Bits/Pieces, Sunday 9/10

I don’t want to lose touch this fall so on those weekends Nora doesn’t share a blog post, I’l share updates.

The adventurers arrived home safely on August 27.  Word is that Nora got home, minimally unpacked, napped for a bit, then watched the Game of Thrones season finale.  She had to do this because I’d have whined at her to catch up. since we share our GoT thoughts every Monday.  (We loved the finale, btw.)

Then I left town for a long-planned working vacation at the beach with my husband.  We’ve had the usual mix of Outer Banks weather and since I get up to watch the sunrise, I work early so I can have cocktails on the beach in the afternoon.

Just before dawn. Photo by Laura Reeth

Nora adjusted to the time, dove back into the current WIP (an In Death, as we all know) for three days before it was time to prepare for the annual summer barbeque.  I’m afraid she was short one sous chef (me) but I hear the party was a success.  And Kat sent me a photo of her amazing watermelon carving for the fruit salad.

Kat + watermelon = greatness. Photo by kat

Once the Labor Day weekend was over, I hit my beach stride.  Nora hit the manuscript.  What can I say?  We each have our priorities.

Sunrise on the water. Photo by Laura Reeth

And, of course, September 6 brought Secrets In Death release day. The conversation continues on this thread.

On Wednesday, September 7, we shared the brand new author photo for Year One on all social media.  Isn’t it amazing?

Photo by Bruce Wilder.

I shared a couple of quotes on Facebook.

As well as a great review of Secrets in Death on Criminal Element (don’t forget to click on the fun GIFnotes tour of Secrets).

Then suddenly, it was Friday and the end of the week and we knew readers were facing adversity in so many places — recovering from Harvey, preparing for Irma, breathing in ash from western fires — and we wished everyone a safe weekend.

Hope you had exactly that.


PS.  Kat agreed to continuing with the #randomkatness, but only if I curated the photos and wrote the captions.  I agreed.

Cat in the driver’s seat. Photo by kat

12 thoughts on “Bits/Pieces, Sunday 9/10”

  1. Absolutely fabulous photo of Nora. Mysterious and sexy both! Good job BW.

  2. Laura your photos are gorgeous. You have an eye for photography. Yay! Random Katness!! I really think that should remain a regular. It’s so much fun. I hope everyone in the disaster areas keep safe. Lots of love from the UK xx

  3. Great pictures, all! Laura, you reminded me of great times on the Outer Banks, thanks!

  4. Glad you have your priorities and are enjoying your working vacation. Loved the carved watermelon for fruit salad (kudos to Kat). Your pictures are lovely and calming, especially with all the Irma photos and videos online and tv. I am so pleased that Kat is continuing the randomkatness – beautiful black cat in the driver’s seat.

  5. Beautiful new picture! Love your hair! I let my son listen to the new book while I finish up a new author on library app. Kiera Cassidy. She is good author, new to me. Never will beat Nora!

  6. A fabulous photo of Nora!
    Really enjoyed the holiday photos, thank you.

  7. Hi to all,
    After a very stressful week I caught up with the last 2 days of France posts and felt so sad that it was over but the good news is you Laura sharing your 9/10 post.
    Looking at the beautiful photos you shared seemed so surreal. The calmness of the water vs the wrath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.
    Gathering supplies and donations have kept me busy but still wanted to take time out to say thank you for your post.
    BE did a fantastic job with the picture of Nora. She’s very photogenic and he is awesome with a camera in his hand.
    Totally love the katrandomness! Have an awesome week.

    1. Pop’s That was supposed to say BW not BE. I really do have a love/hate relationship with autocorrect. (Smile)…..

      1. Autocorrect should make writing easier, but if you’re not vigilant, you may send the oddest sentences or words.

  8. Outstanding photos Laura. And of Nora, but we already know BW takes great pics (as does Jason!). (One of my all time favs is one Jason took at the cottage-like place where they all stayed in Ireland …last year? I think…time flies.)

  9. Yea!!!! So excited about the #RandomKatness. (Its tbe little things in life that thrill me lol )That’s so much Kat and thanks Laura for the update ?

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