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island of glassThere are 40 days between today and December 6 — release day for Island of Glass, book three of Guardians Trilogy. Isn’t it amazing to think that a year ago we didn’t know Sasha, Bran, Annika, Sawyer, Riley and Doyle?  And now we can’t wait to see them again?

I think you’ll all be delighted by the way the trilogy concludes.  And I think I need to re-read it just for fun again.

To tide you over the last weeks before release, click here for an excerpt from Island of Glass.


15 thoughts on “Island of Glass excerpt”

  1. Printed out the excerpt and read it yesterday in the doctor’s waiting room — when I was called in for my flu shot I almost told the nurse to wait until I finished reading!!! Of course, I didn’t, but was able to finish the excerpt while waiting for my ride. Sometimes I wonder about reading these tidbits — makes one more eager for the book to arrive and we are eager enough at the time of the pre-order!
    But — keep them coming — I will always want to read them!

  2. Absolutely amazing… I get dragged into these books… amazing story line, the character chemistry is fantastic, the description of the locations, battles, and such is vivid… Thank you for being an amazing, talented author… I rarely read anyone else ♡

  3. Thank you for this special excerpt treat! I’m anxiously waiting for the whole book to see how this magical story ends. I love all your
    books – you truly have a gift for writing!

  4. Oh I won’t read the excerpt because then I will be too upset because I can’t read the whole thing. Read the other two and saw that I had to wait to finish. Oh my poor husband. It’s been a long time coming. Does the e-book come out first? I just can’t wait to find out what happens.

  5. Beautiful cover . I didn’t like the 1st book but love the 2nd one and waiting impatiently for the last book .

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