Golden In Death Teasers

As of this writing, we’re 8 days away from Golden in Death (see? it wasn’t that long). In a FITS tradition, I’ll share some teasers about the book over the next few days.

As always, these will not spoil the plot, they are just some Easter Eggs (as they say in the film business) to look out for when you read.

A quick reminder of the plot:

Pediatrician Kent Abner received the package on a beautiful April morning. Inside was a cheap trinket, a golden egg that opened into two halves. When he pried it apart, highly toxic airborne fumes entered his body—and killed him.

After Eve calls the hazmat team—and undergoes testing to reassure herself and Roarke that she wasn’t exposed—it’s time to look into Dr. Abner’s past and relationships. Not every victim Eve encounters is an angel, but it seems that Abner came pretty close—though he did ruffle some feathers over the years by taking stands for the weak and defenseless. While the lab tries to identify the deadly toxin, Eve hunts for the sender. When someone else dies in the same grisly manner, it becomes clear that she’s dealing with either a madman—or someone who has a hidden and elusive connection to both victims.


  • Black, brown, gray, indigo – which is more dignified?
  • Teaching, training – what’s the dif?
  • Peabody has a life exit plan.
  • Roarke now has Nowhere to go.

Tuesday, January 28

  • Whose brain has more fun when asleep?
  • There’s a chance Jenkinson’s ties are alive (in Eve’s head).
  • Did you know how old Peabody is?

Wednesday, January 29

  • Marriage Rules apparently have notations (and Eve is apparently corporate secretary)
  • Fog + sheen = power
  • Peabody translates the power of clothes

Thursday, January 30

  • Dectective Peabody: Forensic fabric specialist
  • Elevators: the best place for impromptu support meetings
  • Gardening for newbies is a lovely way to end a day

OK, gang, that’s it. Golden will be in your hands in four days!


41 thoughts on “Golden In Death Teasers”

  1. Having read all in death books cant wait to read new one! Loved them all!

    1. Indigo and I Have The Book Reserved At The Library and I Continue to Hunt For The In Death Books I Don’t Have!😁

  2. I can’t wait, I’m so looking forward to reading this book 🤩

  3. Each” Death Book” has been outstanding. Can not wait to get into this one.

  4. I’m so excited!!!! My husband is getting me Golden as a push present!

  5. Bkack is dignified but indigo cones in second.
    Can’t wait. Started reredadungvtge series and on book #3. Can wait till next Tuesday. Thanks for teasers.

  6. Like all your “In Death “fans I am so looking forward to this release . I hope to afford the CD’s when released as I listen to these when in the car or sick in bed (which is often these days). Thanks for blessing us with your special gift of writing.

  7. Can’t wait!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the “…in Death” series. All of the characters are like family now. 🙂 JD Robb and Susan Erickson bring them to live. Enjoy Susan on all the audios.

  8. I got this as a Christmas gift because it was on my list with the necklace. Now the waiting.. I have read all the books , audio, mini and now I have almost all but 4. I even have some with the original version or first cover picked.. This is so exciting.

  9. My favorite time is the week before the new book comes out and the teasers appear.

  10. I laughed when I saw the last teaser. It made me think about the bet between the two of them. I was born in Nebraska and when I talk about my childhood I always say “I’m from Nowhere Nebraska”.

  11. to get in the mode I’m back to re-reading the series – I’m on #24 Innocent in Death

  12. Every time I read the teasers I think “I’m going to remember to look for these”. And every time I end up having to go back and look for some of them 🙂 I clearly need to read more slowly.

  13. I love the in death books< I get excited when a new one comes in,and sad when i finish it for i know it will be a long wait for the next!!!

  14. love the In Death books, I get one for my birthday every year, the extra is a onus!

  15. When does Vendetta…come out in paper? Can’t wait for Golden…

  16. It was an oversight that left us without any teasers for the next 4 days, wasn’t it?
    Giving us 1.857142857142857 teasers per day would’ve stretched things out until The Day! Without having to give any additional teasers!


  17. Thank you, looking forward to seeing thectasty bits as i read and thinking “YES TEASER”!

  18. Love the teasers.
    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Jenkinson’s ties did come to life.

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