Secrets in Death discussion thread

Finally, finally, finally!  Today is Secrets in Death release day!  This is the place for any and all thoughts about the 45th entry in the In Death series.  Spoilers will very much follow.

Did you find the teasers?

Were you stunned by one of the big reveals?

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73 thoughts on “Secrets in Death discussion thread”

  1. I’ll have to go back and reread the teasers because first time through I am completely caught in the story. JD never fails! I’m half way through and this book is amazing. I am constantly amazed at how well Eve interacts with people so perfectly. I know she’d say it’s a cop thing and that she hates people, but she knows exactly how to deal with different people. I loved her star struck moment too!!

  2. I finished this in one sitting on sunday!!! I’m happy Roarke knows. THese books just get better and better – so many layers to each character. Fabulous job, once again.

  3. I read it a while ago and i’m so happy details can finaly be descused . I love how Eve just offers up what Pebody needs. Its good that roark finaly knows what summerset did for him even back then he was his father. I knew or suspected the killer pretty early on but i wasnt disepointed to be right.

  4. Just sat down and gulped it in a two hour sitting. I’ve finished it and am delighted!

    First feelings: I’m so glad Roarke finally knows about Patrick, it’s interesting to see Eve make progress in child abuse cases not scraping her as raw, a couple of years ago (in book time!) she wouldn’t have been able to deal as easily, I got the murderer pretty much immediately, as well as the motive, but I never care about that because what’s satisfying is how it unfolds, I love the Peabody and McNab sub plot and hope we get a sneaky peek at some of their holiday in the next book!

    The teasers were clever as ever, and I caught all of them. I’m particularly pleased by how the Scary Roarke one turned out, because I was worried about that, but the Bitch Cop can win any day!

    There are often things I would like to see more of in the books, and this one was no exception, a lot of the interactions with people were more surface than I was hoping for, because one of my favourite things about this series is the relationships between the characters, but that’s obviously up to the author, and I definitely enjoyed this one. 🙂

  5. I woke up early, checked my Kindle, there it was, the book I had been waiting for months to read. I can remember feeling the same anticipation over Innocent In death, I worried about the implications of Roarke and Eve’s relationship. Praise God that turned out okay.
    I was worried the victim had Information on Eve and Roarke and he was somehow handling the issue. My relief is huge.
    I read it almost non- stop, had to drive to work, did finish it at work, but working late today.

  6. Just picked up the hard cover and have to say St. Martin’s Press scores again! Love the inside of the cover.

  7. I ordered my book from Turn the Page, so it should arrive today or tomorrow. I’m so excited!

  8. It arrived on my kindle at midnight. I loved it! I’ve finished the book interpreting it my way. Now I’ll be listening to the audio to see if Susan’s take was any different than mine. I truly appreciated the details on Patrick Roarke’s death. I hope to be at Turn the Page for the gathering of so many wonderful Romance authors. I have my shopping list ready!

    1. That was my most appreciated part too. I was glad to read that.

  9. I’m probably one of the few that doesn’t have a kindle, & I’m waiting for amazon to deliver my book. I just don’t get how people have the book on sunday, 2 days before it hit . And i’m really curious- I can’t see Eve star-struck by anybody. If Roarke didn’t blow her away, then who can?

    1. I suspect they bought it locally. Some bookstores will call a customer who has a reserve on a new book when the shipment comes in and is unpacked. I have had this happen personally with a different author and a local bookstore.

  10. Scary Roarke vs Bitch Cop!
    This book pretty much kept me chuckling and smiling throughout despite the investigation. I loved that we saw more of the intimacy of their marriage and how Eve is more free and easy with showing her affections.
    I must admit the ending is somewhat lackluster for me as I feel the suspense of the whole investigation was so interesting and had so much more potential!
    Now, the wait starts for the next book!

    1. Loved how Roarke stopped that leech in her tracks by putting on Scary Roarke.

  11. I love how Nora/JD weaves threads from previous In Death books back into future books. I love that Magdalena and her effect on Eve was mentioned. I love that Roarke finally learned the truth about who killed his father. I just love all the character relationships. This series is my favorite of all time because of all the depth.

