An August update

First sunset was a beauty. Photo by Laura.
A little moonshine. Photo by Laura
The finished puzzle. Photo by JoAnne.
Yes, I like to take photos of this exterior in the evening. Photo by Laura
Kayla adding color.
Nora concentrating on the color as well.
Shaping her bowl.
Red hot bowl
The very interesting sculpture made from glass pieces we gave Nora as a thank you.
The variety of finished work.
My interpretation of the Hydrangea in a bottle in my very pink room
The gang with the cake.

27 thoughts on “An August update”

  1. Hi Laura
    Glad to hear your op is imminent, so good luck with that and please keep us op dated about that. And I hope that everything is going to go well, and you’ll be out of pain once it’s done.
    It’s always wonderful to hear about Nora adventures with friends and family, it’s very kind of her to share this with us, all her reading family.
    And congratulations to Kayla for her special Birthday, she a wonderful young lady.
    Thanks Laura for the update, keep well.

  2. I had both knees replaced last year, at different times. Recovery was hard work, but worth the process. Hope you have an easy time of it.

  3. Don’t sweat the knee replacement. Best thing I ever did. Just do your rehab! No cheating on that and you will be like new. Best of luck and a speedy recovery.

    1. Totally agree with Edith! I should never have dragged my feet for so long about getting my total knee done. Stick with the PT like it’s a religion and you will be in great shape probably sooner than friends and friends of friends say it took them to heal! Thanks also for the updates from you and Nora. Love the books!

  4. Thank you for sharing!!!
    Best of luck with the knee replacement! Highly, highly recommend the spinal!!!

  5. My mother had both knees replaced. I feel for you. But the end result is worth it. Congrats on avoiding a massive pile-up. Good reflexes and quick reaction! Thank you and Nora both for the time you spend updating your fan base. It amazes me that either off you have time for it with the work you do and the private life both of you are entitled to.

  6. Good luck with your surgery. I have had knee replacement. I won’t share my experience, except to say I hope you have a better one. Thanks as always for sharing with us.

  7. Did you run into the Cleveland Browns while you were there? They were there to practice and team bonding. Good luck with your knee. I had both done about 10 years ago.

    1. We saw them from afar as it was hush-hush on the property. Their wing of the hotel and practices was off limits to the other guests. ~Laura

  8. Love the Pic ‘s glad you enjoyed the trip looks like a beautiful place .Had my knees done in 2007 best thing I ever did therapy was a little rough at first but smoothed out take it easy you will be fine God speed

  9. Hope your knee surgery goes well, my son had his replaced several years ago and loves it. It’s always fun to read about all the adventures you guys have, and kudos to Kayla for turning 21!
    Nice also to see the family picture. I’ll look forward to the next *fallintothestory*.

  10. I had both knees done at the same time about four years ago. Physically it was the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. Wish I’d done it years ago. Stay on top of the PT!

  11. What a lovely girls trip! Happy birthday to Kayla and prayers to you on your knee surgery, which I’m certain will go very well!

  12. Love your watercolor Laura. The baby cake is gorgeous. There is nothing better than grandchildren when our children are adults. You and Nora are always so gracious with your time. Wishing you an easy surgery and recovery!

  13. Thank you for sharing. I love the first sunset picture. Of course, I love all the pictures, but the sunset was my favorite. Happy 21st to Kayla. I remember on my 21st, I went to at least three establishments that were known for carding, and none of them carded me. I was so disappointed.

    Nora has a great family and I liked their paintings. Look forward to more about the upcoming In Death and her next Bride book.

  14. I always appreciate that you share in the adventures you all have. I wish you healing so that you feel better. Thank you again for sharing your lives with us. 😊🍷🍹🍸

  15. Thanks for sharing. I’m glad that nobody got smooshed in the semi incident.

    The blown glass pieces are great. I especially like the scraps that you all created for Nora. It is really neat.

    I hope that the knee replacement goes well.

  16. Thanks for great review again. Loved the glass blowing. Congrats Nora on IDENTITY being named BEST BOOK OF 2023. You deserve it. A great book for sure. Glad you’re good drivers. Wow. Keep up informing your fans of trips, events as we love them. Greet pictures.

  17. Laura, thank you for the update! Always enjoy them! Glad you had a great trip! Sounded like fun! Love the glass blowing and watercolors! I can’t paint for the life of me so appreciate others who do! Good luck with your surgery and recovery! I am sure it will go well! BTW, great reflexes on the semi incident! Glad no one was hurt!

  18. Thank you for the update. I’m having my right knee replaced September 5th. I’m praying for a rapid recovery for both of us. Just finished my pre op appointments also. 🙏🙏💐💐
    Excellent driving skills, could have been bad without your observations.
    I’ve read all of Nora’s books and can’t think of a favorite. They are all very much enjoyed.

  19. Hi from Cincinnati, Ohio!
    I will be venturing up to Baltimore the last weekend in September for my granddaughter’s wedding. I’m using that as an excuse to visit Turn the Page! Any special happenings that weekend?

    1. You should visit the stores website to see. Nora won’t be in town but Gifts Inn Boonsboro as well as TTP always have something up their sleeves. ~Laura

  20. I was just watching the news. Did they BAN Nora’s books in Texas libraries? What???

    1. Megan, I’ve not seen anything about Texas libraries (altho’ the way they’re going, probably any day now–if they have any left!) but 8 titles were removed from a school library in Florida because 1 person complained about them. I know Nora did a video about it; said the woman was claiming pornography, etc. Fine, woman, don’t let your kids read them but no fair dictating what other folks’ kids can read!

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