Montana — Day 2

A little time before dinner—and that wild wind—leaves time for a little three-handed Hearts inside. Kayla, Jason and me.

Griffin playing in the tent amid the wild wind. Video by Kat

Jason has incredibly bad luck. Barely missed running them—one card light. I tell him he played it well, so he lost correctly. * He’s well behind when we have to pause the game to change for dinner.

A cool, brisk evening means eating inside instead of out—but sunny means some walks around, especially for a certain little boy. One who really, really, REALLY wants to climb through the fence and explore the next field.

Can’t sit still. Photo by Nana

But that’s a hard no.

Kayla gets her cowgirl on and it sure looks cute on her.

Cowgirl chic. Photo by Kayla’s Nana.

It’s a fine meal, and our waitress Dart is terrific. Griffin enjoys his Mac and cheese, then decides he’s had enough. His dad drives him and his mom home, and comes back for us in time for dessert.

The first, definitely not the last, creative pano. Photo by Kat’s phone

I have a scoop of vanilla gelato with a scoop of huckleberry. Just as wonderful as I remember. But too much for me. Jason reaps that reward.

We see cattle on the way back, and a field loaded with moms and babies. So cute!

Cattle still life. Photo by BW

Back home, and the temp keeps dropping so I want sweats on.

It’s time for Griffin’s nightly pre-bedtime dance with Daddy. It’s an adorable ritual with a specific play list on Jason’s phone, and usually ends with the favorite. The Elmo Slide. By then, Griffin’s head is almost always heavy on Jason’s shoulder.

Mom and Dad put their boy to bed with BW drafted to finish for Jason at Hearts.

His luck is no better. Kayla triumphs. She’s become, over the last couple years, a very canny—and often ruthless—card player. Makes a nana proud, even when she screws me over on a pass.

Jason conks with Griffin, so it’s now four-handed with Kat, BW, Kayla and me. Lots of fun, lots of laughs.

My luck is fairly crappy, but BW’s is even crappier. Kat gives her a run for it, but once again, Kayla crushes all comers.

I warn her next time we play, she’s going down!

I’m up early again, and just decide to roll with it. Pretty chilly this morning. Get my workout in, while Jason fixes Griffin’s breakfast. It’s fun listening to him babble with Sesame Street or Mickey and Donald while I work up a sweat.

I sit down to work while the Breakfast Club heads out. Cool or not, eventually the boy wants outside, so Kat and Griffin go on a short adventure.

I finish up my goal for the day shortly after the gang comes back—with bacon!!! Mmmm, bacon.

Kat’s putting Griffin down for an early nap as he hit the wall, and I might take a walk myself.

In a couple of hours we have a paint activity here at the house. Fun! And it’s barbecue night at the resort. All sounds good to me, but I admit I’m looking forward to feeling the temperatures climb back up to summer.


Notes from Laura:
* Sometimes Nora says this to me. OK, she never says it to me. Stupid games.

To follow up the first day post, here’s Griffin and Nana “bowling.” And a glimpse at the big furniture.

So…who’d volunteer to sleep in the tent? I think I would.

32 thoughts on “Montana — Day 2”

    1. Great question!! Those cattle would prevent us from finding out, tho !!

    2. What is the elevation of where Nora and family are staying? Just curious since it seems cool at times.

  1. I live west of where you are. We cooked last week, record temps and now it’s cooler. No rain on site and we’re in a bad drought. Prediction are for warmer temps this week. A fire at a compost site in Lewiston was not good news with the high winds.

  2. It’s so lovely to get a peek into someone else’s family adventures. So full of love. Thank you for sharing with us. ♥️

  3. It’s like I’m right there with Nora and everyone enjoying the food and scenery.

      1. Oh, absolutely in the tent. That said, I grew up hearing the wind in the trees, so it wouldn’t be a problem. For the chill, you need to (a) wear your warmest nightclothes and (b) make sure you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night. Guess how I got this wisdom – lol.

  4. I couldn’t help thinking that Eve would be weirded out by the cattle. No thinking cute babies for her.

    I love toddler voices and toddler glee. Thanks for sharing those moments.

  5. Sounds like Griffin keeps everyone on their toes, but what fun! Hope it gets warmer for you.

  6. So close to Butte you should take a jaunt over and visit our historical city

  7. I’d definitely sleep in the tent. Griffin and his magic carpet! What fun! It all sounds like a wonderful time. Enjoy!

  8. Kayla looks so cute in her hat!
    I love the way Griffin bowls. Sure to have a strike, every time.
    I am the worst card player in the world! I get the rules for each game mixed up with a different game. I once called “GIN”, when we were playing poker! My family never lets me forget!

    Keep posting, we all are enjoying your family’s vacation.

  9. Kayla’s hat is perfect for her. Those big chairs are great napping chairs, just right for curling up in. Looking forward to seeing the results of the painting party.

    Did someone say bacon?

  10. No tent for me please. That little guy is so adorable! You want to eat him with a spoon! I love Kayla’s hair! Shorter but very chic! Montana is the place to be if it cooler. Burning hot here! Looks like a beautiful place.

  11. The tent looks wonderful, and obviously, Griffin loves it. Kayla looks great in her cowboy hat and cowgirl outfit. I believe there is a Nana and Kayla showdown coming with the cards. Should be fun to read about. The pictures, as always, are beautiful. Everyone seems be be having the perfect vacation. Thank you for sharing. You always make me feel like I’m there with you.

  12. Welcome to June in Montana!
    I’ll say this one has been windier than usual but it has also been known to snow!
    Spring here tends to be schizophrenic!
    Enjoy your stay!

  13. Is it wrong that I want to be a part of this family in some small way? Beautiful family time. Love it.

  14. Summer sometimes forgets to stay in Montana. Lived there most of my life and sure do miss it. Love that my favorite author loves my home state. Enjoy your family time. Thanks for sharing. ❤❤

  15. Thanks to Nora and Laura for sharing their vacation with us. Griffin gets cuter every day. They are so much fun at his age.
    I think I’d consider the tent.
    Have a great vacation and thanks again for sharing with us.

  16. Thanks for sharing vacation stories. Love seeing that adorable Griffin and how fast he is growing.
    Life getting back to some kind of normal is a wonderful thing.

  17. Aren’t Grandkids the best? If I had known how much fun they were I would have skipped the kids and just had grandkids! Hahaha!

  18. Love reading your blog, Nora! Griffin is so adorable! Makes me remember when my four grandsons were little and I loved playing with them. They are all teenagers now. Sure miss those playtimes.
    Playing cards is the best fun for a family. Kayla must be pretty sharp. Good luck on trying to beat her.
    Enjoy your family!

  19. How lovely that your eldest grandchild can thrash you at card games lol! Go get em Kayla!!! Xx

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