  12. A Roarke sandwich. Has to be a contender for best line and for some, best visual. Eve certainly took her time visualising Roarke in a loincloth so I’d say 2nd for the visual award. LOL.

  13. I finished reading Secrets in Death. Fabulous book as usual. So many funny moments in it. Especially loved the one about *eavesdropping*. Eve dissects everything , doesn’t she ? Lol
    I am sure none of us thought about eavesdropping the way she did.

  14. Loved how Eve reacted to Peabody’s worry about McNab burning out and how immediately she gave the Mexico villa and time off for the two of them. Plus we finally found out whether Roarke wears boxers or briefs. I’m also glad that he finally found out how Patrick Roarke died and that it was Summerset who told him the whole story. Eve was right to have not told him.

    As far as the murderer was concerned I got a tingle when Eve and Peabody first interacted with him. But like Eve, it was,something I just filed away.

    Liked Scary Roarke when Mars tried to shake him down. That’s the Roarke we all know and love.

    Hope to see more interaction between the bone doctor and Eve’s reaction when she found out about the cost of her boots.

    For all of Eve saying she isn’t being a mother when Roarke calls her on it, it comes thru that she has grown so much that she cares about so many people in her life, even if she bitches about it when the holidays comes around.

    Can’t wait for February to get here already.

  15. I love this book! As usual.
    I have a hard time wrapping my head around that is is only February in “their time”.
    Love the Boxers, the eavesdropping and the holiday freely given.
    Scary Roarke vs Bitch Cop? I think they both won!

  16. I really enjoyed this book! I will now read it slowly again to savor it.

    Eve keeps on growing as does Rourke. I guessed the bad guy early, but these books are about the journey to the solution.

    I also think that St Martin’s Press as publisher did a great job and there were no unsettling typos that were experienced with the previous publisher. The book was treated with respect.

    1. About your remark on “unsettling typos:” in my hardcover edition, page 57, the word ‘troth’ is used for ‘trough,’ same page, word ‘discretely’ is used for ‘discreetly,’ on page 256, word ‘breech’ is used for ‘breach.’ And on page 247, the word is spelled as consumated. I have no idea how that one got through. Not quite as many as were seen in the G. P. Putnam’s Sons publications, but there were some.

    2. I’ve been an In Death fan since I first picked up Seduction in Death on a ferry. Then of course I had to backtrack to Naked and have read the series in chronological order since then. This note is not specifically about Secrets, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but more to agree with your comment about the number of typos in the previous books , which were a real irritant. We even have Morris being called Morse on occasion. The characters are endlessly fascinating; the plots riveting, even though some of the descriptions of the havoc depraved individuals can wreak are a bit strong, but the sense of humour that permeates throughout, and the development of the relationships save it from the edginess of a slasher.

  17. Finished! I love the bits of humor JD puts in these books. Jenkins on’ site was especially disgusting. The asides on where a word originated or the missaying of an idiom. The humor balances the seriousness and ugliness of the crime. I don’t want to say too much more as I don’t want to spoil anyone’s enjoyment of discovering the gems in this book. Eve continues to grow with every book. Roarke, too, grows while remaining a studly geek. I look forward to the next crime and adventure.

  18. Just another fun/enjoyable read from The Queen. Always say I’m going to spread this read over three or four days. Didn’t happen. Got the book yesterday and finished it this AM. I’m one of those who get the early call from my indy bookseller. As I was in Florida when the call came in, I had to wait until yesterday to buy and start my first read. Maybe I can spread the reread over another couple days. Can’t stay up ’til 1 AM two days in a row. Very well done, fun, seriously nasty story for number 45. I’ll save my indepth comments for Loved it!

  19. I enjoyed Secrets a lot.

    So glad that certain issue has been addressed (after waiting 14 years in real time I wasn’t sure if it actually would be on page). Less than 2 years in book time, but still – lol!

