October Blur

It’s been a fast, colorful month so far–and it’s nearly over!

Every October, we spend a week in New York, and this year the city gifted us with perfect weather start to finish. In tune with the fast pace, we tend to cram a lot into that week. Shopping hits top of my list. And yes, I’m now all but finished my holiday shopping.img_1735
Country mouse goes city mouse to spend urban time with friends and family–heading up with BW and Jason, meeting up with Laura, rounding it out when our pal Sarah arrives to spend a couple days and our adventurous Kat flies in from a hiking trip with some of her adventurous family in Hawaii.

The gorgeous weather also provided a pretty amazing backdrop for the party with my new publisher. The rooftop and its amazing views ticked the box of most popular spot for the evening. Fun food, lots of wine, engaging company and a sunset worthy of Spielburg added up to a really lovely evening.

A day with the girls–including my editor and agent–(shoes! boots!) rounded out with a happy early dinner and the energetic, marvelous, ridiculously entertaining School Of Rock on Broadway.

Lots of urban hiking, uptown, downtown, midtown, scoring those holiday gifts (plus shoes! boots!), spending time with some of my favorite people. Yeah, a most excellent week.

Back home to the current chaos of a first draft which meant ignoring the chaos of my house. Boxes and bags, deliveries of more. Middle school math–and thank God Logan understands it as I don’t and never will.

The end of the marking period means a day off school. Kayla scared the life out of me by poking into the gym while my entire focus centered on sweating through cardio. I don’t see my girl as much as she’s running Cross-Country, so this is a treat. Once I finish the sweating.

She promises to come back Sunday to help me clear out the chaos.

Because Saturday is a most special day. My long-time friend’s wedding.

It’s a blustery day full of fall color. Inside the venue the warmth, the love, the happy glow just as much as the bride. She’s beautiful, and the handsome groom nearly as radiant. Those attending reflect the happy. The bride’s niece tells me while she did the bride’s hair and makeup that morning, the groom wandered around the house singing–and peeked in from time to time to tell his lady how beautiful she is.


The big day feels like the couple it celebrates–the warm and loving and the sweet. We have time to mingle and bask before heading out to a patio for the ceremony. The prettiest of pretty flower girls, a lovely, simple arbor where the obviously (really obviously!) adoring groom waits, the lovely happy bride walks to him.20161022_124758

A sweet, simple, heartfelt ceremony where the bride drips happy tears. And the groom brushes them from her cheeks with his fingers. More aww. The groom slips the ring (given to her mother by her late father) on the bride’s finger. And the kiss.

Some people are meant to find each other as just the right times in their lives.

Nora, Mary Kay, Elaine, Mary and Pat

That’s the feeling that carries through the day of as simply perfect a wedding I’ve been privileged to attend.

The best of best wishes to Elaine and Enrique.

That leaves me Sunday–and this time Kayla scares the life out of me as she slips in after my workout and the start of chaos clearing. She needs a snack! The kid’s running those calories off with training and meets. While she eats, I harvest the rest of my basil. Bumper crop!img_1736

Then she helps me haul, hang, organize. And for the first time in a week, the house looks like a house instead of a storage bin stocked by a crazy woman.

Since fall’s definitely arrived it’s a good day to make soup, and I love my favorite teenager wants to just hang out with Nana. Soup needs bread in my world. No time for anything but a quick one, so I get a can of beer and whip up some beer bread.

Bread on a Sunday. Photo by Kayla.
Bread on a Sunday. Photo by Kayla.


It’s still warm when Kayla, hungry again, has a slice with a bowl of soup. She approves both.

Now there are four tubs of books to sign–it’s nice to have her company while I get that done.

Fall flowers from the garden. Photo by Kayla.
Fall flowers from the garden. Photo by Kayla.

Nobody gives better hugs than my girl, and I’m treated to one before she heads out the door.

Now I’m late getting started on my Monday. It’s rare for a book to keep me up at night, but this one’s done that a few times. So a late start while I try to finish this damn first draft so I can see what the hell’s in this story.

I can’t cross my fingers or I can’t type, but I might just light a candle for a solid, productive work day. And hey, leftover soup means no cooking tonight!


15 thoughts on “October Blur”

  1. Always a pleasure to read about your exciting goings on! Would love to see some photos of those shoes and boots! Happy Fall! Blessed Samhain!

  2. I can’t get over your basil. I just made Tomato Florentine soup with the last of my basil…a handful of teeny, tiny leaves. Maybe I need to move to South Jersey. LOL

  3. Happy dance at my house knowing that new books and stories are coming! Do you ever share your recipes? If I missed them from a previous posting, apologies for asking and I ‘point well’. Thank you-Susie

    1. Nora’s pretty much wings it as she makes soups — whatever she has on hand goes into the pot. As for beer bread — if you google it, at least 20 variations will show up. (It’s basically flour, baking powder, a can/bottle of beer and some sugar).

  4. I love hearing about children running Cross Country! My son is in his second year at Carleton University, running Cross Country and Indoor Track. Running helps him with stress at university!
    I love the look of the bread. I will have to Pinterest Search Beer Bread. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Soup, looks great What’s in it. I love all your books, can’t wait for the new ones.

  6. Beautiful fall flowers and that vase on the right is gorgeous!

  7. Living for whatever new reads you can share with us . . . no worries; you’ve got this. And that beer bread – big yum. You’re the best. Cheers!

  8. Nora I know you have been very busy but I sure missed your
    Fall Into The Story. Funny how this person looks for that on weekends. Thank you….it really cheers me up. Keep on writing those fabulous books. Family is just the best.

  9. Kudos for St. Martins!!! And, what a spectacular weekend to be in NYC!

    Wedding looked wonderful! The best kind!!!

    And who can resist homemade soup and beer bread? I mean seriously does it get any better in the Fall than that!

    Thank you for sharing the events in your life!

  10. NYC, fall flowers, a granddaughter, and delicious soup… wonderful! And if being productive makes you happy then you know we will be happy!!
    Thanks for the inspiration…
    I am currently revisiting the In Death series all the way through, one more time.

  11. It’s great to hear of your adventures. How on earth you manage to write wonderful stories as well bemuses me. I have read every one of your books and now revisiting them all. Just into Northern Lights , glad I don’t live in Alaska, the cold is not for me.

  12. I’m revisiting the Irish born trilogy and am once more totally in love with the characters of Maggie and Rogan . Looking forward to the next two. They’ll help get me through the first cold and snow. Thank you Nora.

  13. Enjoy your blogs. Cook by the seat of my pants after I have made the item following the recipe. Thanks for the Island of Glass excerpt in the newsletter. I think i can hold on till December now.

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