Montana – Day 11

Most excellent massage time. Warm! Tent flap open to the gorgeous view. The fan running inside the tent sounds like ocean surf, and my massage therapist has good, strong hands.

Back home, loose and relaxed to hang out, work a little—on the porch.

Then Jason figures out how to hook his computer and his HBO Max to the TV. We laze around and watch the terrific In The Heights. Manuel is, very simply, a genius.

Griffin dances through the opening sequence. In my head, too relaxed for otherwise, I join him. We love it—such a talented cast, such an important message delivered in the most entertaining of ways.

Warm family photo. Photo by BW

Then we scurry to change for our Big Sky Bash by the pond. Marigolds sit in little planters on the picnic tables. A sweet and pretty centerpiece. Ours, however, are gasping their last breath in the heat, the strong sun—and with no cushioning dirt to speak of.

Water me! Photo by Nora

I immediately commandeer Kayla’s bottle of water and dump it in. Almost instant, if partial, revival!

Lots of food to choose from, and our vegetarian gets a tofu tortilla. I take the pulled pork, thanks all the same!

Griffin is much more interested in the pond—and the little dock—than dinner. (Still a solid rejection of a pony ride.) But he can stretch out there and touch the water.

So hot (the marigolds agree). Photo by Kat
But this will help. Photo by Kat
Ahhhh. Photo by Kat

There’s some clouds gathering in what I think is the south—not remotely sure of my direction here (or mostly anywhere) but for now they cool things off just enough.

More water for the marigolds, and they look very grateful.

Maybe, possibly, potentially a storm coming, and since we’re done, we head home again. But we take those mostly revived marigolds with us. I’m going to find a way and place to plant them, and give them a chance to live on.

Ready for the ground. Photo by Nora

One of thee baby birds greets us on arrival with a popped-up head and wide open mouth.

Then The Daddy Dance never fails to entertain.

I sit on he back porch steps because the evening’s so pleasant, and the sky’s amazing. The breeze surfs through he trees, smells wonderful, feels even better.

I have to get my iPad for the camera as those clouds are rolling over the mountains in the southwest, falling over them like a layered gray and purple curtain. I see a lightning bolt, and the wall of rain. Farther west as the sun sets, it’s gold, then all those clouds are under-lit into a God Sky.

Storm’s a coming. Photo by Nora.

Jason’s out with me, and I fetch Kayla.

Photo by Nora.

Huge sky, so dramatic, sweeping with clouds—and different in every direction you look. The sun burns a fire between peaks as it slides behind them so we have a long, slow, changeable end of day. And the rain wall moves steady west and away.

Photo by j a-b
Photo by j a-b

Workout done on a bright—if WINDY—morning. Some laundry done and drying in that frisky air. Breakfast crew’s back. A hike on The Grizzly Man Trail’s on our slate for after nap time. When it warms up a bit more toward the forecasted mid-80s, I’ll get the marigolds settled. They look damn perky this morning.

Then it’s dinner at home with hot plate Spanish beans and rice—and—hint-hint—Kat’s toaster oven biscuits.


20 thoughts on “Montana – Day 11”

  1. That sky! Like that you are finally getting some warm weather. It sounds like you pack a lot into each day and are fully enjoying your time in Montana.

  2. The photos are awesome, fabulously beautiful! Just looking at them is relaxing. Griffin is so adorable and full of curiosity. Thank you for sharing another wonderful day of you vacation.

  3. Those photos are dramatically beautiful! Wow! Thank you for sharing your family vacation with us. I’m still travelling vicariously with you. And enjoying every word, every bite, every flower, every pic.

  4. That you would go work a little after such a relaxing message, is such a testament to your unbelievable work ethic. i envy that. you probably don’t have a lazy bone in your body.
    i love those upcoming storm and sky pix. beautiful.

  5. Those pictures of the sky are awesome 👏🏻

    Glad the weather works for you every now and then and hope it continues ❤️

  6. Pictures of the coming storm are beautiful!
    Griffin certainly loves the water.
    Please post another Daddy Dance.

    The Marigolds need to thank Nora for their lives.

    Keep posting!

  7. Great pictures, as usual! I was waiting for Griffin’s fingers to get kissed by a fish lol. Glad you’re having much better weather.

    1. So glad you are enjoying our big sky country!! Wish we could meet over marigolds and sunshine…Thanks for sharing

  8. Love this vacation! I have enjoyed watching and listening to you and all the togetherness..beautiful! The pictures are all amazing! So glad you saved the marigolds!

  9. Beautiful photos of the sky and landscape! Save the marigolds, Nora!

  10. You caught some awesome pictures of that gorgeous sky. Your words are as vibrant as the sky.
    Thank you again for sharing your family and your vacation with us.

  11. Your vacation time spent with your lovely family is beautiful, Griffin is so adorable, thank you so much for sharing your precious moments with us. The evening sky formations were fabulous.🤗

  12. Wow that sky show could almost inspire a book, oh wait, yes it’s on my book shelf. 😂
    I love all of Griffin’s explorations.

  13. Thank you so much for sharing. I love your stories. You are blessed.

  14. My Mom always says God-sky- I love that expression. Griffin looks so relaxed on the dock! Have so much fun, and MD will be glad to have you back.:)

  15. Thanks so much for sharing your vacation! I look forward to reading each day. The pictures of the sky today are beautiful. Enjoy!

  16. Great pictures. Sounds very relaxing. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us.

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