Montana – Day 10

It’s a good day at home with this and that to do through the morning. One that started off cool, and heated up strong by noon.

Following routine, Jason and I walk over for lunch. Spaghetti and meatballs on the buffet? Alrighty then. Just an easy-breezy fuel-it-up time on the porch.

Back for Kat to take a little rest, for me to catch up on email, etc. After I think about reading, then conk for nearly an hour. I am so not a nap person, but hey, it’s vacation!

We have a looked-forward-to private event for late afternoon—waiting for the best light.

It’s pregnancy photos time!

Kat has four outfits and visions for each look. I help—at her request—picking out accessories. I want an Asian Goddess of Fertility look for the black, lacy, belly-exposing gown—where Jason wears a pair of Asian-type black PJs.

Our photographer (BW) has picked a spot in the side yard, so we get started. She looks amazing—and my boy doesn’t look so bad himself. I play ass’t, and when I remember to get my phone, take some shots of the shoot.

BW at work/NR

From there we move inside, and the resort—as requested—delivers beautiful flowers. More shots in a high-backed leather chair, with flowers.

Costume change!

Now we go for romantic and classy in a white robe with Jason in a gray shirt. During the change, our photog angles a bench on the front porch. Our parents-to-be look just terrific, and the light is excellent. This is so soft, pretty, romantic.


Next change!

White lacy gown—bride like, especially with the addition of flowers. These are so sweet! I keep taking shots of the shoot, or try my own angle.

Mama in waiting/NR
Photo by NR

For the crescendo, we need one more costume change—and props. This set’s pure Kat and Jason.

Plaid shirts, jeans, Kat in pigtails. And Jason holding a watermelon to mirror her belly. Such silly fun, a lot of mugging, or sober American Gothic type faces with the mountains in the distance as the backdrop.


We’re going to have so many keepers.

Job well done/BW

We’ve run late, so pull it together and head to dinner. Glad I brought a jacket as the sun’s down before we finish, and it’s very cool again.

Pretty, pretty night—crescent moon, Jupiter and Venus very clear in the sky.

At home we hook up the laptop to the TV to watch a slide show of the photos. Oh, yeah, plenty of keepers.

Up early to workout as we’re heading into Garnet, a nice little trip. And who doesn’t want to visit a ghost town?



Late summer on a plate/Kat

And in today’s #randomkatness:

photo by NR

19 thoughts on “Montana – Day 10”

  1. Enjoying your travels, as always. Dug out old copy of Montana Sky film – did I see Nora and Bruce at the end or was I seeing things?

    1. Nope, Marie-Claire. I remember seeing them dancing after the wedding! You’re not seeing things!

    2. Nora had cameos in the first four Lifetime movies. She was on set for Montana Sky and then did green screen acting for Angels Fall, Blue Smoke and Carolina Moon.


  2. What a fun day! It all sounds like the perfect vacation day. The pregnancy shoot, just everything, even the nap.

    Thank you.

  3. The photos of Kat are beautiful! What amazing memories these will be for both parents and child!!! Just love them!!

  4. Having the worst day: anniversary of a much loved surrogate mama’s death. Then, I read the events of Day 10, saw the pics and felt uplifted again. Such joy. Cleverness. Fun. Randomness. Life.

    I do feel better. Thank you.

  5. Those photos look like so much fun. What a great idea! My favorite one is the soft focus, romantic one on the bench. Once the baby comes, it only gets much better. Especially the first baby!

  6. Love the pictures! Such beautiful lasting memories! This is gonna be one loved baby!

  7. Gorgeous pictures. I know this will be a much loved, much photographed baby. Thanks for sharing this time in your lives. It is a privilege for us.
    Mickey Merritt

  8. Amazing and Lovely Pics of Kat and Jason! Always love hearing about your trip! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love the photo shoot. I imagine Kat and Jason sharing the photos with their son someday. There’s nothing like a baby to brighten up a family- and the world.

  10. Love the Jason and Kat pix! My favorite is the one with the plaid shirts, the watermelon, and Kat in pigtails. Needless to say, I adore the randomkatness photo! Thank you, again, for sharing your day with us.

  11. All the photos are wonderful, but the couple in rocking chair on porch is so perfect. My son and Cat had a baby boy Tuesday ! Life is beautiful, isn’t it.

  12. Love the photos! Kat has gorgeous hair. BW does an amazing job I’m sure the finials are fantastic! How handy to have a professional photographer Grandpa on vacation with you. Those pics would make a great photo puzzle for a baby shower gift. I personally would pick the watermelon one.

    Love this blog, thanks so much for sharing!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing. Loved the photo shoot as I am an avid photographer myself.

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