Provence, France Day 10

Tickle Tickle! Photo by NR
Eggs Benedict. Photo by BW
BW’s caption: BE apres Cizing It Up. (Laura has her doubts on this — I READ the blog posts.) Photo by NR

Only two insistent ant fitness buffs for the morning. I was a little lonely.

On this gorgeous day Jason and Kat take off in a quest for yarn. I had a lovely, lovely swim, a round in the hot tub in reward for the workout.

Then, thanks to my promptly arriving charger, settled down to work for a couple hours. How about some cheese and bread with that? Don’t mind if I do.

For a couple of hours, my body sits in the woodsy shade of Provence and my brain goes to New York in 2061. It’s a very fine deal for me.

Stretch it out, have a bellini. Seems fair.

Then BW and I stroll (climb) stroll to Le Spa. This is BW’s second trip, my first. It’s gorgeous.

Airy and fragrant and wonderfully calm. Up a few stairs a glass window presents the beautiful indoor pool and its lounging area. We sit in reception a few minutes before we’re led to our respective locker rooms. More quiet, more pretty, more fragrant. I’m into the plush robe and slippers, then go into the relaxation room.


Several lounges–adjustable for your comfort. Glossy magazines. I test my very poor French reading and admire the photographs. My masseuse fetches me, guides me into my pretty massage room. In minutes I’m down, she’s back and it begins.


My choice of oil scented with lemongrass. Hot stones seeping into bones and muscles tested by climbs, workouts and horses. Good. competent, soothing hands. I drift in and out–my favorite state during a good massage. Not out so you wake up, think: What? Not fully awake so the brain doesn’t rest. The floating stage, and it’s perfect.

I tell her so when it’s finished.

Still in the dreamy state, I meet BW back at reception, and back home we go.

I decide to continue to relax there, which requires another bellini.

Jason and Kat return just about five o’clock. An adventure!

The yarn store Kat earmarked was closed for August–the traditional holiday month. Not to be discouraged, she found another in Nice, so on they drove. But that one, closed as well. She figures they figure who wants to buy yarn in August any way. Since they’re in Nice, they go to the beach, have lunch. And Kat gets to dip her feet in the Med. Jason regrets ordering a salad, which proved to be huge–after he sees someone served a hot fudge sundae. An enormous sundae.

Nice street scene. Photo by kat
Sweet selfie. Photo by kat
Classic farmland scene. Photo by j a-b
Giant Jason. Photo by kat

Kat drives to Nice, Jason drives back. I remain the only holdout. But really, think of the humanity.

We talk our day on the terrace, talk about where to have dinner as we’ve decided to explore off-campus. In their efficient way, they’ve taken photos of menus of a couple of our choices.

We choose one, casual, and clean ourselves up.

Beautiful, balmy evening after another hot day. We run into–I believe it’s Phillipe, head concierge and chat while I car’s brought around. He doesn’t know the restaurant we’ve chosen, but we promise to report back. (Jason tells me I misspelled Eladia’s name in a previous blog.)

Jason’s taken himself off on foot as it’s just a bit over a mile and he wants to hit his step goal for the day (I have sufficiently crushed all comers in our Work Week Hustle). Kat, faithful navigator, directs us. Wind and wind and wind, and . . . there.

It’s in or really by a kind of shopping center, and some flats. Wide, open air, lots of tables. A cheerful waitress with a little English. I choose some wine, and that goes smooth and easy. Vin rouge always works.

Le group. Photo by kat

She brings out a little chalkboard with the daily specials on it–and BW spots paella. That’s a favorite. It has a further description in French Jason and I puzzle over then decide is at any time over the weekend.

They have spaghetti arrabiata, which is a favorite of mine. Salade verte. Perfect.

BW inquires about what’s in the paella, as this often depends. The waitress only has French here, explains–and uses mime–it’s adorable. We got the shrimp, the mussles, the chicken (we’ve got that much French), but we’re all stuck on another ingredient until she draws a picture. An octopus (or squid). All five us are pleased with each other, and since all the ingredients suit BW, we order.

There’s a cafe across the way closing for the night. One of the residents of the flats is standing on her tiny balcony brushing her teeth. People begin wandering in to take tables. I have a view of the hills throughout.

The food’s really, really good. The service fun and bright. This is obviously a neighborhood place, and we hear only French. We all agree we’d certainly come back, and that’s before dessert.

Hey, hot fudge sundaes–and oh God profiteroles. Jason and Kat will split the sundae, BW and I the profiteroles. Meanwhile, a family with a young boy–three or four–and a very new baby are dining. The boy is entertaining himself creatively with action figures. Another big table is full of women so we figure a girls night out. Families and groups all around us, and the little boy’s in his own heroic battlefield. He’s really cute. We hear music from a nearby restaurant, and after a bit realize it’s karaoke!

