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  1. I have already read it twice. Loved it so much, cried, laughed and just felt good. I loved getting caught up on the characters while enjoying the mystery. Nothing better than a really good book taking you along for the ride. Okay – Spoilers – Eve made me cry putting Summerset in the picture, Jenkinson getting his DS, omg Webster leaving 😱. I absolutely did not know for sure who killed Martin until the last part of the book. The house looked great (in my mind) Mavis is six months along. I love that the book stayed home and we got to catch up.

    1. I cried too! I did not see that coming at all! Webster leaving was the last thing I expected but at the same time since Treachery in Death he has been with Darcia so we knew that for their romance to go forward something would have to change. I like the house to and I am glad that everything is going along fine with it! And Peabody finding that table her dad made the year she was born I cried again and I’m not a crier at all!

      1. Maybe it’s because I made a career shift to consulting, or maybe because I have a good friend who moved into training police officers after a career with the LAPD but I totally see Webster making this shift. He’ll be good at it and enjoy it. Now I have to wonder, does Roarke Industries have a consulting arm? Rather than just work for one department’s academy, maybe Webster could launch the police ethics practice for Roarke Consulting and go worldwide?

        1. Oh that is a good idea but I guess it depends on what JD/Nora wants to do! But I really like that idea! Ethics is very important when it comes to policing. Not long ago a police officer in my area was fired for unethical behavior! What he did most people thought was minor and no big deal but to me I don’t care how minor if police officers are allowed to get away with the little things it escalates into big things! Webster and even Eve would make great teachers on how to be a police officer with ethics, morals, and integrity! Even when Eve “bends the rules” she has a very good reason for it! That is one thing I think JD/Nora does really well is showing that sometimes you have to bend the rules but you can still keep your ethics, morals, and integrity while bending them. Life is definitely not black and white at times.

    2. I enjoyed seeing Eve talk about purchasing the items from the metal artist.

      1. Yes… I made a bet with myself that she would be doing that to help out the guy and also to gift Peabody and Mavis… but it was only mention once I think and not actually purchased

    3. LOVED the book! And yes adding Summerset and Galahad was soooo sweet and thoughtful, and really shows that Eve knows what’s important to her man.

      My only complaint-and really it’s a small one- is why Robb included the scene(s) involving yet another violent, out-of-control, disrespectful cop who goes after Eve for no discernible reason. It served no useful purpose and was not germaine to the main plot, so why include it? It also makes one wonder why Command allowed things to reach the flashpoint without getting the dick help, or better still booting his butt out the door. Hopefully they do a tox screen as part of the arrest process, ’cause the creep had to be flying on something. Zeus, maybe??
      Anyone else feel this way, or was my inner editor just having a bad day?

      1. When I was reading that part I was gleefully thinking to myself, “I love when she includes scenes like these!” I love watching Dallas defend herself and the whole squad working together. It’s scenes like that that give a well-rounded view of the characters, not just bring tunnel vision on the story.
        Just trying to give a different opinion. 😊

        1. I loved the counterpoint of that storyline and how contrasting a bad cop showed the strength of her bull pen and the role real cops can and should play!

  2. I won’t be able to read it for over a week. ☹️ we are going to visit my sister in New Hampshire and my mail is being held (my book is in the mail). Until then. . .

  3. I just started it and it’s such a beautiful beginning! And Eve managed to diss Summerset. Without the presence of Summerset. It’s lovely is what it is. And I’m already slipping into my Irish accent. I’m going then. The tale awaits.

  4. I am waiting for the book to be checked in so I can check it out!
    Because you KNOW what Payback is…

  5. I just love this series!! It’s so easy to get caught up in the storyline!

  6. I am in the middle of a series of books from another author.I listen to them on Audible. I have halted all others in order to listen to payback in death!!!!!

