful fall ! Enjoy all the blessing you see.

  15. Loved seeing the pictures, makes everything more personal,,like makes you feel part of things. Needless to say Nora is by far my favorite author. Can’t wait for that new book in December.
    So glad you ladies had such a wonderful time. Looked like such great fun 🙂 Like so many others , that mirror was fantastic ! I can see Nora doing something with that.
    Have a wonderful fall ! Enjoy all the blessing you see.

  16. Thank you so much for this, will have to watch the video later since my son is watching his sports at the moment. The Greenbrier reminds me of the Mt. Washington Hotel near where I live in New Hampshire and it also has ghosts. I think you should try there some year. The Cog Railway there is awesome and I hate the heights as well but it is so exciting that I surprised my husband by standing and looking out the window at the highest point, lol. Off to check out more on Nora’s travels to places I will never be able to go, thank you so much for all you share with us.

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