Faithless in Death

Yes, this is months away, but in this uncertain world, isn’t it nice to know we can rely on JD Robb for two books a year? This is the title of the first of two 2021 In Deaths.

Some pre-order links are live — we’ll add to the list as more come online. International pre-orders will go live in a few months. And yes, it will be available in all formats.

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15 thoughts on “Faithless in Death”

  1. Yay!!! And yes right now in this time of uncertainty and craziness knowing that there will be two books every year (September and February) with our beloved Eve and Roarke (not to mention a stand alone Roberts book in May/June and a trilogy/quartet/series from Nora) is a true gift. Thank you to Nora/JD and to you Laura for all you do and helping us get through whatever is going on in our lives normally (let alone during a pandemic).

    1. I know. It’s the reading that has gotten me through all this uncertainty and knowing that we have more Nora and JD books coming. Yippee
      Thank you to Laura and especially Nora for keeping us in the loop. Continued health and safety your way. 😘🥰

  2. Thank you! Just pre-ordered my HC.
    Hope you and your family are well?

    1. Hi Laura,

      Happy that I can report all our families are well at this point in time. Hope that’s the same for you.


  3. Can’t wait. Always love Nora and JD Robb’s books. Love the ,trilogy’s the best. The last three books starting with YEAR ONE were amazing. Could not put them down. Don’t stop writing. 👍👍👍🥰

  4. Just preordered Faithless In Death, something to look forward too. So happy to hear that everyone is doing well. On week 7 of self quarantine, been getting a lot of reading done.

  5. My favorite author has never let me down, whether it is to whisk me away to Eve/Roark world or the many other worlds. The best way to travel without leaving home. Can’t wait for the next book!!! Please don’t stop writing. 📚

  6. Thanks! I get my J. D. Robb and Nora Roberts books from Turn the Page, so I’m set. Looking forward to all her future books. Thank you Laura and Nora for your continuing blogs.

  7. Thanks, Laura! Glad you and your families are doing good. This would make a great poster, you know?

  8. Wow, something i so look forward to are my new Nora, JD books. Now i can add to my pre-order list. Yippie Skippie !
    Thankful you ALL are safe & well. So hoping my daughter & I’s next anned forays to Boonsboro are not postponed!

  9. Addicted to all Nora Roberts/JD Robb books. Have a very wide, tall, deep, bookshelf just for her books and it is overflowing

  10. Another thing to look forward to…I’m currently rereading Whiskey Beach. Reread Under Currents. Keeps me calm. Looking forward to the new one in May June. I’ve also started rereading In Death from the beginning. Don’t have all on my nook app on the phone, so I have to space out the purchases. Keep safe everyone.

    1. Whisky Beach is a favorite! Also, The Collector and The Witness! I could go on and on….

  11. I love these books and have read every one I can get my hands (or my Kindle) on. I can’t get out much any more and so read tons of ebooks. I only have one request. I must know exactly how the magical wonderful Auto Chef works and where can I get one?? Seriously, though, these books have saved the sanity of an old lady over and over again!

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