  7. I downloaded the ebook shortly after 1 am. And stayed up most of the night (until 5:30 am) reading it. Now starting to reread it for what I missed on my initial quick skim reading. Think it is one of the better books in the series as it held my interest through the night. Although I knew fairly soon whodunit, I still enjoyed watching Eve prove it while eliminating the other possibilities. And on a side note, Lansing deserves everything coming to him! What a miserable excuse of a human being and cop. How did he ever become a detective?
    And Sean should meet Jamie! Two young men who are destined to be great cops.

    1. Yes Sean needs to meet Jamie! They are roughly about the same age or so ( I think!)! I see a new Feeny and Eve in those two if they meet only not so much a difference in age or at the very least a Eve and Peabody though I believe Sean wants to stay in Tulla and I don’t see Jamie living in Ireland!

      1. Sean is in grade school. Jamie is in college. That’s a big gap, in spite of shared interests. ~Laura

        1. I knew there was an age gap but I thought it wasn’t such a wide one! I honestly get characters and even cases confused because there are so many! I will be reading or rereading one of the books and it will reference a past case and I will stop and think what book is that? Some do stand out more than others but with over 50 books and 10 novellas I lose track!

      2. I think Jamie is a good ten years older than Sean. Jamie is in college and Sea is only 11 or so.

  8. This book was amazing, J. D. Robb knocked it out of the park. So much detail, I love catching up with Roarke’s family. Getting a peek into the great house project. Seeing the thin shield in action. It’s like coming back to catch up with old friends. Now to read it through a second time

  9. I totally lucked out with an early delivery from USPS so was able to read it 1st time thru on Saturday – what a perfect way to relax on a long holiday weekend! I agree with everything everyone has said so far…

    On my 2nd read I caught a rare continuity issue. When Jenkinson is facing down Lansing in the bullpen, Peabody is walking with Eve and Webster from the conference room when they hear the uproar. But then later in the car, Peabody tells Eve Lansing came at her first and Jenkinson stepped in to help. I loved that interplay and how it showed the depth of a relationship Eve’s built with Peabody. But she can’t have been both with Eve in the hallway and in the bullpen being accosted by Lansing, right???

    Oh, and how neat for Jenkinson to get his promotion! There are so many awesome relationship moves in this book … it really adds so much to the story when Nora moves these forward with such strength of character ❤


    1. I love how rare those continuity errors are. I did notice that in Treachery in Death we had a Detective Jacobson and he spoke very similar to Jenkinson but I’m not sure if that was a autocorrect ( autocorrect as we know is often drunk and likes to correct things that is should not correct) error in the ebook. But I need to go back and find out when we were introduced to Jenkinson because him, Reineke, Baxter, and Trueheart are some of my favorite characters in the books! They are always willing to help( the whole bullpen really I mean they were ready to jump Lansing for what he was saying and threatening their LT) Eve with her cases! Those are some of her ride or die detectives!

    2. I thought the same & went back to that section right before the confrontation with Lansing in the bullpen. It doesn’t say Peabody went ahead but Eve & Webster seem to be talking one on one so I could see where Peabody went ahead of them to the bullpen even though it’s not specifically mentioned in the book.

  10. Nora left us dangling with the Lansing story. I think he’ll be back to cause trouble for Eve before he’s vanquished forever.

    I think this is one of my favorite Dallas books. Thanks so much, Nora!

    1. I think so too! And I think Nadine as well! It was wrapped up to neatly with him being charged! I can see him getting out early or something and causing both of them issues!

      1. I really didn’t leave that element dangling. Lansing lost his badge, was arrested and charged. His assault was recorded. He’s done. I thought that was really clear. I don’t see the dangle.

        1. Dr. Mira is still worried about something. Almost as if she was trying to warn Eve about Lansing. Maybe the dossier he has on her and what he’s trying to imply about her?

        2. I didn’t see it as a dangle. But I could foresee a future book in which there is a reference to Eve having to go to court to give her testimony against Lansing.

