Payback in Death teasers

We’re 8 days from Payback in Death hitting store shelves and ereaders. And in what’s become a tradition, I’ll share some teasers for you to look for as you read. As always, these are not spoilers to the case, just items that caught my eye.

First, here’s the official copy about Payback in Death:

The teasers below pick up after Chapter One which you can read here and is a lovely end to Eve and Roarke’s vacation.

Over the course of Payback, we learn:

– BUT is such a flexible word.
– Jenkinson still has a way with a certain word.
– when you look at the list, friends come in all shapes and sizes.
– there are still arguments for buying v shopping.
– one can have concerns about in utero anchoring.
– Fate has lovely decorating tricks up her sleeve.
– Peabody still looks good in a righteous rage.
– Eve has some issues with ice pops.
– it’s not hard to follow Roarke’s example.

For the rest, I’ll let you read on your own.

The discussion thread opens on September 5.


27 thoughts on “Payback in Death teasers”

  1. WooHoo can’t wait! Rereading some of the past books just to get in the groove!

  2. If the rest of this one is as good as the excerpt….fabulous.

  3. You know how many phobias and weird names for those phobias there are in the world? I know 90 percent of us have that awful fear of missing a JD/Nora book, what is the name of that phobia? I have had this book on order for at least a year.

    1. I used to pre-order but found out I get it just as fast,if not faster when I order if within 2 days or so. pre-order they don’t charge til it ships and I am always trying to figure out what that charge is!

  4. I always love looking for the teasers as I read the book. Thanks, Laura!

  5. I don’t buy until the MMP is out, but there are 22 people ahead of me on the waitlist at my library. These are excellent teasers!

  6. Im so excited! As usual (because I am one of the truly addicted) I am reading my way through the whole series in-between new ones. I’m behind as I’m only on “New York to Dallas” but I’ve been known to have one book on audio, on on Kindle and one paperback (or hardcover) all going at the same time so I’ll get there! Love the teasers!

    1. Me, too, with the rereading. I’m on Vendetta in Death, so I probably won’t make it.

  7. OMGoodness!! I’m truly marking my calendar. The only downside is once I read it in a couple of days, I have to wait 6 months for the next. THE PAIN!!

  8. I’m an avid Robb/Roberts reader. In Australia…..waiting impatiently. Absolutely love all the books.

  9. I ordered mine from Turn the Page. I can’t wait. Anxious to see how Mavis is doing with Baby Two and how the remodeling in the house is going for Peabody and Mavis.

    1. It always seems too long between books! I am never ready for a book to end!

  10. Can’t wait. I have listened to them all. I love the voices on the audio book.

  11. Absolutely adore the 1st chapter of Payback in Death. Thank you so very much for that enjoyable look at the end of their vacation. So looking forward to it’s release.

  12. Can’t wait! Loved the first chapter. Whatever adventure is in store, I’ll be in my happy place when my book arrives.

  13. Looking forward to a new one I always wait for the paperback though so even longer to wait. Have this whole series. Love them and the Nora Roberts Triologys.

  14. Love the first chapter! Can’t wait now for the day it comes out and I can read the rest! This is the only current book series that I buy the hardcover to keep and reread. Keep them coming and we will keep reading 📚
    As for the comments about a series, I for one would love it- if done well… for example, the Bosch series is amazing… just my two cents 😊

  15. Looking forward to the new in death
    Have just finished the night tales from way back n really enjoyed them x

  16. Wow! Just finished the 1st read. I swear it hits all the notes! I couldn’t read fast enough.
    Great book. And yes I found all the teasers. And loved the Star Trek reference!

  17. I’m very sad 🙁 Amazon shows Payback in Death release date as December, not September. I have already pre-ordered it. But assumed I would get it any day, now it apparently won’t be arriving until sometime in December (actual date unknown.). I so routinely pre-order my In Death books from Amazon, it never occurs to me to go elsewhere for the new releases. And now I have already paid for my copy of Payback.

    1. The December date is for the mass market release, the hardcover release was September 5. You can ask for a refund on the December order and get the hardcover now.


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