Payback in Death excerpt

Time for a peek at Payback in Death, out September 5. To my mind it’s another little travelogue.

Here’s a short/sweet description:

Eve is just home from a long overdue vacation when she responds to a call of an unattended death. The victim is Martin Greenleaf, retired Internal Affairs Captain. At first glance, the scene appears to be suicide, but the closer Eve examines the body, the more suspicious she becomes.

An unlocked open window, a loving wife and family, a too-perfect suicide note—Eve’s gut says it’s a homicide. After all, Greenleaf put a lot of dirty cops away during his forty-seven years in Internal Affairs. It could very well be payback—and she will not rest until the case is closed.

You can read the first chapter here: Payback in Death excerpt.



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  1. I love the interaction with the family in Ireland and the painting Eve gave Roarke. I cannot wait to read the rest of the book!!

  2. Awww shucks! They messing with the wrong homicide cop. Eve doesn’t believe in suicides. She always looks deeper into things. Can’t wait.

  3. I eagerly await this new journey into Eve and Roarkes world, I just wish someone would invest in a movie or series if these marvelous books

    1. No, no, no!! Every time Hollywood gets ahold of a book they twist the characters, miss-cast the actors, and destroy it. Let the books remain enjoyable, instead of turning them into Hallmark movies of the week.

        1. I agree. They are 2 different entities, there will be differences.

          I completely understand not wanting to see an adaptation. Everyone has the right to choose there. But will never understand people who oppose the making of an adaptation based on the fact that they will not like it unless it’s exactly the same or exactly to their liking.
          If you don’t want to watch it, don’t. Especially if you are the type who cannot separate the book series from the adaptation and claim that a bad adaptation has ruined the book for you.

          1. The Good German by Joseph Kanon is a superb book. It was adapted into a black and white movie, which was an excellent movie on its own merit. However, as usual, they changed many things to make the movie, and I hated that. I like the movie on its own as I do the book. I still would prefer that there is no adaptation of the Eve Dallas books, but that is up to Nora/J. D. Robb.

      1. I agree wholeheartedly! Hollywood tends to destroy the stories and characters from the books they “adapt.” It can be miscasting, bad acting (actors don’t u derstand the character), poor choices on what to include and what to omit – the list can go on and on. The nuances are lost.

        1. Aside from bad casting choices and bad acting decisions, a play/movie or tv series is and always will be an adaptation.
          To adapt a book changes have to be made.
          If you expect everything to be exactly the same, and will only be happy if all the characters look and act in the exact same way as you imagine (most of which is open to interpretation), you are almost guaranteed to be disappointed.
          Why even watch then? And if you are not going to watch, why do you care if it’s made?

        2. The mind is a great thing. Books allow the mind to fill in and complete images. Visual takes much of that away so there will is less imagination .
          Each needs to puck their choices for their own needs.

  4. It’s such a great beginning. I love the time Eve & Roark spend with his family in Ireland. Thank you for another good book.

  5. Loved the chapter. It’s always fun when. Eve and Roarke are with the Irish side of the family. Can’t wait for the book to come out.

  6. I just read your short/sweet description of new book. Will wait till it’s out to finish reading it. Something to look forward to again. Thanks.

  7. I cannot wait wait to read the rest. What a fabulous beginning. I love those kind of interactions.

  8. So I think “Do I want to read one chapter and then be kept in suspense for 6 weeks before I can read any more?”, decide the answer is “No!” and resolutely move on!

    1. I tell myself that EVERYTIME but then decide to take just a “peek” and get sucked in! Then I’m grumpy ’til release day!

  9. Fantastic first chapter. Can’t wait for September. Thanks for sharing. ❤️

  10. OMGD. I want the rest of the book NOW!. I was almost teary during Eve’s ad Sinead’s conversation. I’m hooked.

  11. I was going to wait until September to read the book in its entirely but after reading some of the comments, thought I’d just take a peek. And now, after reading the first page, I’m reading the whole chapter. I’ll enjoy it again when I read it with the entire in book.

  12. So love the family in Ireland. Was going to wait until I had the book in my hand but I’m so glad I just gave in.

  13. Two of my favourites, visiting with the Irish family AND anniversary presents. Just a lovely first chapter.

  14. Trying to remember which book featured Eve coming to Ireland and having the jet copter land near the cows…

  15. “Bring that bag in,” Sinead, honey-blond hair in a sleek tail, hands on narrow hips, called
    from the doorway.

    Hasn’t it been described in other books that Sinead has red hair, just like her twin, Roarke’s Mother?

  16. This isn’t the except from Payback in Death! It’s from a prior In Death book!
    The first few sentences posted are to Payback ID, I’m supposing, but the link goes to a prior chapter.

    1. Yes it’s Payback in Death.
      Indulgence in Death opens in Ireland as well, but this is a completely different chapter. ~Laura

  17. I ordered my copy months ago. Does anyone have Chapter 2. I have read chaptet 1 at least 3 times. Cant wait to get my hands on the book.

      1. Help please. Can’t get logged into the chat. tried to sign in as existing it says my info doesn’t exist. tried to sign in as new and won’t let me because it says I already have a login. HELP. email is

  18. Great start to the new book. I’m really glad it starts with their holiday instead of just starting out in New York afterwards. My question though is this . . . Did they go to Dublin and find a large property to build a school there as well? Just a thought as Sparks had proposed the issue in a previous book. I am looking forward to catching up with Eve, Roadie and all the NYPSD crew next week. I’ve preordered both Payback and Random and cannot wait.

  19. What a beautiful beginning to an In-Death book. I love jumping into the mystery but this just warmed my heart. No wonder Eve is evolving and growing socially. Such a loving family. Now I can’t wait to get to the mystery part.

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