      2. Yes please, let’s leave the evil Lansing in his cage where he belongs and move on…

    2. Nora didn’t leave us dangling on Lancing. This is only a 3 or 4 day view of what is happening in Eve world. The Lancing crap is going to take time to work itself out over several months.

      1. Whether or not I revisit Lansing depends on the story I’m writing at the time. Right now, I have no plans to.

        I feel it is worked out. He’s going to prison.

  11. I am not sure but I think the phrase “open sesame” really started out as “open says a me” and nothing to do with the seed 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you gotta love Eve!

    1. Yea you have to love her! I’m so glad she has a family now one that loves her for her and for Rorakes family to just accept her as one of there own always makes me tear up ( though that is the way of most Irish families I believe!). I also think Summerset now secretly thinks of her as another on of his children though he will never admit it. I can’t remember which book but he was going on vacation and he was telling Galahad to watch after the children while he was away. I remember thinking you have accepted Eve as yours and Eve and Rorake will always be “your children” even when they are a 150!

    2. I beg to differ. Open Sesame comes from the story of Ali Baba in the tales of 1001 nights and it probably does allude to the sesame seeds. Otherwise the part of the story where the brother cannot remember the right words and tries all sorts of grains instead would make little sense.
      In Arabian Sesame apparently is simsim, so in some versions of the tale you can also find open simsim, instead of open sesame.

    3. Read The Arabian Nights for an explanation of the hero trying to get out of a cave and using various cereals as passwords.

    4. Got my curiosity going. Looks like the consensus is open sesame came from the 14th century French translation or recounting of 1001 Nights the story of Ali Baba and the thieves. Since the oldest Arabic manuscript of these stories did not include open sesame in that story, it is thought the translator made it up or the Syrian he heard the tales from did. Some versions of the Ali baba story have the thieves trying other grains e.g. open wheat! And can you just imagine how impatient Eve would be with all that.

  12. Was Greenleaf’s grandkid “Kaylee” named after a certain spaceship mechanic?

  13. I’ve been waiting for this for a week. I won an ARC from the publisher so I had already read it but currently listening to the audiobook while I work. Loved the beginning as it shows us how much Eve has changed. The gift for Roarke had me crying.

  14. This book was so much fun. I enjoyed the visit with family in Ireland and Eve and Peabody’s discussion about shopping and hearing about all the progress done to house. Great book!

  15. So good. Love to see family time in Ireland, and hope Sean gets his visit to Central. Great police procedural that made my plane ride go by so fast.

  16. I just got the book but I read the author’s note. The note made me tear up because my brother committed suicide two years ago. Suicide can happen to anyone’s family.

  17. This is one of my favorites. The Payback theme was skillfully woven through the book. I like that the parallels between the main case (Greenleaf) with the internal conflict with Lansing.

  18. I’ve already finished the book and it’s AH-MAY-ZING! I love seeing all of the characters. I will say Webster leaving is bittersweet! Im glad he found his person but I’m going to miss him! I’m sure we will see him some but not as much! I was also super excited to see Jenkinson get his SD and to once again see how he stands for his LT! Lol. I also enjoyed seeing Baxter put Eve’s “anniversary gift” to good use! There were so many awesome nuggets in this book! I was hoping we would get more Jake and Nadine in this book but I’m sure we will see more next time! This is one of my faves!

  19. I don’t know if this is the right thread to ask a question. I got kicked off and scolded for asking it on another thread. Several times Dallas mentioned a drop piece. When I finally goggled it I didn’t think it was something an honest cop would have but now I can’t remember what Dallas said about it.

    1. I’m not sure what your question is. The drop pieces mentioned in Payback are ones without serial numbers left at a murder to throw off the scent. All of the crooked cops she looked into had them, so they weren’t honest cops.


