Florence – Day 6

I remain on the IL, but a day of mostly foot up brings improvement. Nobody seems to mind a primarily easy day. I spend a large part of it reading out on the terrace. Jason, Kat, Kayla and Griffin head to the market for more milk, fruit and whatever. BW straps on his camera for a walk about.

Settled in for the day. Photo by Kat.
Exterior niche Orsanmichele Church. Photo by BW.
South side of Duomo through BW’s eyes (and camera).

Jason and Kat brought their Switch, so they hook it up. Game time! Which entertains the participants and Griffin as on-looker. Hanging out, conversation, cheering on the gamers passes the day.

Cousins. Photo by Kat.

Kat and I discuss titles for the next In Death I’m working on in my head (just my head right now). Our fun favorite, Comeuppance In Death won’t make the cut—nor will He Had It Coming In Death, but we make our own fun. A year or so from now, you’ll be able to see what did make the cut.

Birthday girl and family. Photo by Kat.

We opt for dinner at the nearby place I had my famous steak. It’s the same restaurant where Griffin had a sad followed by a solid sleep. He does exactly the same this time. It actually works out well as Kat can now enjoy her birthday dinner without tending a toddler.

We arrive right after 7–and there’s only one other table occupied. 7-ish is about time for our American stomachs, but early for Florence. Kat actually has a splash of wine!

Birthday dinner table. Photo by BW.

I’d thought pasta for me, but decide on their grilled chicken, which is just marvelous. And we have a fine time being out in the warm evening.

Dessert choice is unanimous, and it’s tiramisu all around—with a candle in Kat’s. We sing Happy Birthday, very quietly, as we have a family pact regarding overt restaurant birthdays. No singing waiters allowed!

Birthday tiramisu. Photo by BW.

The dessert choice proves most excellent, as does the full round of cappuccinos.

Back home, and sleepy Griffin goes right down. More hang out time for us. Kat makes me another ice bag. Best dil ever. Still pretty swollen, but the bruising’s going down, and I can wiggle it just a little—seems better to me.

A lazy day into a lazy evening then bedtime.

Definitely less bruising this morning, and it seems like less swelling. Still very stiff though, so I have to be smart and skip working out for at least one more day. Griffin’s up after a solid night’s sleep. Daddy’s fixes his breakfast, and he’s again sharing his hilarity with his breakfast videos with Nana.

Some of us—not Griffin—are booked for the Uffuzi this afternoon. I really think my toe can take it. Maybe, with luck, a bit more walking around.


Not a #randomkatness, but a sweet Griffin photo.

6 thoughts on “Florence – Day 6”

  1. He Had It Coming In Death … hahahahaha! My favourite of the 2 titles you mentioned.

    Fingers crossed that more walking is in the cards for you very soon, Nora.

  2. A tranquil day. Probably a good thing during such a long vacation. Hopefully you can bounce back quickly. As always the food looks wonderful.

  3. Curious: what book does the world’s best and most extremely prolific writer bring on vacation to read? Something to scare? Soothe? Transport?

    Just wonderin’ . . .

    Have a good time, all.

  4. Excited about a new In Death book! Remember, after 54+ books, we’re not all here for the mystery. Some of us are all about the characters and their development!! Hope your toe is better very soon, and HBD to Kat. 💖

  5. Griffin has a killer smile! Happy Birthday, Kat! Hope it was awesome. I vote for Comeuppance In Death, just to see if the publishers can make it fit on the cover. Great photos!

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