Montana – Day 5

We get a hot one, but the heat takes its time to roll in. By lunchtime it’s pleasant enough still for us to scramble together our leftovers for an easy lunch on the back porch. Something for everyone, and especially nice since that blissful morning massage turned me into a relaxed noodle.

Kat’s doing another painting on her own in her room, to use for this year’s magnets and bookmarks. She’s researched the area where I’ve set next summer’s hardcover, and has created a beautiful image that reflects it.

Those of you who request the annual magnet this year are in for a treat. An original Kat!

BW has his drone, Jason has his coding. I’ve got my Spencer book.

We all find a good way to spend the heat of the day.

By early evening it’s hot but not oppressive, and we’re all up for heading over for dinner. Jason gets his walk in, but I’ve got 15k steps so I’m satisfied and ride.

We stop a few times as there are very photogenic horses waiting to pose.

Photo by BW
Photo by BW
Bison blending in/BW

We opt for outside as there’s a nice breeze—and as always that view. Since I’d taken it light at lunch, I figure I can handle another steak. The rest of the table goes for the lamb entree.

Everything is delicious, and Isabel, our server, adds to the whole event. I try the sparkling wine special at her suggestion, and that gets a solid thumb’s up.

While we wait for dinner, we wander out to take some pictures. I get to enjoy Jason and Kat setting up another echo image for that sweet baby bump. Adorable.

Belly and wheel, a still life/j a-b

This time Jason and I split the flight of sorbet—mango, blackberry, raspberry.

Time for a mid-post #foodarama:


The evening’s cool—it’s a solid temperature rise and fall daily, and we’re at the end of another relaxing day.

Time for puzzling! Kat’s brought cats. A cute, and again challenging puzzle with lots of cute cats, balls of yarn, a basket and so on.

The guys have already turned in by the time we call it, but we get a decent chunk done—including (as is my system) the edges.

Up a little later this morning, a lovely Saturday, and up to the loft to hit the workout routine. Some good cardio and core this morning, and a nice yoga session to stretch it all out again.

Kat has a massage shortly, then I guess we’ll see about lunch. We may need to squeeze that in as she has the dress rehearsal for her webinar.

I may write, I may read—we’ll see which mood strikes.


In today’s #randomkatness

Practicing peek-a-boo/Kat

17 thoughts on “Montana – Day 5”

  1. Doesn’t everyone start a puzzle with the edges? Why would anyone use any other approach??? I am an edge person, as well, so ‘our’ way is better!

    Love the photos! Keep them coming and continue to enjoy your well-deserved vacation. Gotta rest up before that sweet grand baby arrives so you can get in some serious cuddles. Sounds as if you live close enough to see your family on a regular basis. So envious! My son-in-law is in the military so my grand children never live near us.

  2. Such lovely memories you are making. The best kind of vacation, the only effort needed is to decide what to do next. And how great is it there is variety for everyone? Sounds perfect.

  3. I’m dying to know what Spencer book she’s reading–and what the puzzle with clues was! I love these vacation posts, every year is so great!

    1. I agree completely about the puzzle! I have the mystery J.D. Robb puzzle and loved putting it together. Others…not so much.

      The wheel/belly picture is a keeper to treasure.

  4. Kat does an impressive peek-a-boo! My mom was an early September baby, born during the Dust Bowl days, and her mother never let her forget how miserable that was – lol. Hope Kat’s staying nice and cool. Sounds like you’re having a lovely time! Love Nora’s dress – is that called a handkerchief dress?

  5. As usual, I love Nora’s travelogue and descriptions and pictures of their food and travels. I’m also an edge-first puzzler. This makes me want to get out one to do.

    As usual I’m looking forward to the next Eve & Roarke book, as well as the next one in the new series. I don’t know how any of them will top “Shelter in Place”, but if anyone can manage it, it will be Nora.

  6. Loving the updates! I’m dreaming of vacation time and haven’t planned anything yet. Bridal season is in full swing and there are a lot of gowns to alter. I definitely feel like Parker this time of year!
    Sitting with some wine and a puzzle sounds heavenly! Have you ever tried Wasgij puzzles? They are backwards puzzles. You don’t know what the picture is that you are forming, but you have clues from the view on the box. Lots of fun! Enjoy the remainder of your vacation!

  7. In honor of your fun and descriptive travelogues, I might have to revisit Montana Sky and/or Come Sundown!

  8. Great pictures! Looks like a very wonderful time! Kat looks so cute with her baby bump! I’m definitely getting a magnet and a bookmark!

  9. What a lovely and relaxing vacation. You can’t beat family, lovely views, and great food! Nora deserves all of that and more. I would love a magnet by Kat! How can I get one?

    1. If you go to the NR website, we have a section called Free Stuff that gives directions. Mainly, send me a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope with 70 cents in postage on it to LMRPR, PO BOX 602, Frederick MD, 21705 and I’ll send you one come December.


  10. Another inclusive blog. I always enjoy your pictures, the horses are lovely, the pix of you and BW are perfect, and Kat’s belly and wheel are wonderful. And the peekaboo practice – priceless.

  11. Lucky you are there. The whole northeast is having storms, rain, flooding, and more rain. It hasn’t helped the humidity go down either.. So im glad you are having nice weather. I love all the pix. I have just one question. How do you manage 15k steps, when you are inside all morning?

  12. Sounds great! The photos BW took of the horses and bison, were beautiful. They would make gorgeous post cards. All his photos are wonderful. You and he just fit. I sure enjoy your Fall into the Story blog. It’s like being there!

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