  20. I Love Whitney!! Since seeing Brooklyn 99 now Everytime I imagine him I see Andre Braugher in my head now. Listening to this book got me through a rough pain of a day today. Thank you. I appreciate you 😍

  21. Another error : it’s Lieutenant Webster not detective Webster ( happened twice once with the cop report when Eve gets to Ben’s suicide attempt and second when Eve record the scene)

  22. Wonderfull book! Thank you for giving us so much pleasure! Great murder mystery, great characters, and a darn good read.
    Thank you for the hard work.

  23. Finished the audible part, now I am going to take time and read the book
    Another great book, a little sad about Webster moving to Olympus ,hope that he will appear and visit in the future. Love the 1st chapter when Eve & Roark visit his family, love the update for House project. Love everything about this book despite the errors in Webster rank . Thank you Nora for another great book.

    1. I haven’t gotten the book yet and with all the talk about it? Spoiler alert 🥲

  24. Mistakes happen, and I have to own them. I’m sorry for making them.

    There are times when I’m lucky, and the story is cooking right along—and that’s where, most likely, I make mistakes like this. Most usually, I’d catch those mistakes in subsequent drafts, or my editor, the copy editor, the proof reader would catch them. Or I’d catch them in my final read of the galleys.

    And sometimes, we all just miss.

    I try not to make them—really nobody likes making mistakes. But I can’t go back and fix them once the book’s in print.

    1. I’ve seen mistakes here and there but they are usually characters who have one name in one book and another name in another. I put it down to autocorrect being autocorrect! Nobody can expect you or your publisher and their team to catch every single mistake every time! It’s impossible! I laugh and move on and maybe mention it in a discussion thread. I enjoy the books you write and always make sure I make room in my book budget for your books( I confess to going over my book budget to get your books but books are life!)! As long as you keep writing then I’ll keep buying them! Been a fan since 2002!

    2. Given the sheer volume of the world you’ve created, I’m amazed there are so few! Kudos to you, your detail tracking system and your editors … I find losing myself in Eve’s world has provided a wonderful escape during the difficult years we’ve all been thru. Thank you <3

      1. It is a wonderful escape! Set myself a goal to reread every book and novella in order before Payback came out I ended on Celebrity in Death! But it is such a escape as you say and into a world that is rapidly becoming a reality that I’m thinking of just continuing my reread through and then starting again before her next book comes out this coming January! Though my TBR pile will suffer since I won’t stop adding to it!

    3. I’m with you 100%. We all make mistakes. You are so right that you can’t go back and fix it once it’s printed, so what’s the big deal? Don’t know why people make a mountain out of a mole hill when it comes to errors in books. I’m 72 years old and have been reading for a long, long time. All authors have mistakes in their books at some point. It’s inevitable. I listened and read along at the same time and didn’t notice the thing about Webster’s rank until I just read it mentioned here. I guess on a subconscious level I knew what you meant so I didn’t think ” oh no, error”, I just kept reading and listening. I feel some take too much pleasure in finding and pointing out errors. Some people just need to get a life.

  25. Just finished reading it! When does the next one hit the shelves?
    I often times find myself doubling back in a story to remind myself of who a character is, or how they are related to the storyline in that part of the book. This usually happens when a character has a nickname, or their first and last names are used interchangeably. I found myself doing this on page 314. In the third paragraph it says, “I have the names and contacts of several of Brice Greenleaf’s teachers and fellow students.” I am wondering if it is supposed to read, Brice Noy’s?

    1. Next book is released according to the Barnes & Noble website on Jan 23, 2024! Which is to far away in my opinion!

  26. The In Death books are the only series I read where I purchase the new release as soon as it’s released. Loved Payback so much.

  27. I loved the book (love them all anyway) but this one is well balanced with the two main themes of the books: the homicide cop investigating and her life with the criminal/reformed never convicted husband. Loved about Jenkinson. Thanks for a very fulfilling story.