  20. I thoroughly enjoyed Secrets In Death. I didn’t devour it in one big gulp, like I normally do. I took my time and finished it just now. ( my Mother said that I still read it fast, because it only took two days to read) lol
    Thanks JD for another fantastic book!Loved Bitch Cop in purple boots on the command center ?
    I’m truly glad Roarke finally talked to Summerset about Patrick. Also I’m glad that Magdelana or “Red Dress” didn’t get a chance to start anymore shit for Roarke or Eve. I can still see Eve knocking her out, and punching Roarke from the time before. ( I get a kick out of it every time I read it! Lol)
    Looking forward to reading Year One in December.

  21. Finished in one day which I always do with your books. Loved this one. I love that Eve listened to Peabody re: McNab and went that extra step. Was speculating that someone else was the killer but not really surprised at whom it turned out to be. He was a total asshole. I know I will be re-reading this one. Thank you for the enjoyment I get from your books.

  22. Cant replay for some reason but i had the book a while before it hit i suspect its because im in a different country.

  23. Excellent as always. Good to know boxers. Lol. Love to see how Eve relates to new and old friends. Can’t wait for the next one.

  24. Great , awesome , fun read .. among my fav parts was when Eve told Santiago to take off his cop face and let them see that they mattered . Not something she would have said in earlier books so she is definitely ” growing ” and I enjoy following her journey.
    FYI .. Feb is a whole lot of sleeps to wait .

  25. Scarier then “Scarey Roarke” got that one! Think Eve and Roarke will definitely have a rematch on that one!

  26. As always…SCORE…for JD….I’m listing this one close to the top of the series due to the interactions between Eve and Roarke was more prominent this time around…their working relationship is hilarious to read and gives me a laugh every time. I loved this book and congratulate Nora on another winner…Thank You

  27. Loved it as usual! I always like her trying to understand why people use certain phrases that make no sense to her–and Roarke often can’t think of a reason she’s not right! Figured out the killer but didn’t like him from the start–not too thrilled with Mars either–no one should be “dead” but she would be on my list of “deserving”. Usually read in the sitting but I got the book late in the day and unfortunately had to be somewhere at 9:00 am. Book went with me and I did finish it by afternoon. Can’t wait for the next one but I’ve been rereading most of them for the 3rd or 4th or more times to get my “fix”! Hoping to get the audio this week–live hearing it!

  28. Took my time with this one and enjoyed every minute of it. I agree with Barbara, this one rates high on my list as it was full of Roarke and Eve interactions, which I love. Plus I don’t think any of Eve’s posse was left out. Now I go back and reread “Naked” and marvel at Eve’s personal growth,with Roarke, as a friend, partner and boss. Just magalicious!
    Thanks, Nora for a great read.
    Can’t wait for “Year One”, which I am really looking forward to. My favorite genre and you never disappoint!

    1. Well, there are two characters that I have missed who are good friends of Eve and Roarke (who stood up with them at their wedding) – Charles Monroe and Dr. Louise DiMatto. I realize they don’t always fit the story, which may be why we haven’t heard about them for a while.

  29. Just finished another amazing book. Secrets n Death. Dying to know if Wonderment in Death is the next Eve n Rourke book.

    1. Hi Helen,

      Unfortunately, that was an error on the printer’s part. They were supposed to publish the entire “Wonderment in Death” novella as a thank you to AU/NZ readers. Nora’s LBUK editor asked me to let readers who have this mis-printed book reach out to a member of her team at as they have a system in place to make the error up.

  30. I was surprised that Roarke finally asked Summerset about shooting Patrick Roarke. I was glad that whole discussion ended up being the way it was.

  31. Have often wondered who JD Robb resembles more: Eve or Peabody. “Secrets” makes me think she is both. The somewhat-ornery-but-deep-down-amazing-crime-fighter, AND the lovably-loyal-sweet-cream puff-sidekick. I believe you put yourself in all of the characters, but these two in particular.

