Catching up on everything

It’s been a busy few weeks with birthdays, painting sessions and time in New York.  Nora will get back to her regular weekend blog posts next weekend but I thought I’d share some visuals and some cool info for everyone.  I think I’ll take it in chronological order.

Sunday, October 9
A group of us met at Inn BoonsBoro for their fourth Brushes & Bubbly session.  Nora, Kayla, her mom Stacie, Mary Kay McComas and her sister, our friend Sarah and I joined nine other people in the dining room of the Inn to paint a mermaid, in honor of The Guardians Trilogy.  Local artist Ronald Layman patiently led us through the layers needed to create depth and shadow and texture.  We all had a great time.

The finished masterpieces.
Kelsi, Kristen, Nora, Marcella, Bayley and Karen (the IBB team).

Monday, October 10 (Birthday!)
In honor of the birthday girl, St.  Martin’s Press revealed the cover of the 2017 hardcover, Come Sundown:

Pre-order links are up now.  Turn the Page Bookstore will have their link up soon so you can order a signed copy.
Amazon HC

Tuesday, October 11/Wednesday, October 12
The beginning of the annual fall trip. Nora, BW and Jason rode up to NYC and I met them at the hotel.    I took this photo because I love those spires.20161012_144239

Thursday, October 13
After some very satisfying shopping and lunch — Kat (who joined us on Wednesday after flying in from a hiking trip with her cousins) scooped up these beauties —

Shoe as art. Photo by LMR.
Shoe as art. Photo by LMR.

we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the party St. Martin’s Press hosted to welcome Nora to the fold.  Rain sprinkled in the afternoon, but the sun came out just as the party started.  We all toasted Nora under the light of the setting sun on the rooftop patio.

Friday, October 15
Litographs went live with a Naked in Death infinity scarf in addition to t-shirts, totes, and posters! These super soft infinity scarves are available in your choice of 12 colors and 4 fonts. Shop today and Save $5 on your scarf with code NAKSCARF (valid through tomorrow, 10/18)

And to celebrate, we’re giving away one autographed scarf. Enter here to win 1 scarf signed by JD herself→

The weekend was all about holiday shopping for Nora and spending time with my daughter for me.  I headed back to Maryland early because I’m heading back to NJ next weekend.  I’m sure Nora will fill us all in with what happened next when she gets back to her desk.

Any questions?


9 thoughts on “Catching up on everything”

  1. Hi Laura, was the spires picture from St. Patricks? Awesome shot. Those boots of Kat’s are making my ankles ache – lol. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sounds so wonderful. I have some catching up to do as well. So far I have been a slug. OR at least moving like one. Kats boots are gorgeous. Your masterpieces are awesome. Have a fantastic week. Beth

  3. Inquiring minds want to know, is that spike on Kat’s shoe the heel or just supporting the shoe? If it is actually the heel, please ask Kat for a photo of her, in the shoes, in an upright position.

  4. Fabulous …and kudos to St. Martins for have the wisdom to pursue Nora!!!

    Love the photos and trust all had an incredible time!!!

  5. Laura – The beautiful spires: is that St. Patrick’s Cathedral? Very nice. Good photo, by the way. Cheers!

    1. P S – I already purchased my “Naked in Death” infinity scarf (in Kelly Green) from Lithographs . . . didn’t realize it would also be sold at TTP. (Shoulda known, I guess.) Now, I guess I’ll have to order another one from TTP – gotta support my local bookstore, dontchyaknow!

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