Montana! Day 11

As I’m not sure if the lighter skies will hold, I do a mean cardio workout in the loft. A balancing, I think, of the previous day’s doing not much. BW reports a couple of frisky rabbits outside the bedroom window. We enjoy some time around the fire, then because it looks pretty good out there, decide to get some lunch before hitting The Grizzlyman Trail.

Rabbit, by BW

When we step out, we see under those big blue skies and giant billowy white clouds, that while it rained here, that meant snow on the mountains. The first of the season, and it’s awesome and beautiful. White peaks against the blue, giving the ridges such strong definition. The air’s crisp and clean, the sun beaming so those white edges sparkle against rock that reads blue above the tree line.


It’s truly a postcard, such bright, sharp color and shape, majestic and dramatic, yet absolutely peaceful. One I’m so glad we got to see firsthand.

BW is particularly interested in lunch as he got word chicken pot pie is today’s special. The man loves his pot pie.

I’m torn as chicken noodle soup is also on today’s menu.

He and Kat go for the pot pie, and oh my it’s huge and beautiful. One gorgeous golden puff pastry, heartily filled. I’m sure delicious as I went for the soup and it definitely was. But too much food.

We decide then and there to take the generous leftovers back and have them for dinner later.

So it’s onto The Grizzlyman which starts over by Spa town, rises up over three hundred feet, jogs down again in a mile loop through the forest. And has some obstacles and adventures along the way.

I figure the first obstacle is the climb, nearly straight up, so despite my regular cardio I feel it. Come on hamstrings, come on quads! DSC_0504There are vertical log walls to climb, with ropes. I go about halfway before the anxiety of height sends me down and around. But Kat and Jason prevail. Horizontal stretches of logs to tightrope walk over, stumps to jump, tires to stride through. Climb higher, on what’s turned into a gorgeous afternoon, logs positioned sort of like uneven bars, another higher wall, one of those rope walls with foot holds.


And how about some pull-ups? I learn I have pathetic upper body strength.

A rope climb, and I’m seriously impressed Kat pulled her way up.

A longer, wobbly log tightrope walk. While Jason handles the climbers, Kat is undisputed champ on balance.

Then there’s the log version of monkey bars. Unless you’re BW, you have to jump to grab hold of the first. Then it’s swing your way along. BW does so, amusingly for a video. Kat does it for real. She is clearly our Grizzlyman.

photo (45) photo (44)

A log fence to climb. This I can do. But I don’t take into account the steep downward incline of the ground. So climb over, hop down, and go straight down on my ass. Soft ground, luckily.


We played along the trail for a couple hours, just a fun way to get out and about on such a shining afternoon.

photo 3 (11)
Navigating the tires – photo by Kat

By the time we get back, the snow’s melted off the peaks. It’s not quite warm enough, for me, to sit outside, so it’s back by the fire. And later leftovers.

Kat and BW are driving to the airport to return the car, and I’ll get a late start on my workout. I’m hoping for at least as warm as yesterday so I can take a walk.

photo (46)
Photo by NR

And for yesterday’s what is it, you guys are plumbing savvy! Yes, a pipe coupler or union or joiner. Which are cleverly used here–as some also guessed– as napkin rings.

So how many can identify the long green stem topping the amazing pot pie? I confess it stumped me.

photo 2 (19)
Today’s mystery courtesy of Kat


37 thoughts on “Montana! Day 11”

  1. I’m so enjoying sharing your holiday with you! Not sure what that green curly thing is in the pot pie. I’m sure it’s delicious though! I also love pot pie!

    1. Garlic scape. We usually have those in May/June, it’s how I know the summer produce will be abundant soon.

  2. The mind is a wonderful thing, reading The Montana Day posts takes me away on a holiday. The pictures are lovely- the colours of the sunsets are gob-smacking beautiful. Thank you very much for this Ms. Roberts and family- happy holiday!

  3. It’s a fiddlehead. I’ve never had them, but I’ve seen them pop up on numerous FoodNetwork shows. I somehow doubt they even grow in Phoenix and surrounding areas.

  4. A Ramp? I think? Allium tricoccum (commonly known as ramp, ramps, spring onion, ramson, wild leek, wood leek, and wild garlic) is a North American species of wild onion widespread across eastern Canada and the eastern United States.

    1. That’s what I thought maybe. I am also enjoying your adventures and also love pot pie. 🙂

  5. I think some form of onion or asparagus! oh! and BTW have I mentioned that I love your hat?!! Lol! the trail sounds like fun, but I’m not in good enough shape to try it. Kudos to you all. especially, Kat! I really like seeing the pictures along with the blog. Have fun!!!

  6. I’m thinking a long bean. They are like extra long green beans.

    I love chicken pot pie. Wish you’d posted a picture. Love BW on the long bars. Too funny. Glad you all are having a great time.

    1. That is a picture of the pot pie, with the mystery green on top of it. I’ve never seen such a ginormous pot pie!

  7. Sorry, I’m not adding my guess. Whatever it is, they don’t sell them here in Eve & Roarke’s town- New York City. But then,maybe they do- I’ll take cheesecake over veggies, anyday. Which is why I’m in awe of Kat- that girl is limber. I’ll be sorry to see the end of our trip. I looked forward to it daily.

  8. Oh a garlic scape! Looks lovely!! BW’s postcard is GORGEOUS! I love those trails with the obstacles, I’m terrible at it but its just so fun.

  9. I had guessed fiddlehead and then read the rest of the guesses – I’m going to go look things up now.

    I’m envious of that cool air you are in – very hot here in NJ.

  10. Garlic Scape. I just discovered them this summer when I was picking up my weekly share from our CSA in Adamstown MD. I used them much like onions, the have a very light garlic flavor. Delish!

  11. Garlic stem and seed bulb. Someone had told me they are edible but I wasn’t sure. Looks like a yummy pot pie.

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