  28. I loved this book! I have read and re-read the series many times and always plan for the new releases every year in Feb and Sept. This book for me came full circle. It started with family and Eve and Roarke in Ireland with Roarke’s family. It ended with their New York familiy they have created over the last 3 years with a planned get together at a local pub they have which again ties it to Ireland.
    I also cried when Webster said goodbye and gave her the final hug. Hoepfully, we will see he and Darcia again someday- that may be the only way you will ever see Eve back on Olympus.
    Looking foward to the future books with Mavis and baby #2 and the Peabody and McNab moving into the house with them. The view we had of the status of the house this book was great. and as someone pointed out Peabody finding the table her dad had made years ago was a touching moment.
    I am sure I will see things I missed the first time when I re-read this one again.
    Thanks for writing such an amazing story for us Nora- I hope this series never ends.

  29. Someone remind me what book Webster first appeared?

    Also, really enjoy the character development of the cops in the bullpen and also the villains (they aren’t bad just to be bad) and the continuing love story with Eve and Roarke.

    1. Conspiracy in Death. I can’t remember what book number that is but I believe it’s one of the first 10 books. I know it is early in the series. I will miss Webster but I’m sure he will be back or Roarke will drag Eve to Olympus for a trip and we will get to see him!

  30. Have read the book and have three questions, 1, Who was in charge of Dallas’s squad while she was gone for 2 weeks? 2. Dallas was called out to Greenleafs murder, before she was back on the roll, no informing the person in charge of her squad? 3. No hand over when Dallas returned to the office? So she has no idea what happened while she was on holidays?

    1. Hi Mary-Ann,

      If those elements were important to how Nora told the story we would read them. Over the course of these 57 books, we’ve seen Jenkinson taking charge if Eve’s away, we don’t see end of shift or changeover conversations unless it pertains to the case. If Eve hadn’t answered the call, there would have been no story. ~Laura

      1. This has always been my assumption or mainly it’s the highest ranking member in her unit. When Jenkinson was offered to take his DS exam it just confirmed it for me. It was either that of another DS or Lieutenant in the Homicide Division at Central since I don’t see a place like Central having one Homicide Unit to cover their area! As several officers in Eves unit have mentioned they think she has the best office or unit in the Division which suggests more than one Homicide unit. Though I’m sure they overlap with the other precincts as needed.

    2. My response would be, do any of those questions impact the story? For me, they didn’t. Webster asked for Eve specifically, and she answered. Because it was personal for him, and because she responded to a friend and fellow officer.

      Why does it matter to this storyline if she knew what happened when she was away? She came back, she caught up.

      If you want every detail of every aspect of what’s off book, you’re just not going to get it from me. It’s not how I write, and not how I’ve written this series since 1995.

      And yes, again, there will be mistakes, there will be gaps—but those gaps are my choice. For the readers who want every detail and perfection, they’re just not going to get it from me.

      I don’t know what else to tell you. I hope most readers can and will enjoy the books for what they are, not what they wish they would be.

      1. We do…Believe me we do! it was a great mixture of laughing, crying, a pretty perfect book.
        And I won a bet with myself about Eve going back to the metal artist from Encore…Can’t wait till the next book to see/hear about the gifting.

  31. Hello from England!
    JDR/NR are the only Kindle books I am happy to preorder at a cost of £10-12, they are all so well written. I am a barrister (yes I love the character of Cher Reo) and enjoy the police procedural aspect- but it is so well-balanced with the personal aspect by the In Death books.
    This one in particular dropped little personal pearls- the promotion, Peabody’s dad’s table, Ireland visits- and especially the picture of the family (which has inspired me for a Christmas gift for my mother this year!)
    JD Robb has created a wonderful mix of characters around the amazing Eve and Roarke.
    Thankyou so much Nora Roberts for your books!