    Another fabulous read from the world’s most prolific writer. Thanks for being a part of my weekend. You are so appreciated.

  32. Do you think Eve will recommend Quilla to Nadine as a protege’

  33. I loved it. I love Eve’s relationship with Peabody, and what she just gave Peabody and McNab. And the fact that Eve wasn’t pulling McNab in when not strictly necessary because he was so close to crashing. And we were able to see more of Eve and Roarke together in this one. I LOVED Roarke and McNab’s reaction to the vault!!!!! And Peabody’s reactions to the contents. Eve put thoughts of Summerset in my head that I just don’t want there, and I can see why it almost put Roarke off of his pie. I’m glad Roarke knows about his father now.

  34. I loved the book. My only complaint I have is I found Peabody to be a little too whiny and too girly in this book. Sorry fans ! Loved everything else !!

    1. I agree. She was getting on my nerves when it came to the make-up. Otherwise, I also loved the book.

  35. Absolutely loved the book. It’s really satisfying to see how Eve has grown and how she and Rourke evolve as a couple. I especially like when one of them invoke the Marriage Rules. I do have a question though. At one point Eve tells Nadine she may have an idea for a potential intern, but I didn’t see any follow-up on that. Did I miss where she identified who she was talking about?

      1. I am guessing the teenager from Concealed. That popped into my head when I read that part.

          1. OOO….Love the idea of seeing more of Quilla and with Nadine? Major WOW POW!

          2. Quilla was the first person to pop into my head too. I just finished re reading Concealed.. 🙂

          3. The next actually comes out Jan.30th 2018. Stop we don’t have tip wait until January.

            Quilla is pretty young only 14. I think she maybe talking about Misty Polinski from Obession in Death. She is nearly 18.

    1. I too enjoy the Marriage Rules comments. In my house, the only Marriage Rule we have: the man kills all the bugs.

      Worked magic for 38 years.

  36. Loved the book, the reveals, and the personal interactions…as always.
    I’m wondering if Roarke has it in mind to hire they young lady fired from 75.

  37. I got the book from the local library as I can’t always afford the digital version. However, I found the font used by this publisher was hard to read and way too small for older eyes when compared to the font used by the previous publisher! All that aside, the book was wonderful and I hated to see it end.

    1. Pat, I whole heartily agree. Very difficult even with my cheaters. I was hoping with the new publisher the font would be better. I will have to wait until the large print comes out. Not for a couple weeks yet unfortunately.

  38. I loved the humor in this story. Laughed out loud more than once! Don’t think I’ve done that since Eve &Mavis Drunkin Girls talk back in book 9!!
    And it’s great to see Eve take the initiative with putting on a “Show” for Roarke. the only thing that bothered me was how suddenly it wrapped up. Glad Roarke finally knows Sommerset’s secret.

  39. I enjoyed reading this book although it was a bit lacklustre for me. I have reread all the books, but this is one, it wouldn’t bother me if I did or did not read it , but I probably would sometime in the future.

    I loved the part (and how it makes Eve so crazy) when she realised it was summer in Australia, but winter in New York. I love the way her character continues to grow and how easily she accepts and gives affection to Roarke.

    The one big disappointment about this story is that I thought that Eve or Roarke would find out a big secret that could cause massive upset in their lives and would scramble to stop it from coming out, so the Magdalena part was a bit of a let down for me. Too tame!

    Still enjoyable though and it won’t stop me from downloading the one that is out in February, next year.

    Although it is a murder series, I do love the humour throughout the books.

  40. Low cal kibble. Does it get any better. Loved it. Into my 2nd time around. That’s all I have to say

  41. Ok. One thing confused me in the book. What was the deal with Eve questioning the baseball player and his manager about having a vehicle? I didn’t understand that reference or what it had to do with anything. Maybe I’m just crazy, but usually everything in there is for a reason, but I didn’t understand that one.

    1. She asked as she told them she’d answer any questions about interviewing them by saying a vehicle matching that description had been involved in a crime. Something to give the baseball guy cover rather than making what he’d been through as a child public. She’s pretty clear about it–you just missed it.

