Montana Day 3

Switching it up this morning to do the blog before I see about squeezing a little work in as Kat, Kayla and I have a one o’clock.

Paint time’s rescheduled. The artist had an emergency. Since it stayed fairly chilly, and we hope to do it outside, that’s all fine.

A son and his mom. Photo by Kat

Instead, we spent the bulk of the day indoors. Indoors for Griffin and Kat meant a lot of tent time. It’s like a big playhouse—with beds! I walked outside a bit, and couldn’t resist taking a lilac sprig from one of the several blooming bushes. At home mine have long since bloomed off, so it’s nice to have this revival of spring with that lovely scent.

The Purloined Lilac. Photo by Nora.

We have a bird nesting in the outside corner of the front door. I see her often, and she objects when we go in and out. Can’t blame her as she has four pretty eggs to protect. Ms. Robin’s doing a fine job—and I wonder if they’ll hatch while we’re here.

The Robin’s Nest. Photo by BW.
Treasure. Photo by BW

We decide to break out one of the jigsaw puzzles we brought with us, and get a start on that. Our puzzle board was left inadvertently in the car, but the intrepid Kat called and asked for a flat piece of cardboard. We can move it easily from the dining room table to the kitchen counter when we need the table.

Jigsaws puzzles, screen time, happy boy. Photo by Nora

It’s barbecue night at the ranch. Layer up, everybody, because it’s cool—and downright cold when the wind blows. It’s nice when we get there as the sun comes out from where it’s hidden most of the day. We choose our pod—like a big cabana—and Jason does the chase after Griffin deal. This is fine until the boy decides he wants any pod but ours, or perhaps testing out the fire pit would be fun, then there’s that big field on the other side of the fence.

A boy and a cover. Photo by Kat

Many distractions are offered. Many are rejected, firmly.

He finally settles in after a protracted battle of wills, and we use some extra chairs to block his escape from the pod.

There’s a live band, and they’re really good. The lead singer and keyboard player is barefoot. It may be 50-52 out, with a stiff breeze that comes and goes, but the band’s from Missoula so I guess that’s summertime!

The music’s eclectic and more than fine with songs ranging from Hendrix to a number from The Jungle Book.

The food hits the right notes, too, with plenty of options for our vegetarian. Griffin decides the trout is exceptional (I agree) and eats what seems like an entire fish.

We stay for dessert.

Home again for the bedtime dance with Daddy, and after Griffin’s settled in (Daddy, too, as the dinner-time chase was long) Kayla practices her Tarot card reading skills. I gave her a deck a couple months ago, and she’s proven to have good instincts. She did a solid reading for Kat, did mine and nailed that, too.

I walked out between to grab the sunset.

Sunset. Photo by Nora

Then the three girls enjoy a gabfest until midnight.

I’m up early, naturally—and a little annoyed I can’t seem to sleep past 5:30, but what can you do?

I think Griffin and his parents had a rough night, but they’ve slept in so I hope that makes up for it.

Got my workout done. Kayla’s waiting for Grandda and whoever else wants breakfast—BW’s doing a workout of his own. I’m going to go up and change, see about squeezing that work in.

The girls are heading to the Apothecary this afternoon to make lotions and whatever else we can do. Kat and I did this last time we were here and really had fun.

It’ll be warmer today—hitting 70 (YAY!) and the sun’s out.

I’m ready for it.


In our daily Griffin video, he practices his sleight of hand, ending with a splash. ~Laura

15 thoughts on “Montana Day 3”

  1. Who needs a workout when you have an energetic toddler to keep you on your toes! Even if the weather is cold, you are finally getting to enjoy your family after this crazy past year. The scenery looks spectacular. Enjoy your gorgeous surroundings. The eastern half of the US is enjoying a wet preview of hot humid summer so you aren’t missing anything. Cherish those vacation days with that sweet grandson. They grow up way too fast.

  2. 50’s weather is very nice so long as there’s not a wind – that can bring things to a halt. The bare feet at that temp is pretty extreme, even for a native to the area. Mountain weather is so changeable we carry a jacket in the car at all times – the weight of the jacket depends on the season. That second round of lilac is so special, I remember going up into the foothills one year to find it blooming up there in July! Griffin’s going to have a good game of monte going pretty soon lol. Hope he gets to see the baby robins.

  3. I love the videos of Griffin! That boy has some kind of magick in him. So adorable. Always fun to read the vacation adventures.

  4. Love this! Pictures of the sunset are really special. Love the little Robin. Griffin is so adorable. Keep posting please. Makes my day!

  5. Griffin makes me smile so much. I’d send you some sweltering 90+ degrees heat from NYC but I think you’ll be fine without it. LOL.

    Enjoy it all! Thank you.

  6. Better that than 90’s…then energetic toddler can take on a new version of CRANKY!

    He is so adorable. And oh the magic lure of arts and crafts projects for him!!! They are so magically creative at his age!


  7. If you are looking for a day trip while you are here in Montana, you might take a drive to Packer Meadow at the Lolo Pass Visitor Center on Highway 12 at the Idaho-Montana state line. Packer Meadow is a beautiful camas meadow located west of the Visitor Center. Camas flowers vary in color from pale violet to deep blue. When the meadow is in full bloom, it can look like a lake of brilliant violet. Packer Meadow blooms annually, typically in mid to late June.

  8. What a wonderful vacation so far. I can’t believe how big Griffin has gotten. Such a beautiful boy with a gorgeous smile 😊😊😊

    Looking forward to day four adventures 😊😊

  9. The Kat and Griffin picture is priceless. Every time the field on the other side of the fence is mentioned, I picture the beginning of a mystery or magical story. Lucky you have the tent for paying indoors while it’s cold. My husband grew up in Montana an hour’s drive west of Missoula. His home there had two absolutely gorgeous lilac trees; you would love them. The BBQ night sounded successful and enjoyable. Thank you for including us in another day of your vacation. Laura, thank you for posting Griffin’s video. He is a charmer.

  10. Sounds like a great vacation. Leave it to a toddler to make his own way no matter what anyone else wants. My great nephew broke his high chair once throwing a fit. AK bought him a new one. We called him the monster toddler after that lol.
    Now, he’s five and going into kindergarten next fall. Where does the time fly to?
    Texas has been drenched and when it does warm up to the low 80s it’s like 90+ feels like temp. Yesterday was miserably hot and muggy.
    Everything is so beautiful up there. Enjoy the vacation y’all so richly deserved together.

  11. I’ve never been, but Montana is on my list of places to visit. Staying on USA is best now. I just came from Cypress for a granddaughters wedding, & we have a 12 hour stopover innevy London. Due to covid. U can’t leave the terminal. Can u imagine that the lounge i was looking forward to relaxing in is closed? They all are due to covid.

  12. How utterly lovely ! (The robin & eggs!). How utterly fascinating is the quickly growing Griffin! I have never been to Montana, don’t know why! It has always sounded like a marvelous place! Sounds like you are enjoying a laid back vacation !!! Lol

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