    1. I have my suspicions on who it is but I don’t want to say because I’m not 100% sure.

  32. I enjoyed this book so much. I’m excited about Eve opening up an entertainment venue and can’t wait for #2!

    1. Well we know from Apprentice in Death she owns an ice cream shop! Much to her horror and she owns a property in Nebraska that she is trying to flip but that was more of a bet between her and Roarke. I like how she is expanding her horizons and portfolio even if Roarke is the one that is doing most of the work. I’m sure Roarke is making sure that every thing is done to the highest standards and that it will be a wild success! I just can’t decide who I want to open it Mavis or Avenue A or both as joint headliners!

  33. Of course, the book rocked, as always. But it was the “Author’s Note” (something unusual, I think, from Nora) that should be hailed the hero. The Note reminded us all to pay attention to those around us and those we love, and that help is out there (988). This is what I loved most about “Payback.”

  34. OMG! Another hit Nora. I absolutely love this book. For the first time ever I had the killer pegged. It was just a feeling like LT Dallas said, but I saw that looked of confusion and suspected it right away. So glad to visit with everyone again. Loved Peabody threating Eve with Roarke. I have to say I never saw that coming. And Eve taking a page out of Roarke’s book with Fenney, I love it. Webster and Darcia are a great couple, I always wondered who would move, now I know. Gotta love Jenkinson with his F word lol, he does have a way with them. Well deserve promotion. I absolutely adored the beginning, I always love when Roarke and Eve visit the family, so sweet and funny. I really like this book because there was no blood or brain matter described. Sometimes I just can’t get the images out of my head. Great book from beginning to end. Thanks again Nora for sharing your gift with us. Can’t wait for the next one.

  35. Fabulous, as always! I eagerly (and impatiently!) wait for each new installment, race through it, then immediately start anticipating the next one. The February hard cover release is my traditional birthday gift to myself.

    In between, i reread the series (not necessarily in order) and often find nuggets i missed, or bits I particularly liked (like Roarke’s gift of Thin Shield to Eve’s bullpen). In which book did Commander Whitney get his first ride in the DLE? I somewhat remember the scene, but not the book.

    Thanks to Nora for your dedication to your craft, and to Laura for dealing with all of us crazy fans 😊

    1. He got his ride in Apprentice in Death. They all went to the shooting in Times Square.

      1. And Peabody tells him to “lock down your safety, sir. Trust me” and then he wants one for his own when it hits market. I laughed like a loon at this part, despite the horror coming up in Times Square!

  36. I loved the book.

    Like some others said I enjoyed the family ties with Roarke’s in Ireland & Eve’s that she has unwittingly formed.

    Also how they each take care of & are there for each other from Dr. Mira to Peabody who managed to get Eve to take a blocker to Eve feeding Feeney. And Eve’s bullpen having each others back & respecting Eva’s authority.

    I wonder if Eve’s next trip to Olympus will be for Webster’s wedding. Sad to see him leave.

  37. Just finished Payback in Death and am going to re-read it soon. What a great book this was. I always enjoy the In Death books, but this one was especially satisfying to read.

  38. Payback will definitely be one of my favorites, along with Treachery, which incidentally was mentioned several times. I have already read it twice. I also love the “fascinating” Conversation Eve and Roarke had concerning “poofing” from one place to another. (I always smile at any and all Star Trek references 😁.).
    We know their love is growing deeper. The scenes between them were beautiful. The fact that they “get” each other is especially touching…I.e. the Thin Shield and the family picture.
    The fact that they both had no family in their childhood makes the families that they now have that much more special and they both realize it and take care.
    Thank you Nora/J.D. Payback was an extremely satisfying story on so many levels.

    1. Absolutely agree! This was an incredibly satisfying read on so many levels, thank you 😊

    2. While I enjoyed the sub-plot, what was the point of the whole thing with Lansing? It would be interesting to see if he comes up in future books. Maybe it was to show a dirty cop in action along with all the others they investigate.
      I enjoyed the references to other books and cases, like Dorian and the metal artist.
      On my second read now

      1. Nora has said that the Landing storyline is done and. She sees it as closed. Though I’m sure as the author she has the right to bring him back at anytime! I’m not sure what the point of the storyline was but it was interesting since we rarely see action in the Bullpen like that!

