Island of Glass discussion thread

You’ve waited and waited and waited some more and now, finally, Island of Glass is in stores or on your e-reader.  (Remember when you didn’t even know what this trilogy was about???)

How will you approach the final installment of the Guardian’s Trilogy?

Once you’ve finished Island of Glass, this is the place to discuss anything and everything that pertains to the book and the series as a whole.  Spoilers very much ahead.

Have fun!

49 thoughts on “Island of Glass discussion thread”

  1. Read it already! Yay!
    First of all thank you Nora for writing such a beautiful book. The narration was wonderful. I could actually imagine the Island of Glass.
    Its a beautiful trilogy. Going to read all 3 again 🙂

  2. I’m loving it! Surprise find at the library so I don’t have to wait for the signed copy a book buddy got for me. I had to miss the signing and she got me a personalized copy as consolation.

  3. Island of Glass will be one of my books for Christmas. My daughter buys them for me. So I will be patient and read the first two again and then the last book after Christmas.
    Love your books I have all of them.

  4. I was up half the night reading! I made myself stop for sleep and also to have the rest to read today. As always Nora hits another one out of the park. So many little lessons in the trilogy.

  5. Oh, Doyle!!!! He melts my heart! 😀

    Thank you for this wonderful trilogy!

  6. Hi, I am not reading any of the comments because I have not even had a chance to get any of the books yet. My local library is out of copies and their is a waiting list. So I have the set put on my Christmas Wish List… Oh I hope that Santa will be good to me and bring them for me this year…

    Have a Merry and Bright week!!! Beth

  7. really sad and disappointed, I ordered your book on October 29th and thought it would at least ship today and today I found out BAM hasn’t even received it from the publisher so no book for me. I have been counting down the days to start this book and finish the series. I hope it doesn’t take too long….

    1. Nancy, I have found that if I pre-order from Amazon I receive it the day of release. I have Amazon Prime so I don’t have to pay shipping and handling on most of what I buy. I do a lot of Amazon shopping which makes the price of Prime worth it.
      I hope by now you have the book.

  8. Finished it and it was beautiful. They always are, but I teared up a little at the end and that doesn’t always happen. I always have the warm fuzzies for her books, but Nora killed it with this trilogy! It’s a tough call, but I think Riley and Doyle are my favorite couple of this trilogy.

  9. Nora, you are responsible for me nearly dozing off at my computer at work so often as I’ve stayed up far too late the night before reading your books … Even when I’ve read them multiple times. :0) And Island of Glass was no exception!! Love how it all wrapped up. The only thing better would have been revisiting the couples having a reunion some years down the track. :0) Thank you for hours of entertainment. Bear Hugs! KRIS xx

  10. Love it just finished read half then had to go to work couldn’t wait to get home to finish it. Will start my second read tonight to catch anything I missed brilliant now the long wait for the next ???

  11. Just got it in the mail last night after a long ugly day – I think I am going to torture myself by re reading the first two before I begin this. So exciting!!!

  12. I had to read the last book in one big gulp!! I have to say that my favorite couple is Riley and Doyle. Knowing now how it all ends, I’ve enjoyed looking back on the first two books and seeing their relationship develop. Nora, you write the most amazing and dynamic men!! This trilogy may be my favorite of all!

  13. Actually had vacation when I received my copy on my E reader!! You are responsible for the Christmas tree just now showing. I love your trilogies! I love Doyle and Riley.. Thank you

  14. The battles were somewhat anticlimatic, but a good ending for the trilogy. My favorite parts were the interplay between all the major characters. Also the descriptions of Annika’s table settings 😉

    My favorite couple of the trilogy is Bran and Sasha.

    1. Sasha and Bran are my favorite couple as well. Loved, as always, annika’s table settings – I loved the bride and groom one for Bran and Sasha. I agree about the battles – they seemed, I don’t know, easier (?) this time around? They got the long range guns, but I don’t think they actually used them? They never got on the parapet to shoot them?

      1. They do in the last battle. I was trying to decide if the battles seemed anticlimactic because we knew they had to win or if they were?

        1. Thought about this some more and we have to keep in mind that Nerezza was weak through most of the book. Sawyer’s trip really gave her a punch. She played a few more head games in this one as she was able, but her power was limited.

          1. I don’t think action has ever been NR’s forte, but I was wondering why Riley was able to draw the sword out of the stone but it was still Doyle who ended up stabbing Nerezza with it.

  15. Got mine today!cant wait for my pjs and bedtime to dive in…wow. That was an unintended pun. ?

  16. Triumphant finish. All the characters were developed so well. The friendships/ family that developed between six completely different people. The team balanced each other well, not just in battle but in personal lives. Loved that they cared enough to call each other out on the tough stuff. And although each book focused on a different couple, the group as a whole continued to develop and be a large part of each book. Can’t imagine it any other way. Thank you so much for the contentment this series brought.

  17. Loved it!! I always learn something. I received my first motorcycle when I was 10. My Dad wanted a boy, lol. I had never heard of the term “riding pillion”. Great book; I just read them too fast.

  18. I finished the book in 3 days!! Its an amazing book and made my heart swell with happiness!
    Characters with different personalities but all fit together as a family. Riley’s personality is what i admire the most in this series. Strong, intelligent and daring.
    Her love life with Doyle resembles mine and this last book really made a good impression. <3

  19. I am only about half way through but loving it so far. I love the setting, and the complicated relationships between the six and the 3 (goddesses)
    Question: Prolog p1-2 Arianrhod put her hand on the jeweled hilt of the sword at her side. p2 Arianrhod’s hand tightened on the hilt of her knife. What did I miss ?