Dessert comes, and oh my. I may not be able to fully finish my share, but I make a strong attempt. The long, lazy and satisfying meal has taken us deep into the evening. But we feel obliged to walk over and check out the karaoke.

Dessert!!! Photo by ja-b

It’s a pizzeria with a generous outdoor area. Lots of tables of people eating while others take the mike. We watch two girls bravely attempt a song. Not one I’m familiar with, and in French, but vastly entertaining.

Back home we go, and to bed as we hope to leave earlier this morning for the Saturday market in Fayence. No time to workout! Jason, Kat and I will start head-to-head on our Weekend Warrior Challenge.

I think I’ll try out my fun new shoes.


Today’s #randomkatness:

Bread IS art. Photo by kat

Note from Laura:  Here in the real world, I’m at a family wedding this weekend.  Sunday’s post could be a little later due to long party tonight and somewhat cranky wifi.  Will do what I can!

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    1. Me too! Was going to type the exact same thing, Sandy! I’m actually doing a re-read of the entire In Death Series…tried to start in time to finish right before the new one releases. With NR’s descriptions here…I so picture Eve…’those cop eyes’! LOVE that you are sharing your vacation with us, Nora…thank you so much! <3

      1. I love the in death series. I have been a fan of hers for a long time. I have a bookshelf (very very large) th of all the books of hers I can find. Once i get all of the in death in going to put them in order and read from the first to the last again!

  1. The streets are so narrow. . . everywhere. Are there parking garages or do you have to search for a spot on the street?
    sounds like a very relaxing day.
    To Laura: Enjoy the wedding fun this evening.

  2. It is great to see such big smiles on everyone. Great blog. Hard to believe that it has been 10 days already. Laura, have fun at the wedding!

  3. I would die for that hot fudge sundae! That’s a meal all by itself. Time has gone really fast.

  4. Hoping part of the new In Death is in France.
    Bonne journée!

  5. I would die for that hot fudge sundae! Time has really flown. You’ve had such a good time. I notice I had an error in my email address. Fixed it!

  6. That car was so tiny and it made Jason look so tall. BW should have stood beside it lol. He woulda looked like a giant ?
    The dessert looked divine. I think I gained weight just looking at it Lol!
    Have fun, and I can’t wait to read the next blog. Thanks.

  7. Keep up the wonderful commentary so that those of us who travel vicariously with you can enjoy it as well. Love that the waitress had to resort to Pictionary tactics to ‘list’ all the ingredients in the paella!

  8. Love the picture of the square you painted for us, Nora. For your family, it was magic. For the girl with the toothbrush, it’s just life. All blends together. BW’s pose by the hot tub just cracked me up. Thanks again, Nora, for saving more humanity – I totally get it!

  9. Sounds lie everyone had a fabulous day. Your profiterole was huge! I am sure it was delicious. Your spa visit sounded heavenly; so glad it worked out the aches from workouts, walking and horseback riding. Than you for sharing and taking us with you.

  10. Another wonderful, relaxing day in Provence. Love the pictures. Can’t wait to hear about the shoes and your work out. Thank you for letting us in on the book you are currently working on. I can’t remember you ever giving us a hint before. Thank you for sharing another sunny day in France.

  11. One fun thing in reading your books and your many travelogues…I always have to Google something. Now I’m craving profiteroles…..oh they sound wonderful!

  12. Funny, i just googled profiteroles also. I never heard of them. I so enjoyed your post. Your comments about a message are spot on. I don’t know if it’s appropriate to say, but your B.W. is a real silver fox- and a tall cool drink of water. I’m also being competitive- what is your record for amt of steps in 1 day?

    1. I’ve earned the 25,000 in a day badge four times, but never hit 30k. Something to aim for.

      Everyone should try profiteroles!

  13. holy mackeral! I was so proud of hitting 17,750. How can you do 25,000! Wait, I forgot who I was marvelling at- now I feel like a wus.

  14. Wait why did Kat need yarn in August on vacation? What fascinating crafty thing was Kat up too????

  15. I turned my husband on to Eve and Roarke a few months ago, unfortunately…he’s a slow reader. I want to start a re-read, but will have to wait till he’s past the hard covers and into the Kindle (2010) so that I don’t have to wait for him…we both have our own Kindles!~ He’s on Vision right now, quite awhile to wait sigh… ” Kat drives to Nice, Jason drives back. I remain the only holdout. But really, think of the humanity.” This made me wonder if Nora drives a bit like Eve maybe? LOL

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