  39. Every time I say to myself, I will go slow and savor the book for days … nope, as soon as I got my hands on it, I was hooked and read it as fast as I could.

    Thank you for writing such engrossing stories that pull at the heart, provide some laughs, and offer hope of what love and friendship is all about!!

  40. “Family is where you make it” This is the quote that defines the book for me. The Irish family, the anniversary gift, the bullpen, the Big House project, the victim’s family, the killer’s “family” are vignettes of families and how it affect everybody. I love the book for several reasons: balance between characters and the case, the theme, as I see it, and no gore. I first read the entire book, and then go back and reread parts that I love. All in all a great book. Can’t wait for February.

  41. It’s so fantastic the relationship growth between Roarke and Eve. Their marriage has grown so much in the three years they’ve been married. I love how she gave him the gift of the picture of his family with Somerset and the two of them together in it. That she’s allowed more affection between them at her job too. Before she would be mortified if he kissed her. Now, she initiates a quick kiss after ensuring nobody will see them.
    I love how she tied the case all together at the end.

  42. Great book as usual. Love this series.
    Finished reading it today which is coincidentally RUOK? Day here in Australia.

  43. I finished it in 2 days! I loved it. The scenes between Eve and Webster were nostalgic in their one. I think he’s still got a thing for Eve. When he said he was leaving, I think it jolted Eve, as she can’t believe he would ever leave IAB. I did some laugh out loud and some teary eyed. I’m going to miss Webster as an antagonist for Eve. Excellent read!!

  44. Loving the story, as always! I look forward to every single new release and make sure it’s in my hands on release day.

    Did see this on page 260:
    The 9-1-1 call “came in at sixteen-forty-eight”…uniforms and MTs arrived “at sixteen-forty-two.”
    Imagine that the call should’ve come in at sixteen-thirty-eight? Likely just a proofreading miss, but it stood out to me. Can’t exactly have the police arriving before the emergency call is even made. 😅

  45. #57 and they just keep getting better. I am not sure there is another book series that develops the characters as well as JD Robb. No quick unrealistic changes but you see the subtle growth in all her characters. Eve slowly understanding and building a family including Summerset (but still with a little of the same antagonism). Loving Bella and letting Bella love her in Eve’s own way. Slowly enjoying her “family” and even inviting them for a celebration of a job well done as we get to celebrate a job well done by Nora for this wonderful series that keeps growing.

  46. Isn’t Don Webster a Lieutenant? I know this may have been answered already but it bothered me all book that he was called Detective.

    1. I did not even notice the discrepancy. There are 57 books, I’m sure there are other mistakes over the last 25+ years.

  47. I overall liked Payback In Death but I did notice that she usually describes who Eve and Roarke are as well as what they look like so if you’re new to series, you’ll know who they are if you’ve just now reading the J.D.Robb Eve Dallas series and though I’ve read all her Eve Dallas series now, it seemed a little lackluster. I truly loved all the other books.

  48. So first of all loved the book. My favorite in death in a good long while. Didn’t notice the mistakes. One of the fun things about author blogs is getting a peek behind the scenes regarding the process and business of writing. It’s interesting to compare your world (traditional publishing at a heroic pace) with another of my favorites. A very respected sci fi author, she essentially “retired” and self publishes novellas when she feels like it . she gathers up reader proofreading from her blog and fixes the e book. Can’t even imagine how that could work when you are releasing a gazillion hard backs, audio, etc. Other than eventually. I am sure there would be a much bigger outcry if you were ever to slow down to that rate. Still, quite an accomplishment that so many enthusiastic fans are reading so closely and have immersed themselves so deeply in the world you create. congrats on another great story

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