Cozumel, last day

Packing to go home’s always easier than packing for a trip. You don’t have to think: Do I want to take this? You’re taking everything.

So the majority of packing’s done in no time.

It’s panorama time! Kat and Jason already have it choreographed so that fun tradition goes smoothly.

Indoor/outdoor pano.

It’s goodbye hugs for JR, and off to the airport—but he gets in a last chase with Griffin.

When she’s back, I hang with Kayla while Colt, Kat and Griffin enjoy the pool. We learn JR’s flight’s delayed an hour. Weather.

And Kat announces there’s a crab in the pool. This seems strange. It’s a dead crab which Colt scoops out with the net. But wait! There’s another, and this one’s very much alive! Colt is not quite so eager to scoop the live one, but between him and Kat, they chase it down—it scrambles some. Into the net with you! And Colt hauls it down to toss it back in the gulf.

Kat’s gone crabbing. Photo by Nora.
Gotcha! Photo by Nora.
Colt planning his throw. Photo by Nora.

I can only assume they ran away from home, decided the pool looked good. Then one met a tragic end.

Mario and other Switch games happen during the lunch hour.

BW and Jason do a drive around the island. Along the way they spot a wild pig and what they think were monkeys. I didn’t know we had either around here.

Beach. Photo by BW.
Photo by BW.

We decide on an early dinner and head to town. JR’s connecting flight is also delayed, so more airport hanging for him. Poor guy.

While we order dinner a storm sweeps in. Wild rain blowing in the wild wind. We’re under cover, but oh, those poor people on bikes, scooters, open-air jeeps! This is monsoon level rain, occasionally blowing sideways, just lashing down.

Clouds in the distance. Photo by j a-b.

We’re lucky it finally eases off toward the end of our final dinner in Cozumel.

Home through big, splashing puddles.

Time for some Jack games, then bed before our departure day.

The birds are busy this morning, and very, very chatty. Lots of call and response going on. And no blue sky as dawn breaks. I’m really sorry to see the thick clouds up there as that’s where we’ll be in a few hours.

I’m going to squeeze in a quick workout, finish up the travel day packing—and hope some blue peeks out above as we ready ourselves to head home.

A lovely, fun, interesting, relaxing and occasionally adventurous family vacation. Many new memories banked. Really can’t ask for better.

Except—fingers crossed—a smooth flight home.


One last (unused) sunset. Photo by Kat.

12 thoughts on “Cozumel, last day”

  1. Safe and easy flight home. Loved waking up to you daily travel blog. Will miss it.

  2. So glad you all had a wonderful vacation! Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pictures and we really enjoyed seeing them .Safe travels home!

  3. What wonderful memories to look back on. Yes there are monkeys. At our resort we had a choice of balcony monkeys or not. Took not as great grandson was was only 5. Thanks for sharing

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed Cozumel even with the rains, winds and thunder…especially loved pictures of all your travels, dining and family!! Hope you have a safe trip home!!!

  5. Safe home – Enjoyed reading about your family vacation 😎So important family time – Your daily blogs were delightful – 🦀

  6. So nice to travel along with you on your vacations. Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful family time despite the storms.

  7. We went south of Cozumel last summer for outlr vacation and had monkeys on our balcony. Got great video and pictures especially of baby monkey. What an experience!

  8. Hoping your flight went well (smooth). Thank you for taking us along with you. So wonderful!

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