More bits/more pieces 11/4/2017

Here are a few things that popped up on social media this week. Hope you enjoy!

Here are the solutions to the crossword and cryptic puzzles on the inside of the US/Canada Secrets in Death hardcover jackets:

As we speed toward release date, St. Martin’s asked me to shoot a short video of my reaction to seeing the finished edition of Year One.  I posted it on You Tube for easier access: Laura’s Reaction.

And finally, here’s the video St. Martin’s created for Year One that will show in Target later this month.[KGVID][/KGVID]


7 thoughts on “More bits/more pieces 11/4/2017”

  1. Stroking the cover Laura? Quit bragging! Some of us have to wait till the signing….

  2. Wow! Perfect reaction, Laura. I do get the emails from St. Martin’s Press and I like it. The cover is very intriguing. I’ll be patient.

  3. Thought you’d start purring any minute – lol. Going to share another excerpt while we wait?

  4. Perfect commentary on this new book. Laura- you rock! Nora- love the pic. Kudos to Bruce. Everyone- can’t wait to start this new adventure with all of you. It’s going to be wonderful. It will make my dreadful winter season go faster. Kat – love the randomness and keep it coming! Your pics really make my day.

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