    2. The next actually comes out Jan.30th 2018. Stop we don’t have tip wait until January.

      Quilla is pretty young only 14. I think she maybe talking about Misty Polinski from Obession in Death. She is nearly 18.

      She was helping him cover the real reason she was questioning him in case it got around that he was talking to the cops.

  42. As usual, loved the book, but I’m wondering…How could the killer clock out with her card around 7pm, when the roommate said Kellie clocks out at that time on Tuesday and Thursday for yoga class and that they met up after the yoga class?

    1. He took her card and Tuesday the day the crime was committed. So when he left around five it showed that she left around five. When she actually left around seven it show that he left around seven therefore giving him an alibi. Because the crime was committed before 7 o’clock. The days and times might not be correct but that’s kind of what happened.

  43. I truly liked this Death book! To me the most heartwarming part was Bellas’ cell phone interaction with her Aunt Dallas Das! It was so cute how Bella just babbled. And of course I was glad to see the conclusion Rourke finally finding out about his fathers death. I can’t wait till Feb. for next, I am also looking forward to Noras’ new undertaking in One.

  44. I so like the woman Eve is becoming, while still remaining a kick-ass murder cop! Roarke also is changjng, It’s not only about the deal! His all consuming love has made it possible for him to open himself to not only loving her, but also accepting and respecting what she does and why, even when she works herself to being pale and worn out! She can’t be anyone else. His helping with his tech and business knowledge assists her in wrapping up the cases sooner, as he can find and interpret those aspects for her.
    I’m glad that Roarke found out about Summerset killing P.R., that was a heavy burden for Eve to carry. I was surprised he hadn’t figured out sooner, but when he explained why it never crossed his mind, it made sense!
    For all of Eve being linear, by the book, looking at things in black and white, her being a Sensitive also helps her with solving cases. She doesn’t realize or acknowledge her ability, and just calls it “cop sense”, but she is a Sensitive, probably heightened by what happened in her childhood. Sometimes traumatic events can cause changes in a person’s mental or physical capabilities.
    Oh by the way, those aubergine boots will replay in my mind for a long time! Not Eve’s usual behavior, but she’s realizing you have to go with your gut about keeping your marriage happy as well. Roarke will remember those boots as well. Can’t wait for the next thing he buys her, down the line, that causes her to react out of character.

  45. “Secrets” was not one of my favorite ‘In Death’ books. It read very quick and the ending was abrupt. But, that said, I will buy the paperback when it comes out and read it again (and again). I am not really looking forward to “Year One” – I have read William R Forsthen’s “One Second After” and the subsquent two books. Not a fan of super scary ‘what if’ novels. I will get “Year One” from the library when it comes out and then buy the paperback no matter how much I like or don’t like. Because Nora Roberts, you know.

  46. After the first chapter, I dislike DeWinter even more and hope she remains a minor character. Who invites someone to have a drink, then insults them repeatedly and begs to know why they can’t be better friends? If anything, all of Eve’s friends evolved and they became friends through different circumstances.

    1. Katherine, I agree with you. I still don’t like DeWinter. I mistrust who try to insinuate themselves into my life or business.

  47. Not my favorite. Some of slang usage and phrasing seemed very different from previous books. Peabody seemed out of character.

  48. Loved the book. Was too engrossed in the book to even think about the teasers. I read it over several days as I wanted to savor it. After finishing it I found myself being grateful for Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb’s fertile imagination. Thanks for another wonderful read. Can’t wait for the next book.

  49. Finally! The question has been answered!! Boxers or briefs!! Love the book!!

  50. I’m a fan of Nora Roberts and JD Robb, and grateful for her books. But I was a bit taken aback by one line in “Secrets in Death”: Bella “jabbered for a full minute without pause, then laughed like a mental patient”. I was surprised that JD Robb was referencing such a stereotype of people with mental illness. I know she has changed the way she writes about some other issues, as society changes, and I hope she will think again about this stereotype too.

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