Bits/Pieces October 30

When last we met, Nora was home from work, ready to dive into a brand new book after a wonderful week in NYC.  I stayed for a couple more days — mainly to take photos like this one:

Reflections on the High Line. Photo by Laura

but in the end, we each settled into routine back home.   And routine is important, but not necessarily glamorous, so I’ll share some highlights:

Kayla finished 6th in the Washington County Cross Country meet last week.  The week before, she placed in the to 20 of a large cross county meet that featured small and large schools.  States are up next!

On October 17, we debuted the cover of the 2018 hardcover, Shelter in Place on Facebook:


I’ll create a separate thread for that book early in 2018.

This weekend was the Turn the Page Halloween signing and one of us went all out.  One of us wore her Cranky Publicist pin. <g> When I walked into the house to drive to the signing, I called out “Hello!” but didn’t receive an answer.  I turned into the kitchen, and there Nora was, in all her glory.  I just laughed and took the photo.

Downtown and Uptown Girls. Photo by Laura

The TTP staff gets into the spirit and in a moment of rare synchronicity, one of the Kims wore a costume in direct contrast to Nora’s.  I said they channeled the late 1970s since Nora was CBGB and Kim was Studio 54.

Then there was BW:

The rocker and her sheriff. Photo by Laura

And Kayla stopped by after practice with some of her teammates: 

Which brings us to today.  Nora’s back at the keyboard, I’m working on adding the recent FB posts here on the blog.

Much more to come as the weeks speed by until Year One is in your hands.


No, wait!  Here’s some extra special #randomkatness.  She just became an aunt and created this reversible baby blanket for her niece as a nod to their Hawaiian roots.  Isn’t it stunning?

12 thoughts on “Bits/Pieces October 30”

  1. That blanket is a knockout!! I’ve never gotten into the dressing up part of Halloween. Just the eating. Not sure, did the sheriff shave his beard?

  2. Wow, much as I love reading the update, that blanket threw everything else in the shade! Beautiful work!!

  3. Unfortunately my computer didn’t want to show me the Shelter In Place info, but I’m content that there’s more great stories coming down the road. Great pictures and an awesome afghan! Nora, you must be considered the coolest Grandma in the state!

  4. Love that blanket, Kat! So beautiful. Nora, you costume was to die for. Rock it riot gurrrl! I hope the Sherrif didn’t run you in! I can’t wait for Year One- have it preordered on my nook and counting the days. Looking forward to all of the 2018 releases too. Thank you Laura for keeping all of Nora’s fans so well informed.

  5. Beautiful photo of New York – absolutely love it! Nora’s Halloween outfit and wig were fabulous. Congrats to Kayla, and good luck at states. Kat’s reversible baby blanket is georgeous, and one that will be in use for years. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Happy almost Halloween! Perhaps I can do a fly by on my broom tomorrow night and say hello and give a wave lol.
    Gorgeous blanket for the new baby. Congrats Kat for becoming a new Aunt.
    Thank you Laura for keeping us updated. I loved the photos you took of Nora. How could you not just love her and laugh as she went all out but WOW she is Gorgeous as always but the Rocker is just too cute along with the handsome Sheet of.
    Have a wonderful week. Xx

  7. That was supposed to say Handsome Sheriff. I totally hate autocorrect. Maybe it’s just my stupid phone.

  8. Love that blanket it’s gorgeous. The book cover is already up on Amazon-lol. Thanks for sharing all the fun.

  9. I still say Nora is channeling Pat Benetar! Lol Loved BW as the sheriff. I can hear the words” I fought the law and the law won”
    Happy Halloween guys!

  10. What a beautiful picture, Laura – and such a gorgeous blanket for the new baby. What a lucky baby to have Kat as her aunt. Nora definitely rocks that outfit. 🙂

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