Good Things Come

Though the wait can seem endless, good things do come around. Tomorrow I head out for a week with the best of girl pals for fun and serious relaxation at the spa.

Packing’s a lot, but pretty easy as it’s work-out gear, sweats and pjs. For seven lovely days, we don’t cook, we don’t clean, do laundry, work, and the biggest stressors tend to be what color to have our nails done and who’s moving onto the next round of Drunken Scrabble or Wii Bowling. We have a tournament. With prizes.

Yesterday was  a mega, major signing at Turn The Page. Today is recover from that, pack, do a weather check to help with that packing, get in a workout, and since it’s gorgeous out, take a walk around outside.

After what hphoto 3onestly feels like the longest winter on record, spring’s starting to pop. I can’t decide whether to be delighted or annoyed my tulip magnolia’s on the edge of bursting.I’m going to miss most of it, and it’s my favorite April treat. But the forsythia’s bright and sunny yellow on one of my hills, and I see some of my perennials in the beds, like delphiniums and dianthus and columbine, pushing their way up.

photo 4

So I’ll leave my daffs and hyacinths for a week. Then come home to serious work, and some serious gardening. I’ll be ready.

But starting tomorrow, it’s all girls all the time, and it’s a week worth waiting for.


Note from Laura:  I’m going along for all the fun.  Nora and I will take turns giving some updates.   And on Tuesday morning I’ll open a thread to discuss The Liar. Stay tuned!



22 thoughts on “Good Things Come”

  1. I love the yellow all around & the trees with holly leaves just like pine tees only bigger leaves.
    I know Spring is coming slow but more green in MD than in MN

  2. Ask BW to take pics and email them to you, It would be better than nothing until you return. Have fun!

  3. Wishing you a safe and incredibly fun trip. Good times do come to good and special people. I must apologize ahead of time as I know your ears will be burning, because on this side of the Potomac you are the talk of the town. Many thanks to Ms. Roberts and Laura for being so kind to my Gram.

  4. You two have a wonderful time! My lilac and quince are in glorious bloom and I smile every time I see them.

  5. A well deserved (earned) trip after a long, cold winter of writing. Enjoy, relax and pick up ideas for the next book. I’m picturing Eve visiting a new spa that Roarke put in at Dochas with Peabody, Mavis, Dr Mira, Nadine and all the “girls” and laughing. Hope you enjoy it more than she would! God Bless!

  6. Living in New Zealand, I miss the usual spring blooming season in Indiana. I mostly miss my mother’s lilac bushes. I planted a couple of them here and they are stunted and hardly have any leaves or blooms. I still do get that wonderful fragrance when I go out and put my nose deep in the 4 or 5 blooms I do get.

    Enjoy your spa week.

  7. Had a great time at the signing enjoying some girl time. Always fun in Boonsboro. As usual, the authors were wonderful and easy to talk to. Have a great time at the spa. Take extra time to relax Nora’s wrist and Laura’s knee. Always worth taking the time for girl time at the spa! Enjoy!

  8. I hope you both have an enjoyable week. Every woman should get some girl time with her friends.

    In the first pic, I noticed one of the dogs had the “cone of shame.” I hope they’re doing OK. I’m sure they’ll miss Mom.

  9. I can’t imagine a more wonderful way to spend a week…gal-pals, food, spa treatments and lots and lots and lots of wine (oh, and no housework of any kind to do)!! Looking forward to the updates, too from both Nora & Laura. Doing a lot of reading these days, and had saved some Nora/JD books for post-op recovery time. Just finished Festive In Death. Totally enjoyed it and love how Eve has become more sentimental and expressive (even though she still feels a bit awkward about it) in her love for her friends and especially Roarke, yet still keeps her kick-ass attitude. Going to start the Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy today. That should keep me going for another week or so. Nora, enjoy your well-deserved time away. Looking forward to those creative juices fired up and ready to go on your next set of books!

  10. Enjoy your time with friends. Good Friends are angels from heaven.
    I would like to ask Laura if one week we could discuss how many states nora has written a book in. I was wondering if there are any states not written about. I have learn quite a bit about American geography through Nora and I am from Canada.

    Have fun ladies.

  11. Enjoy your spa visit, you have earned it and have to gear up for the months to come. Thank you for all your hard work.

  12. Love the photo of the dog with the lamp shade collar outside the house, so cute over looking the beautiful gardens. Enjoy the break away. So looking forward to ‘The Liar’.

  13. Enjoy your trip! Is that your tulip magnolia tree that is bursting with buds in the first picture? Awesome!

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