6 thoughts on “Echoes in Death excerpt”

  1. I read the published one yesterday, but that didn’t stop me from reading it again. Really looking forward to it!

  2. Thank you for the preview. I am always impressed by how easy it is to fall into the story. 😉 As well as wanting to solve the mystery of the suddenly appearing naked woman, I had to smile at Eve’s reaction to the charity event portion of the evening. And I love the mention that she’s always scanning surroundings through cop eyes. She quite frequently notices a street thief, and some of the really pfun scenes are when she uses the thief’s momentum against him.
    The first chapter is just enough to make us hungry for more, and I have already blocked out arrival day for curling up with Secrets. I’ll order a pizza so no one starves while I’m immersed in NYC 2061, following Lt. Dallas as she solves the clues to the crimes. Falling into the latest In Death is heaven to me. (I even put my surgery off until October so I could be comfortable reading Apprentice when it came in September.) As a big fan I thank JD for writing the In Death series, and I really appreciate the quotes you give us along the way. Thank you again for the sneak peek.

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