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  1. The puppy Jaws in The Search. I never rooted for a dog more than for that one.

    1. Spock is my favorite, hands down. Finn from the Gallagher series made me laugh too.

    2. Jaws is mine also. I do like Peck, Bogart, and Newman, too. Jaws is so fun.

  2. I love Spock, also D. A. from Inn Boonsboro Trilogy, and. Flynn’s Moe.

  3. Oh that’s a hard one. It’s clear from her writing that Nora loves dogs. I think Spock is fabulous, DA holds a place in my heart. All of Fiona’s dogs are sooooo incredible and Jaws just wants to fit in. Then there is Tag from The Obsession who just wants to be loved and Bert…well talk about trained, he speaks multiple languages. And of course Foolish and Lump. So many wonderful pups. Some trained enough to find or protect, others just want to lap at someone face or play fetch. No matter which dog, it’s filled with love and that’s why it’s impossible to pick just one.

  4. This is def the hardest question EVER! (And bless you for such distraction in these times!) first came to mind was DA, then Tag (Obsession- she refused to name him at first, excellent). Also Rock and Bull (Northern Lights) and sadly poor Yukon.. for me, I pick Moe (Key trilogy, a personal fav of mine – shout out to my doppelgänger Dana!). He was always getting in trouble for trying too hard, but even the gods loved him.
    And sadly, I still am dog -less since my Leo left me 2 years ago. Maybe if Eve and Roark got a dog, I could talk my husband into one …

  5. Like her excellent portrayal of children, our beloved author is fabulous at her portrayals of “man’s” best friend. The fun, adorable and really intelligent dogs in The Search hit a high note for me. Really a wonderful cast of characters. These blogs are really contributing to my “read me” list. Thanks, Laura. Pile them on!

  6. Key trilogy Moe. Sucha a sweet big guy, only wants to cuddle and play.

  7. Peck, Newman and Bogart, hands down. Or would that be paws down??? 🙂
    Being a huge Gregory Peck and Paul Newman fan, may make me a tad biased.
    What a fun question! Thank you, Laura!

  8. So many to love! DA and Tyrone from the Inn Boonesboro trilogy. Barney-“The deputy” from Shelter in Place…always love a rescued dog and Reed, the guy who did the rescuing. Tag from the Obsession, another rescue, so sweet . Always love the names Nora comes up with for her furry characters…Snickers from the Liar comes to mind. Also Nip and Tuck from the Dream trilogy. Now that I’ve worked my brain for this post I will I’ll be pulling out all these books on CD to enjoy again📚💿😊💖

  9. Jaws is it for me 🙂
    Reading the growing affection between man and beast (right!) was just precious. A wonderful part of a very mesmerizing story.
    Thanks Nora!

  10. I loved Tag too. Also the dog in Stars of Fortune was friendly and very brave!

  11. I think it’s a split between Spock & Tag for me…but I could easily be persuaded to change…I loved Mongo from Carolina Moon, big mound of fur…and yeah, Barney from Shelter in Place…A lot of Nora’s dogs have such great personalities!

    1. All that, & I forget to mention; Galahad is still my favorite pet…I know, he’s a cat, but he’s a great cat! And he’s saved Eve’s life twice now! That’s a smart cat!

      1. I’m a big fan of Galahad as all, being a cat person, although I do like all the dogs we’ve been introduced to over Nora’s books.

  12. Actually, it’s Spock.
    I had a similar dog once, but he was an identifiable breed (Collie).
    He pranced. And when he sat down, he sort of listed to the left. Silly dog and my best friend.

  13. I love all of the dogs in Nora’s books as they are so good for their humans. One of my favorites, not yet mentioned, is Snickers from, The Liar. He is sooo cute and well described. Nora hits all the issues of having a new puppy. Jaws is the other perfectly described puppy.

  14. This is a little behind the times since this was posted, but I was scanning the comments and only saw one Bert shoutout! I’m a sucker for a big scary polyglot dog, and Bert was the inspiration behind training my Great Pyrenees in multiple languages. His steadfastness and loyalty to Abigail/Liz, his innate gentleness and playfulness, and his role as her comrade and protector might seem understated at first glance. But Abigail is a perfect example of someone who needed to feel safe, needed a friend. And Bert was that support for her through so many years… I love so many of the other Nora creatures (Diego the familiar runs a close second! And Jaws, absolutely Jaws) but Bert has a special place in my heart!

  15. I had to laugh at the timing; just got Jayne Ann Krentz’s newsletter & it had a clip from her new Amanda Quick book that releases next week…and it featured a dog! Timing, Right? She’s another one that’s developed some great dogs, & I had to include a little clip of how the H & the dog meet…and the dog selects the H! I hope this isn’t illegal, but since I’ve stated where it’s from, should be okay:
    “Nick had been driving to Santa Rosa to visit his uncle and had stopped at a gas station. Rex had appeared from behind the garage. He had padded up to Nick and thrust his nose into Nick’s hand.
    Nick gave the dog a couple of pats and figured that was the end of it. But Rex had evidently made a decision. When Nick opened the driver’s side door of the car the dog jumped up onto the leather seat, stepped over the gearshift and took up a position on the passenger’s side of the vehicle.
    Nick looked at the gas station attendant. “Your dog?”
    “Nope.” The attendant adjusted his billed cap and grunted. “Stray.”
    There’s more that “explains” the dog & the connection, but I didn’t want to put the whole thing in! I also loved the dog from Smoke In Mirrors (a JAK title, not AQ); Wrench & his person, Thomas, are both described as junkyard dogs, but in a good, solid way.

  16. So hard, as there are so many to choose from. Probably the most memorable to me are Spock, Bert, Zod, Foolish, and Tag. Nora does a wonderful job personalizing the pets. I like Dean Koontz’ books for the same reason.

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