  20. All I can say is OMG. I am a true Nora fan and I say that with much love for all the books. I just finished the latest Island of Glass and it was magnificent. With this trilogy I truly felt that you really were there with them all and they were all involved and up front in each book. I usually go away from a trilogy feeling good and satisfied and can close the book and revisit it at another time, but I so want more with this one. I know that is selfish but I really want to see them again. I am already back in the beginning and starting over with the first book. Thank you once again Nora for a magical experience.

  21. just finished the fast read, now will read it slow and savor it. through all of the books that i have read, the men are wonderful. i always feel i would know them if i met them on the street. this book is another homerun. also one, that if you broke your rule about sequel books, i imagine everyone would love to know what happens to these wonderful people. the meeting between sawyer and the merpeople would be………interesting. thanks again for a great read.

  22. OMG, I read it in 2 1/2 days – which I haven’t really been able to with the last several, not enough time, and I LOVED IT. I knew enough Irish or Celtic to know that Doyle was calling her “my” something (I figured on wolf, process of elimination), but I was flabbergasted when she interpreted what he was saying. Again, loved this book, and as always, Annika’s my favorite character, but I loved the opportunity to get into Doyle’s and Riley’s heads. I wonder if Annika can go mermaid long enough to find her family and tell them of the wedding before she’s got legs permanently? Or can she switch back and forth? I LOVE that Doyle didn’t want Riley to give up being a werewolf. And I’m so bloody glad that Doyle had his immortality taken away, so he can feel like he can have a life.

    1. I got the impression she would be able to switch back and forth since the queen asked if she wished to “be of both worlds” and Sawyer clarified she wouldn’t have to give up her parents and sisters.

  23. Just the writing!superb to say the least, the banter, the references old and new, walking barefoot through snow 10 miles to school uphill, makes me laugh hysterically! And the Katniss reference, just I love this book and my eyes are burning out of skull but just a couple more pages

  24. Just finished it and am already looking forward to re reading all 3 of these stories I have no words except to say that my heart is just so full right now, thank you for the gift of these 3 stories.

    1. I’ve already started re-reading the first one. Seeing Sasha so shy and unsure of herself, but she always goes to Bran when she dream walks.

  25. Wow!! This is a wonderful trilogy. I am glad about the way it ended for all the characters. I almost didn’t survive a couple of those wars.

    Don’t you think this would make a great 3-part movie??!!

    Like many of you I am going to re-read them.

    Thank you Nora!!!

  26. Remember near the end of “Bay of Sighs” when Riley in wolf form bites Malmon? The characters talk about what might happen to Malmon if he goes through “the change”. While it was never specifically discussed in “Island of Glass”, I’m wondering if it has anything to do with his (Malmon) changing into the illusion of Sasha when he attacks Riley in the woods. Any thoughts?

  27. Loved it. I want to be Riley when I grow up, I love her thirst for knowledge and her fitness level! I wish I could be that fit! But as I told my husband, I also don’t devote the time to it that they do in the book. 🙂

    Loved Bran’s house, but I don’t think I can handle the rain in Ireland. I liked how everything came together and how they discovered their connections and ties. I almost cried when they were describing the coat of arms and Annika’s joy at all of it.

    The engagements were beautiful and heart touching and perfect for each couple.

    I was so glad that I was sick and could spend a day and a half in bed just reading! Thank you for providing my entertainment!

  28. I loved this trilogy..but of course, I love anything that Nora writes. The most wonderful thing about these books is that it shows how a group of people can become family–they don’t have to be blood related–although in the 3rd book we see that they are all distantly related–but when you love and trust someone (or someones) they can become your family!

  29. I felt a twinge of grief as I read this. If I am understanding Nora’s blogpost about new directions, this feeling I have experienced through the past few years starting yet another new trilogy or the quartet, I do feel sad. Nora’s characters have made me laugh and more often than not cry. My only solace is that I can continue to binge reread. When they invariably wear out I have the new covers on beautiful reprints. Thank you Nora, for Parker, Mia, Nell, the many Irish friends, and the many hours reprieve, staying at home as my kids were young. Thank you, thank you.

  30. Oh my! Isn’t it awesome how Nora manages to bring these characters to life and has you believing in mermaids and Lycans and time shifters and magicks!! I LOVE ALL YOUR BOOKS! I always wait for the last book and then I read them all at once. This was a wonderful, uplifting story and I am so glad to meet these wonderful characters. Another great success!

  31. After reading the first two books in the trilogy, I finished reading Island of Glass over Christmas. I loved this trilogy enormously. I actually love them all. This particular one was very interesting as it reminds us how team work can be really productive and how it seals cooperation skills and relationships. Always good to remember. There are times for individual activities, and times for team work. Both are gratifying and the characters apply themselves to the tasks at hand both ways. The result is stunning. Island of Glass, naturally, is particularly interesting with the discovery of this other world where there is no evil and where the six Guardians can prepare in beauty and peace for the last battle with Nerezza. That evil character gave me chills and so did Marmon! Yuk!!! I would love for Nora to write a short sequel story of a meeting of all six a few years down the road, meeting again in Ireland, or wherever Nora would want them to come together. It’s a wish, because I, like many other readers, get attached to the various characters and it’s so hard to part from them. You just want to be in touch over and over again, like with family members ! Thank you Nora for sharing your talent over and over again with us. Last but not least, thank you Laura for faithfully keeping us informed.

    1. I am with you Daniele. I was struck over and over with delight. I too would like to see a short story pulling these books together and sending us into a lovely reunion.

  32. There seems to be a special rhythm when Nora writes of Ireland. A homecoming of sorts. I see myself headed to Ardmore shortly ? Thank you.

  33. I’m really curious what the “stone of glass” in Riley’s ring is, and I searched up and down the internet to find out, but found nothing. Does anyone know what it is?

  34. Hi all-
    I listened to the book and don’t have a paper version. How does one spell the name of the queen?

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