Montana – Day 3

Another pretty day with no real plans makes a nice vacation.

Jason’s doing code on his computer, Kat and I are puzzling, and BW is trying out the new drone I got him for his birthday. Fun for all.

Time for lunch so a walk for me and Jason. It’s warm enough I wear sturdy sandals—but do so without thinking of the dusty road or tiny little stones. Still, you kick the stones out and all’s well again.

Hoofprints on the trail. Photo by j a-b.

There’s a huge buffet at lunch—so many choices. A lot for somebody like me who usually dines on Cheez-Its* for lunch at the keyboard. Some salad, a big hunk of fried chicken, some fries. I can manage the salad and about half the rest. It’s so nice to eat outside, with the view, the breeze—and a little sparkle to top it off.

It’s an easy, lazy meal—with Jason walking back toward his 12k goal for the day. (I’ve already passed that :))

More puzzling, BW at the living room desk reviewing the tutorials on his new drone. I decide to sit outside for awhile, with more sparkle and email.

I smell gas. I’d smelled it the day before, but we couldn’t find the source, and it went away. But catching that smell two days running? Time to call and report it.

A couple of guys are here in minutes, and I leave them to Jason. I can hear them outside, checking this, checking that. Then I hear male groans and laughter.

The gas smell turns out to be a dead mouse under the cushion of one of the porch chairs. Very glad Jason was in charge! Dead mouse and cushion are taken away.

The mystery is: Did the mouse crawl under there to die, or did some predator tuck it there, thinking to come back for it later?

Either way? Eeww!

I have to say the staff here is everything you could want. Friendly, efficient, informative. Kat needed a folding table for a webinar she’s doing for the foundation—and they brought one (BIG) lickety split. I had trouble with the DVD player, and they’re here dealing with it quick and easy.

At meals, the waitstaff is just lovely, and everyone looks happy. It really adds to the vacation mood.

Kat and I puzzle some more—we’re close to done on this very challenging and really pretty project. But it’s time for dinner.

Puzzlers. Photo by BW

Kat decides she’ll attempt the walk with Jason—and since at 30 weeks, she moves slow, they leave well before us.

Third trimester belly watch — the point when your body resembles the landscape.**
Photo by Kat.

We’re at one of the cabanas tonight in The Yard, with that magnificent view. There’s a little boy, probably 18-20 months, and his big sister—maybe five. He’s trailing her, and she’d stop, look back and make him bust out with that fabulous toddler gut laugh.

Corn hole as far as the eye can see. Photo by j a-b.

Over and over again.

Kat and Jason make it shortly after we arrive.

J & K 4 evah!
Photo by NR

I don’t want a big meal—had that at lunch. Not after red meat. I get the kids’ menu, and it’s perfect. Pizza!*** A little green salad to be a good girl.

It’s good pizza, and really filling. They need to box up half to take home. Hey, breakfast!

The first (of MANY) artistic, selfie pano.
Photo by j a-b’s phone.

It’s already dusk—and really cool by the time we finished. Cool enough I go out for the hoodie Jason left in the car—known on this trip as The Car Hoodie.

It’s too late for the walk back, so we all drive—and the sky is glorious. Red and pink spread over the mountains with that dusky blue above. And all the fields charmed by that softening light.

Time to finish our puzzle, so satisfying. And as this one came with a quiz/hidden object deal we’re into that. Jason helps out here. You’re looking for the name of an artist—we’ve determined Raphael by the clues. And once you answer the questions you’re looking for things like keys, an eight, a cardinal, a turtle and so on.

We find some fairly easily, but are defeated by others.

Bedtime—but a few minutes for me outside. We’re not in Texas, but the stars at night are big and bright.

Up for my morning routine. Check in with the world, up to the loft for a workout—which I capped off today with a really lovely yoga session.

BW and Kat head over for breakfast while I’m in the loft, return just about yoga time. When yoga’s done, Kat calls up she’s found the other objects in the puzzle.

And she has, though God knows how she found that damn turtle!

BW’s drone practicing. I think Jason might still be asleep. I’m going to clean up, have some cold caffeine and think about what I’ll do with the rest of the morning.



In today’s #randomkatness:

The highest form of #randomkatness. A western still life with materials at hand by Kat.


* This is true.  I’ve seen the evidence. 
** A close runner up for today’s #randomkatness

*** Nailed it! I get the photos before the copy and called this as Nora’s dinner.

17 thoughts on “Montana – Day 3”

  1. Love the belly horizon photo.

    Puzzle question: Do you have a method for putting it together? When I work on puzzles, I always dig out the pieces with a straight edge, put them together and then focus on color and design. Just wondering.

    1. Yes to edges first, my grandma insisted on that. What a great memory. She was my sunshine and I have missed her so much. I can’t imagine how shocked she would be at how big our family became. She and grandpa had just my mom. Mom had three of us. I,on the other hand, raised six sons. We are expecting our 12th grandchild any day; we have 18 greats, and next month we will have our first great great grandson, Carter. my first granddaughter will be a grandma!
      Your vacation sounds so wonderful. Enjoy every minute.

  2. i’m so enjoying your vacation! thanks for the blog….as I have my Cheetos lunch at my computer….

  3. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us. I didn’t know you were in Montana and imagine my delight when I picked up my hold at the library and it was Come Sundown 🙂
    I laughed so hard at the gas mouse… Ha!
    I have traveled to a lot of places but never made it to Montana.
    I know that you are all having a great time
    Oh and I love all the photos but the one of Kat’s baby bump resembling the landscape just did it for me.

  4. Doing whatever on vacation is lovely. The puzzle shot is perfect! Kat looks glowing and I loved her pregnant belly landscape photo. The #randomkatness is perfect and so Montana. Of all the food pictures, I’ll have the huckleberry dessert. Sounds like everyone is having a great time. Oh, I agree with “Ewww” about the mouse.

  5. I didn’t see you blogging about your itch to write!! So you didn’t write today! Really ?? Two whole days without writing? Well, good for you. Somebody who works so hard, deserves time off, and I’m glad you sound like you are relaxing.

    I’m just curious. That puzzle looks beautiful. But after all that work- how do you transport it back home, w/o breaking it up?

  6. A totally fun read! One of the best parts of my day! I was stressing over bills then thought to myself “why not take a moment h check in with Nora and crew). Took a few deep breaths & sank into the vacation flow. I loved the foot prints photo by Jason! Kat’s photos were fun & perfect as always. I hope BW can take photos with his drone. With his eye and the views they would be amazing! Thank you Nora for the lovely little trip from stress!

    **Laura I’m loving the #fooddrama and your ** comments ?

  7. Great photos, it sounds like a wonderful relaxing vacation, except for the smelly dead mouse! Ewww! At least they found it and took it far, far away! Can’t wait to see the next installment and the food looks amazing! Thanks for sharing so much with us!

  8. I know exactly where you are staying in Montana. I stayed there last summer. It was a wonderful trip. The staff and the food was great. Love seeing the photos you are sharing. Would love to go back someday. Enjoy and definitely get the massage.

  9. I have a question that has probably been asked before, but I don’t get to read the posts every day so here goes. Are Kat and Jason Kayla and Logan’s parents or aunt and uncle?

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